Why can't I access Scarecrow Nightmare Missions and Playstation Exclusive Skins?

  1. So I asked a worker at gamestop if he knows why the scarecrow Nightmare missions and exclusive skins are unavailable. He said that it come with the season pass, and then looked on internet, and it said it didn't come with the season pass.

    He gave me three codes with the Batman Skins, Scarecrow Missions, and Harley quinn pack, then I put the Harley Quinn code on, and it worked.

    So I assumed the other 2 codes will work, but I can't put the codes in because their not in dlc, and are unavailable in PSN store. What do I need to do?

    User Info: THEJGGAMER1028

    THEJGGAMER1028 - 2 years ago

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