How to remove a panel blocking access to a fleet command room?

  1. Just built another fleet command room but it's blocked by a small panel. I can't delete the room as I have a friget out on a mission and I don't have enough inventory space on the freighter!

    User Info: MangoOfficer25

    MangoOfficer25 - 1 month ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. You should be able to target and delete the panel without having to delete the room. The targeting can be a bit of a pain but get into delete mode and move around until the panel is highlighted green and you can delete it.

    User Info: FallenHunter

    FallenHunter - 4 weeks ago 6   0
  2. How do you enter delete mode?

    User Info: kevin1097

    kevin1097 - 2 weeks ago

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