How do I beat the Russian thug?

  1. I'd really like to complete this game. But even on the "easy" level, after I get past the temple gates, there are a bunch of Russians i have to sneak past. Lara hides, but the leader finds her; I successfully complete the two "quick time" events. Lara grabs for the gun. Then a target reticule comes up, and moves slowly; when I fire, it just goes "splat." Then the struggle for the gun. No matter how I wiggle the "L" stick, Lara ends up shot. Videos show a triangle button press after that, but it never shows up. What am I doing wrong? This is early in the game, but I've never gotten past this point. Is there a special trick? A game save past here?? Thanks.

    User Info: Tickledpuppy

    Tickledpuppy - 5 months ago

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