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Secrets Guide by coloureffect

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/26/2009
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                             Secrets Guide

                            by coloureffect

                           Created 03/17/09
                           Updated 03/26/09
                                 v 1.00


Table of Contents

i.    Introduction
ii.   What are Secrets?

  I.    Level 1
  II.   Level 2
  III.  Level 3
  IV.   Level 4
  V.    Level 5
  VI.   Level 6

iii.  Acknowledgements
iv.   Legal
v.    Contact Info

(i.) Introduction

Hello everyone, and welcome to my very first game guide! I figured this would be
a good place to start, as it's somewhat small in scale. I hope it helps you find
the secret flowers.

As this is a secrets guide, and not a guide to the whole game, I will not
discuss the gameplay, or how to complete the levels. I think the game is fairly
straightforward; chances are, you've already picked up a couple secrets in your

In any case, I will do my best to describe the places as specifically as
possible, but as the game is more flowing landscape than anything else, some
additional exploring might be required.

(ii.) What are Secrets?

"Secrets" are my name for the small clumps of green flowers found in each of the
levels, which subsequently cause green petals to fall on the respective pots of
the flowers. The game calls them "secret flowers," as referenced by the
achievement you get for finding your first secret. 

After you've gotten all the secrets for a level, the flower (which went from
dead to blooming when you beat it) blooms to its full potential. There's a
trophy for getting all the secrets in the game, and a cool background to look at
in the menu screen, but that's it. Still, the sense of achievement and
completion was enough for me.

Some secrets are already there, waiting to be found; some require you to do
something before they appear. Usually, in the latter case, the camera pans to
show you where they are. When you pick up a secret, a chime sounds a little
after to let you know that you've found a secret.

There are three secrets in each level--and three petals in each pot. The
position of the petal in the pot corresponds to the position of the secret in
the level: left is first, and right is last. So, if you have the right secret,
then look before where you found those flowers in the level for the other two


(I.) Level 1

Secret 1:
This secret appears after you've collected all the pink flowers from the first
area (the area before you go over the first hill). This is pretty
straightforward. Fly up high to see if you've missed any. After you collect them
all, the flowers will spawn and the camera will show you the flowers.

Secret 2:
This secret appears after you've collected all the pink flowers from the green
grass around the brown spots in the second area. I find it's easier to do this
before healing the area, as the brown spots help me keep my direction. There are
flowers on both sides of the main path, so fly high to make sure to get all of
them. After you get them all, the flowers will spawn.

Secret 3:
As far as I can tell, the last secret is behind a clump of rocks behind the
tree. As you circle around the tree in the last area (behind the second hill),
there is a bunch of grey rocks. The flowers are growing behind there. Nothing to
do but pick them up.

                 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(II.) Level 2

Secret 1:
This secret appears after you have bloomed all but the last string of yellow
flowers, and all of the clumps of red flowers, in the path in the valley. Note
that the red clumps only appear after all of the flowers in each respective
yellow path have been bloomed. After you accomplish this, the valley will turn
green, and the secret flowers will appear on the hill to the left of the end of
the green part closest to the rock walls.

Secret 2:
This secret appears at the end of a chain of flowers at the beginning of the
second area. There are a bunch of yellow clumps that appears after you bloom all
the red ones. The one that activates the chain is back toward the rock wall, on
a slight mound. Bloom it, and you spawn a red clump with some pink flowers
leading to it. Bloom the reds, and the secret spawns on the top of the hill. It
might be easier to get all of the yellow clumps on the higher areas (which
unlock the next area and turn this area green)--the only yellow clump on brown
grass is the one you're looking for.

Secret 3:
This secret is tucked in a small inlet in the cliffs around the third area (the
area with all the rocks). No collecting here--just make a sharp left as you pass
the first clump of rocks, coming from the second area. Go around the cliff and
you'll find them, high up in the inlet.

                 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(III.) Level 3

Secret 1:
In the first area, there are several parts which are sunk lower than the rest of
the level. Two of them are brown, but there's a green part connected to the
brown part under a rock bridge. This secret spawns when you bloom all the
flowers (at least the ones with halos) in these sunken areas. The rocks in the
sunken areas act as ramps and the wind whisks you out of there; just turn around
and make sure you get all the flowers in the low areas. The secret spawns next
to the big center windmill.

Secret 2:
This secret can be found in a detour in the wind tunnel area. After the canyon
turns left, right, then left again, you'll see a clump of rocks at the end of
your line of vision, right before the canyon turns right again. Veer to the
left, and the wind will whisk you into the cave, picking up the secret flowers
while you're at it. You'll be deposited at the entrance to the wind tunnel,
facing the first area.

Secret 3: (Courtesy SilverFox79 and saphrinka)
"When the wind tunnel deposits you in the last area, with all the wind turbines,
just make a u-turn.  As you head back towards the wind tunnel (against the
wind), the secret flowers are on the right, in a little niche behind a rock."

                 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(IV.) Level 4

Secret 1:
When you get to the part with the hay, explore a little down the road that
fronts on the bale of hay farthest from the light (it goes to the right, looking
out on the hay bales from the lamppost). The road forks; the right fork just has
another bale of hay (a cylindrical one, not a dome one) and the left fork has
the secret flowers sitting to the right of its bale of hay. Just pick them up.

Secret 2:
When you're in the area with the spiral, before you completely collect all the
pink flowers (and lose your glow), go a little farther past the spiral from the
bales of hay. There should be a broken-down wooden wagon in the grass. Circle
around it to light up the grass and make the wheel spin. The secret flowers will
spawn right next to the wagon. If you do lose your glow, simply proceed to the
next area, grab the yellow flowers, and you'll have your glow again.

Secret 3:
The third secret spawns on the bank of the second pond after you've lit up both
ponds (I think this is the case; maybe you only have to light up the second
one). Keep in mind that you need to be glowing, and you just skip low over the
ponds. Little sparks will stay above the water, indicating that you lit them up.
The first pond is to the left of the first lamp, by the road. You can light it
up with the glow you get from the first batch of yellow flowers, or come back
later. The second pond is only accessible after the spiral is lit up. It is a
little farther than the wagon, and more to the left (looking from the spiral).
After you've lit both ponds up, the flowers spawn on the close bank, on the left
side (looking from the spiral).

Please note: The third secret will get you the "Illumination" trophy. As far as
I know, trophies can't be reset. Even if you delete the save file, the trophy
will stay. So use caution when playing on other people's accounts.

                 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(V.) Level 5

Secret 1:
This secret is in a small valley to the left of the starting area. Turn
immediately to the left and behind from where you start. You'll see a valley
going into the hills. Follow this until you reach the hollow. The secret flowers
will be in the middle. Once you get them, a line of pink flowers will spawn,
showing you another way out.

Secret 2:
This secret is in the second area, with all the electrical towers and the three
pipes going to the gate. The secret spawns after you bloom all the pink flowers
under the electrical towers that do NOT have pipes running to them. These ones
will not shock you, and there are only three of them: two to the left, and one
to the right. The one at the beginning of the area, before the valley opens up,
doesn't count as it has no flowers under it. Once you bloom all the flowers
under the towers, go back to the right one (looking from the beginning of this
room) and once you get close, the tower should fall down. The secret flowers
will spawn where the top of the tower is on the ground.

Please note: The one on the left also falls after you've bloomed all the flowers
of all three towers. It doesn't have the secret flowers, as far as I can tell.
Go to the one on the right.

Secret 3:
This secret is tucked away in the maze portion of the third area, before the
straight part where the wind takes you along. To start off, take either fork in
the maze--it doesn't matter. When you get to the first electrified piece of
rubble, take the right fork. Then, take the left path--the one that passes under
two suspended rubble pieces that are shaped like a sideways V, or a < (the right
one's okay too--it just loops around and joins the left path). Then, when you
hit a T-intersection, take a right under another suspended piece of rubble. Take
an immediate right (that's pretty much a hairpin turn to the right under that
piece of rubble) and the flowers should be on the ground in a small inlet.

                 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(VI.) Level 6

Secret 1:
This secret is in the third area (with the tall buildings and playground
equipment). The flowers are inside the far right building--the only one with a
door (it's a pink one, if you've healed the area). You can enter through the
door at ground level, or through the hole in the roof. Either way, the flowers
are there, about halfway up, on a beam in the middle. Just pick them up.

Secret 2: (Courtesy of saphrinka)
"This one's in the freeway area.  If you hang a hard right after getting on the
freeway, you'll find an exit ramp leading down.  That'll take you to what looks
like a spare piece of roadway sitting nearby.  Underneath that, is a bunch of
flowers with the second secret in the center."

Secret 3:
The third secret is in the second area after you get off the freeway (the one
right before the big evil tower). The flowers are behind the right grounded fan
(looking from the entrance to the level, around the corner to the right) and
require no blooming. Just pick them up.


(iii.) Acknowledgements

I want to thank my roommate, Travis, for buying this game and the PS3. I am
indebted to you for your good taste in games, and your willingness to put
up with my achievement whoring. I'd also like to thank thatgamecompany for
making such a mesmerizing game which has kept me up on several occasions,
and put me to sleep on others.

Thanks to SilverFox79 for helping me with the third secret on the third level.

Thanks to saphrinka for helping me with the second secret on the sixth level,
and the third one on the third level.

                 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(iv.) Legal

This guide is Copyright (c) 2009 coloureffect (Zach Cameron). It may not be
posted, edited, or distributed without prior written permission. All trademarks
and copyrights in this document are owned by their respective holders.

                 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(v.) Contact Info

If you want to email me with questions, comments, or additions, my email is:

loquaciousbanana <at> gmail <dot> com

I welcome any help to this guide!


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