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FAQ by barticle

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 03/09/14

   ( TEMJ+ Guide / Version 1.01 / 8 March 2014 / by Barticle at hotmail.com )
               _____  _____  _____  _____  ____  __  __  _____
              |_   _||  _  ||_   _||_   _||  __||  \/  ||  _  |
                | |  | | | |  | |    | |  | |_  |      || | | |
 ===============| |==| |=| |==| |====| |==|  _|=| |\/| || |=| |================
                | |  | |_| |  | |    | |  | |__ | |  | || |_| |
                |_|  |_____|  |_|    |_|  |____||_|  |_||_____|
           ____     __  __  _____  _   _  _____  _____  _   _  _____
          |  __|   |  \/  ||  _  || | | ||_   _||  _  || \ | ||  ___|
          | |_  __ |      || |_| || |_| |  | |  | | | ||  \| || |  _
 =========|  _||__|| |\/| ||  _  ||  _  |==| |==| |=| || . ' || |=| |==========
          | |__    | |  | || | | || | | | _| |  | |_| || |\  || |_| |
          |____|   |_|  |_||_| |_||_| |_||___|  |_____||_| \_||_____|
                            ____  _     _   _  ____
                           |  _ || |   | | | ||  __|
                           |  __|| |__ | |_| ||__  |
                           |_|   |____||_____||____|


| To jump to any section of this document use your web browser's Find function |
| (with Ctrl+F on a PC or Cmd+F on a Mac probably) and search for the letter S |
| followed by the exact section number - for example "s05" to find Section 05. |

| Section 01 | INTRODUCTION                                                s01 |

This is a quick guide to the 2013-14 Japanese video-game Tottemo E-Mahjong Plus
(hereafter "TEMJ+"). This is a game of true four-player mahjong and not the
symbol-matching solitaire game that often goes by the same name.

The game was made by Arc System Works who are better known for developing the
BlazBlue and Guilty Gear games. It's an enhanced version of their earlier title
Tottemo E-Mahjong which was released for the Playstation Vita in 2012.

As usual I've used both Japanese and English mahjong terminology throughout this
guide, generally with the Japanese term first and the common English equivalent
afterwards in brackets. Following ninety years of tradition in English-language
mahjong texts I refer to the three types of set as chow (a run or sequence of
three tiles in the same suit), pung (a "triplet" of three identical tiles) and
kong (a "quad" of four identical tiles).

To limit the length of this document I've decided to omit full details of the
rules and equipment of mahjong on the assumption that anyone buying this game
will probably already be familiar with them. If you are new to the game, or you
play a version other than the modern Japanese "Riichi" rules that appear in this
game, then you might like to read my complete guide to the terminology and rules
of Japanese mahjong. It's available as an 83-page, illustrated, hyperlinked PDF
and can be accessed from the United States Pro Mahjong League download page.

  http://www.uspml.com/site/downloads.htm  (Barticle's Japanese Mahjong Guide)

As with any Japanese mahjong game, you'll need to be able to read the Japanese
kanji characters for the numbers 1 to 9 and the four winds (compass directions)
plus the katakana words Chii, Pon, Kan, Riichi, Tsumo and Ron.

If you want to discuss Japanese mahjong then join the international community of
enthusiasts on Reach Mahjong's English forums. Hope to see you there. :)


If you found this guide useful you can show your support by using the recommend
function. If you have any feedback (especially suggestions for additions or
improvements) then please feel free to contact me via email or GameFAQs message.

This guide is designed to be viewed using a monospaced (non-proportional or
fixed-width) font, preferably Courier New. Some sections of the document will
display incorrectly if you are using a proportional font like Times New Roman.

| Section 02 | FEATURE LIST                                                s02 |

Since it can be difficult to find any detailed information in English about the
content of a foreign game I like to include a quick description of the gameplay
features when I write a guide for a Japanese game - so here it is!

o single-player Arcade and Free Play modes (see Sections 07 and 08)

o single-player Challenge mode with thirty-four tests (see Section 10)

o no online multiplayer modes

o modern Japanese mahjong rules including Riichi, Dora and tiered limits

o basic rule options (game length, red fives, Atozuke, Kuitan and bankruptcy)

o fifteen cheat items (see Section 09)

o waits and Furiten alerts

o no statistical tracking

o basic 2D graphics and settings options

o six female anime characters with unlockable gallery pics

o twelve PSN trophies (see Section 13)

o CERO rated "D" (ages 17+)

o Japanese language only

Although not specifically a feature of the game, you can also use the PS4's new
Share button to capture screenshots and video from your gameplay.

This might be the first dedicated mahjong title for the new PS4 system but don't
come to TEMJ+ expecting a next-gen revolution - it's a simple update of a simple
portable title. For now the retail disc mahjong titles on the PS3 still offer
superior presentation and options - see my other guides for more info.

| Section 03 | AVAILABILITY                                                s03 |

Although TEMJ+ is a Japanese game and a launch title for the PS4's Japan release
on 22 February 2014 it was also available at the console launch in the PSN Asia
region which was mid-December 2013 in several countries.

The game is a download-only title (297 MB) so you'll need to purchase it from
either the Japan or Asia PSN store. In order to do this you'll need a PSN user
account registered in the appropriate region and the corresponding store credit.

It's simple to create an additional user profile on your PS4 - just hold the PS
button, log out and select the New User option. Then when you register it for
the Playstation Network you'll need to enter your location as either Japan or
one of the many territories covered by the PSN Asia. If you pick Japan then the
whole registration process (and PSN store) will be in Japanese so stick with
PSN Asia where all the menus are in English.

I'd recommend going with Hong Kong as PSN store credit in Hong Kong Dollars is
freely available. You can buy PSN cards via mail order but the quicker/cheaper
option is to pick a retailer that sends you the code via email. I've used Cards
Codes (cardscodes.com) to buy PSN credit a couple of times and received my code
via email within 15-30 minutes both times.

(Make sure you check the current price of the game before you buy your credit -
I got the game from the Hong Kong store for HK$116 - around US$15.)

If you set your console as the "Primary PS4" for your new account then all other
users can share your games and you'll be able to play TEMJ+ with your usual US
or Euro account. If you skipped this during registration you can find the option
on the main PS4 menu under Settings / PSN / Activate As Your Primary PS4.

| Section 04 | MAIN MENU                                                   s04 |

The main menu of TEMJ+ has six options arranged in a circle. You can use the
d-pad to cycle through them, Circle to select one or Cross if you want to exit
back to the title screen for some reason. The default option is Arcade mode.

                                (see Section 11)
                 Item Shop                             Options
             (see Section 09)                      (see Section 12)

                 Free Play                            Challenges 
             (see Section 08)                      (see Section 10)
                                (see Section 07)

Each of the options is accompanied by a picture of one of the six girls* which
might help you identify each mode.

        Arcade - Mashiro Asagiri (16 y.o. with brown hair in bunchies)

    Challenges - Hikari Aisaka (18 y.o. with short black hair)

       Options - Hatsuki Saionji (29 y.o. with long strawberry blonde hair)

       Gallery - Shizu Tsubakino (15 y.o. with long black hair and pink top)

     Item Shop - Saki Nakano (23 y.o. with long black hair and black top)

     Free Play - Arisa Shindo (17 y.o. with long blonde hair)

Also the text labels are basically English words transcribed into Japanese
katakana characters so they're pretty easy to translate.

Update: You can now see pictures of the girls with their transcribed names here:


*I'm giving their names in the western format with the given name first and the
family name second, e.g. Jane Smith not Smith Jane.

| Section 05 | CONTROLS                                                    s05 |

Since this is a Japanese title you'll be using the Circle button to confirm and
the Cross button to cancel/exit throughout the game.

The following controls are used during play:

 d-pad left/right = select tile/command

                    You can move your tile cursor during your opponents' turns.

                    When you have the option of calling (Chii/Pon/Kan) or taking
                    a win (Ron/Tsumo) the green option on the right can be used
                    to reject the other commands. Alternatively you can press
                    Cross to cancel the pop-up window.

                    The following colours are used for pop-up commands:

                      turquoise = Chii (call a tile to make a chow)
                      dark blue = Pon (call a tile to make a pung)
                            red = Kan (make a kong)

                      pale blue = Riichi (declare Riichi)
                         orange = Ippatsu Riichi Stick (cheat item)

                    dark orange = Ron (declare a win off an opponent's discard)
                      dark pink = Tsumo (declare a win with a self-drawn tile)

                          green = cancel

                           grey = Kyuu Shu Kyuu Hai (declare an abortive draw)

    d-pad up/down = select/unselect Riichi

                    When you have the Riichi pop-up but don't want to use it you
                    can move the cursor back to your tiles by pressing the d-pad
                    in any direction (and then up or down to reselect it).

           Circle = discard selected tile / select menu option

            Cross = cancel

         Triangle = open cheat menu

                    Cheats cannot be used in Challenge mode.

           Square = allow/pass calls

                    You can toggle this setting by pressing Square. When the
                    indicator is illuminated you can make Chii/Pon/Kan calls on
                    opponents' discards. When it's off the game will block any
                    calls automatically.

          Options = pause/quit

                    Press Options again or click the top option to unpause.
                    Click the bottom option to quit (then bottom to confirm).

                    If you have used any cheat items in the match so far these
                    will not be restored after quitting out. (If you want to
                    abuse the system you'll need to quit the game instead of the
                    match - hold the PS button during a match and pick Close
                    Application, now when you reload you'll have your items.)

               R2 = review current objective/s in Arcade or Challenge mode

                    Press R2/Cross/Circle to cancel the pop-up window.

| Section 06 | DISPLAY                                                     s06 |

This section describes the layout of the mahjong table display.

If any of the six main characters are among your opponents they'll be shown down
the left side of the screen in counter-clockwise seating order. There will be
one in Arcade mode, three in Challenge mode and between zero and three in Free
Play depending on your selections.

In the very centre of the screen is a counter which shows how many tiles remain
to be drawn from the live wall and immediately below that are the five stacks of
the dead wall that contain the Dora - and potential Kan Dora - indicators.

Arranged around these are coloured bars which give the name, score and seat-wind
for each player. The colours just denote the wind: red is east, yellow is south,
green is west and blue is north.

There are three bars in the top-right corner of the screen:

o The first one (orange tab) shows the game duration. It either says Tonpuusen
  (blue text) for a one-round game or Hanchan (red text) for two rounds.

o The second one (purple tab) shows the hand counter (e.g. east 1, south 3, etc)
  and your current seat-wind. The hand count is shown in green during the east
  round, orange in the south round or gold in Orasu (the final hand).

o The third one (green tab) shows any stick counters on the table. On the left
  are any Riichi sticks from the current or previous hands and on the right is
  the Honba count denoting consecutive dealer wins and draws - this is relevant
  to several of the pass requirements in Arcade mode (see Section 07).

Below these are two button prompts - the Triangle is illuminated when you can
open and use the cheat menu and the Square can be toggled on and off (with the
Square button) and when it's off the game will automatically reject calls.

If a discarded tile is called (Chii/Pon/Kan) by another player it remains in the
discarder's pool but will be highlighted in yellow.

When moving your cursor through your hand (and when it's your turn) the game
will highlight any other examples of your currently selected tile that can be
seen on the table (in discards, open sets and the Dora indicators). This is most
useful when a player has reached (or otherwise appears to be Tenpai (ready)) and
you want to check if any of your tiles are safe to discard - if the other player
has already discarded one of your tiles she'll be Furiten and unable to take a
Ron win off you if you discard yours.

When you're Tenpai the large tiles to the left above your hand show your wait/s
- the tiles that would complete your hand. However the game doesn't show any
waits where either the tile is unavailable (all others can be seen on the table
or in your hand) or when the tile wouldn't give you the Yaku (scoring element)
you need to declare the win, for example if you're making a Tanyao (All Simples)
hand with no other Yaku and you're waiting on either a 6 or a 9 tile the 9 would
not be shown.

A blue cross on one or more of your waits (shown during your opponents' turns)
means that you have already discarded that tile yourself and you are Furiten -
Ron wins are blocked but you can still win by Tsumo. Sometimes a Furiten tile
will not be shown because it wouldn't give you Yaku (see above) so sometimes you
can be Furiten without it being indicated.

The colour-coded pop-ups for actions are listed in the previous section.

| Section 07 | ARCADE MODE                                                 s07 |

This is the main mode of TEMJ+. Each of the six girls has a "story" consisting
of five chapters. In each chapter you play one match against the girl (seated
opposite you) and two generic characters and you're required to pass one or more
requirements (in the same match) in order to complete the chapter.

You start by selecting one of the six girls and then choosing a numbered chapter
(initially only Chapter 1 is available). When you revisit Arcade mode you can
replay chapters you've already completed if you want.

Before the game commences you'll need to click through pages of dialogue text
with the Circle or Cross buttons; alternatively you can press Options and select
the top choice to skip the whole conversation and go straight to the game.

[translations of the dialogue is beyond my abilities - sorry!]

Use of the cheat items (see Section 09) is permanently enabled in Arcade mode so
(if you have some) you'll get pop-up prompts at various stages of play - pick
the top option to access your items menu or pick the bottom one (or press Cross)
to cancel. You can also press Triangle during play to access your cheat items.

The final scores are shown at the end of the match - the player in 1st position
receives a 20,000 points Oka bonus. (The players start the game with 25,000 pts
each but they buy into the game with 30,000 pts so each pays 5k into the Oka.)

You'll receive an amount of E-points (Ept) at this stage - this is the currency
used to buy cheats and lottery tickets from the Item Shop (see Section 09). You
get E-points for gameplay, completing chapter requirements and for Yaku (scoring
elements) achieved during the match. Even if you didn't pass the chapter you can
still get E-points for gameplay and Yaku plus any of the requirements passed.

For each chapter you complete you'll unlock one of the girl's pictures in the
Gallery. You also get a lottery ticket sometimes - I think this happens if you
beat the chapter on your first attempt.

A prompt will ask if you want to replay the chapter (if you failed) or proceed
to the next chapter (if you passed) - as usual you can pick the top option for
Yes or the bottom one for No.

For passing a girl's final chapter you'll receive around 30,000 E-points and the
game credits will run.

Here's a summary of the pass requirement/s for every chapter in Arcade mode:-

o Mashiro Asagiri

  She's a first-year student (freshman) and plays in the classroom.

  Mashiro's matches are played with the maximum eight red fives (all four in the
  Pinzu (Dots) suit and two each in the other two suits).

  Chapter 1 - finish the (two-round) match in 1st place

            You'll get used to seeing that one a lot as you play through Arcade
            mode. In fact most of the requirements get recycled for each girl -
            generally there's a major lack of imagination here! :6

  Chapter 2 - finish the (one-round) match in 1st place
            - finish the match with at least 20,000 pts more than the girl

            The Oka (winner's bonus) of 20,000 points means that you'll pass
            both criteria simply by winning the game.

  Chapter 3 - finish the (two-round) match in 1st place
            - finish the match with at least 20,000 pts more than the girl
            - finish the match with at least 40,000 pts

            Again the Oka bonus should ensure completion if you win the match.

  Chapter 4 - finish the (one-round) match in 1st place
            - achieve a Honba count of 4+

            In TEMJ+ the Honba counter (the second counter on the right of the
            screen) increments by one for each consecutive hand that ends with a
            continuance (if the dealer wins or has a Tenpai hand in a draw) but
            it resets to zero when a non-dealer wins or the dealer has a No-ten
            (unready) hand in a draw. You'll have most control over this in your
            east hand so go for quick wins or at least make a Tenpai hand before
            the hand ends in a draw (you can call tiles to help make ready).

            (Where a chapter has a Honba count requirement it's possible that
            one of your opponents will do the work for you - if they're east and
            they get a series of wins and/or Tenpai draws this will still give
            you a pass on the requirement. However in the case of this chapter
            if one of your opponents gets a streak long enough for four Honba
            they will probably also have a lot of points making it harder for
            you to pass the other condition - winning the match.)

            This match is played over only one round so you'll have only one
            stint as dealer. I'd suggest buying several Tsumikomi and Ippatsu
            cheats and going for a string of quick wins in your east turn. With
            even little wins you should have enough points for the win too, but
            if anything the problem will be too many big wins busting someone
            and forcing the match to end before you've got the Honba up to four.

  Chapter 5 - finish the (two-round) match in 1st place
            - finish the match with at least 30,000 pts more than the girl
            - finish the match with at least 60,000 pts
            - the girl's final score must be zero or lower

            So basically you need to win the match and score 40k pts (to which
            the 20k Oka bonus will be added) plus Mashiro must get busted. With
            those conditions complete you automatically pass the second one.

            You don't need to be the player that busts the girl - if you have a
            good lead and someone else knocks her sub-zero with either a Ron or
            Tsumo win that'll work too.

            Mashiro will probably need to take some "direct hits" from Ron wins
            in order to grind her points down more than the other two players -
            if someone else gets busted the game ends. The Ippatsu cheat item is
            very effective but it gives you a Tsumo (self-draw) win and if you
            are playing as east that will hit everyone equally. Try using it
            when your seat-wind is west - Mashiro will be seated opposite on the
            east side and she'll have to pay double. However it's also good to
            use it when you're east as you'll benefit from the dealer bonus and
            when you win you'll retain the east seat in the following hand.

            You can take some Ron wins off the other two players - this will
            help to secure your lead but you need to be careful not to leave
            them in a position where they can get busted easily and you will be
            wasting opportunities to take points off Mashiro. You can pass up
            wins off the players on your left or right side but you will be in
            temporary Furiten (unable to win by Ron) until your next turn - you
            can do this in the hope of getting a direct hit on Mashiro. However
            the exception is when you have declared Riichi - if you pass a win
            then you will be permanently Furiten and can only win by Tsumo.

o Saki Nakano

  She's a teacher at the school so her games are played in the staffroom.

  Chapter 1 - finish the (two-round) match in 1st place

  Chapter 2 - finish the (one-round) match in 1st place
            - finish the match with at least 15,000 pts more than the girl

  Chapter 3 - finish the (two-round) match in 1st place
            - finish the match with at least 30,000 pts more than the girl
            - finish the match with at least 50,000 pts

  Chapter 4 - finish the (one-round) match in 1st place
            - never get Ronned by an opponent
            - achieve a Honba count of 2+

            It doesn't matter if your opponents win by Tsumo - you just have to
            avoid a "direct hit" from them so play defensively as necessary.

  Chapter 5 - finish the (two-round) match in 1st place
            - finish the match with at least 30,000 pts more than the girl
            - finish the match with at least 60,000 pts
            - the girl's final score must be zero or lower

o Hatsuki Saionji

  She's the principal of the school so you play with her office as the backdrop.

  Chapter 1 - finish the (two-round) match in 1st place

  Chapter 2 - finish the (one-round) match in 1st place
            - finish the match with at least 20,000 pts more than the girl

  Chapter 3 - finish the (two-round) match in 1st place
            - finish the match with at least 20,000 pts more than the girl
            - finish the match with at least 40,000 pts

  Chapter 4 - finish the (one-round) match in 1st place
            - achieve a Honba count of 2+
            - an opponent's final score must be zero or lower

            You need to score sufficient points in the one round available to
            bust one of the players but this time it can be any of them.

  Chapter 5 - finish the (two-round) match in 1st place
            - finish the match with at least 30,000 pts more than the girl
            - finish the match with at least 60,000 pts
            - the girl's final score must be zero or lower

o Shizu Tsubakino

  She's a first-year student (freshman) and plays in the library.

  Chapter 1 - finish the (two-round) match in 1st place

  Chapter 2 - finish the (one-round) match in 1st place
            - finish the match with at least 15,000 pts more than the girl

  Chapter 3 - finish the (two-round) match in 1st place
            - finish the match with at least 20,000 pts more than the girl
            - finish the match with at least 40,000 pts

  Chapter 4 - finish the (one-round) match in 1st place
            - achieve a Honba count of 2+
            - take only Ron wins (no Tsumo wins)

            Since it usually gives a Tsumo win on your next turn after reaching,
            that last requirement will stop you using the Ippatsu cheat item!

  Chapter 5 - finish the (two-round) match in 1st place
            - finish the match with at least 30,000 pts more than the girl
            - finish the match with at least 60,000 pts
            - the girl's final score must be zero or lower

o Hikari Aisaka

  She's a third-year student (junior) and plays in the library. She's also the
  president of the student council which is probably why she has that armband.

  Chapter 1 - finish the (two-round) match in 1st place

  Chapter 2 - finish the (one-round) match in 1st place
            - finish the match with at least 15,000 pts more than the girl

  Chapter 3 - finish the (two-round) match in 1st place
            - finish the match with at least 30,000 pts more than the girl
            - finish the match with at least 50,000 pts

  Chapter 4 - finish the (one-round) match in 1st place
            - achieve a Honba count of 2+
            - take only Tsumo wins (no Ron wins)

            Strategic use of cheats will be very handy here - wait until your
            east hand then use a loading cheat (simples or pairs), make a ready
            concealed hand then use the Ippatsu cheat - this will usually give
            you a Tsumo Ippatsu win on your next turn. Doing that twice will
            wind up the Honba count as necessary and earn you some good points.

  Chapter 5 - finish the (two-round) match in 1st place
            - finish the match with at least 30,000 pts more than the girl
            - finish the match with at least 60,000 pts
            - the girl's final score must be zero or lower

o Arisa Shindo

  Arisa has just transferred to the school - and to the game. She's the only one
  of the six characters who didn't previously appear in TEMJ on the Vita.

  She's a second-year student (sophomore) and plays out in the quad.

  Chapter 1 - finish the (two-round) match in 1st place

  Chapter 2 - finish the (one-round) match in 1st place
            - finish the match with at least 20,000 pts more than the girl

  Chapter 3 - finish the (two-round) match in 1st place
            - finish the match with at least 20,000 pts more than the girl
            - finish the match with at least 40,000 pts

  Chapter 4 - finish the (one-round) match in 1st place
            - finish the match with at least 50,000 pts
            - achieve a Honba count of 3+

  Chapter 5 - finish the (two-round) match in 1st place
            - finish the match with at least 30,000 pts more than the girl
            - finish the match with at least 60,000 pts
            - the girl's final score must be zero or lower

| Section 08 | FREE PLAY MODE                                              s08 |

As you might expect this mode lets you play a quick one-off game.

You'll need to start by selecting four characters for the match which will be
shown in the grid at the bottom of the screen. The first one is your character
and the other three will be your opponents. You can choose any of the main six
characters - in fact you can pick the same girl four times if you want - or use
the blue and pink buttons for generic male and female opponents (no artwork).

After picking characters you can set the following options:-

 1. Game Length - Tonpuusen (one round) / Hanchansen (two rounds)

 2. Red Fives - Off / Two / Four / Six / Eight

    Each red five tile in your winning hand is worth an extra one Han (double).

 3. Atozuke - Off / On

    With this rule you can win with a hand that had no guaranteed Yaku (scoring
    element/s) until the winning tile was added.

 4. Kuitan - Off / On

    With Kuitan you can claim Tanyao (All Simples) in an exposed hand.

 5. Hakoten - Off / On

    With this rule the game will end early when a player is busted.

    They can survive on zero points but the match ends if they go negative.

 6. Background Music (BGM) - Random / On / Off

 7. Backdrop - Green Table / Blue Table / Red Table / Grey Table / Classroom /
               Staffroom / Head's Office / Library Room / Quad / Outer Space

 8. Mahjong Tiles - Bamboo / Blue / Green / Red / Black

 9. Cut-Ins - Off / On

    You can use this option to disable the random pop-ups you get when using any
    of the six main characters (calls, reaches, wins, (over)reactions, etc).

10. Cheating - Off / On

    See Section 09 for details of all the cheat items available.

    If cheating is enabled and you have a varied supply of cheat items you'll be
    plagued by various pop-ups throughout play (before your initial draw, after
    your initial draw, when an opponent wins, when you make a kong, etc). Pick
    the top option to use a cheat or the bottom one (or press Cross) to cancel.

    You can also access some cheats by pressing Triangle during play.

You can move between these options with d-pad up/down and change settings with
d-pad left/right. When you're happy with your settings press Circle then pick
the top option (yes) to proceed to the game.

After the final scores you'll be shown your position (1st-4th) then a pop-up
gives two options - pick the first one to play again with the same settings or
the second one to return to the Free Play menu.

| Section 09 | ITEM SHOP                                                   s09 |

The Item Shop can be used to buy/sell cheat items and redeem lottery tickets.

The currency used in the shop is E-points (Ept) which you can earn by completing
matches in Arcade mode (even if you don't win), from getting green balls from
lottery tickets (see below) and from selling items.

In addition to buying them from the Item Shop you can also win cheat items and
lottery tickets by completing the tests in Challenge mode. You can repeat a test
as many times as you like and you'll get the specified reward every time you
pass it - it takes some time but you can get items for free this way!

The shop menu has three options:-

                        |    Purchase Shop Items    |
                        |      Sell Shop Items      |
                        |    Use Lottery Tickets    |

On each of those three screens there are three counters at the top-right:-

           1. Quantity owned of currently selected item* [purple]

           2. Purchase/sale price of currently selected item [green]

           3. Your current E-points total [pink]

*Your maximum inventory for any given item seems to be nine.

There are seventeen items available to buy; the first fifteen can also be sold.

Cheat items can be used in Arcade mode (always) and in Free Play mode (if you
set the appropriate option). They cannot be used in Challenge mode.

If you have at least one cheat that can be used before the start of a hand (e.g.
the loading cheats) you'll get a pop-up asking if you want to use it - press
Circle (or the top option) to accept or Cross (or the bottom option) to reject.
When the cheat menu is open you can select one with Circle and then press Circle
(or top option) to confirm that you want to use it. You'll then be returned to
the cheat menu so you'll need to press Cross (or green tab) to exit.

Remember you earn more points when you're the dealer (east) so if you only want
to use one or two cheats save them for your east turn to get the best return.
Even a couple of the less expensive cheats can be very effective - for example
if you use the simples loading cheat (#9) to give you a hand of simples, make
Tenpai (ready) with a Pinfu structure and then reach with the Ippatsu cheat (#2)
you could get Riichi, Ippatsu, Tsumo, Pinfu and Tanyao - a Mangan hand worth 12k
points as east. Throw in just one Dora bonus tile and you've got a Haneman hand
that gives you a massive 18,000 pts as dealer.

Several of the cheat items can only be used in a specific situation and the game
will automatically give you a pop-up prompt to use them. You will therefore need
to be able to recognise the names of those cheats in Japanese text, even if you
just match the in-game shop menu to my list below and learn the shapes.

 1. Tile Exchange Ticket                 [buy for 2,000 Ept / sell for 500 Ept]

    You'll be prompted to use this after drawing your starting hand.

    Once the item is activated you can select (flip) as many tiles in your hand
    as you like and then click on the pink tab. All the tiles you selected will
    be removed and replaced by fresh ones.

    If your starting tiles lend themselves to one type of hand you can ditch the
    ones that don't fit your plan and maybe get some new ones that do, e.g. if
    you have maybe seven tiles of the same suit you can swap out all the others
    and hopefully get some more for a flush.

 2. Ippatsu Riichi Stick               [buy for 2,000 Ept / sell for 1,000 Ept]

    You'll be prompted to use this each time you can declare Riichi.

    This greatly increases your chances of winning with Ippatsu ("one-shot" win)
    and Menzen Tsumo (Concealed Self-Draw) when you declare Riichi, i.e. drawing
    a winning tile on your first turn after reaching.

    When you have a concealed Tenpai (ready) hand, in addition to having the
    usual pale blue Riichi icon, you will also be offered an orange icon to use
    this item. Instead of a normal one you'll throw down a special engraved gold
    Riichi stick on the table.

    If an opponent makes a call (Chii/Pon) between you reaching and your next
    turn then the potential for Ippatsu is lost and the cheat won't work. Also
    it obviously won't work if none of your winning tiles are available.

    Otherwise though this is a very effective cheat - it'll usually give you an
    automatic win and with a minimum of three Han (doubles) for Riichi, Ippatsu
    and Tsumo. This works very well in conjunction with the Tsumikomi (loading)
    cheats too - you can use them to give you a good head-start in building your
    hand then use the Ippatsu cheat to deliver a quick win.

    If your hand is Tenpai you can even use this cheat defensively to steal a
    rapid win after one of your opponents has reached.

 3. Tile Transparency Doll             [buy for 1,000 Ept / sell for 1,000 Ept]

    You'll be prompted to use this cheat before each hand.

    When activated this cheat item causes your opponents' hands to be revealed -
    flat on the table - but it only lasts until the end of the current hand.

    As long as you monitor their hands you can tell when an opponent is Tenpai
    and then see what their waits are so you know which tiles would be dangerous
    to discard. You can also see if anyone is sitting on some tiles which you
    need to complete your hand.

 4. Win Retraction Megaphone           [buy for 4,000 Ept / sell for 1,500 Ept]

    You'll be prompted to use this each time an opponent declares a win.

    Using this item negates the effect of the player's win declaration - play
    resumes as if it had never happened; this does not prevent the same player
    from declaring a win again. If the first win was by Tsumo they will discard
    the winning tile which will make them Furiten but they can still win by
    Tsumo if they draw another tile that completes their hand.

 5. Premonition Candy                 [buy for 10,000 Ept / sell for 1,000 Ept]

    You can activate this during play from the cheat menu (press Triangle).

    When you activate this item the screen darkens, you make your turn and then
    your opponents each take their turn - after that the game "rewinds" to the
    point where you used the cheat, so basically it shows you what the other
    players will discard on their next turn. Potentially your "vision" might
    show them calling your discard tile or even declaring a win off it.

 6. Secret Substitution Cracker*      [buy for 10,000 Ept / sell for 1,000 Ept]

    You can activate this during play from the cheat menu (press Triangle).

    This lets you switch one tile from your hand for one tile from your discard
    pool - first select the one in your hand to swap out and then pick the one
    from your discards to swap in.

    You can use this to recover a tile you discarded by mistake, to rectify a
    missed opportunity or escape a Furiten situation.

    It's possible to exchange two or more tiles on the same turn but you'll need
    to use a new cracker each time.

    *A Japanese a "Kurakkaa" (cracker) is like a conical party-popper - you pull
    a string and a small gunpowder charge launches paper streamers.

 7. Jubilant Can* Badge               [buy for 10,000 Ept / sell for 1,000 Ept]

    You'll be prompted to use this each time you declare a kong.

    Before the new Kan Dora indicator tile is flipped the game will change it so
    that the tiles in the kong become Kan Dora (so for example if you declared a
    kong of 4p tiles the Kan Dora indicator would be revealed as 3p). This will
    add four Han (doubles) to the value of your hand.

    Obviously this cheat cannot function if the necessary tile is unavailable
    (e.g. if you had a pung of 3p and another player had discarded the fourth).

    It's limited because you can only use it when making a kong and you still
    need to complete your hand before you can benefit from the extra four Han.

    *The kanji here for "Kan" usually denotes a tin-can.

 8. Infatuation Perfume                [buy for 200,000 Ept / sell for 500 Ept]

    You'll be prompted to use this cheat before each hand.

    This incredibly expensive item can only be used in Arcade mode. Its effect
    is to instantly end the match and mark all pass requirements for the current
    chapter as complete so you can use it to clear one chapter with no effort.

 9. Tsumikomi* Glove (Simples)         [buy for 3,000 Ept / sell for 1,800 Ept]

    You'll be prompted to use the various Tsumikomi cheats before each hand.

    The green glove gives you simples (suit tiles numbered 2 to 8) in your
    starting hand which will help you make Tanyao (All Simples) which you can
    combine with Pinfu, Riichi, etc.

    You usually receive around eleven simples.

    This is a relatively cheap but very effective cheat, especially when paired
    with the Ippatsu cheat item.

    *Tsumikomi means "loading" - in mahjong the term refers to a range of cheat
    techniques where you load the wall with favourable tiles.

10. Tsumikomi Glove (Value Tiles)      [buy for 3,500 Ept / sell for 2,000 Ept]

    The pink glove gives you dragon tiles in your starting hand.

    You usually receive one pung of dragons. This gives you guaranteed Yaku for
    your hand and often the option to call Kan on the fourth matching dragon (so
    you could therefore combine it with the Jubilant Can Badge cheat above).

11. Tsumikomi Glove (Pairs)            [buy for 4,500 Ept / sell for 1,500 Ept]

    The yellow glove gives you pairs of tiles in your starting hand which will
    help you make Chii Toitsu (Seven Pairs) or maybe Toi-Toi Hou (All Pungs).

    You usually receive five pairs. This gives it an advantage over the other
    loading cheats - most times you'll start with an Iishanten hand (one away
    from Tenpai (ready) or just two tiles away from a complete winning hand).
    Since your pairs hand must be played concealed that means you can use the
    Ippatsu cheat too which can give you a very quick win overall.

    It is a gamble however because it can be difficult to draw one of the tiles
    needed to make your sixth pair. In that respect the simples loading cheat
    can be more effective (building a Pinfu structure) and if you refrain from
    calling tiles you can use that with the Ippatsu cheat too.

12. Tsumikomi Glove (Dora)             [buy for 5,000 Ept / sell for 3,000 Ept]

    The blue glove loads two or more Dora bonus tiles into your starting hand.

    This adds potential value to your winning hand but it doesn't give you much
    help completing it as you usually just receive one pair.

13. Tsumikomi Glove (Honours)          [buy for 8,000 Ept / sell for 5,000 Ept]

    The purple glove loads honours (winds and dragons) into your starting hand.

    You usually receive between eight and ten honours. This will make it a lot
    easier to complete a Honitsu (Half-Flush) hand and you can combine this with
    Yakuhai if you can make pungs of dragons, seat-wind or round-wind.

    If you receive a lot of honours and several pairs it can be possible to make
    the limit-hand Tsuuiisou (All Honours) which will be worth up to 48,000 pts.

    It's often profitable to use the Tile Exchange Ticket cheat in conjunction
    with this one - keep the honours and one suit if you're going for Honitsu
    or just keep the honours if you want to try for Tsuuiisou.

14. Tsumikomi Glove (Flush)           [buy for 18,000 Ept / sell for 7,000 Ept]

    The white glove loads several tiles of the same suit into your hand.

    You usually receive about nine or ten tiles. This will put you well on your
    way to completing a Chinitsu (Full Flush) hand which is a guaranteed Mangan.

    Like most cheats this one is more fruitful when used in your east hand. A
    Mangan hand is worth 12,000 pts as east compared to 8,000 pts otherwise.

15. Tsumikomi Glove (Heavenly Hand)  [buy for 50,000 Ept / sell for 10,000 Ept]

    Like the other Tsumikomi cheats you can deploy this item before drawing your
    hand but this time only when you are the current dealer (east).

    The black glove gives you a complete hand on your first turn so you can
    declare a win with it immediately. This is recognized as a Yakuman (limit-
    hand) and, since you are the dealer, it'll be Tenhou (Heavenly Hand) worth
    48,000 points. This is treated as a Tsumo win so each opponent will pay an
    equal share of the total, i.e. 16,000 pts each.

    Naturally this will give you a massive lead but it won't finish the match
    unless a player has fewer than 16k points (and the bankruptcy rule is used).

    Since it hits all three opponents equally it's not so good for targeting one
    specific player (e.g. in the Arcade chapters where you're required to bust
    the girl) but it will do a lot of damage to all of them and therefore put
    your intended victim into a much weaker position.

    This is the most reliable of the loading cheats because you're guaranteed a
    (massive) win without having to finish the hand yourself. However it's also
    more limited as you can only use it when your seat-wind is east.

    It's obviously very expensive to purchase but this item is actually quite a
    common reward when you redeem a gold lottery ticket after you've completed
    all the picture pieces for the Gallery.

16. Lottery Ticket                                         [buy for 5,000 Ept*]

    See below.

17. Gold Lottery Ticket                                   [buy for 10,000 Ept*]

    See below.

*Standard and gold lottery tickets can be bought from the shop but not sold.

                                Lottery Tickets
The third option on the Item Shop menu can be used to redeem lottery tickets.

Select a ticket from the ones you have available, hold the Circle button briefly
to spin the tombola and you'll receive your prize.

You can earn tickets from Arcade and Challenge modes or buy them from the shop.

There are three types of lottery ticket:-

1. Lottery Tickets

   The standard (bronze) tickets usually give you a cheat item - blue balls seem
   to give Tsumikomi (loading) cheats and silver balls give you the other types.

   (If you get any items you don't want you're free to sell them in the shop.)

   Sometimes you'll get a green ball which is worth 5,000 or 10,000 E-points and
   very rarely you'll receive a gold ball which unlocks a piece of one of the
   jigsaw pictures in the Gallery.

   (The prize text will specify both the girl and the number of the picture
   piece that is unlocked - you cannot choose either. Visit the ninth picture in
   the girl's Gallery screen and the piece will be revealed.)

   After you've unlocked every picture piece for all six girls the gold balls
   will give you cheat items instead - often quite good ones!

2. Gold Lottery Tickets

   The gold tickets sometimes give you a gold ball which unlocks a picture piece
   in the Gallery. Other times you'll get a silver or blue ball (cheat item) or
   a green ball (E-points) - twice I've had a green ball worth 30,000 Ept.

3. Platinum Lottery Tickets

   While the other two types can also be bought from the Item Shop, these ones
   can only be won by completing certain tests in Challenge mode (see below).

   With a platinum ticket you'll always receive a gold ball.

| Section 10 | CHALLENGE MODE                                              s10 |

There are thirty-four individual challenges here, one for each unique tile in a
mahjong set. Simply pick a tile to start the challenge and click the top option
to confirm. The pass requirement and reward are shown on the right-hand side.

I've numbered the challenges as follows:-

               A1    A2    A3    A4    A5    A6    A7    A8    A9

               B1    B2    B3    B4    B5    B6    B7    B8    B9

               C1    C2    C3    C4    C5    C6    C7    C8    C9

                     D1    D2    D3    D4    D5    D6    D7

Each challenge attempt consists of a single hand of play (one Kyoku). The game
will give you a few tiles/pairs/sets that are useful for the current objective -
this is great news because otherwise some of the Yakuman (limit-hand) challenges
would be virtually impossible! Beyond that however the tiles drawn and discarded
during play seem to be random and sometimes your winning tiles will be trapped
in the dead wall, stuck in opponents' hands or discarded before you're able to
take them; also the other players will still be pushing for a win as normal. You
can attempt the challenges in any order and take as many attempts as you like to
complete each one.

Press R2 during play for a reminder of the current challenge goal.

After the final scores a tick and orange text indicates a pass while blue text
denotes a fail. If you fail an attempt you can pick the top option to retry or
bottom option to exit to the menu (then bottom option again to confirm quit).

It seemed so unlikely it was hardly worth testing but remarkably each time you
pass the same challenge you'll earn the reward again! Replaying challenges can
be quite an effective way to farm cheat items (to use/sell) or lottery tickets.

My favourite challenge for farming is C3 (Junchan).

[A1] Clear Condition: Win using Riichi

        Clear Reward: Ippatsu Riichi Stick

                      Make a ready hand without calling tiles, declare Riichi
                      and then claim your win.

[A2] Clear Condition: Have a Tenpai (ready) hand in a draw

        Clear Reward: 1,500 Ept

                      This time you need to make ready then reject any wins. As
                      long as no-one else declares a win it'll end in a draw.

[A3] Clear Condition: Win after a Pon call (make a pung with a stolen tile)

        Clear Reward: 1,500 Ept

                      Since your hand becomes open you'll need to ensure that
                      you still have a valid Yaku (scoring element) for a win.
                      Yakuhai (pung of value tiles) or Tanyao (All Simples) are
                      always good options for this sort of thing.

[A4] Clear Condition: Win after a Chii call (make a chow with a stolen tile)

        Clear Reward: 1,500 Ept

                      This time you need to get a win after calling Chii but, as
                      with the previous one, you must ensure you have Yaku.

[A5] Clear Condition: Win by Tsumo (with a self-drawn tile)

        Clear Reward: 2,000 Ept

                      Make a Tenpai hand and reject any offers of a Ron win -
                      hold out until you draw the winning tile yourself.

[A6] Clear Condition: Win by Ron (with a stolen discard)

        Clear Reward: 2,000 Ept

                      This time you must win by Ron instead of Tsumo.

[A7] Clear Condition: Win after a Kan call (make a kong)

        Clear Reward: Jubilant Can Badge

                      You'll start with a convenient pung of east wind tiles so
                      when the fourth is discarded take it with the Kan (red)
                      option; this gives you the kong you need for the challenge
                      and the Yaku (scoring element) you need to declare a win
                      plus you have the freedom to make other calls if needed.

                      If you happen to draw the fourth east tile you can call
                      Kan on the pung of 2's instead.

[A8] Clear Condition: Make a Furikomi payment to an opponent (get Ronned)

        Clear Reward: Tile Transparency Doll

                      You'll need to "deal into" an opponent's winning hand -
                      let them score a Ron win off one of your discards.

                      Discard the less useful honours (winds and dragons) and
                      terminals (1's and 9's) earlier in the hand and also drop
                      any duplicated tiles. Then try to discard more dangerous
                      ones after someone reaches.

                      Don't discard any tile that is highlighted blue in your
                      opponent's discards - they will be Furiten on this tile
                      and unable to declare a Ron win on your discard.

                      Also avoid any tiles that another player has dropped after
                      the opponent reached and any of the Riichi player's Suji
                      tiles (i.e. ones that are three away from a tiles they've
                      discarded - if they discarded 5 Bams avoid 2 or 8 Bams).

[A9] Clear Condition: Win on a Hadaka Tanki (naked pair wait)

        Clear Reward: Win Retraction Megaphone

                      A Hadaka Tanki is a fully exposed pair wait - your waiting
                      hand has four open sets on the table completed by calling
                      tiles with Chii/Pon and you just need to make the pair.

                      Remember your winning hand must always qualify for at
                      least one Yaku (scoring element). You should find that you
                      start with a pair of Ton (east wind) so you can easily Pon
                      a discard to give you a Yakuhai set (and the first of the
                      four open sets you require).

                      Take care not to claim a win too soon (wait until all four
                      open sets are complete). Once you have your sets you can
                      switch your wait* very easily but you must avoid Furiten.

                      *"Throw your wait around" if you like. :)

[B1] Clear Condition: Win using Pinfu

        Clear Reward: Tile Exchange Ticket

                      Remember all the requirements of Pinfu: the hand must be
                      concealed (so don't make calls), all four sets must be
                      chows, the pair cannot be value tiles (dragons, seat-wind
                      or round-wind) and the hand must be completed on a Ryanmen
                      wait (a two-sided wait e.g. _45_ waiting on 3 or 6).

                      I completed this mission in style with a rare Ryanpeikou
                      (Twice Pure Double Chow) hand. :D

[B2] Clear Condition: Win using Tanyao (All Simples)

        Clear Reward: Tsumikomi Glove (Simples)

                      The Kuitan (Open Tanyao) rule is Ari (allowed) so you can
                      claim Tanyao on an exposed hand with one or more sets made
                      using Chii/Pon calls to steal opponents' discards.

[B3] Clear Condition: Win using Yakuhai (pung of value tiles)

        Clear Reward: Tsumikomi Glove (Value Tiles)

                      You'll usually start with a pung of dragons so you just
                      need to complete your winning hand around it.

[B4] Clear Condition: Win with honour tiles (winds and dragons)

        Clear Reward: Tsumikomi Glove (Honours)

                      This is an odd one - you'll start with around eight honour
                      tiles but it's not entirely clear what you're supposed to
                      do with them. (There are already separate challenges for
                      Yakuhai, Honitsu and Tsuiisou.)

                      Even after extensive testing the best I can say is that it
                      seems that you need to make a winning hand that contains a
                      lot of honours (at least three sets) but also has a few
                      suit tiles. You can open your hand so you can call Pon on
                      your honour pairs to help you along.

                      One time I only had three sets of honours but they were
                      two pungs and one kong so I had ten of them in total. The
                      suit tiles were in two different suits so you don't need
                      to make a Honitsu (Half-Flush) hand.

                      Another time I made Tsuuiisou (All Honours) and it failed
                      so that's why I think you need some suit tiles.

[B5] Clear Condition: Win with Iipeikou (Pure Double Chow)

        Clear Reward: Lottery Ticket

                      You'll usually start with a block of 4455 tiles (sometimes
                      34455 or 44556) so you'll want to build that into either
                      334455 (2 x 345) or 445566 (2 x 456).

                      Remember that Ippeikou can only be claimed on a concealed
                      hand so you cannot call tiles from your opponents - but
                      you can still declare a win by Ron.

[B6] Clear Condition: Win with Ikkitsuukan (Pure Straight)

        Clear Reward: Gold Lottery Ticket

                      You can claim a straight on an open hand but if you're
                      calling Chii to complete the straight itself only make
                      chows of 123, 456 or 789.

[B7] Clear Condition: Win with San Shoku Doujun (Mixed Triple Chow)

        Clear Reward: Gold Lottery Ticket

                      As usual the game will give you some useful tiles and you
                      should be able to see which ones you're supposed to use
                      for your three matching chows. For example if you get...

                                1m 2m 5m 6m 7m 4p 4p 5p 2s 3s 4s 6s 7s
                                      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯       ¯¯          ¯¯¯¯¯
                      ...then you're probably going to use three 567 chows.

[B8] Clear Condition: Win with Chii Toitsu (Seven Pairs)

        Clear Reward: Tsumikomi Glove (Pairs)

                      You'll start with several pairs and you need to complete
                      the rest. Pass any Pon calls, drop the third tile if you
                      make a pung and try to keep only single tiles that haven't
                      been discarded yet. When you have six pairs it's easy to
                      switch your pair wait but avoid making yourself Furiten.

[B9] Clear Condition: Win with Honitsu (Half-Flush)

        Clear Reward: Lottery Ticket

                      Your starting hand will have several tiles of the same
                      suit and a few honours (winds and dragons). Just drop any
                      tiles from the other two suits and work on completing the
                      hand, calling discards from your opponents if you need to.

[C1] Clear Condition: Win with Toi-Toi Hou (All Pungs)

        Clear Reward: Jubilant Can Badge

                      You'll start with a mixture of pairs and pungs so you just
                      need to keep trying until you get lucky with a scenario
                      where you can call Pon on your pairs.

[C2] Clear Condition: Win with Chanta (Mixed Outside Hand)

        Clear Reward: Lottery Ticket

                      Discard any 4, 5 and 6 suit tiles then proceed with making
                      chows, pungs and a pair from the others. Any chows must be
                      either 123 or 789 - watch out for discarded 4's and 6's
                      making you Furiten.

                      You can call tiles by Chii/Pon to give you a helping hand;
                      this will devalue your hand but that's not an issue here.

[C3] Clear Condition: Win with Junchan (Pure Outside Hand)

        Clear Reward: Gold Lottery Ticket

                      This is just like the previous one but now you'll need to
                      discard any honours (winds and dragons) too.

                      I found this was a really useful challenge to use for
                      farming gold tickets.

[C4] Clear Condition: Win with San Ankou (Three Concealed Pungs)

        Clear Reward: Gold Lottery Ticket

                      For San Ankou you need three fully concealed pungs - if
                      you complete one with your winning tile it must be by
                      Tsumo. Remember that the fourth set can be exposed and/or
                      a chow - you don't need four pungs.

[C5] Clear Condition: Win with Chinitsu (Full Flush)

        Clear Reward: Tsumikomi Glove (Flush)

                      The majority of the tiles in your starting hand will be of
                      the same suit. You just need to complete the flush and you
                      are free to call tiles from your opponents as necessary.

[C6] Clear Condition: Win with Rinshan Kaihou (on a kong supplement tile)

        Clear Reward: Premonition Candy

                      Your starting hand will include four west wind tiles and
                      you'll have the red Kan option to declare them as a kong
                      but you must wait until the rest of your hand is ready.

                      You should be free to call tiles to complete your three
                      sets without having to worry about meeting the requirement
                      of any Yaku (scoring element) because Rinshan Kaihou will
                      give you the one you need to declare a valid win.

                      The game doesn't automatically give you the supplement
                      tile you need to complete your hand so you'll need to keep
                      replaying this challenge until you get lucky...

                      You can improve your chances by building a Tenpai (ready)
                      hand with a two or three-sided wait.

                      e.g. 2m3m 4p5p6p 4s4s 6s6s6s WWWW (waiting on 1m or 4m)

                      e.g. 4m5m6m7m8m 3s3s 4s5s6s WWWW (waiting on 3m, 6m or 9m)

[C7] Clear Condition: Win with Haitei (on the final tile drawn from the wall)

        Clear Reward: Infatuation Perfume 

                      You'll start with a random hand so you need to get it into
                      a Tenpai (ready) state. As with the previous challenge you
                      shouldn't need to consider your Yaku because Haitei will
                      give you the one you need.

                      The major issue with this challenge is that you'll need to
                      engineer the sequence of player turns such that you're the
                      one to make the final draw of the hand. Check the counter
                      in the centre of the screen - this shows the number of
                      tiles remaining to be drawn from the wall and you need to
                      make sure that it shows a multiple of 4 (e.g. 68, 64, 60, 
                      56, 52, etc) immediately after you've drawn a tile.

                      If you're drawing out of sequence then the way to fix it
                      is to call a tile off a player when the counter is showing
                      a multiple of 4 - calling a tile makes it your turn.

                      Further complications arise when your opponents make calls
                      themselves! Sometimes you'll need to make another call to
                      fix the turn sequence. You've also got to hold out until
                      the end of the hand so there's a major risk of one of the
                      other players getting a win before you.

                      The pass requirement is that you win by Haitei (Last-Tile
                      Tsumo); you cannot pass with Houtei (Last-Tile Ron) when
                      you win on the final discard of the hand.

[C8] Clear Condition: Win with Suu Ankou (Four Concealed Pungs)

        Clear Reward: Platinum Lottery Ticket

                      You'll start with a mixture of pairs and pungs. Reject any
                      Pon calls and hope you get lucky completing the sets.

                      If you go Tenpai (ready) with three pungs and two pairs
                      remember that you need to win by Tsumo (self-draw) - if
                      you take a Ron win that fourth set counts as exposed.

[C9] Clear Condition: Win with Dai San Gen (Big Three Dragons)

        Clear Reward: Platinum Lottery Ticket

                      You'll typically start here with a pair of Hatsu (green),
                      a pair of Chun (red) and one Haku (white) so usually you
                      will need to draw another Haku to make a third pair; then
                      you'll probably complete the three sets by calling Pon.

                      You can make the fourth set and the pair by any means
                      necessary! Suit tiles are more versatile for the set.

[D1] Clear Condition: Win with Kokushimusou (Thirteen Orphans)

        Clear Reward: Platinum Lottery Ticket

                      You should start with nine or more unique terminals and
                      honours - the game will give you the option to declare a
                      Kyuu Shu Kyuu Hai abortive draw (grey icon) so you'll need
                      to avoid clicking that on your first turn.

                      You'll probably have at least one pair of terminal/honour
                      tiles so keep that and hopefully you get lucky drawing the
                      other tiles you need until you have twelve unique tiles
                      and you can win by either Tsumo or Ron on the thirteenth.

                      If you make several attempts you'll eventually start with
                      a Tenpai hand (twelve unique tiles and one pair) so you're
                      pretty much guaranteed to complete the hand then.

[D2] Clear Condition: Win with Suu Shii Hou (Little or Big Four Winds)

        Clear Reward: Platinum Lottery Ticket

                      For this one you can make either Dai Suu Shii (Big Four
                      Winds) or Shou Suu Shii (Little Four Winds) - so you'll
                      need to complete a hand of either four wind pungs/kongs
                      and a random pair or three wind pungs/kongs, one wind pair
                      and a random chow/pung. Most probably it'll be the latter
                      so you should focus on making one non-wind set.

                      (TEMJ+ doesn't allow Yakuman (limit-hand) stacking so you
                      must avoid making your extra set from dragon tiles. On one
                      attempt at this challenge I completed Shou Suu Shii but I
                      also had a dragon pung and the game only counted this as
                      Tsuuiisou (All Honours) and didn't give me any credit for
                      completing the wind Yakuman!)

                      You'll usually start with three easts, two souths, one
                      west and one north so I'd suggest that you keep quitting
                      and restarting until you draw an additional west/north to
                      give you two pairs. Hopefully the winds will be discarded
                      in a favourable order so you can Pon the two pairs (and
                      make your one random set) before Ronning the fourth wind.

[D3] Clear Condition: Win with Tsuuiisou (All Honours)

        Clear Reward: Platinum Lottery Ticket

                      This challenge is similar to the previous one but simpler
                      because you can focus on making four pungs and a pair each
                      made from different winds and dragons.

[D4] Clear Condition: Win with Chinroutou (All Terminals)

        Clear Reward: Platinum Lottery Ticket

                      This is even simpler (I said simpler, not easier!) since
                      there are only six different terminals. Drop anything that
                      isn't a 1 or a 9 and call discards to complete pungs.

                      You typically start with one Pung and three pairs so you
                      will need to Pon the pairs and draw another terminal tile
                      to give you a pair wait. Potentially you'll sometimes end
                      up with three pungs and a Shanpon wait (two pairs).

[D5] Clear Condition: Win with Suu Kantsu (Four Kongs)

        Clear Reward: Platinum Lottery Ticket

                      You'll start with four 4's (which you can declare as a
                      kong immediately), a pung of 6's, a pair of 1's and a pung
                      of east wind - although if you're lucky you'll get another
                      matching 6, 1 or east on your first turn.

                      (If you don't get your usual allocation of 4's, 6's, 1's
                      and easts it probably means one of the tiles is among the
                      fourteen tiles of the dead wall and you might as well quit
                      out and restart.)

                      Remember that there are three ways to make a kong (you'll
                      usually need to use all of them in this challenge).

                      - four concealed tiles in your hand then declare Kan
                      - concealed pung then call Kan on the fourth tile
                      - exposed pung then draw the fourth tile and declare Kan

                      It should be easy to grab the fourth east wind but you'll
                      also be counting on either someone dropping the fourth 6
                      (a fairly useful "middle" tile) or drawing it yourself.

                      When an opponent discards the third 1 you'll have to call
                      Pon on it to make an exposed pung and then pray that you
                      draw the fourth tile yourself so that you can "promote"
                      the open pung to a kong. If you're very lucky you'll draw
                      the third 1 in which case you can call Kan on the fourth
                      when someone discards it.

                      And *then* on top of making four kongs you still have to
                      complete a pair in order to have a valid winning hand.

                      If one of your opponents declares a kong themselves this
                      will invalidate your attempt because as soon as you make
                      your third kong the Suu Kai Kan abortive draw will apply!

                      Occasionally you will also be thwarted when the fourth
                      tile you need is in the dead wall - sometimes you'll see
                      it as one of the Dora indicators. :(

                      (It's appropriate that this challenge is played with the
                      "outer space" backdrop because you'll need the proverbial
                      stars to align before you can beat it! Don't be surprised
                      if it takes several hours to complete this one.)

[D6] Clear Condition: Win with Ryuuiisou (All Green)

        Clear Reward: Platinum Lottery Ticket

                      Your hand can be open here but it can only contain the
                      pure green tiles - 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 in the Souzu (Bams)
                      suit and Hatsu* (the green dragon). Most of your sets will
                      therefore be pungs but you can also make 234 chows.

                      *After passing this one you'll notice that appropriately
                      this challenge is mapped to the Hatsu tile on the menu.

[D7] Clear Condition: Win with Chuurenpoutou (Nine Gates)

        Clear Reward: Tsumikomi Glove (Heavenly Hand)

                      You'll start with around ten same-suit tiles and you'll
                      need to make the required structure of a 1112345678999
                      flush plus one other tile from the same suit.

                      Chuuren can only be claimed on a closed hand so - as with
                      Kokushi - you can't make calls and you're reliant on being
                      lucky enough to draw enough tiles to make you Tenpai.

                      Watch the other players' discards because, for example, if
                      you have two 9's and you see two more 9's on the table you
                      might as well quit and try again.

                      Take care not to declare Riichi with a generic flush that
                      doesn't fit the Chuuren pattern.

For details of the prizes (cheat items and lottery tickets) see Section 09.

You seem to get 0.5% overall game completion from each challenge you pass.

| Section 11 | GALLERY                                                     s11 |

The main part of this section is the gallery of images of each girl that can be
unlocked during play but there are also two further parts here - press L1/R1 to
cycle between the gallery, music/voice sound-test* and video playback theatre.**

There's an individual gallery page for each of the girls - use d-pad left/right
to cycle through them. There are nine pictures for each girl but initially only
the three on the top row will be available. On these ones press Circle to select
an image then click on the top button to view variations of the same image with
the girl dressed in her normal outfit (then click on the bottom button to exit).
                           __ __ __
            __ __ __      |__|__|__| <- available by default
           |__|__|__|      __ __ __
           |__|__|__|  =  |__|__|__| <- unlock by completing
           |__|__|__|     |__|__|       Arcade mode chapters 1-5
                                |__| <- unlock pieces with gold balls
                                        won from lottery tickets

The next five images are unlocked by completing each of the five chapters for
that girl in Arcade mode (see Section 07). On these chapter unlock images you
can use the PS4 controller's touchscreen to move a hand-shaped cursor around the
picture and tickle/molest the girl to make her blush/flush on various parts of
her body. The second button can also be used to effectively reset her blush so
you can tickle her repeatedly without needing to exit back to the menu.

Six of the chapter pictures - one per girl - have a secret second version which
can be unlocked by completing the chapter both with and without using cheats.
See trophy #11 in Section 13 for details of which chapters have hidden images.

The ninth picture for each girl is a sixteen-piece "jigsaw" where you need to
unlock each piece individually. You unlock a piece by winning a gold ball from
a lottery ticket and then coming to the Gallery to reveal it.

Platinum lottery tickets always give a gold ball, gold tickets often give a gold
ball and bronze tickets rarely give a gold ball. You can win tickets for free
from Challenge mode (see Section 10) and buy bronze/gold ones from the Item Shop
(see Section 09). Your lottery tickets can be redeemed by using the bottom
option off the shop menu.

The six unlockable pictures for each girl feature fantasy outfits and poses.

*On the sound-test screen you can click on the pink squares to preview different
songs and the blue ones to hear spoken phrases. The red text in the centre of
the screen is a girl's name - use d-pad left/right to switch between all six.

**On the video page you can watch the game's opening sequence or (after you've
unlocked them in Arcade mode) the game credits.

| Section 12 | OPTIONS                                                     s12 |

There are four rows on the first screen here. The first three let you adjust the
background music (BGM), sound effects (SE) and voice volumes respectively. The
final row displays your overall achievement (completion) percentage in the game.

Press Square on the SE or voice options for an example sound.

You can access the second screen by pressing Triangle. This allows you to set
the volume level individually for each of the six girls in the following order:

                               1. Mashiro Asagiri
                               2. Saki Nakano
                               3. Hatsuki Saionji
                               4. Shizu Tsubakino
                               5. Hikari Aisaka
                               6. Arisa Shindo

Press Square on each girl to hear them introduce themselves and greet you with
some variation of "Yoroshiku".

| Section 13 | TROPHIES                                                    s13 |

Since this is only a cheap game it has a reduced list of PSN trophies with no
platinum - there are eight bronze trophies, three silver and one gold.

The trophies are listed here in the order in which they appear on your console's
trophy list; I've given English translations of the title and requirements.

[special thanks to both Ignatius and Ozball on the reachmahjong.com forums for
providing the translations for most of the trophy titles here]

The game has no online play so there are no online trophies.

 1 Onii-Chan* I'll Become Your Wife, You Know! [Bronze]

   "Defeat Mashiro Asagiri in Arcade mode"

   Complete all five chapters for Mashiro (see Section 07).

   *This is a casual term of address for a young adult male (or elder brother).

 2 Later I'll Give You Intense Individual Training! [Bronze]

   "Defeat Saki Nakano in Arcade mode"

   Complete all five chapters for Saki.

 3 I Will Always Watch Over You [Bronze]

   "Defeat Hatsuki Saionji in Arcade mode"

   Complete all five chapters for Hatsuki.

 4 Senpai* I Like, Like Y... ah... [Bronze]

   "Defeat Shizu Tsubakino in Arcade mode"

   Complete all five chapters for Shizu.

   *This is a term of address for someone senior to you at school/work.

 5 You'll Always Be With Me [Bronze]

   "Defeat Hikari Aisaka in Arcade mode"

   Complete all five chapters for Hikari.

 6 Being More Than Friends Is Also Okay! ...Just Kidding [Bronze]

   "Defeat Arisa Shindo in Arcade mode"

   Complete all five chapters for Arisa.

 7 Something Good Happened [Bronze]

   "Spin the lottery for the first time"

   You can win lottery tickets in Arcade mode and by completing certain missions
   in Challenge mode; you can also buy standard or gold ones from the Item Shop
   (at the very bottom of the store inventory list).

   Lottery tickets can be redeemed using the third option of the Item Shop menu.
   Hold the Circle button for half a second to spin the tombola and you'll get a
   prize - and the first time you do it you'll get this trophy too.

 8 Secret Touch [Bronze]

   "Touch for the first time during play"

   I hate to deny you the joy of discovering this for yourself but I need to
   provide coverage for every trophy. During play you can use the controller's
   touchpad to move a hand-shaped cursor around the screen. If you move this
   onto one of the girls pictured on the left side of the screen it will make
   her react - and the first time you do it you'll get this trophy too.

   You should be able to do this in any mode except if you're in Free Play and
   not using any of the main characters.

   Update: You can also use your "secret touch" when viewing Gallery images but
           only on the five chapter unlock pictures for each girl. This causes
           the pictured girl to blush but you can't get this trophy that way.

 9 Challenge Master [Silver]

   "Complete all missions in Challenge mode"

   There are thirty-four challenges in total - see Section 10 for details.

   At first glance some of the pass requirements appear practically impossible
   but for each challenge you'll receive suitable tiles to make it easier to
   achieve the goal for that specific "mission".

   You should even be able to pass some of them on your first attempt. Several
   others however require a substantial amount of luck and will take a *lot* of
   grinding to complete (notably C6, C7 and D5). :6

10 Women Have A Spirit Of Charity? [Silver]

   "Reach the true ending for all characters in Arcade mode"

   To achieve this you need to complete the final (fifth) chapter for each girl
   without using any cheats.

   [thanks to a1326k for confirming this requirement]

   If you have a diverse inventory of cheat items you'll be spending a lot of
   time cancelling the cheat pop-ups with the Cross button and you'll also need
   to avoid using the orange Riichi option (Ippatsu cheat).

   The pass requirements are always the same for chapter 5 - basically you need
   to win with 40,000 pts (before the 20k bonus) and the girl must get busted.

   As usual you'll want to hit the girls with Ron wins wherever possible; Tsumo
   wins will help too but of course the damage will be spread across all three
   opponents. They can win points off the girls too but if they win too many
   points it'll hurt your chances of taking first place. Make the most of your
   two turns as dealer (east), taking quick cheap wins if necessary - the extra
   hands played will extend the match and give you more time to score points.

   If you've previously completed Arcade mode using cheats and then come back
   for the true endings you'll get around 0.5% towards your overall completion
   from each one. Aside from this there is no indication of having got a true
   ending so you'll need to keep a note of which ones you've done.

   (I was able to beat Mashiro and Saki on my first attempts. The match against
   Saki was quite an emotional rollercoaster - by the "south 3" hand she still
   had plenty of points but then I got a Suu Ankou (Four Concealed Pungs) win by
   Tsumo which knocked her down to around 1,500 pts. It should've been easy for
   me to bust her in the final hand but I had a very bad draw and I could see
   that I wasn't going to be able to take a win. However the player to my right
   proved to be my saviour with a Mangan Tsumo win which was sufficient to drop
   Saki's score below zero and pass the chapter.)

11 Photo-Studio of Memories (With Fantasies) [Silver]

   "Collect all the illustrations in the Gallery"

   There are six unlockable pictures for each girl - the first five are unlocked
   by completing each of the five chapters of the girl's story in Arcade mode
   (one pic per chapter) and the final image is a jigsaw of sixteen separate
   pieces which are unlocked as you win gold balls from lottery tickets. With
   6 girls and 16 pieces each there's a total of 96 picture pieces to unlock.

   However additionally one chapter/image for each girl (six total) has a second
   hidden variant which unlocks after you've completed the chapter once with
   cheats and once without - these pictures are also required for this trophy.

                                   Jigsaw Pieces
   You'll earn a number of lottery tickets by completing each of the tests in
   Challenge mode so it makes sense to do at least most of those first. Some
   give a platinum ticket which will always unlock a picture piece and others
   will give a gold ticket which sometimes gives you a pic piece but sometimes
   you'll get E-points (which you can use to buy gold lottery tickets from the
   shop) or cheat items (which will be useful in Arcade mode).

   You can take advantage of the fact that you can replay a challenge and earn
   the same reward every time you pass it. I found the best one to use was [C3]
   Junchan (Pure Outside Hand) as this always gives you a lot of useful tiles in
   your starting hand and you're free to call tiles by Chii or Pon to complete
   your winning hand. The reward each time is a gold lottery ticket so you won't
   get a picture piece every time but you will still get quite a few, especially
   if you reinvest any E-points you receive by buying more gold tickets.

   You could also try using some of the Yakuman (limit-hand) challenges where
   the reward is a platinum lottery ticket - I'd suggest trying [D2] Suu Shii
   Hou (Big/Little Four Winds), [D3] Tsuuiisou (All Honours) or [D4] Chinroutou
   (All Terminals) where you're free to call tiles. You should be able to get up
   to three or four platinum tickets from fifteen minutes play; I did best using
   D2 and resetting each time I didn't draw an initial extra west or north wind
   to give two pairs.

   You can also earn E-points (to buy gold lottery tickets) by completing the
   chapters in Arcade mode. This is the better route to take if you want to play
   proper games of mahjong instead of endlessly replaying the same challenge but
   naturally it will take a lot longer this way.

                                  Secret Images
   Each of the following six chapters in Arcade mode (one per girl) has a secret
   variation of its picture which can be unlocked by completing the chapter once
   with cheats and once without. After doing that you'll see a second button on
   the picture that allows you to toggle between two slightly different versions
   of the same image, for example Saki with/without glasses, etc.

   I think this second button is the only way of telling that you've unlocked
   the alternate image for that girl/chapter/picture.

   [thanks to a1326k for confirming which chapters have the secret unlocks and
   special thanks to nicegame123 for confirming the unlock requirement]

   o Mashiro chapter 4

     Winning the match is simple enough but you also need to achieve a Honba
     count of four. You can't rely on the other players to make this happen so
     you'll need to do it during your east turn.	

     In four consecutive hands you must either claim a win or have a Tenpai hand
     in a draw. If one of your opponents takes a win during this time it will
     prevent your attempt so the safest option is to go for a quick win wherever
     possible - Tanyao and Yakuhai are usually the easiest options and can be
     completed with an open hand so you're free to steal opponents' discards.

     If you're struggling to complete your hand then you should start to call
     tiles from your opponents. You hand will still be counted as Tenpai in a
     draw even if you have no Yaku (scoring elements).

     It's tougher without cheats but this only took me a few attempts.

   o Saki chapter 2

     You just need to win the match. Each match lasts for only one round so it
     doesn't take too long to make multiple attempts if necessary.

   o Hatsuki chapter 1

     Again you just need to win a match but this time they last two rounds.

   o Shizu chapter 5

     You'll need to win the match with a score of 40,000 pts but additionally
     the girl must get busted so you'll need to take wins off her when you can.

   o Hikari chapter 4

     This is similar to Mashiro's chapter 4 but this time you need to win the
     match and achieve a Honba count of two with the added constraint that you
     can't take any Ron wins.

     You'll get far fewer opportunities for wins so it's crucial to grab the
     No-ten Bappu points by having a ready hand every time there's a draw (if
     you have a Tenpai hand you'll get up to 3,000 pts each time and conversely
     if your hand is not Tenpai you could lose up to 3,000 pts).

     On your east turn you'll need to get two consecutive hands where either you
     take a win (Tsumo only) or have a Tenpai hand in a draw.

     With your winning potential limited your points are more precious and using
     Riichi is much more of a gamble - it costs you 1,000 pts and there's less
     chance of being able to get a win off it. It would be best to only declare
     Riichi when you make Tenpai quite quickly and/or you have a hand which is
     waiting on at least two different tiles.

     Since you're limited to only taking Tsumo wins, if you keep your hand
     closed (no discards stolen from opponents) you'll always be able to take a
     win when you draw a winning tile because you can use Menzen Tsumo as the
     Yaku required to declare a win.

     Quit out and restart if a) you miss the two Honba on your east turn, b) an
     opponent gets a big win or c) you take a Ron win by mistake!

   o Arisa chapter 4

     You need to win with at least 30,000 pts and achieve a Honba count of three
     so see my comments above on similar chapter requirements.

12 Master of E-Mahjong [Gold]

   "Reach an achievement rate of 100%"

   Your completion percentage can be viewed on the Options menu.

   You'll need to achieve the following:-

   - complete all thirty chapters in Arcade mode (6 girls x 5 chapters each)

     [this will unlock five Gallery pictures for each girl]

   - complete the jigsaw picture for each girl (6 girls x 16 pieces each)

     [picture pieces come from gold balls won with lottery tickets]

   - complete chapter 5 for each girl without cheats (6 girls x 1 chapter each)

     [this gives the "true" ending for each girl - required for trophy #10]

   - unlock the secret picture for each girl (6 girls x 1 chapter each)

     [see trophy #11 above]

   - complete all tests in Challenge mode (34 challenges)

     [see Section 10 for notes on each]

| Section 14 | CONTACT                                                     s14 |

I welcome all feedback on this guide and any contributions you'd like to make.
I'm also happy to receive questions about this or any other mahjong game, or
about the rules and terminology of Japanese mahjong.

You can email me at barticle at hotmail.com - obviously changing the "at" to an
@ and removing the spaces. It would be helpful if you include the word "mahjong"
somewhere in the subject line and tell me which game you're playing.

| Section 15 | THANKS                                                      s15 |

I would like to thank the following:-

o a1326k for info on trophies #10 and #11

o nicegame123 for revealing the unlock requirement for the hidden images

o Ignatius and Ozball for trophy title translations

o Bontakun for discovering the early PSN Asia release

o Tangorin.com and Tuttle for great language resources

o Slowdive, Dublicator, Stray Ghost and Lowercase Noises for super sounds

I will be happy to give credit and thanks to anyone who makes a contribution.
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