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FAQ/Walkthrough by BNii

Version: 1.04 | Updated: 01/26/16

Earth Defense Force 4.1:The Shadow of New Despair FAQ/Walkthrough
Version 1.04
January 26, 2016
By Brian Nii (bnii at hawaii dot edu)

Table of Contents
Version History
What is EDF?
Miscellaneous Tips
Weapon Farming
Weapon Lists

|Version History|

Version 1.04 (Jaunary 26, 2016) - Added weapon lists section.

Version 1.03 (January 20, 2016) - Updated weapon farming section with new

Version 1.02 (January 17, 2016) - Updated information in the classes section. 
Added section on weapon farming.

Version 1.01 (December 30, 2015) - Added information regarding rate of armor
gain per class and approximate weapon level drops in missions from the
Japanese wiki.

Version 1.00 (December 22, 2015) - Updated strategy on mission 75. Completed

Version 0.4 (December 21, 2015) - Added walkthrough for missions 48 through

Version 0.3 (December 19, 2015) - Added walkthrough for missions 31 through

Version 0.2 (December 17, 2015) - Updated strategy on missions 16 and 19.
Added walkthrough for missions 21 through 30.

Version 0.1 (December 15, 2015) - First version. Walkthrough up to mission 

|What is EDF?|

EDF stands for Earth Defense Force. And simply put, it is one of the greatest
game series ever made. It basically involves running around shooting giant
insects and aliens with a variety of weaponry, all the while screaming "EDF!" 
at the top of your lungs. If this sounds appealing to you, you've come to the
right place.

The first game in the series, simply called "Earth Defense Force", was released
in Japan as part of the Simple Series, which was a series of budget games
released for the Playstation 2. It was only brought over to Europe (under the
title "Monster Attack") and was never released in North America. The gameplay
and graphics were simple, but endearing. The game established the core "shoot
everything that isn't human" gameplay and had a featured a surprising amount
of replay value for such a budget game. New weapons could be obtained as drops
and carried over to the next (or previous) missions, and armor collected to
permanently increase your health. There were also multiple difficulty levels
which not only increased the challenge but also affected the weapons you could
obtain. Another interesting feature was the fact that buildings in the
background could be destroyed, which was quite impressive considering the
technical limitations of the PS2 at the time.

The second game in the series, Earth Defense Force 2, carried over the 
gameplay of the first game, but featured more missions, weapons, vehicles, and
new enemies. The biggest change though was the introduction of a new second
character to play as (PaleWing) who had the ability to fly and use energy
weapons. It was released in Europe under the name "Global Defense Force", but 
would not see a release in North America until a decade later on the Vita as
Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders from Planet Space.

Earth Defense Force 3 (Earth Defense Force 2017 outside of Japan) was the
first game in the series to be released in North America, and on a console
other than Sony's Playstation (Xbox 360. Like its predecessors, EDF3 kept the
core gameplay intact but featured only a single character to play as, as 
opposed to two characters in the previous game. However, the game featured for
the first time in the series one of its most endearing traits: voice acting.

While technically the fourth game released in the series, Earth Defense Force:
Insect Armageddon is considered by many to be a western spin-off, as the game
was developed by a western developer (Vicious Cycle) rather than the original 
developers Sandlot. The game featured four different characters to play as 
(something that would be carried over to the next EDF game), and introduced
unusual (for an EDF game) features such as on rails shooting segments, 
objectives during missions (other than the standard kill everything), and an
experience system that replaced the random weapon drops from the previous
games. The game aesthetic was decidedly more "western" than its Japanese

The fifth game in the series, Earth Defense Force 4 (Earth Defense Force 2025
outside of Japan) was once again developed by series creator Sandlot and
returned back to its roots. EDF4 kept the gameplay largely unchanged from the
previous game in the series, but gave it a graphical upgrade along with bigger
explosions and more enemies on screen. It also incorporated the four classes
featured in Insect Armageddon to the main series, albeit with a few changes.

Two years later an enhanced port of EDF4 was released for the Playstation 4.
Dubbed Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair, the PS4 version
featured enhanced 1080p graphics with steady 60 fps gameplay. Several changes
to the game were made such as underground areas no longer being naturally lit,
having more allied support/vehicles during missions, and some missions being
drastically altered from the original.


If you're new to the whole EDF thing, I'd highly recommend reading the
instruction manual that came with this game. Unlike most companies, not only
did Xseed include a physical manual with the game, it's in color to boot! But
in case you're not into reading stuff (why are you even reading this?) here's
the lowdown on the four character classes you can play as in the game. Don't
worry if you choose a class only to find out later down the line that they're
not really your playing style. You can change your class at any time before a
mission. Note that weapons and armor levels do not carry over between classes.
You might have thousands of armor points and level 90 weapons as a fencer, but
if you switch over to a wing diver for the first time you'll start out with
150 armor and level 0 weapons.


Initial Armor: 200
Armor Gain Per Box: 0.464 (3 Boxes Per 1 Point)
Pros: Wide variety of weapon types. Best sniping weapons in the game.
Cons: None in particular.

The ranger is the basic infantry of the EDF and has been playable since the
very first game. As his basic strategy is to run around and shoot stuff (and
occasionally shout "EDF!") the ranger is great for beginners or for those
people who don't want to strategize much. The ranger's greatest strength is
his versatile arsenal. Not only does he have access to a wide variety of
weaponry (assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, etc.),
but also specialized variations within each category. For example, one assault
rifle might have a large clip and a high rate of fire, while another might
have a very small clip but have an extremely high damage output. 

While the ranger might not be able to fly through the sky or call in artillery
strikes, he's very good at what he does, which is shooting stuff (and isn't 
that what this game is all about?). If you're unsure of what to equip the 
ranger with for a mission, a good rule of thumb is to bring an assault rifle
and a long range weapon (either a sniper rifle or rocket launcher). If you
have advanced knowledge of what the opposition will be, you can tailor the
ranger appropriately. For instance, if you're expecting close quarter combat
or swarming enemies you'll want to swap out a sniper rifle for a shotgun (or
even a second assault rifle). Fighting at a distance? Bring a pair of sniper
rifles or rocket launchers (or possibly one of each).

New to 4.1 is the ranger's ability to heal allies that have joined his unit.
Picking up health kits will not only restore the ranger's health, but that of
any solders that have joined him. As you might imagine, this can drastically
increase the lifespan of your allies and is extremely useful. Sadly, this is
only for the ranger and does not work with any of the other classes.


Initial Armor: 150
Armor Gain Per Box: 0.232 (5 Boxes Per 1 Point)
Pros: Jet pack allows unprecedented maneuverability. Weapons can reload 
while using another weapon.
Cons: Slowest rate of armor gain in the game.

The wing diver is for intermediate players, although most people tend to
gravitate towards her even if they've never played an EDF game before. Her
biggest selling point (aside from skimpy armor) is her ability to fly. She
also has a wide variety of energy based weaponry that can do cool stuff
ranging from hitting multiple enemies at once, to automatically homing in on
enemies, to simply obliterating groups of enemies in a cloud of white hot 
plasma. In addition, her weapons have the unique ability to recharge (reload)
while another weapon is in use. Other classes need to go through the full
reloading animation to reload their weaponry.

If you're wondering why anyone would want to play any class other than a wing
diver after hearing all the cool stuff she can do, there is a small catch.
Both her jetpack and weaponry draw from the same energy source. Most people
who initially play as the wing diver will fly around and fire their weapons
with wild abandon. While using the jetpack drains energy slowly, most of the
wing diver's weapons will either drain quite a chunk of energy when they
recharge or draw energy directly from the energy pack with every shot. Once
the energy pack reaches zero it will enter an emergency recharge state. In
this state the wing diver will be unable to fly, recharge weapons, or even
fire weapons that directly drain energy from the pack. If the wing diver is
totally out of energy for her weapons then she will be in an incredibly
vulnerable state, as she will be unable to defend herself and only be able to
walk around slowly.

Therefore, the key to surviving as a wing diver is monitoring your energy and
ensuring that you always have enough energy to either quickly get away from an
approaching horde or replenish your weapons when you need it the most. If you
do somehow enter an emergency recharge state ideally you should have enough
power to fire away at enemies while you recover. Remember that the wing diver
can effectively glide long distances after boosting, which lets you cover long
distances while at the same time conserving your energy.

Overall, despite the need to monitor your energy usage, playing as the wing
diver isn't that much harder than using the ranger. In fact you can pretty
much play the wing diver like a ranger with more mobility. Her weapons work
just as well from the ground as the skies, and she has the added bonus of
being able to quickly pick up items and get from point A to point B without
having to roll around all day like the ranger does (no more walking around the
mountain to get past a hill or finding stairs to get out of a canal). Your 
mobility also means you can quickly get into better firing positions (usually
elevated) that allow you to better target enemies when the streets become
clogged with bug corpses, or the enemy is approaching you from an unusual 

The wing diver has a quick knockdown recovery ability in 4.1. When knocked down
by an attack press the L2 button to use the jet pack to quickly get back to
your feet. The wing diver will need energy to use this ability and cannot
perform this during an emergency recharge.


Initial Armor: 200
Armor Gain Per Box: 0.464 (3 Boxes Per 1 Point)
Pros: Can call in vehicles and air strikes.
Cons: Fairs poorly against large groups on enemies without support from allies.
Lack of close range personal defense weapons.

The air raider is a class designed to support other classes. In fact many of
their weapons are useless unless you are working with a specific member of
another class, such as a wing diver or fencer. As such this class is more
suited to multiplayer games, but it's still possible to play as an air raider
solo. What makes the air raider notable is that he is the only class that
lacks a direct fire personal defense weapon like a rifle or shotgun. The
closest thing he has is his limpet series of guns, which fires a projectile
that sticks to just about anything (enemies, allies, buildings, and even
vehicles) which can then be detonated remotely. While this is fine and dandy
from a distance, it's a bit more problematic when surrounded by enemies. An
air raider, therefore, should not be in the thick of fighting like the ranger
or fencer, but in the back as a support unit.

The air raider's two key abilities are the ability to call in air strikes and
vehicles. Air strikes call in a bombardment to saturate an area with
incredible firepower. As you can imagine this can be extremely effective in
clearing out large concentrations of enemies. The major downside is that the
attack doesn't discriminate against friend or foe in the target area, which
can have very unfortunate consequences should your allies, teammates, or
yourself be caught in the blast radius. In addition air strikes cannot be
called in underground areas for obvious reasons. Unlike other weapons in the
game, air strikes (as well as vehicles) cannot be "reloaded". Instead, in 
order to use them again the air raider must accumulate "credits", which are
obtained by defeating enemies. Note that kills from your teammates also
count towards this credit total.

The air raider's second and most important ability is calling in vehicle 
drops. These run the gamut from armored personnel carriers, to tanks, to
helicopters, and even giant mecha. Some of these vehicles have exceptional
firepower (such as the Naegling and Epsilon Railgun) and can be very effective
in certain missions. The only problem with vehicles in general is that the
controls (and weapons targeting) are extremely wonky (especially for 
helicopters). While they added targeting lasers for weapons in 4.1, aiming
precisely at enemies can be an exercise in frustration. While this isn't much
of an issue with weapons that have a high rate of fire, such as machine guns,
trying to snipe an ant with a howitzer at a distance will usually end up
missing more often than not (or hitting your allies by mistake). It should be
noted that unlike personal weapons, vehicle weapons cannot be reloaded and
once out of ammo vehicles just become a fancy mode of transportation.

In 4.1 the air raider gains two new vehicles. The first is the Depth Crawler,
which is a spider like mecha that has the unique ability to be called in while
underground. While it's ostensibly supposed to be used in that environment, it
can also be just as effective above ground as well. The Depth Crawler also has
the unique ability to move up walls and even ceilings. However, since the
targeting controls are the same when you're upside down as they are right side
up, doing so might be entertaining but impractical.

The second new vehicle is the infamous Walking Fortress Balam. This giant mecha
is actually used by the other classes in two missions, but the air raider can 
gain the ability to call it during any mission later on. Walking around in a 
50 meter tall robot is fun, but trying to destroy regular enemies in it can be
a bit difficult as they swarm all over you.


Initial Armor: 250
Armor Gain Per Box: 0.58 (2 Boxes Per 1 Point)
Pros: Fastest rate of armor gain in the game. Powerful weapons. Ability to
equip four weapons. Can use shields to mitigate damage.
Cons: Slow speed. Weapons tend to have drawbacks (i.e. long warmups, slow
reloads, etc.).

The fencer is a bit unusual from the other classes as they have a different
control scheme all of their own. They have the unique ability to equip two
different weapon sets, for a total of four different weapons. Their weapons
can be generally divided into three broad categories: ranged, melee, and
shields. Ranged weapons include gatling guns, cannons, and missile launchers.
Unlike the other classes fencers can equip and fire two different ranged 
weapons simultaneously. Also while one weapon is reloading the other can still
be fired, allowing the fencer to maintain a continuous rate of fire. Melee
weapons include spears and hammers. As their name implies they are designed to
be used at close range. Shields are rather unique as they can actually block
attacks, allowing the fencer to greatly mitigate damage. In addition to their
primary functions, each weapon has a secondary effect that can be used while
equipped. For example, the gatling gun allows the fencer to perform a vertical
boost jump, while the spear allows for a quick forward dash.

The fencer does come with some drawbacks. The first and foremost of them is
that he is extremely slow. This not only pertains to his movement speed, but
also his aiming speed as well. He does have a few abilities that help
mitigate this lack of speed and maneuverability. Most of his automatic weapons
have a boost jump ability, which can be used to keep your distance from
enemies, fire over the heads of your comrades, or even jump to a higher vantage
point. Melee weapons have a dash boost ability, which is by far the better of
the two. The dash boost provides a quick burst of speed in any direction. While
this can be used simply to move from point A to point B faster, it can prove
invaluable in close combat. The fencer can alternate between melee attacks and
the dash boost to attack and evade counter attack in a continuous fashion. The
fencer can also use a technique called dash cancelling, which involves 
alternating between the dash boost and certain weapons (such as the shield's
reflect secondary ability or firing the shoulder mounted javelin) to quickly
use the dash boost in quick succession.

Another drawback are the nature of the fencer's weapons compared to the other
classes' equivalents. The gatling gun has a long startup time before it fires,
and its muzzle climb makes firing anything other than short bursts wholly
inaccurate. It also has a rather lengthy reload time (which can be mitigated
by using two at once, switching to the second while the first one reloads).
The fencer also has difficulty with long range precision shots. Unlike the
ranger's sniper rifles, the fencer's cannons fire in an arc which can making
hitting certain targets (such as transports or hectors) difficult from a 

Generally speaking the fencer needs to customize his loadout more than the 
other classes depending on the mission. A general purpose setup would be a
pair of ranged weapons and a pair of close combat weapons. This can be further
broken down depending on the enemies you will be expecting. Two gatlings or
hammers would be effective against large groups of enemies, or one (or two)
missile launchers would be effective against flying enemies or enemies at
long range. Having a shield and a piercing weapon can be a lifesaver when the
enemy gets close and your weapons are out of ammunition (or if a hector
manages to close to firing range).

In 4.1 the fencer gets a knockdown recovery ability like the wing diver. 
However, it requires the fencer have a booster currently equipped (of either
type) and requires activation before the fencer hits the ground, which makes
timing crucial.


Ant type enemies are the most common enemy unit in the game. Grey ants are
the most common type. They attack by either rushing towards you and grabbing
you in their jaws, or by firing acid balls from a distance. Their grab attack
will immobilize you and cause continuous damage until you can break free by
blasting them with a weapon. In urban areas ants will most likely climb up the
sides of buildings and fire acid balls from above. Red ants are less common
than grey ants but are much more dangerous. While they lack the acid attack of
grey ants the more than compensate for it by being much more stronger than
grey ants. An attack that would kill a grey ant outright would require two or
even three shots for a red ant. As a result red ants are usually the bullet
sponges of the enemy army, and are a significant threat to EDF personnel.

Queen ants are thankfully rare. Aside from their monstrous size, queens are
notable for their incredibly potent acid attack. Rather than firing a few
balls of acid like a regular ant, queens instead unleash a veritable tidal 
wave of acid that covers a huge area. While this attack is quite effective
above ground, it is even more effective underground, as the tunnels will
actually funnel the acid in a concentrated stream, making it nearly impossible
to avoid.

Another common enemy type, spiders leap about and climb on surfaces. They 
attack by firing several strings of web that damages on contact. What makes 
this attack dangerous is that the web can still damage you for a few seconds
even after it hits the ground. A large group of spiders can saturate an area
with webbing in an instant, making it look like a silly string factory
exploded. Fortunately, spiders are very large and have fairly low health, 
making them rather easy targets. They also make a satisfying squishing sound 
as they're blown to pieces.

The king spider is simply a much larger boss version of a regular spider. As a
result its strength and toughness are appropriately much higher.

Retiarii are giant spiders that are usually situated on giant webs. They can 
be considered the spider equivalent of snipers. They attack by firing three
strands of web like their smaller spider brethren. Retiarii webs, however,
have a much longer range and, most disturbingly, have the ability to go
straight through solid objects. Once a target is hit with the web (or comes 
into contact with it) the web will turn red and start to slowly draw its
victim towards the retiarus, causing continuous damage all the while. The only
way to break free is to kill the retiarus, which can be somewhat difficult if
it has snagged you through a building or mountain.

Dragons are late game flying enemies and are quite annoying to deal with. They
swarm in large groups and attack by dive bombing and breathing fireballs. On
the ground they can quickly dash and grab you like an ant, crushing you in
their jaws. In EDF 2025 their appearance meant a drastic drop in framerate, 
but fortunately this is less of an issue in 4.1. Dragons have the odd habit of
literally crashing into the ground when they dive bomb. This grounds them
temporarily, which makes them much easier to hit than while they're flying
around in the air. For some reason like to hang on the sides of buildings,
which is another golden opportunity to gun them down. They also seem to have
grape jelly for blood.

The greater wild dragon thankfully only appears in one mission. As you might
imagine it is a much larger and stronger version of the standard dragon. And
when I say larger, I mean ginormous. You can see this thing coming a mile 
away. Its breath attack covers an extremely large area. When it lands it will
launch another wide area breath attack in front of it, so you will want to
avoid being in front of it at all costs when it does so. Unlike the standard
dragon which goes down fairly easily, the greater wild dragon has a ton of
health and can absorb an enormous amount of damage before it goes down.

While technically these are wasps the game calls them flying-type bugs. They
fly in large swarms and are somewhat difficult to hit unless they're at close
range due to their erratic flying pattern. They attack by firing a cluster of
large needle like stingers from a distance. There are red variants that are
slightly tougher but are otherwise the same as their yellow counterparts.

These are basically to the wasps what the queen is to ants. The death queen is
a gigantic wasp that has the same attacks as a regular wasp, but on a much 
larger scale. In fact those that are hit with the stingers are sent flying
through the air. Like the queen, the death queen should be a priority target.

Quadrupeds are giant four legged robots that carry significant firepower and
can deploy troops just like a transport ship. Its primary armament are two
gigantic plasma guns on its sides which can cause massive destruction. It
features several smaller anti-personnel lasers on the body (which can be
destroyed) and a larger rapid fire laser cannon at the rear (which can also be
destroyed). When it moves due to its large size its feet generate shockwaves
when they hit the ground. Any soldiers near the impact will be sent flying.
Like the transports, the quadruped's only vulnerable point is the hatch that
opens on its underside while it is deploying troops. Unfortunately, it is
extremely difficult to hit this vulnerable spot as the angle of attack
requires being almost directly under the quadruped. Quadrupeds deploy a wide
variety of troops ranging from ants to flying drones. However, the most
dangerous troop type it can deploy are hectors, which can definitely mess up 
your day. When the hectors come out you'll definitely need to take them out
first before trying to take down the quadruped.

Shield bearers are four legged robots have no offensive ability, but instead
generate a powerful energy field that can deflect any attack (even air 
strikes). However, the field is designed to allow enemy attacks to pass 
through, which makes them especially dangerous when paired up with hectors as
they can fire with impunity through the shield while being totally immune to
return fire. The size of the shield bearer's screen depends on whether or not
it is moving or immobile. When the shield bearer is immobile the shield 
barrier covers an extremely wide area. This area shrinks dramatically if the
shield bearer moves, which it usually does as a response to being attacked.
Compared to EDF 2025, shield bearers move much faster in 4.1 so catching one
on the run can be quite difficult. When trying to gun down a fleeing shield
bearer be sure not to use explosive weapons. Remember that the barrier moves
along with the shield bearer, so it's quite easy for the barrier to pop up
right in front of you while you're chasing it.

Hectors are large bipedal robots that can be equipped with a wide variety of
weapon configurations, making them quite versatile and dangerous. When they
appear on the battlefield they are usually priority targets as they can wreak
great havoc on EDF troops (and you) and are quite durable to boot. Each hector
has two weapon arms that can be of the same weapon or be two different types.

The first weapon arm is an anti-personnel weapon that resembles a long 
barreled machine gun. It fires a continuous stream of blue energy bolts. While
the individual bolts don't do much damage, the fact that this weapon fires an
extremely long burst of them means any infantry caught in its field of fire 
will be taking a lot of damage. Fortunately, this weapon wasn't designed for
hard targets so if you can find buildings for cover you can avoid taking any
damage. If the hector also has the next weapon equipped you might be in some
serious trouble...

The second weapon arm is a high explosive energy blaster that has what looks 
like a syringe tip. It fires red energy balls and has a much slower rate of 
fire than the anti-personnel weapon. However, unlike the anti-personnel weapon
these blasts are much more powerful and explode on contact, sending their 
targets flying when they hit. They are also capable of destroying buildings,
which when combined with the anti-personnel weapon denies EDF soldiers the
benefit of cover.

The third weapon arm is a long range bombardment cannon that has an extremely
large and long barrel. It fires a very slow but powerful purple energy blast 
that sails through the air. Since this weapon was designed for long range
bombardment hectors can hit you with this clear across the map. While the
projectiles are very slow they do seem to have the ability to home in on your
position somewhat, making them much more accurate than they would initially
appear to be. While designed for long range, these weapons are just as
deadly at close range.

There are two variations of the hector. The first, the fast hector, is quite
dangerous but thankfully also quite rare. As their name implies, fast hectors 
are, well, fast. While most hectors lumber forwards with plodding steps, fast 
hectors quite literally run at you. As fast hectors look identical to their
standard counterparts, the only indication you'll get that a fast hector has
appeared is when one is right on top of you in an instant. While fighting a
hector at close range is usually a bad idea, with fast hectors you won't 
really have a choice as it's virtually impossible to engage them at range 
since they can close the gap in an instant.

The second hector variation is the blue hector. As you might imagine these are
indeed blue and are stronger versions of the standard hector. They are notable
for deploying two unique weapon arms. The first is an energy shield that
projects a large circular screen in front of it. Like the shield bearer 
screens, this energy shield is completely invulnerable to attack. Unlike the
shield bearer screen, this shield only protects from the front and not the
sides or back. Hectors always carry these shields in their right hand, which
leaves a slight gap on their right side where the left weapon arm is. You can
use this to your advantage by targeting the weapon arm which is unprotected by
the shield. The second weapon is a powerful plasma cannon. It is similar to
the long range bombardment cannon, except it has been optimized for close 
range use as well and fires in a direct line rather than being lobbed in an 
arc. Suffice it to say, hectors with these weapons should become priority 
targets when they appear.

Deroys resemble the three legged tripods from War of the Worlds. Due to the
length and flexibility of their legs they can easily navigate through any
terrain, and their height allows them a clear vantage point of the 
battlefield. Their primary weapon is the same long range bombardment cannon 
used by the hectors. They also have two laser weapons on each leg (which can be
destroyed). They can also use their legs as a melee weapon, thrusting it at a
target and sending them flying from the impact. There exists an even larger
version of the deroy with additional lasers on its legs.

These mounts of dirt continuously spawn in waves of insects and will keep
spawning them until destroyed. You can tell when they've been destroyed when
you see the large geyser of dirt explode upward from their destruction.

Giant is an understatement. This enormous wasp nest continuously spawns wasp
enemies (as well as the red variants). The first time you encounter the nest
it will be indestructible, but the second time around you'll actually be able
to destroy it. You can shoot the nest anywhere (it doesn't have to be the hole
in the middle), and as the nest takes damage large chunks of it will fall off.

These large circular ships exist only to deploy insects across the battlefield. 
Some of them are stationary but others will move about the area. They are
invulnerable to attack on the outside, but have a weak point that is exposed
while they are deploying insects from their underside hatch. It's possible to
hit this weak point from the side, but it is far easier to attack from beneath
the transport.

These are larger versions of the transport ships that are capable of deploying
a wider variety of enemies (such as wasps and dragons) than the regular 
transports. They also have a much wider vulnerable area to attack, as the 
entire body of the transport opens up while deploying enemies.

This large spheroid ship carries an extremely large genocide gun below it,
which is capable of destroying cities in an instant. It is surrounded by
numerous satellite weapons that can saturate an area with an incredible amount
of firepower. In addition it can deploy flying drones from its underside 
hatch, which also happens to be its sole weak point.

The brain is actually the driving force behind the entire alien invasion 
fleet, but it has no offensive or defensive capabilities whatsoever. It can 
call upon earth eaters to attack enemies and defend itself as a shield.

Unlike the transport ships, the argos is a fully dedicated warship of the 
alien fleet. It has numerous weapon systems and can move rather quickly
despite its large size. Most surprisingly it is capable of transforming into a
giant bipedal walker form similar to a hector, but on a much larger scale. In
this form it can fire an extremely large green energy blast that can devastate 
a large area in an instant.

Flying drones are large, slow, and fragile flying machines that attack by
firing a laser burst. When hit by a weapon they tend to go careening off in
random directions like a cue ball.

Red drones are similar to regular drones except they are red and move about 3
times faster. They are also far more durable than regular drones and can take
a considerable amount of damage.

Flying vehicles are similar to drones, but are much larger and slower. They
attack by firing a rapid series of laser pulses rather than a burst like the
drones. Fortunately, they're not much stronger than drones and their size and
slow speed make them quite easy to attack.

The erginuse are extremely large kaiju type creatures (think Godzilla) that are
completely immune to conventional weaponry. The only way to damage or kill one
is to use extreme blunt force (i.e. the Balam walking fortress). Despite their
size they can move very quickly and can flatten whole platoons of EDF just by
leaping on them. They also have a potent energy breath attack that can 
vaporize a large area. There exists a red variant of the erginuse that is even
larger and stronger than even the regular erginuse.

|Miscellaneous Tips|

- While this tip might seem fairly obvious, it behooves repeating. Whenever
possible pick up the green weapon boxes and red armor boxes that are scattered
about the battlefield. Unless you're fairly sure that you've obtained all the
possible weapons available for that mission and difficulty level you should
prioritize picking up weapons first and then armor. If you see green dots on
the radar but don't see any visible boxes be sure to check behind buildings to
make sure you don't miss anything. If a box is sitting on the roof of a 
building you can either snag it by jumping up as a wing diver or blowing the
building up with an explosive weapon (it's okay, everyone's evacuated).

- The white health boxes should be used to top off your health whenever 
possible before leaving a combat area. Unless you're absolutely sure you're
going to need it later down the line, it doesn't make sense to leave a health
box lying on the other side of the map when you're never going to come back 
there. If you're playing as the ranger and are accompanied by a unit be sure
to snag any health boxes before moving on as the whole unit will benefit from
it even if your health is already topped off. Small health boxes will recover
approximately 15% of your maximum armor value while large health boxes recover
about 30%.

- Use the environment to your advantage. In urban areas draw enemies out in
the open rather than chasing them between buildings where you can become
surrounded and attacked from multiple angles. Note that in some missions 
groups of enemies begin in an inactive state, meaning that they won't attack
you unless they're attacked first. Use this to your advantage by finding the
best possible kill zone before attacking. Then using a long range weapon (such
as a sniper rifle) shoot an enemy. This will cause the entire group to become
"aggroed" and head toward your position en masse. You can then whittle their
numbers down as they come to you (this is particularly effective if you have a
gun line of allies with you). When underground you can use the same technique
to draw enemies down narrow tunnels and create kill zones rather than fighting
in the open and being surrounded.

- Both insect corpses and defeated alien shells can block your attacks as
well as hinder movement (both friend and foe). While you can sometimes use this
to your advantage  (by blocking corridors for example) most of the time the
mound of enemy dead will usually result in missed shots and obscured vision.
When confronted with a tide of oncoming corpses it's best to fall back if at
all possible so that you can have a clear shot at their still living comrades
as they clamber over the still warm mound of their former friends. Also avoid
using explosive weaponry as it is very easy for a flying corpse to intercept
your shots and blow up in your face at close range.

- Transport ships make a distinct whining sound as their hatches open to
deploy enemies. If you hear it this is your cue to start attacking the
transport's vulnerable point.


Enemies: Ants (Grey)
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 0 Normal: 0 Hard: 9-25 Hardest: 0-45 Inferno: 0-50

If you've played 2025 you'll notice that this mission is quite different from
the original. Along with an entirely different area you'll have tank support
from the start of the mission. Follow the first group of rangers down the
street with the tank and clear out the grey ants near the park. In this first
mission the ants won't be able to fire acid and can only resort to biting 
attacks. Clear the ants out, pick up the various power ups left behind, and
follow the group downtown where a second wave of ants will appear (oddly the
tank that appeared at the beginning of the stage will become inactive in the
intersection at this point). Fight them off and a group of tanks will appear to
head for the third wave. Once they're taken care of a fourth and final wave of
ants will appear in the distance. This wave is much larger than all the
previous waves put together and will most likely overrun your position.

Enemies: Ants (Grey)
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 0 Normal: 0 Hard: 10-25 Hardest: 0-45 Inferno: 0-50

This mission is actually even shorter than the first mission. You'll proceed
up the street fighting two groups of grey ants. The only difference is now 
they'll start firing acid at you.

Enemies: Ants (Grey)
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 0 Normal: 0 Hard: 10-25 Hardest: 0-45 Inferno: 0-51

Another ant clean up mission. You'll fight through four groups of ants along
side a group of rangers. When the wing divers appear a fifth and final group
of ants will appear.

Enemies: Retiarii
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 0 Normal: 0 Hard: 10-25 Hardest: 0-46 Inferno: 0-51

This mission introduces you to a new enemy: the retiarii. They are basically
giant spiders. What makes them dangerous is that they can fire multiple webs
at you from a considerable distance, and unlike normal webs these can go
straight through solid objects like buildings. You'll notice several wing
divers trapped in the retiarus webs. If you shoot down the webs the wing 
divers will be freed (and recruitable), but it's not necessary to complete the
mission. If you didn't bring long range weapons you'll have to get up close 
and personal with the retiarii. Just don't the webbing strewn about the 
buildings or you'll get caught as well.

Enemies: Retiarii, Ants (Grey)
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 0 Normal: 0-1 Hard: 11-26 Hardest: 0-46 Inferno: 0-52

This mission can be very annoying as it is very difficult to avoid getting hit
by the retiarus webbing, especially when it comes at you straight through
buildings. The retiarii will be hanging off to the sides of the street,
conveniently placed behind buildings where they can freely shoot at you. Ants
will attack as well, but the biggest priority will be dealing with the 
retiarii. Fortunately, you'll be able to recruit a ranger team right from the
start which will definitely help.

Enemies: Ants (Grey), Spiders
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 0-1 Normal: 0-1 Hard: 11-26 Hardest: 0-46 Inferno: 0-52

The first underground mission in the game, and you'll notice right off the bat
that it's somewhat...different. Yes. That's right. Underground missions are no
longer lit naturally. While the EDF have lights equipped on their weapons, it
has a fairly short range (and is disabled while you're reloading). 
Unfortunately. the insects all can see in the dark and have no problem 
attacking you at range even when you can't see them in the darkness. While 
this issue is somewhat of an annoyance now, it becomes much more of a handicap
later in the game.

You'll start off in an underground mall area with several ants coming out of
a hole at the end of the area. You'll be accompanied by a squad of rangers.
Blast the ants and head down the hole to an underground tunnel. You'll come
across another hole to the right. There is a large group of ants in that area.
From the hole entrance fire a few shots at the enemy. When the horde comes at
you slowly back away, firing all the while. Fall back to the tunnel you just
came out of and shoot the ants as they exit the hole. With any luck their
bodies will clog the hole, preventing them from coming at you all at once. At
this point the rangers should be adding their weight of fire to the combat (or
start jumping into the hole clogged with bodies, derp!).

Once the ants are taken care of follow the rangers into the next area. After
passing through a natural tunnel you'll come to an area filled with mesa like
rock structures along with a group of ants. Use the same strategy that you
used earlier. Fire at the ants and then slowly back up the tunnel. The tunnel
is too large to get clogged with ant corpses, but at least you'll be able to
funnel the ants into coming at you from one direction rather than having them
come at you every which way. Once the ants are dealt with two groups of new
spider enemies will appear. It's up to you which group to take out first, but
I usually go with the group to the left where there's an upward slope (you can
see the man made tunnel on the left). The spiders can be annoying since they
tend to jump around a lot, but they're rather large targets and very squishy.
You should not have any problem mopping them up along with the ranger team.

Enemies: Spiders
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 0-1 Normal: 0-1 Hard: 11-26 Hardest: 0-47 Inferno: 0-53

This is basically a repeat of the first mission, except instead of killing
ants you'll be going after spiders. Since this mission takes place outside
you'll be able to see the spiders coming a mile away. The only annoying thing
is that the spiders will be jumping all over the place, which means you'll
probably have to go and hunt down stragglers that are stuck behind buildings.

Enemies: Spiders
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 0-1 Normal: 0-1 Hard: 12-27 Hardest: 0-47 Inferno: 0-53

There are tons of spiders in this mission. Fortunately, there are also a large
number of allied units scattered about the map that are willing to join you.
Simply head for each group of allies on the map (indicated with blue dots),
clear out the spiders in the area, and then head for the next group of allies.
If you can't see the allies on the map simply head towards the sound of the
fighting as the allied units will be fighting the spiders independently if
you're not around. By the end of the stage you should have a sizable force of
allies with you. If you're playing as the ranger make sure to pick up any
first aid kits you see lying around so that your force remains at optimal
strength through the entire level.

Enemies: Retiarii, Ants (Grey), Spiders
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 0-1 Normal: 0-2 Hard: 12-27 Hardest: 0-47 Inferno: 0-54

More fun with Retiarii. Take your time moving forward and snipe at the 
retiarii positioned to the left and right of the street. One wave of ants will
appear from the right as you progress through the mission, with a second wave
of spiders appearing thereafter. You should be able to spot the locations of
the retiarii as they will be firing three large web strings out towards the
central road. Follow the web string back to their location and take them down
one at a time. At the end of the street you'll come across a group of about
three or so retiarii along with a mix of ants and spiders. Take the retiarii
out first, then mop of the rest of the enemies.

Enemies: Ants (Grey), Flying Drones, Transport Ships (Invincible),
Mothership (Invincible)
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 0-2 Normal: 0-2 Hard: 12-27 Hardest: 0-48 Inferno: 0-55

Don't bother trying to take down the transports or mothership in this mission.
Your main concern is taking out the ants and, later on, the flying drones that
are released from the mothership. The drones are especially easy to deal with
as they are very large, slow, and don't take much damage to destroy. Don't
worry when the genocide gun starts powering up as it's pretty much here just
for show.

Enemies: Flying Drones, Mothership (Invincible)
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 0-2 Normal: 0-2 Hard: 13-28 Hardest: 0-48 Inferno: 0-55

This is another mission that has radically changed from the original. In EDF
2025 this mission involved a large number of powerful rocket launcher
equipped rangers that would pretty much take care of all the enemies while you
sat back and waited. Not so much this time around. This time you'll start in a
wide open area and unless you're a ranger and religiously collect health kits,
chances are good that your allies will be slaughtered to a man. 

The overall mission is the same the as the original. You'll be facing off 
against several waves of flying drones. A lot of drones. Since your allies are
no longer super powered rocket men you'll find that you're going to be 
shooting down most of the enemy yourself. Each wave will be bigger than the
last until, with the final wave having so much enemies in the air that you can
pretty much fire blindly in the air and not miss a target. After a short period
of time the Naegling rocket tanks will arrive on scene and save the day. Once
they arrive you can pretty much stop firing at enemies and start running 
around collecting as many power ups as you can, as the Naeglings will pretty
much clear the area for you automatically.

Enemies: Ants (Grey), Transport Ships (Invincible)
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 0-2 Normal: 0-3 Hard: 13-28 Hardest: 0-49 Inferno: 0-56

Don't worry about the fleet of transport ships in front of you. You can't do
anything about them, so just focus on killing all of the ants they drop.
There are several groups of EDF soldiers that you can enlist in the central
area. Group them together in the center of the area and take out each wave of
ants as they appear. The last group of ants should be milling about in the
city area. Instead of going in after them, draw them out of the city and use
your allies to whittle down their numbers as the come pouring out. Eventually
there should only be a few stragglers left and you can safely go in and
exterminate them one by one.

Enemies: Ants (Grey), Transport Ships
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 0-2 Normal: 0-3 Hard: 13-28 Hardest: 0-49 Inferno: 0-56

This will be the first time you'll be able to actually destroy the transport
ships you've seen floating around in previous missions. There are three
transport ships in the area and they will continuously drop ants into the city
until they are destroyed. Suffice it to say, you will need to bring a long
range weapon with you like a sniper rifle or rocket launcher (a word of 
warning, don't bring a missile launcher as they are way too slow to hit
the transports while they are vulnerable). Transport ships can't be damaged
from the outside, but they do have a vulnerable weak point that is revealed
while the bottom hatch is open while they are deploying enemies. It's possible
to hit them from the side while the hatch is open, but the transports will be
moving and the hatch panels can block your shots, so it's probably much easier
to hit them directly below as they pass by. Since the mission will not end
until all three transports are destroyed and the ships will keep spawning in
enemies, you can use this opportunity to farm weapons and armor.

Enemies: Flying Drones, Hectors
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 0-2 Normal: 0-3 Hard: 13-28 Hardest: 0-49 Inferno: 0-57

This mission is the same as it was in EDF 2025, but with a twist. In the
original mission your allies would quickly get slaughtered by the hectors,
especially on the higher difficulty levels. In 4.1 your allies are much more
powerful and can survive even on inferno difficulty. They even have tank
support this time around. So the question isn't so much if you can destroy all
the enemies, but if you can survive long enough to have your allies destroy
them for you.

As the mothership flies away a group of flying drones will approach the beach,
followed by a wave of hectors on the horizon. Concentrate on thinning out the
drone swarm for now. Try not to approach any of the recruitable EDF units on
the beach, as they are much more effective where they are than following you
around. Once the drones are taken care of go ahead and help out your allies
by pelting the hectors with any long range weapons you have. Chances are that
your allies will take care of the hectors just fine without your help. In fact
once two or three of them have been taken down the remainder will probably be
destroyed in short order. Once the hector population is down to one or two
take this opportunity to run like a madman towards the water (again avoiding
any EDF soldiers with arrows over their heads) and grab as many weapon and
armor crates left by the fallen hectors.

A second wave of hectors will appear on the horizon. You'll still have a 
period of time to collect stuff and the EDF begins its first bombardment. Once
that happens beat feet back up the beach to the safely of the rear as the EDF
engages the second wave of hectors. Once again help them out with your modest
contributions of firepower. When the hectors are down to a few handful go
ahead and run back down the beach to snag as many items as you can before the
EDF troops finish the rest of the hectors off.

Enemies: Ants (Grey), Spiders, Underground Tunnel Exits
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 0-3 Normal: 0-3 Hard: 14-29 Hardest: 0-50 Inferno: 0-57

This mission marks the first appearance of underground tunnel exits. These
large mounds of dirt continuously spawn in enemies until they are destroyed.
Follow the group of rangers from the start to the first tunnel mound. The
rangers will have their hands full shooting the ants that spawn from it, so 
it's up to you to destroy it. Keep shooting at the mound until a large geyser
of dirt erupts from it which indicates its destruction. Follow the rangers to
the next tunnel which is in the residental district. This tunnel is a bit 
harder to target as it's surrounded by houses. Once that's destroyed head
towards the city to the third tunnel, which is in the middle of the park
fountain. When that one falls a fourth and final tunnel will appear in the
large park. This time the tunnel will be spawning spiders instead of ants.
Fight your way through the horde of spiders and try to destroy the tunnel in
the park while the rangers draw the attention of the spiders swarming about the

Enemies: Hectors, Flying Drones, Quadruped (Invincible)
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 0-3 Normal: 0-4 Hard: 14-29 Hardest: 0-50 Inferno: 0-58

While your objective is to destroy the quadruped you won't be able to destroy
it directly (yet). Basically you'll need to destroy all the enemies that 
deploy from it until the EDF can destroy it with a Grind Buster (tm) missile.
From the start of the mission resist the urge to follow the tanks down the
street. Instead hang an immediate left and go down the side street to the
adjoining street. You should end up on a street facing the quadruped at a 45
degree angle. The tanks will open up on the quadruped to absolutely no effect
and will get stomped on as they try to retreat. To make matters worse the
quadruped will deploy several hectors (about 4). If you had followed the tanks
you probably would get stomped on for your efforts or come face to face with a
mob of hectors at close range (or both). 

While the quadruped continues on its merry way followed by the parade of 
hectors in its wake, go ahead and start shooting at the hectors with long 
ranged weapons. If you're lucky they'll keep following the quadruped 
completely oblivious to your presence. If not you'll be at a safe enough
distance so that you can probably take them out before they can retaliate.
Collect all the items dropped by the hectors and continue following behind the
rampaging quadruped.

When the quadruped reaches the other side of the city it will release a group
of flying drones. There will be two groups of recruitable EDF soldiers in the
area fighting them, one on each side of an intersection. Recruit them into 
your team and help them take out the drones. At this point the quadruped will
make a U-turn and come straight down the street towards the intersection where
the EDF soldiers were. If you want them to survive make sure to move your team
far to the left or right of the road when the quadruped starts heading your 
way or they'll all get stomped flat (along with you).

Once the quadruped stomps back into the city it will release a second group of
hectors. A lot of them (about 7 or so). Take them down one at a time as they
appear. The quadruped will circle around and release a final wave of drones.
It will also start opening up with its anti-personnel lasers. At this point
keep blasting the drones until the Midnight arrives and deploys the Grind
Buster (tm) missile, which will destroy the quadruped instantly and end the

Enemies: Transport Ships, Spiders
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 0-3 Normal: 0-4 Hard: 14-29 Hardest: 0-50 Inferno: 0-59

This mission starts off with two transport ships floating above a valley which
will begin deploying spiders. Try to destroy at least one of them if at all
possible before their hatches close. Help the nearby EDF troopers clear the 
spiders and take out the second ship when it opens up to deploy more spiders.
Once the two ships have been dealt with two additional transport ships will
appear flying at low altitude in the valley below. Once they reach the central
bridge area they will both open up to deploy spiders. While it's possible to
shoot the transports from the side from a small ledge on the walls of the 
valley, it's much easier to just drop to the bottom of the valley and target
them from below.

Enemies: Hectors (Long Range Bombardment Type)
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 0-3 Normal: 0-4 Hard: 15-30 Hardest: 0-51 Inferno: 0-59

This mission introduces hectors with long range bombardment weapons. As the
name implies, these weapons are designed to be fired at long range. Very long
range. Don't be fooled by the slow projectiles as they have a disturbing habit
of seemingly tracking your position. Using long range weapons start sniping at
the incoming hectors that are approaching by sea. You won't be able to obtain
any items they drop in the water, but this isn't exactly an item grinding 
mission to begin with. Once the first wave has been destroyed a second wave 
will appear. The nasty surprise here is that two bombardment hectors will
appear on land to the left to launch a sneak attack. Head towards those two 
and engage them as they are the more immediate threat. Once they're taken care
of head back and help finish off the remaining hectors (some of which may have
already made landfall).

Enemies: Shield Bearers, Hectors
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 0-4 Normal: 0-5 Hard: 15-30 Hardest: 0-51 Inferno: 0-60

This mission marks the first appearance of shield bearers. The energy field
that surrounds them is completely invulnerable to attack. In order to destroy
them you will need to get within the radius of the field and shoot them at
close range. Shield bearers have two field effects. When deployed (immobile) 
the energy field covers an extremely large area. When mobile the area of 
effect is much smaller and moves along with the shield bearer.

Start by heading towards the closest shield bearer. The first one is quite
passive and moves pretty slowly so you shouldn't have a problem destroying it
quickly. The second nearby shield bearer is much more flighty and will take 
off running as soon as you shoot it. Fortunately, it won't start moving until
you actually damage it so your best bet is to get directly under it first and
start unloading on it with a fast weapon. If your weapon is strong enough you
should be able destroy it before it gets away. If not it might get caught up
in the adjacent hill area where you can catch up to it and destroy it there.

The remaining two shield bearers are both guarded by two hectors each. One is
stationed in a soccer field on the left and the other is near the river on the
right. As you approach the closer group to the left you'll get an alert that 
the air force is initiating an air strike against the shield bearers. This will
show up as a red line on the map. This will kill you instantly so keep your 
distance for now. Once the bombing is over wait for the fencers to catch up. 
They will head for the shield bearer and engage it. Help them by targeting the
hectors. If the fencer leader dies it makes the next part a bit harder, so try
to keep him alive if at all possible.

As you head over to the shield bearer near the river you'll get another message
that the air force is beginning another air strike. Wait for it to pass and
then make your way to the shield screen. Move clockwise to the left into the
river until you are parallel to it, facing directly behind the shield bearer.
If the fencer leader is still alive he will lead his troops inside the shield
screen at the edge of the river but will stop right there. Carefully aim at
the shield bearer and then open up on it. Unlike the previous shield bearers,
this one won't move even if you shoot at it. The hectors will activate and
start engaging the fencers, which should allow you enough time to destroy
the shield bearer. Once the shield bearer is destroyed concentrate on
destroying the hector closest to you. Once the hector is down break off the
attack and move to the elevated path (the one with guard rails) towards the
edge of the map where the two stairs meet. Once there turn and shoot the
remaining hector.

Once the other hector is destroyed a shield bearer should spawn immediately on
top of you and start running down the path. If you're fast and have a powerful
weapon it is possible to destroy it before it can get away, but chances are it
will most likely get away. On to plan B. Turn right perpendicular to the 
elevated path and you should have a clear line of sight to the road leading up
to the hilly residential area, with two hectors coming down straight towards
you. You should have enough time to snipe both of them before the shield
bearer can reach the residential area. That leaves one final hector with a
bombardment weapon to deal with. I've found that if I remain at the initial
sniping location the third hector will usually come down the same road that
the other two did, while the shield bearer will get hung up in the houses in
the back. If the last hector doesn't come out you'll have to go to it and take
it out at close range. Once the last hector is destroyed all that remains is
to chase down the remaining shield bearer and put it out of its misery.

Enemies: Shield Bearers, Ants (Grey, Red), Underground Tunnel Exits
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 0-4 Normal: 0-5 Hard: 15-30 Hardest: 0-51 Inferno: 0-60

This area features three tunnel exits (two of which are covered by shield
bearers). A group of fencers will slowly make their way down the hill towards
the enemy. You can either accompany them or just jump down the hill and
engage the enemy. The shield bearers won't move around even when shot, but 
your biggest concern are the tunnels which will send out large swarms of ants.
The tunnels take a lot of damage to close, so you might want to thin the herd
down a bit before focusing your fire on the tunnels. This mission also 
introduces the new red ant enemy for the first time. Red ants behave the same
as regular grey ants except they lack an acid attack. However, to compensate
they have much more health than a regular ant, turning them into walking
bullet sponges.

Once the first tunnel is destroyed take out the shield bearer and then focus
your attention on the nearby tunnel (the one that wasn't covered by the shield
bearer). At this point your fencer allies are probably engaging the enemy (and
red ants) behind you. Destroy the second tunnel, and then go back and help 
them out with the red ants (for some reason EDF soldiers has a problem dealing
with red ants). Once they've been taken care of you can push onward to the
final tunnel. When that's destroyed go back and pick up as many of the items
that were strewn about the battlefield as you can while the fencers start
whacking the immobile shield bearer. When the shield bearer is finally 
destroyed the mission will end.

Enemies: Ants (Grey/Red), Spiders
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 0-4 Normal: 0-5 Hard: 16-31 Hardest: 0-51 Inferno: 1-61

They should have called this mission "Clogged Tunnels" instead. You'll be in 
the same area as mission 6, except you'll be following the tunnel down all the
way instead of making a side detour. Meet up with the EDF soldiers down the
hole and proceed down the tunnel. You'll encounter large groups of enemies as
you go. This is where the clogged tunnels part comes in. You'll be killing so
many enemies that the tunnel will literally be clogged by the bodies of the
dead. Try to keep a steady stream of fire so that the enemy corpses block the
tunnel so that they can't overwhelm you with numbers. 

Eventually you'll come to an opening in the tunnel with paths branching off
left and right. Head left for now where you'll encounter a group of EDF 
soldiers fighting a group of ants. Some spiders may follow you in as well.
Clear them out and then head in the opposite direction you came from. This 
leads to the underground mesa area with a group of spiders. Clear the area out
and continue towards the nearby tunnel. A group of soldiers are fighting some
spiders in a side tunnel to the left. Help them out, and then continue to the
next area with more spiders. A group of fencers are waiting for you in the
next area. The next tunnel leads to a large cavern with a winding pathway
leading down. This area is filled with red ants, so it's a very bad idea to
rush in with guns blazing. Instead hang by the entrance and fire a shot to 
draw the enemy to the tunnel you came from. From the tunnel hose down the
enemies as they approach. Once their numbers have thinned out enter the
cavern and help the wing divers clear out the remaining enemies.

22. A TRAP
Enemies: Ants (Grey), Spiders
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 0-4 Normal: 0-5 Hard: 16-31 Hardest: 0-52 Inferno: 1-61

This mission is basically a survival map where you'll fight off waves of ants
and spiders coming at you from above. There are a ton of EDF soldiers with you
and all of them are recruitable, so being the ranger makes things a lot easier
since you can heal everyone with all the health kits that will be littering
the area along with all the weapon and armor crates. On the lower difficulty
levels you can pretty much let your allies do most of the shooting while you
run around the area picking up all the items.

Enemies: Hectors, Hectors (Fast)
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 0-5 Normal: 1-6 Hard: 16-31 Hardest: 0-53 Inferno: 2-62

This mission is much more difficult than the one in EDF 2025. You'll be
surrounded by hectors from the very start and more will continuously appear as
you eliminate them. To make matters worse, several of them will be the fast
variants of hectors. You can easily distinguish them from regular hectors 
since they move much, much faster than the regular hectors. In fact most of
them will usually end up right on top of you, so be prepared to switch to a
close range weapon and try to keep them off balance with continuous attacks.
Near the end of the mission you'll probably be up to your neck in hectors. If
you have enough armor you should be able to outlast the hector beat down and
slug it out to the end.

Enemies: Transport Ships, Ants (Grey/Red), Spiders, Flying Drones, 
Mothership (Invincible)
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 0-5 Normal: 1-6 Hard: 17-32 Hardest: 0-53 Inferno: 3-63

You'll need to take out all the transport ships along the mountain path. Jump
down and meet up with the ranger group below. Take down the nearby enemies by
the first transport and then attack it as it opens up to drop more enemies.
The transport up on the ledge above will drop red ants to attack you, so be
ready to drive them back when they appear. Once the first transport ship is
destroyed proceed to the second ship on the path. A group of wing divers will
appear to help. Attack and destroy the second transport. At this time the
mothership will appear and start to bombard you with lasers and purple plasma
blasts. While you can shoot down the orbiting satellites with a long range
weapon, there are far too many to take down and it doesn't really help much as
the mothership will leave after a period of time. When the mothership departs
turn around the bend in the mountain path and proceed to snipe at the 
remaining two transports.

Enemies: Retiarii, Spiders, Underground Tunnel Exits
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 0-5 Normal: 1-6 Hard: 17-32 Hardest: 0-53 Inferno: 3-63

This mission is not fun at all. Two retiarii will be hanging on skyscrapers in
the distance on webs and will try to snipe you from the start. If they do hit
you they will slowly drag you through the street while the webbing strewn 
about gives them protection from your shots. To make matters worse, there is a
tunnel on the left side of the street that will constantly pump spiders out.
Try to avoid the retiarii webs and destroy the tunnel  ASAP. Once the tunnel is
down you can easily mop up the remaining spiders and retiarii at your

Enemies: Ants (Red)
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 0-5 Normal: 2-7 Hard: 17-32 Hardest: 0-54 Inferno: 4-64

In this mission you will be facing nothing but red ants. There will be three
waves in total, each one bigger than the last. The last wave will be so
incredibly massive that it will literally be a crimson tide of ants, which 
will completely annihilate the remaining EDF forces (unless you're playing on
easy difficulty). While you can bring a long range weapon to snipe at the
horde from a distance, it might be a better idea to bring two medium/short
ranged weapons instead. The first two waves aren't that bad in comparison to
the final wave, which is guaranteed to clear the beach of everyone left
standing. Once everyone else is gone the red tide will start coming after you.
At this point the battle becomes an amazing grind fest as you desperately try
to whittle down the ant horde as it tries to bite you to death.

Enemies: Ants (Grey/Red), Spiders, Transport Ships, Erginuse (Invincible)
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 0-5 Normal: 2-7 Hard: 17-32 Hardest: 0-54 Inferno: 4-64

This is a completely new mission in 4.1 with a special surprise. There will be
a ton of transport ships from the start, but don't worry about them as the
air force will take them down with Grind Buster (tm) missiles. Shoot the grey
ants in the distance and take them out as they come toward the overpass. Once
the ants are destroyed follow the rangers to the right where a group of 
fencers are fighting spiders. Shoot down the transport ship and then clear out
the spiders. Head back down the street towards the other transport ship,
mowing down the horde of red and grey ants as you go. Try to destroy the
transport ship as quickly as possible as you are about to have some company...

The erginuse is a new enemy in 4.1 and is a giant kaiju monster (think 
Godzilla). You can't kill it in this mission, but you can deal enough damage 
(or irritate it enough) so that it withdraws (or gets bored). The key to 
winning this battle is to stay far away from the erginuse and avoid being in
front of it as much as possible. The erginuse has several attacks. The first 
is a charge where the erginuse will get down on all fours and start running
forwards. Needless to say, any EDF trooper in its path will get flattened. The
second attack is a flying leap where the erginuse will hunch down and then
leap through the air. As you might imagine anything in the landing zone will
get squashed. At close range the erginuse will either lift its claw and bring
it down in front of it, or sweep its claw to the side in a large radius. Its
final attack is a powerful breath weapon, which it telegraphs by glowing 
before discharging it.

Keep firing at the erginuse (you can tell when you've hit it by the purple 
blood) until it decides to leave the area.

Enemies: Red Drones
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 1-6 Normal: 2-7 Hard: 18-33 Hardest: 0-54 Inferno: 5-65

This mission marks the first appearance of red drones. Red drones are just
like flying drones except they are red, move much faster, and are far more
durable. Be sure to bring a fast sniping weapon as they can very difficult to
hit due to their speed. Fortunately, you'll have the assistance of three
ranger snipers in the mission.

Enemies: Hectors, Shield Bearers, Ants (Grey/Red), Flying Drones
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 1-6 Normal: 2-7 Hard: 18-33 Hardest: 0-55 Inferno: 5-65

Quite possibly the most epic battle in the game, this mission is a large scale
conflict between the EDF and the alien army. From the start follow the EDF
infantry and tanks forward as they engage the army of incoming hectors. Once
you're within range start sniping away at the enemy. The air force will 
initiate several bombing runs to help out. Once the first wave of hectors are
destroyed a second wave will appear. This time they will be accompanied by a
group of shield bearers. These shield bearers can generate much larger shield
barriers than the regular versions. Try to snipe at the hectors that move 
outside the barrier range. Occasionally the shield bearers will move forward,
leaving the hectors vulnerable to attack for a few moments. While the shield
bearers have a much greater range this also means you can shoot them from a
much larger distance once you get within the field.

After the second wave of hectors appear, a large group of ants will show up 
and attack. If there are no hectors nearby, go ahead and snipe at the ants
attacking the EDF forces. A short time later a large group of flying drones
will appear. Help clear out the ants and drones (preferably from a distance).
After the drones a third wave of hectors will show up. Snipe at them until you
hear a message about the air force returning to the combat area. At this point
the battle is pretty much over so concentrate on picking up as many items as
you can before the last enemies are taken out.

Enemies: Ants (Grey/Red), Spiders
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 1-6 Normal: 3-8 Hard: 18-33 Hardest: 0-55 Inferno: 6-66

Clogged Tunnels II: Clog Harder. This mission has a ridiculous number of 
enemies and will be the biggest grind fest so far. Head along the tunnel and 
proceed to gun down the swarms of enemies that come at you. Don't be afraid to
back up as you fire as their numbers can be quite overwhelming. However, do so
slowly as if you back up too much you might end up at the start of the tunnel
with nowhere to go, in which case you'll just need to pull the trigger and 
pray. When you get near the border of the map (the red line on the mini map)
you'll notice two holes on the side of the tunnel on the left and right. When
you approach them a massive horde of enemies will start flooding in the 
tunnel. Back away slowly while shooting non stop and try to fill the tunnels 
with corpses to slow their advance.

Once the horde has been dealt with keep going down the tunnel. Several rangers
will appear from another hole and help you clear out the next wave of enemies.
You'll come across a tunnel hole on the left. Unless you're playing on easy 
difficulty EDF soldiers are going to get massacred in this next part. The
tunnel leads to a cavern filled with a billion grey and red ants. Try to
snipe one of the enemies to get their attention, and then back the hell away
from the entrance. When they approach fire away and try to clog the entrance
with their bodies. So many ants will end up getting clogged in the circular
tunnel that it will end up looking like an ant washing machine. Unfortunately,
your EDF buddies are going to jump right in and get themselves horribly 
killed. If the ants break out of the entrance, fall back to the main tunnel 
and continuously fire while moving back. It might take a while, but eventually
the swarm will stop flooding out and you can go in and clear the rest of the
ants. Sadly this is not the end of the mission. Not by a long shot.

Once the cavern is cleared head left and keep going further down into the
depths. You'll come across a large cavern with a spiral pathway leading down.
And more ants. You know the drill. Shoot one to get their attention and then
back up the way you came and keep shooting. Once the ants are cleared head
to the bottom of the area and keep going down the tunnel where you'll find a
group of spiders. After having to deal with all those ants, shooting spiders
is much more relaxing at this point. Once the spiders have been killed the
final group of enemies will appear on the map.

This is definitely the hardest part of the mission, as you will be literally
facing an ocean of grey and red ants. Unlike the tunnel areas the caverns are
too big to get clogged up with enemy bodies. Therefore, the only strategy is
to keep moving backwards firing all the while. Prioritize shooting the red 
ants first, as they can seriously mess you up with all the grabbing and 

Enemies: Ants (Grey), Spiders
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 1-6 Normal: 3-8 Hard: 19-34 Hardest: 0-55 Inferno: 7-67

Bring a pair of rapid fire close range weapons for this one. You'll start out
in a network of underground passages surrounded on all sides by ants and 
spiders. Needless to say you'll be doing a lot of non stop shooting here. Move
backwards along the passages and keep firing as much as possible to fill the
tunnels with insect bodies. You'll probably be taking hits from the enemies
behind you, but don't worry too much about it. Concentrate on mowing down as
much of the enemy as possible. Eventually the stampede will die down enough 
for you to go back and pick up the line of health and item boxes left behind
from your killing spree. From there it's a matter of using the radar to locate
and mop up the remaining enemies.

Enemies: Ants (Grey/Red), Spiders, Queen
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 2-7 Normal: 3-8 Hard: 19-34 Hardest: 0-56 Inferno: 7-67

Now it's time to hunt down the queen. This mission is one long, slow march
underground. You'll be clearing out each area of enemies one by one, 
occasionally picking up allies along the way. There isn't much strategy here
other than to take your time and work with your team to clear out each area.
When you reach a large group of non-recruitable EDF soldiers you'll know the
queen isn't much farther ahead. You'll know you've reached the queen's chamber
when you see the torrential flood of orange goo followed by a ton of ants. 
Stay clear of the orange tide for now and hang back and blast the ants as they
pour forth from the chamber. When the ants stop coming out it's time to take
on the queen. The queen is too big to come out of the chamber so you'll have
to go to her. You can't mistake her as she's the absolutely ginormous ant with
wings. Don't enter the chamber but fire at her from the entrance. She only has
one attack, but thankfully you can see it coming a mile away. When the orange
goo comes out quickly move to the side as fast as possible. Wait for the tide
to subside, and then pop back to the hole and shoot her as she passes by the
entrance. The queen as a ton of health but sooner or later she'll pop just
like any other ant.

Enemies: Shield Bearers, Hectors, Ants (Grey/Red), Flying Drones,
Mothership (Invincible)
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 2-7 Normal: 4-9 Hard: 19-34 Hardest: 0-56 Inferno: 8-68

This mission is pretty tough. You'll have to take out several shield bearers
that are grouped together with hectors and regular enemies. The main problem 
is that they're grouped tightly together in such a way that you have no
choice but to get up close and personal, which is when all hell will break
loose as they all bum rush you at once. The fact that there are a large number
of hectors with bombardment cannons and flying drones does not help matters 
any. To add insult to injury the mothership will appear during the mission to
bombard you as well, but only for a limited period of time before it flies off
again. The only strategy I can offer here is to try and take down the hectors
wandering in the area as soon as you can, as the constant bombardment can 
really mess up your day.

Enemies: Retiarii, Spiders, Underground Tunnel Exits
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 2-7 Normal: 4-9 Hard: 20-35 Hardest: 0-57 Inferno: 8-68

Another annoying retiarii mission, but not as annoying as mission 25. Retiarii
are hanging about the skyscrapers surrounding the central park area. There are
two spider tunnels in the park, with a third nearby across the street. Take
down the retiarii as the opportunity presents itself, and try to close at
least one tunnel quickly to stem the flood of spiders. Mow down the spiders on
the street as you make your way to the opposite side of the park where the
second tunnel is. The third tunnel is nearby across the street, but you might
have to thin the area out first. Note that the retiarus webs have several
recruitable wing divers on them that can help you if you shoot them down.

Transport Ships, Ants (Grey/Red), Spiders, Hectors, Hectors (Fast),
Flying Drones
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 2-7 Normal: 4-9 Hard: 20-35 Hardest: 0-57 Inferno: 9-69

Oh boy. This mission is a tedious grind all the way. You'll need to shoot down
all the transport ships in the area. The only problem is that every single
enemy dropped by the ships will immediately converge on your location. This
wouldn't be so bad if it was just ants and spiders, but you'll be dealing with
hectors and the extremely fast hectors as well. Suffice it to say you'll want
to eliminate the transports ASAP or you'll end up fighting an endless wave of
enemies. The hectors are a priority target as well as they can seriously mess
you up while you're trying to target the transports. The EDF soldiers you can
recruit won't make much of a difference here as they will most likely be
killed by the hectors in fairly short order.

Ants (Grey/Red), Hectors, Flying Drones, Red Drones, Queens, Transport Ships
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 2-7 Normal: 4-9 Hard: 20-35 Hardest: 0-57 Inferno: 9-69

Another tough mission. A wave of ants is coming at the EDF, which wouldn't be
much of a problem if it weren't for the three bombardment hectors in the
distance. Try to take them down quickly if you can, as their continuous
bombardment will prove to be a serious pain throughout the mission. When the
first wave of enemies is dealt with two transport ships will appear at the far
end of the map along with a whopping three queen ants. Oh, and some red drones
will appear too. Unless you're playing on easy difficulty and have a 
monstrously powerful weapon, chances are you won't be able to take down the
queens before they reach you. Fortunately, help is on the way in the form of
several railgun tanks. All you need to do is survive long enough for them to
show up. Once they do the battle is pretty much over as they will proceed to
wipe out not only the queens, but all the other enemies in the area as well.
The only things they can't kill are the two transports on the other side of
the battlefield. You'll have to take them out yourself, but don't be in such a
rush as there are a ton of item boxes scattered about the area. The railgun
tanks will fire at the oncoming ants with sniper rifle accuracy, making your
job a whole lot easier.

Enemies: Transports, Ants (Grey), Hectors, Flying Drones, Mothership
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 3-8 Normal: 5-10 Hard: 21-36 Hardest: 0-58 Inferno: 10-70

You'll finally have an opportunity to take down the mothership that has been
annoying you throughout the game. First start off by targeting the two
transports that are dropping ants in the area. Once they're taken care of 
focus fire on the hectors next. After the hectors are gone the only thing left
is to snipe at the flying drones in the area. Don't bother trying to shoot the
genocide gun as it's invincible. Now I'm not sure if you need to destroy a
certain number of drones or if you just need to wait a certain period of time,
but eventually the railguns will take out the genocide gun and you can finally
start attacking the mothership.

The mothership's only weak point in the large red intake vent that appears at
the bottom of the ship. When it appears concentrate your fire on it before the
hatch closes back up. At first the mothership will attack with its satellites
(the lower ones fire explosive purple blasts while the upper ones fire 
lasers). They're low enough to shoot, but you definitely want to focus on
targeting the weak point as it appears rather than trying to shoot them all 
down. When the mothership takes enough damage large cannon arrays will appear
from the sides of the ship. You can destroy these as well, but again it's 
better to focus on the weak point. Keep blasting away at the weak point and
eventually the mothership will go down.

Enemies: Ants (Grey/Red), Spiders, Underground Tunnel Exits
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 3-8 Normal: 5-10 Hard: 21-36 Hardest: 0-58 Inferno: 11-71

You'll be at the docks trying to destroy a large number of tunnel exits.
Fortunately, the tunnels here are much less durable than the ones you've
encountered in previous missions. Go down the street and prioritize shooting
the tunnel mounds with long ranged weapons and leave the enemies to the EDF
soldiers. When the first group of tunnels are destroyed a much larger group of
them will appear in the area. Many of these tunnels are off to the side so 
you'll have to make a few detours to hunt them down.

Enemies: Erginuse
Note: I don't believe it's possible to kill the erginuse before it can get 
away. Therefore there are no weapons drops for this mission.

It's our old friend erginuse again. This time he's in the middle of the city
taking a siesta. Wait for the air force to launch their bombing run and then
open fire on the erginuse. While keeping far away from the erginuse is always
a good idea, it's an especially good idea in this mission as the air force 
will actually launch air strikes against it while it's moving around attacking
you. Keep shooing at it and eventually it will leave the area.

Enemies: Ants (Grey), Spiders, Hectors, Underground Tunnel Exits
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 3-8 Normal: 6-11 Hard: 21-36 Hardest: 0-59 Inferno: 12-72

This mission is a fairly simple one. There are three tunnel exits in the area
across the bridge that you need to take out. The biggest threat are the 
hectors moving across the bridge so take them down first. After that you can
snipe the tunnels from a distance while the EDF soldiers deal with the 
insects. Two of the tunnels are on the hillside on the left, with one on the
hillside to the right.

Enemies: Ants (Grey), Wasps (technically the game refers to them as 
flying-type bugs, but I'm going to refer to them as wasps)
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 4-9 Normal: 6-11 Hard: 22-37 Hardest: 0-59 Inferno: 12-72

This mission introduces the flying wasp enemy. They're more difficult to
shoot down than the flying drones since they tend to fly in an erratic 
pattern. When the mission starts you'll be clearing out a group of ants in the
city. Once they've been dealt with two waves of wasps will appear in the city
and assault your position. As long as you have a fast firing weapon they
shouldn't give you too much problems.

Enemies: Ants (Grey/Red), Spiders, Wasps, Underground Tunnel Exits
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 4-9 Normal: 6-11 Hard: 22-37 Hardest: 0-59 Inferno: 13-73

This mission features a large number of tunnel exits lined along a canal. Your
primary goal is to destroy them ASAP before the EDF gets overwhelmed by
sheer numbers. Concentrate on destroying the tunnels first, but you will
probably have to break off several times to clear out the large number of 
enemies swarming about you. It's probably best to clear them out from left to
right so that the enemies will tend to funnel towards the EDF soldiers, giving
you time to destroy the tunnels from a distance.

Enemies: Transport Ships, Ants (Grey/Red). Earth Eaters, Flying Vehicles,
Large Transport Ships (Invincible), Wasps
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 4-9 Normal: 6-11 Hard: 22-37 Hardest: 0-60 Inferno: 13-73

You'll start this mission facing off against transport ships and ants. Once 
they are destroyed the new enemy type earth eaters will appear in the sky.
These aren't really standard enemies per se, but large hexagonal panels that
link together forming a gigantic wall blocking out the sky. The red panels 
will open up and start deploying yet another new enemy, the flying vehicles.
Note that like transport ships, the red panels can be destroyed if dealt enough
damage while they're open, but it's not necessary here (they do drop items 
though). The blue panels open up to reveal giant lasers. These lasers don't
actually pose a threat, but like the red panels they can be destroyed while 
the panels are open. The flying vehicles are very slow and very large targets.
In fact it might be easier to take them down using a fast sniping weapon rather
than a rapid fire assault weapon.

Once the flying vehicles have been destroyed several new larger transport 
ships will appear. Like the smaller transports they can only be destroyed 
while they're open deploying troops, but in this mission they're invincible so
don't bother trying. Instead focus on the wasps that they deploy. Once the
wasps are destroyed the mission will end.

Enemies: Flying Drones, Earth Eaters, Flying Machines
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 4-9 Normal: 7-12 Hard: 23-38 Hardest: 0-60 Inferno: 14-74

This is a fairly easy mission as you'll only be dealing with flying drones and
later on flying machines. Bringing a fast sniping weapon can make things
easier as again flying machines are very slow, large targets.

Enemies: Earth Eaters, Deroys
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 5-10 Normal: 7-12 Hard: 23-38 Hardest: 1-61 Inferno: 15-75

The earth eaters will deploy the new deroy tripod walkers. These large walkers
can move very quickly since they have very long legs that allows them to move
across urban environments without hindrance. They have a long range bombardment
cannon similar to that of the hectors, and have a laser weapon on each leg.
There will be a large number of them deployed initially, so it can be 
difficult to avoid their attacks as while you're focusing on one of them the
others will be bombarding you. If they get close they can thrust their leg at
you with a powerful strike, so be ready to dodge if you see one of them hold
their leg up pointed at you. When the first wave of deroys are destroyed as
second group will be deployed, two of which will be in the city area behind
you. Keep moving constantly to avoid their bombardments and take them down one
at a time.

Enemies: Large Transport Ships, Ants (Grey/Red), Spiders, Wasps
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 5-10 Normal: 7-12 Hard: 23-38 Hardest: 1-61 Inferno: 15-75

This is a really tough mission. Initially it's not so bad, as you only have
two large transport ships to deal with. Large Transport Ships are much more
durable than regular transport ships and can deploy a wider variety of 
enemies. Fortunately, they are also far more vulnerable to attack as they open
up to deploy troops. The first transports are far in the distance and the ants
they drop will focus on the nearby EDF soldiers, making it easy for you to
concentrate fire the transports and take them down. When the first two 
transports are destroyed the mission takes a nasty turn...

About half a dozen transports will appear and deploy all their troops 
simultaneously. These troops include ants (grey and red), spiders, and wasps.
They will all converge on your location at the same time. Needless to say this
will make taking down the transports extremely difficult as you will be 
constantly swarmed by the enemy. The biggest threats are the red ants so 
prioritize on taking them down first. Try to focus on taking down the 
transports one at a time. You'll probably have to break off frequently to 
clear the area of enemies or run for health kits.

Enemies: Large Transport Ships, Hectors (Blue)
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 5-10 Normal: 8-13 Hard: 24-39 Hardest: 1-61 Inferno: 16-76

This mission introduces the new blue hector variants. These hectors are 
stronger than the standard variety and the two large transports that are in 
the area will be constantly dropping them in so they should be taken out ASAP.
Don't let the initial hectors get too close. You'll probably have to break off
your attack on the transports to engage the nearby hectors. Once the 
transports are destroyed, two blue hectors with shields will appear in the 
area. These orange energy shields will always be carried on a hector's right
arm, and like the shield bearer's field are completely invulnerable to attack.
However, the shield does not cover a small area to the right of the hector's
front, which means it's possible to attack the hector's shoulder or weapon 
arm (it's probably much easier to go for the weapon arm). Target the blue
hector on the left first. The hector on the right will be engaged by EDF 
forces, and it's entirely possible to sneak behind it and attack it from
behind while it's being distracted.

Enemies: Shield Bearers, Ants (Grey/Red), Spiders, Wasps
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 5-10 Normal: 8-13 Hard: 24-39 Hardest: 2-62 Inferno: 16-76

This is basically a seek and destroy mission where you have to hunt down
shield bearers in various locations on the map. Each of them has a cluster of
enemies nearby. Fortunately, there are no tunnels in this mission so the
number of enemies are finite, but there's still quite a bit. Concentrate on 
the regular enemies first (you might want to shoot the shield bearers just to
spook them so that they run away). Compared to previous missions this one is
fairly easy. Once the regular enemies are dealt with you can take your time
picking up all the items while hunting down the remaining shield bearers.

Enemies: Retiarii, Ants (Grey), Spiders, Wasps
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 5-10 Normal: 8-13 Hard: 24-39 Hardest: 2-62 Inferno: 17-77

The valleys feature multiple retiarii which can make your life difficult. Try
to take them out as you get a clear shot, but all the webbing in the area will
most likely block your shots. You might want to destroy the webs first to make
your life easier, but they're quite durable so it might take a while. Aside
from the retiarii you'll be facing the standard ant, spider, and wasp enemies.
The earth eaters will appear near the end of the mission but they don't do
anything except just look ominous.

Enemies: Quadruped (Invincible), Ants (Red), Flying Drones, Hectors (Blue)
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 6-11 Normal: 8-13 Hard: 25-40 Hardest: 2-62 Inferno: 17-77

While the mission makes it sound like you have to destroy the quadruped, all
you really need to do is destroy all the enemies that it drops. The first thing
you should do right off the bat is to quickly move right to the open area to
avoid getting trod upon by the quadruped. It will deploy a group of red 
ants initially. The quadruped will take a left and deploy a group of flying
drones. It will then circle around back and release a second group of red ants.
Keep an eye on the quadruped when the second wave of ants are deployed as it
will turn around and start heading back the way it came, and you might get
trampled on its return trip. As it heads back it will deploy a group of about
four blue hectors followed by some flying drones. Take down the hectors and
then mop of the remaining drones.

Enemies: Hectors (Blue), Ants (Grey)
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 6-11 Normal: 9-14 Hard: 25-40 Hardest: 3-63 Inferno: 18-78

Talk about a rock and a hard place. You'll start the mission in a valley 
caught between two groups of three hectors in a pincer attack. Suffice it to
say, you'll want to eliminate one group as soon as possible or you'll be caught
in a crossfire. A wave of ants will also appear in the valley, but the hectors 
are your larger concern. One of the hectors in each group will be carrying a
shield, so you should try to target its weapon arm. Once one group of hectors
has been eliminated the battle becomes much easier as you can focus on the
second group without having to worry about getting blasted from behind.

Enemies: Underground Tunnel Exits, Ants (Grey/Red), Spiders, Wasps
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 6-11 Normal: 9-14 Hard: 25-40 Hardest: 3-63 Inferno: 18-78

This entire mission is a race against time to destroy the tunnel exits as
quickly as possible. If you don't you'll spend an eternity fighting endless
waves of enemies. Start with the nearby tunnel in front of you. When that's
destroyed proceed up the street towards the next cluster of enemies. There's
one tunnel on an alley to the left. Further down the street on an alley to the
right is a tunnel that deploys red ants. This is probably the biggest threat 
on the map, as the red ants are bullet sponges and make progress very 
difficult if left unchecked. At the end of the street by the intersection is
another tunnel around the corner to the left. At the intersection to the
northeast behind some buildings is another tunnel. Right of the intersection
on the main street is a tunnel, and heading down that street further down and
to the right is the last tunnel. Here's a very rough map of their approximate

W=Wasp Tunnel  A=Ant Tunnel  S=Spider Tunnel  R=Red Ant Tunnel

         |   W
         |               |
         | R             |
         |               W


Enemies: Erginuse, Ants (Grey)
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 6-11 Normal: 9-14 Hard: 25-40 Hardest: 3-63 Inferno: 19-79

Don't bother trying to shoot the Erginuse from the start as conventional
attacks have no effect on it. Instead wait for the EDF to deploy the Balam
walking fortress and get inside it immediately. The Balam, as you might 
expect, is very slow. Head towards the erginuse as quickly (relatively 
speaking) as you can. The Erginuse might launch a breath attack at you, but
since the Balam can't block or avoid it you can't do much except just take it.

The Balam has two basic attacks. It can stomp the ground with its feet with
the L2/R2 buttons, but that's only useful for small enemies and therefore you
won't be using it in this battle. The second attack are its fists, which use
the L1 and R1 buttons to strike with its left and right arms respectively.
The arms have quite a bit of reach so you can hit the erginuse from much
farther than you might expect. The combo I usually use is R1 twice followed by
L1, which will launch two right punches followed by an overhead smash that 
will knock the erginuse down. You might also manage to knock it down by moving
and striking at the same time with a momentum punch.

If you time your combos correctly you should be able to always knock the
erginuse down every time, walk up to it, and launch the combo again to knock it
back down. If the erginuse knocks you down with an attack there won't be much
you can do about it except wait for the Balam to slowly get back up again. 
During the battle a group of ants will appear to attack you, but don't worry
about them and focus your attacks on the erginuse.

Enemies: Flying Drones, Red Drones, Flying Machines, Large Transport,
Earth Eaters
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 7-12 Normal: 10-15 Hard: 26-41 Hardest: 4-64 Inferno: 20-80

Considering all the flying enemies on this mission you might be tempted to
bring a missile system. It's probably a better idea instead to bring a fast
sniping weapon that you can use at both close and far range. There will be a
large group of EDF soldiers with you from the start, but they are most likely
going to be wiped out once the red drones come a knocking. There isn't much
strategy here except to shoot down the various flying enemies as they come at
you in waves. The biggest threat is probably the red drones as they move quite
fast and take a ton of damage. Once the massive fleet has been whittled down
you'll probably have to hunt down the remaining stragglers that are floating
around the outskirts of the area. Be sure to use this time to collect all the
item drops as you do so.

Enemies: Spiders
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 7-12 Normal: 10-15 Hard: 26-41 Hardest: 4-64 Inferno: 20-80

The good news is that you're only going to be facing spiders in this mission.
The bad news is that you're going to be facing a lot of spiders in this 
mission. And when I say a lot I mean like a bazillion. If you have 
arachnophobia you're probably not going to be able to clear this mission since
you'll be up to your eyeballs in spiders. There isn't much strategy here other
than "shoot spiders dead". Other than the sheer number of spiders, compared to
some of the harder missions you've faced this one isn't that bad.

Enemies: Large Transport Ships, Flying Drones, Ants, Spiders, Flying Machines
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 7-12 Normal: 10-15 Hard: 26-41 Hardest: 5-65 Inferno: 21-81

You'll be facing a large number of large transport ships in this mission. Some
of them will leave the area after discharging their cargo, while others will
fly in a circuit around the battlefield continuously dropping enemies. Focus
fire on the ones hanging around the center of the battlefield.

Enemies: Spiders, King Spiders
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 7-12 Normal: 10-15 Hard: 27-42 Hardest: 5-65 Inferno: 21-81

Another all spider mission. This time you'll also be facing several king 
spiders, which are basically regular spiders but much, much bigger. The king
spiders have a lot of health and can fire a huge mass of webs. Fortunately,
their size also makes them easy targets so just open up on them when you see 
one coming from a mile away.

Start out by helping the wing divers clear out the first group of spiders. The
first king spider will be coming in behind them shortly. Once he appears over
the elevated railway open fire on it with everything you have. Once the king
spider is down clear out the remaining spiders, and the proceed forward to the
next group of EDF soldiers who are fighting in the open area. They will be
fighting off a group of regular spiders coming in from the left.

Once those are taken care off, all that remains are the two kings hanging
around in the opposite direction. Chances are when one of them is attacked the
second one will join in as well. Let the other EDF soldiers deal with the
small spiders as you focus on taking out the king spiders one at a time. If
things are getting too intense there is an elevated pedestrian walkway nearby
that you can use to take cover. The king spiders are way too big to fit
underneath, but there are many openings you can use to fire at them from 

Enemies: Earth Eaters, Flying Machines, Deroys
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 7-12 Normal: 11-16 Hard: 27-42 Hardest: 5-65 Inferno: 22-82

Crazy skies indeed. This is a survival mission pure and simple. Before we get
started let me explain about the various earth eater panels. The red panels
that open and close deploy enemies like a transport and can only be
destroyed when the panels are open. The red panels that are always open are
the earth eater's vulnerable power points. Destroying them will knock out the
surrounding panels. The blue panels that open and close have giant lasers in
them that don't attack but can still be destroyed. The regular earth eater
panels have several weapons on them that can be individually shot off and
destroyed. These include needle like laser cannons, circular purple plasma
cannons, and hexagonal explosive plasma cannons.

The earth eaters will deploy several flying machines from the start. While you
can destroy the deployment panels they come out from, your main targets are
the bright red panels that stay open. Destroying these will knock out the
surrounding panels. After you destroy a few of these panels the earth eaters
will drop a few deroys and start taking a few pot shots at you. Keep 
destroying the main panels and the earth eaters will withdraw.

Or not. The earth eaters will start opening up with all their weaponry. To
make matters worse they will begin to deploy deroys en masse. Don't bother 
trying to target the earth eaters at this point. Focus on shooting down the
deroys. The earth eaters will deploy more deroys to replace the ones that are
destroyed. Eventually the EDF will realize the hopelessness of the situation
and call a retreat, ending the mission.

Enemies: Transport Ships, Ants, Spiders, Hectors
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 8-13 Normal: 11-16 Hard: 27-42 Hardest: 6-66 Inferno: 22-82

You'll start at the top of a mountain overlooking several transports on the
lower levels. Proceed to each level and take out the transport ship there.
There isn't anything too difficult about the mission, except that a few 
hectors will appear on the lower levels to liven things up a bit.

Enemies: Ants (Grey), Dragons
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 8-13 Normal: 11-16 Hard: 28-43 Hardest: 6-66 Inferno: 23-83

This mission introduces the new dragon enemy that will appear shortly after
you destroy the initial group of ants in the mission. Dragons attack by dive
bombing, shooting several fireballs at you while doing so. These fireballs are
very difficult to dodge as they tend to attack you at sharp angles from above.
Also they tend to come at you in large swarms all at once. They're not limited
to flying as they can climb on buildings and walk around on the ground. While
on the ground they have a dash attack just like the red ants where they grab
you in their jaws and nosh on you until you can shoot your way free. Dragons
can be difficult to hit while they're in the air, as they tend to fly in 
rather fast orbits. While it's easier to hit them while they're coming 
straight at you for a strafing attack, you can exploit their behavior somewhat
to make your life easier.

While dive bombing dragons have the odd habit of crashing into the ground. 
This grounds them temporarily, which makes them much easier to hit. They also
have a tendency to attach themselves to buildings in the area. You can
exploit this by fighting in areas between large concentrations of buildings.
The dragons will tend to get caught up in the buildings and hang off of them,
which again makes them much easier targets to hit. I personally holed up in 
the narrow area between two skyscrapers, which not only limited they angles
from which they could attack, but also tended to make them stick to the sides
of the buildings like flypaper.

Enemies: Dragons
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 8-13 Normal: 12-17 Hard: 28-43 Hardest: 6-66 Inferno: 24-84

More fun with dragons. Along with a group of EDF soldiers you'll have the
assistance of civilians who will serve as excellent bait for the first group
of dragons. Keep going along the main roadway clearing dragons as you go
until you reach a large park area to the right. Several EDF troopers will join
you there. Proceed into the city and try to make use of the buildings to
tangle up the dragons. You'll get a request for help from some EDF soldiers
near some buildings under construction. Again try to fight between the 
buildings as much as possible. More EDF soldiers will appear on an elevated
walkway area nearby. The next swarm of dragons will be immense, and chances
are most if not all of the EDF soldiers following you at this point are going
to be killed. The best way to survive this part is to go underneath the
walkway which will force most of the dragons to come at you from the sides.

Enemies: Dragons, Deroys
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 8-13 Normal: 12-17 Hard: 28-43 Hardest: 7-67 Inferno: 24-84

Go ahead and recruit all the EDF soldiers in the area. You will see a deroy in
the distance along with a large group of dragons. Carefully snipe one of the
dragons, which will cause the entire horde to come after you in the narrow
valley. If you hit the deroy by accident you'll have to deal with two deroys in
addition to the swarm of dragons. If the deroys weren't activated during the
fight go ahead and engage them now. Clear any dragons that might be loitering
around the area where the deroys initially were. There is a second group of
deroys around the bend to the right. Once again avoid waking them up and shoot
one of the dragons in the distance to make a second wave of dragons attack.
Once the second wave of dragons are gone engage the second group of deroys.
Destroying them will cause a third group of deroys to magically appear where
the second group was. The moment you attack them the EDF will deploy a 
howitzer strike which will destroy the deroys automatically and end the 

Enemies: Retiarii, Spiders, Underground Exit Tunnel
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 9-14 Normal: 12-17 Hard: 29-44 Hardest: 7-67 Inferno: 25-85

The most annoying retiarii mission yet. The area is filled with webbing that
will block your shots. Start by heading down the narrow corridor between the
buildings in front of you. Long range weapons aren't that useful here, so go
in with guns blazing and take down the nearby retiarii. There are several
retiarii surrounding the central main area, and they can all magically hit you
through the buildings. Chances are good that you'll be hit by a web once 
you're in the center and you'll have no choice but to slowly make your way
through the buildings to make down the offending retiarius. There is a tunnel
exit on the opposite end of the area behind the buildings near the two
skyscrapers that will send out a constant stream of spiders during the battle,
but your primary targets are the retiarii around the area.

Enemies: Wasps, Wasps (Red), Wasp Nest (Invincible)
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 9-14 Normal: 12-17 Hard: 29-44 Hardest: 7-67 Inferno: 25-85

You'll be fighting nothing but wasps during this mission. Bring a pair of
rapid firing weapons as you'll be firing non stop during the battle. The
initial swarms aren't that bad, but as you get closer to the nest the swarms
will increase in intensity until at the end the swarm will be so massive that
it will be all but impossible to miss. Don't bother trying to shoot the nest
in the distance as it is indestructible during this mission. Keep shooting
wasps until HQ gives the order to retreat and end the mission.

Enemies: Quadruped, Hectors, Ants (Grey), Flying Machines
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 9-14 Normal: 13-18 Hard: 29-44 Hardest: 8-68 Inferno: 26-86

This time you must take down the quadruped. Like the transports the quadruped
is only vulnerable while it's deploying enemies. Unfortunately, the angle of
attack is quite narrow, so you'll need to be almost right under it or next to
it in order to have a clear shot. During the battle the quadruped will deploy
hectors, ants, and flying machines. Trying to shoot at it while it's moving is
rather difficult. It will on occasion stop completely to deploy enemies, which
is your best opportunity to attack it.

While you're chasing the quadruped around you might also want to take out its
close range defenses. It has several anti-personnel lasers around
its body (they look like spheres) and a larger rotating plasma cannon aiming
at its rear. Destroying these first will making getting in close much easier.
Note that the glowing orange fields on its sides are actually shield screens
which can deflect attacks like the hector shields. 

Inflicting enough damage on the quadruped will cause it to deploy a large 
number of blue hectors. At this point in the battle the EDF will deploy several
railgun tanks. These will help out immensely with the regular enemies, but
unfortunately they can't target the quadruped's weak point so it'll be up to
you to finish it off.

Enemies: Ants (Grey/Red), Spiders, Dragons
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 9-14 Normal: 13-18 Hard: 29-44 Hardest: 8-68 Inferno: 26-86

This mission involves taking out clusters of enemies. As you engage each enemy
group a wave of dragons will appear to attack you from above. Try to use the
mountainside to your advantage by getting the dragons to crash into it or
cling to the side of it.

Enemies: Erginuse, Ants (Grey), Wasps, Super Erginuse
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 10-15 Normal: 13-18 Hard: 30-45 Hardest: 9-69 Inferno: 27-87

Depending on your luck you might win this one or everything will go wrong and
the EDF will get horribly wiped out. Basically the EDF will engage a large
group of erginuse using Balam walking fortresses in one giant melee. The first
time I played this on easy difficulty and the EDF managed to win without any
serious intervention on my part (they managed to finish off the final enemy
before I even got there). When I tried again on normal difficulty, every single
Balam was destroyed and I ended up running around for almost 10 minutes trying
to kill 5 erginuses that were all attacking me at the same time. Needless to
say I lost (I did manage to kill one, which means erginuse can technically be
killed by conventional weapons).

Here's what I did. I brought along the best rocket launcher I had (rate of 
fire is probably more important that better damage but longer reload) and a
rapid fire weapon for dealing with regular enemies. From the start of the
battle open up on a erginuse and keep shooting at it until a Balam gets in 
your way. While it doesn't look like you're doing damage to it, if you can see
purple blood come out you're actually doing damage (not much, but it does add
up). You basically want to help out the Balams as much as possible by doing as
much chip damage to the erginuse as possible. When the regular enemies show up
you should basically ignore them as the erginuse are the far bigger threat. If
they start swarming you shoot them with your close range weapon and then
continue firing away at the erginuse. Once the erginuse herd has been thinned
out a second wave of them will appear. Depending on how badly the EDF is doing
at this point a squad of Balam reinforcements may or may not appear. Keep 
firing like mad at the erginuse. Eventually a much larger red erginuse will
appear on the battlefield. At this point the EDF will drop a Balam for you to
pilot. Get inside ASAP and head towards the red erginuse (or attack the 
nearest regular erginuse). If you're lucky by the time the last regular 
erginuse has fallen there should be 4 or 5 allied Balams still on the field.
Head for the red Balam in what probably looks like a giant conga line. If your
allies are in the way try to circle around them to get a clear shot. If you're
really lucky they might actually take care of the red erginuse before you get
anywhere close to it.

Enemies: Large Transport Ships, Flying Drones, Red Drones, Flying Machines,
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 10-15 Normal: 14-19 Hard: 30-45 Hardest: 9-69 Inferno: 28-88

After the last mission, this one's a relaxing turkey shoot. Bring a sniping
weapon with the longest range you have as you'll need to shoot down some
transports at extreme range. You'll start out on top of an extremely high
skyscraper with some large transports flying in the distance. Start sniping
them as they release their cargo, and then focus on the flying enemies around
you as you wait for them to open up again. As you destroy the transports even
more will appear, one of which will start deploying red drones. Keep shooting
the transports and flying enemies until none remain. Then take the long
plunge down (amazing how the EDF doesn't take fall damage) and destroy the
spiders that have been assaulting the wing divers below all this time. Be sure
to pick up as many items as you can that were dropped to the ground from all 
the aerial sniping you were doing earlier.

Enemies: Deroys, Deroys (Large), Hectors (Blue)
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 10-15 Normal: 14-19 Hard: 30-45 Hardest: 9-69 Inferno: 28-88

At this point in the game the missions become considerably more difficult. You
begin on top of a building with a large wave or deroys coming straight for you
in the distance. You might also notice a rather large deroy making its way
towards you as well. This is the large variation of the regular deroy. It's
pretty much the same as a regular deroy, but it has much longer legs. Each leg
has four rapid firing lasers and can strike you from such a long distance that
they might as well be sniping weapons. Several blue hectors are also 
converging on your location as well, but for once they're not the immediate
threat they usually are.

Start by trying to take out the deroys as quickly as possible as they close 
in. Try to keep an eye on where the large deroy is if at all possible. Once
the large deroy is within striking distance change targets and try to destroy
it as soon as you can. Otherwise it will repeatedly smash you with its legs
and spam lasers at you all day long. When the building you're on gets
destroyed beat feet out of there as the hectors will be within firing distance
at this point. Quickly back away and continue to fire at the large deroy. Once
it's taken care of focus on any deroys in the nearby vicinity. Save the
shielded hectors for last unless they are right up in your face. Note that
there is a second large deroy in the area that may arrive to join the fray when
the first one is gone.

Enemies: Large Transport Ships, Dragons, Dragons (Mutant), Ants (Red)
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 10-15 Normal: 14-19 Hard: 31-46 Hardest: 10-70 Inferno: 29-89

A very annoying mission. Several transport ships will circle around dropping 
off loads of dragons. To make matters worse all the dragons flying around will
make targeting the transports very difficult as they tend to constantly block
line of sight. These transports also tend to have a very short window of
opportunity to target their insides. The cherry on top of all of this are the
appearance midway of several mutant dragons that are much stronger than the
regular versions. Wing divers will appear from across the bridge and start
fighting the dragons (and red ants) as well, but you'll probably have your 
hands full as it is to even try to help them out.

Enemies: Argos, Flying Machines
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 10-15 Normal: 14-19 Hard: 31-46 Hardest: 10-70 Inferno: 29-89

The argos has three attacks in its initial ship form. The first are a pair of
energy cannons amidship that briefly glow before firing two blue energy blasts
that explode on impact. The second attack are a pair of guns in the front of
the ship that fire a rapid spread of shots over a wide area. Its third attack
are the two large lasers on the sides of the ship that fire a powerful energy
beam in a continuous stream as it moves forward. Throughout the battle several
flying machines will also appear to add mayhem. When the argos receives enough
damage it will change into its second robot form. Its attacks remain the same
just in different locations. The arms fire blue energy blasts, with the longer
barreled lasers firing a devastating beam that can hit an incredibly wide 
area. The wide range rapid firing lasers have moved to its knee areas. The
argos has one new attack in this form, which is very devastating. It holds up
its two arms and a large green energy ball appears in front. The energy ball
moves slowly but is capable of massive destruction in an incredibly wide area.
Once the argos is destroyed take out the remaining flying machines for the
mission to end.

Enemies: Underground Tunnel Exits, Ants (Grey/Red), Spiders, Hectors,
Shield Bearers.
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 11-16 Normal: 15-20 Hard: 31-46 Hardest: 10-70 Inferno: 30-90

This is possibly one of the most difficult missions in the game. You'll need
to take out several tunnel exits scattered throughout the area. The only 
problem is that they're scattered across a wide area and they will constantly
pump out a stream of enemies that will converge on your location without fail.
Did I mention there's also hectors and shield bearers involved? It's basically
mission 52 all over again, but much worse. The area is circular in nature.
From the start you can see an ant tunnel below. Try to take it out as quickly
as possible before a shield bearer gets into range and covers it. Now you have
a decision to make. Regardless of whether or not you go left or right you're
probably going to have to deal with a shield bearer and hector. The shield
bearers can be annoying since they both can deploy at the same time and have
their barriers overlap each other. If this happens while the hector is around
it could mean a whole lot of trouble.

The left path leads to the red ant tunnel. Considering that the red ants are
probably the biggest threat on the map, it might be best to take them out as
early as possible. The right path leads to an area with two paths leading up
the hillside. The one on the right leads to an ant tunnel. Going up the left
path leads to an area that branches to the left and right. Going left will
just bring you back to the area where you started, while the right path will
bring you to a spider tunnel and eventually circles around to the red ant hill
from the other path.

Here's a crude diagram of the area:

S=Spider Tunnel  A=Ant Tunnel  R=Red Ant Tunnel  H=Hector  SB=Shield Bearer

                   - S -     A
                  H     \  /
                 /        \
               /            \
              R              |
               \             |
                H            H
                SB          SB
                   \       /
                     - A -

Enemies: Wasps, Wasps (Red), Wasp Nest
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 11-16 Normal: 15-20 Hard: 32-47 Hardest: 11-71 Inferno: 30-90

Being the ranger here definitely helps, as keeping your teammates alive during
the battle will help out immensely. Basically the whole strategy for this 
mission is to keep firing at the nest (it doesn't matter where you hit it),
occasionally breaking off to mow down the swarm a bit before continuing to fire
away at the nest. The reason for doing so is twofold. First it helps to keep
your teammates alive (which is important as they'll be shooting at the swarm
while you focus on the nest). Second it also reduces the number of wasps in
the air, which in turn decreases the odds that one of them might inadvertently
intercept one of your shots meant for the nest. Also if you're the ranger it
increases the odds that a health kit will drop, which you should pick up to
keep your allies alive as long as possible. As you keep shooting at the nest
pieces of it will start to fall off. Once the whole nest starts moving you 
know you've destroyed it. At this point depending on how many wasps are still
around you can help shoot them down or if there aren't many left you can run
around the area picking up all the items that were dropped while your 
teammates clear the remaining wasps for you.

Enemies: Spiders, King Spiders
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 11-16 Normal: 15-20 Hard: 32-47 Hardest: 11-71 Inferno: 31-91

This mission is a bit more difficult than it was in EDF 2025 due to the
darkness. Prior to 4.1 you could snipe at the spiders from the top of the pit.
Now since the area is pitch black and your flashlight doesn't reach far, 
unless you have a weapon with a large explosive radius you'll have to jump down
and clear out the spiders the old fashioned way. Help the wing divers clear out
the area, and then join up with the rangers that appear.

The next area is a large pit area with more spiders and two king spiders 
lurking in the darkness. If at all possible try to lure the king spider near
the opening of the area so you can snipe at it. But chances are it will
probably stay below and start spraying you with gobs of web. Fortunately, it's
a very large target so you probably won't have any issues shooting at it from
the ledge above. Jumping down to engage it is probably a bad idea as there is
a second king spider below. Try to stay on the upper pathway and shoot them
both from range. Once both king spiders are dealt with you can jump down to
collect items and clear out the remaining regular spiders.

Enemies: Spiders, Wasps, Death Queens
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 11-16 Normal: 16-21 Hard: 32-47 Hardest: 11-71 Inferno: 32-92

Bring along a weapon with a decent range and a high rate of fire along with a
long range weapon. Proceed down the first tunnel slowly and cautiously. Gun
down the spiders with a steady stream of fire. As you get to the end of the
tunnel you'll come to a larger open area with multiple tunnels. When the wasps
start to appear fall back immediately to the tunnel you just came out of and
let them come to you. Chances are good that most of the wasps will start
crawling along the tunnel walls rather than flying, which makes them much
easier to shoot. Note that some of them will attack you from behind, but your
teammates will most likely take them out for you. When the swarm dies down head
back to the open area and hunt down the remaining wasps. Continue towards the
next group of wasps. Using the same strategy as before lure them back to the
tunnel instead of fighting them in the open area. You'll meet up with a group
of EDF soldiers ahead. The next area is where the death queen is, and you'll
want to be prepared instead of rushing in.

The key to defeating the death queens (there are two of them) is not to enter
or go anywhere near the cavern they're in. Stay as far from the entrance as 
possible and open fire with your rapid weapon. You will want to gun down as
many of the wasps that come out as possible, possibly hitting the death queen
in the bargain. The death queen can actually fire shots down the tunnel, so
stay near the bend of the tunnel so you can duck back to the right in case
you see those large stingers come your way. Even though you can't see clearly
in the darkness, you can tell if you're hitting the death queen if you see a
fountain of green blood when you fire into the darkness. Try to approximate 
her location and keep firing away from a distance. The death queen makes a
rather distinct sound when she dies, so be sure to listen for it.

With the first death queen down it's time to take on the second one, who is
usually chilling further back in the cave. Creep forward cautiously until you
can barely make out the death queen's wings in the distance. Fire a single shot
at her, and then back the hell away from the entrance down the tunnel. This 
will bring the death queen and a new swarm of wasps to the entrance. Repeat the
same process you used for the first group. Rapidly fire away from a distance
and keep firing. If the death queen stays in the air, use the glint off her
wings to triangulate her location and open fire with your long distance weapon.

Enemies: Deroys, Deroys (Large)
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 12-17 Normal: 16-21 Hard: 33-48 Hardest: 12-72 Inferno: 32-92

This mission is essentially one giant slug fest against a large group of deroys
at the docks. Follow the EDF troops and tanks forward. A group of large
transports will appear and deploy deroy units. Don't worry about the transports
as they will be leaving the area shortly. Focus fire on the deroys as they come
into view. Note that some deroys will come around behind you to the right so
stay alert for a pincer attack. It's not so bad on easy difficulty, but on 
normal and above the deroys will close on your position very quickly, making
the battle turn ugly very fast.

Once the first wave has been destroyed earth eaters will appear and deploy a
second wave of deroys. This group includes three of the larger variants. These
large deroys can hit you from quite a distance with thier legs, so be wary of
them as they start getting closer.

Enemies: Dragons, Dragon (Mutant)
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 12-17 Normal: 16-21 Hard: 33-48 Hardest: 12-72 Inferno: 33-93

Engaging the dragons in the open is a bad idea. Start by recruiting the nearby
EDF soldiers. Then take aim and shoot one of the dragons circling in the
distance. Move back to the area behind you and take position in the narrow
alleyways. Doing so will limit the directions the dragons can approach you
from, as they'll most likely appear straight above you where you can simply aim
up and blast away. This also causes them to get hung up on the buildings where
it's much easier to shoot them from. Keep repeating the process of luring them
into the city and eventually you'll get a message about an incoming wave of
dragons (you'll know they're coming when you see the red indicators circling
the mini map). This is a very large swarm of dragons and will likely end up
clogging the street and alleyways with their corpses. But as long as you keep
moving around and stick to the alleys you should be able to outlast the dragon
storm. Repeat the process of luring the dragons in until you get a second
message of incoming dragons. This wave is even larger than the first. Use the
same strategies that you used against the first giant wave and you should be
fine. When the storm dies down be sure to pick up the items strewn about the
area before hunting down the remaining stragglers.

Enemies: Shield Bearers, Large Transports, Ants (Grey), Flying Drones, Deroys
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 12-17 Normal: 16-21 Hard: 33-48 Hardest: 13-73 Inferno: 33-93

There are a large number of shield bearers in the area that are creating an
overlapping field of barriers. Fortunately, they're immobile for this mission,
so all you need to do is hunt them down. Since they're pretty tall you can see
them from a distance. The main problem are the transports which will 
constantly drop ants to pester you. You'll need to take out the nearby shield
bearers to open up a path to shoot them down.

I usually start by heading northeast from the start and destroying the shield
bearer nearby. Several flying drones will pester you from above. Since they
don't respawn in the mission go ahead and take them down if they start becoming
an annoyance. Once the shield bearer is destroyed head across the waterway and
head northeast to another shield bearer near the cranes by the docks.

The third shield bearer is in the opposite direction towards the nearest
large transport. Destroy the shield bearer, breaking off occasionally to
deal with the constant wave of ants that come up from the water to pester you.
The large transport is semi covered by a barrier, but there's enough of an
opening for you to hit it. Shoot it down (again gunning down nearby ants as 
they appear).

The next group of shield bearers are way back at the grassy area that you were
at previously in mission 18. Go ahead and swim across the water to reach it.
Fortunately you can jump out of the water near the edge of the grassy area.
Take out the nearby shield bearer. Note that an inactive deroy will be sitting
nearby. As long as you don't shoot at it, it should remain inactive. Once the
shield bearer is gone go ahead and start shooting at the second large transport
nearby (once again stopping to gun down ants that appear from the water). Once
the transport is gone mop up the remaining ants. With the transports destroyed
the flow of ants should stop. Go ahead and take out the nearby deroy.

To the left there is a shield bearer next to another deroy. This deroy will
automatically activate if you shoot at the shield bearer, so you might as well
target it from the get go. Destroy the shield bearer and then head back to the
dock area where there should be two shield bearers left. Destroy the one 
sitting on the docks and then focus your fire on the one that's way out to sea.
If your sniping weapon doesn't have good range you may actually have to walk
out on one of the docks to hit it. Unless you've been methodical about
destroying the flying drones in the area there still should be some flying 
around in the area. If you have the patience go ahead and collect the items in
the area first before shooting down the remainder of the drones to end the

Enemies: Wasps, Wasps (Red), Death Queens
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 12-17 Normal: 17-22 Hard: 33-48 Hardest: 13-73 Inferno: 34-94

This mission features a large number of wasps with three death queens hanging
around the buildings in the distance. Ideally you will want to engage the
death queens one at a time, but chances are that a second one will most likely
join in once you have the first one's attention. If you have a long distance
sniping weapon note that it is very easy to accidentally hit one of the
death queens in the distance, as the perspective can make one of the giant
death queens look like a regular wasp that's close by you. When the death
queens do come a knocking, do your best to concentrate your fire on them
while your teammates deal with the regular wasps.

Once the death queens are gone the battle is pretty much over. All that's left
is to hunt down the remaining wasps that are probably stuck in the buildings
way in the distance. This does give you a great opportunity to collect the 
items strewn about the area though.

Enemies: Ants (Grey/Red), Spiders, Dragons
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 12-17 Normal: 17-22 Hard: 34-49 Hardest: 13-73 Inferno: 34-94

You're back on the mountainside fighting waves of enemies, which wouldn't be so
bad if it wasn't for the dragons that attack with each wave. Other than that,
there isn't really anything too notable here, except the last wave of enemies
is absolutely massive and will most likely overwhelm you in a tide of 
insects and lizards.

Enemies: Flying Machines, Deroys, Hectors, Shield Bearers, Earth Eaters, Brain
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 13-18 Normal: 17-22 Hard: 34-49 Hardest: 14-74 Inferno: 35-95

This mission is actually a bit less difficult than it was in EDF 2025. Start
out by sniping the deroy in the distance. When the deroy is gone start taking
out the flying machines around the area. When they've been cleared head over to
the edge of the crater and start sniping away at the hectors and/or deroy.
There are two shield bearers walking around inside which may make targeting
them rather difficult, but they tend to move around a lot which gives you
opportunities to fire pot shots at the enemies. You'll want to stay above the
area as much as possible and take out everything but the shield bearers. When
those are all that's left go ahead and drop in the crater. Pick up items if you
want, and then destroy the shield bearers. Fortunately, this time around they
won't end up crawling out of the crater like they did last game. All that's 
left is the brain.

Note that the brain is pretty high up and if your sniping weapon is in the 600
meter range you might have problems hitting it. You might have to fire a few
test shots below the brain to see where they impact in order to find the sweet
spot. If worse comes to worse you might have to end up going around the entire
crater to the side with the higher elevation is order to be high enough to hit
it. Keep firing at the brain until the earth eaters appear. Destroy all the red
panels to open up the earth eaters and continue to fire at the brain until it
retreats from the battle. If you really want to milk this mission for weapons
and armor, shoot down all the earth eaters and collect all the items they drop
before shooting the brain.

Note: On hard difficulty and above there will be additional shield bearers in
the crater that will prevent you from shooting at a distance. You will need to
enter the crater proper in order to engage the enemies.

Enemies: Large Transports, Wasps, Dragons, Dragons (Mutant)
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 13-18 Normal: 18-23 Hard: 34-49 Hardest: 14-74 Inferno: 36-96

An annoying and difficult mission. Three large transports in the distance will
continuously deploy flying enemies. The one in the center will drop wasps,
while the two on the sides will drop dragons. And as mission 70 has taught you,
trying to shoot down transports with dragons in the vicinity is an exercise in
frustration. Try to focus on shooting down the transports one at a time, which
is easier said than done as you'll be swarmed the entire mission. Oh, and
mutant dragons will show up as well. Fantastic.

Enemies: Transport Ships, Large Transport Ships, Ants, Spiders, Wasps
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 13-18 Normal: 18-23 Hard: 35-50 Hardest: 14-74 Inferno: 36-96

After the last mission, this mission isn't so bad by comparison. You're 
basically being circled by a group of regular and large transport ships and
need to shoot them down. Since there are no dragons here, doing so is much
easier than it was in the previous mission. Focus on the transports as they
come into view, only pausing to kill enemies if they get in the way or if you
need to replenish your health.

Enemies: Dragons, Greater Wild Dragon
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 13-18 Normal: 18-23 Hard: 35-50 Hardest: 15-75 Inferno: 37-97

What starts out as a standard dragon hunt turns into something far worse. The
greater wild dragon is basically a gigantic Final Fantasy style Bahamut dragon
with a breath attack that has a ridiculously large splash damage radius. Aside
from the initial fire spray it shoots out, a secondary reddish mist will appear
that tends to hit everyone with continual damage even if you can't see it. The
GWD tends to stay in the air most of the time. When you see it start to dive
bomb in your direction you should definitely start moving out of the way.
Occasionally the GWD will land temporarily on the ground, and if you inflict
enough damage to its wings it will stay on the ground for an even longer 
duration. The GWD will take quite a bit of damage before it goes down. To make
matters worse, two waves of regular dragons will appear during the battle to
complicate things. However, this also give you an opportunity to obtain health
kits, which you will probably end up desperately needing during this fight.

Enemies: Ants (Grey/Red), Spiders, Wasps
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 14-19 Normal: 18-22 Hard: 35-50 Hardest: 15-75 Inferno: 37-97

The good news is that you'll only be fighting regular enemies in this mission.
The bad news is that you'll be fighting a very large number of them. Destroying
the initial group of enemies causes the appearance of a second wave of enemies
coming in two directions. After that comes a third wave of wasps in two 
directions. The last wave will come at you from every direction. Try to target
the red ants first as they are usually the biggest threats since they can
absorb so much damage.

Enemies: Argos, Hectors (Regular, Blue, Fast), Large Transports, Ants,
Flying Machines
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 14-19 Normal: 19-24 Hard: 36-51 Hardest: 15-75 Inferno: 38-98

The main threat in this mission is the argos, which starts out already in its
robot form. There are two large transports on either side of the beach with a
large wave of hectors (including shield hectors) already having made landfall.
Try to destroy the initial transports ASAP, followed by the hectors closest to
you. As the battle progresses two more transports will appear along with even
more hectors (including the fast variants). The only saving grace are the
railgun tanks that provide backup in this battle, but for the most part you'll
be doing most of the leg work. The argos should be saved for last. It might be
tempting to get close to the argos and unload on it, but for some strange
reason it can detect you as the biggest threat on the battlefield (which to
be fair is true) and will blow you to kingdom come if you get anywhere near it.
Keep far back and pelt it with long ranged weapons until it eventually falls.

Enemies: Ants (Grey/Red), Spiders, Flying Machines, Hectors (Blue), Deroys,
Large Transports, Quadruped
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 14-19 Normal: 19-24 Hard: 36-51 Hardest: 16-76 Inferno: 38-98

It's a toss up as to whether this mission or the next one is the most
difficult mission in the game. It makes mission 82 seem like a total cake walk.
This mission is certainly the most annoying. Your biggest concern is to take
out the large number of transports in the distance that will drop a constant
flow of enemies to converge on your location. The only problem is that not only
will you have to deal with the large number of said enemies that are coming
your way, but also deroys and shielded hectors that will also be coming at you.
The cherry on the cake is the constant stream of flying machines that will
come out of the quadruped in the distance that will constantly drain your
health while you're desperately trying to stay alive, much less try to destroy
the transports. Oh and you'll have to destroy the quadruped as well. Fun.

The most immediate threat is the transport that drops red ants. I believe it's 
the one closest on the right. A deroy and hector are coming up from behind and
are also priority targets. Getting rid of them first makes taking down the
first transport slightly easier. With the red ants taken care of the real
grind begins. You'll need to get close enough to the transports in the distance
all the while fighting incoming waves of ants and spiders, not to mention the
flying machines that will be the bane of your existence. In addition there will
be more hectors to deal with as well. Eventually the quadruped will activate,
adding one more problem to the hot mess.

Concentrate on destroying the remaining transports (and hectors) before you try
to take on the quadruped. The quadruped will start opening up with its 
anti-personnel weapons, so to save yourself a headache try to destroy as many
of them as possible (in particular the rotating cannon that fires explosive
shots). Remember the orange fields near the front and sides act as shields, so
you'll need to account for them while you're trying to take out the weapons.
The EDF will fire a Grind Buster (tm) at the quadruped, but not even that will
stop it. It's up to you to deal the death blow by following the quadruped 
around the ruined city and slowly chip damaging it to death (all the while
being harassed by those damnable flying machines). Eventually (and I do mean
eventually) the quadruped will fall. All that remains is to clear out the
remaining enemies. As a reward (and if your mind isn't numb by the sheer 
grinding of this mission) go ahead and pick up the bazillion item boxes
that are scattered over the area before doing so. Note that there should be a
lone deroy still on the battlefield that for some reason hasn't woke up yet.
Not sure if this is an odd glitch or anything, but it should be the last enemy
you need to destroy to end this exhausting mission.

Enemies: Deroys, Ants (Grey/Red), Spiders, Flying Machines, Wasps, Shield
Bearers, Dragons, Death Queens, Hectors, Queen, Red Drones, King Spider,
Large Transports
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 14-19 Normal: 19-24 Hard: 36-51 Hardest: 16-76 Inferno: 39-99

As you might guess from the enemy list, this is the "throw everything at you
but the kitchen sink" mission. I'm amazed they didn't throw in an argos and
quadruped while they were at it. Suffice it to say, this is essentially one big
survival mission where you take on just about every enemy in the game (the
flying machines are oddly absent, but probably because they're all gathering 
for the final mission). 

The biggest hurdle in the mission is when the two shield bearers show up in the
distance. You might not think they're a threat now, not with all the crap the
game is throwing at you at the moment, but trust me, they're a big pain in the
ass. Because showing up with them are two death queens. The standard tactic of
firing at them from a distance is worthless since they'll be covered by the
shield bearers. To make matters worse both death queens and shield bearers will
stay in close proximity to one another, meaning while you're trying to destroy
one shield bearer the other will deploy its wide shield and vice versa. All the
while the death queens will be taking pot shots at you. If you can survive the
duo of death queens you've pretty much taken the worse the mission has to throw
at you.

Enemies: Brain, Earth Eaters, Flying Machines, Deroys, Dragons
Approximate Weapon Level Drop
Easy: 15-20 Normal: 20-25 Hard: 34-52 Hardest: 17-77 Inferno: 40-100

This is it. The final battle with the brain. It should be noted that your
primary target is the brain and the brain only. The only reason to shoot the
earth eaters is to clear them out of the way so that you can have a clear shot
at the brain. Speaking of earth eaters, you will be under constant bombardment
from them throughout the mission. Flying machines will also be constantly
deployed from the red panels. Shoot down the red panels to open a line of
sight to the brain, and then focus all your firepower on it. While you can
try to shoot down the other red panels and red deployment panels, it doesn't
really make a difference as there are way too many deployment panels to stop
the flow of flying machines, and way too many guns around you to put a dent in
the constant barrage you'll be taking throughout the mission. The only reason
you should break off the attack is to shoot down flying machines in order to
hopefully get a health drop to replenish your constantly depleting armor.

As you damage the brain you'll get a message about the earth eaters deploying
deroys. As the deroys will be a serious threat while you're desperately trying
to shoot at the brain, break off your attack and take them down. Once the brain
takes enough damage the earth eaters will retreat.

Or not. Now you know why shooting down the earth eaters is a losing battle.
Once again shoot down the earth eaters so that you have a clear shot at the 
brain and keep firing at it. When the brain takes enough damage the earth
eaters will retreat (again).

Yeah. You probably saw this coming a mile away. New earth eaters will appear
around the brain along with a whole bunch of dragons. If you're using
explosive weapons be careful as the dragons will tend to get in your face.
Shoot at the new earth eaters to clear open a path, and as before keep 
hammering at the brain. Fortunately, several units of EDF soldiers will appear 
nearby to help out. If you need health break off the attack and shoot down the
dragons to hopefully snag some health kits, and then continue your attack on
the brain. Eventually the brain will explode and fall to the earth. 
Congratulations! You've just saved the world. EDF!!! EDF!!!

|Weapon Farming|

In Earth Defense Force 2025 it used to be that mission 11 was the easiest
mission to farm weapons on inferno difficulty. You could run away to the back
of the area and let your super powered allies shoot down most of the drones.
This is no longer the case in 4.1 as the area is now completely different and
your allies will most likely get slaughtered to a man. It appears that mission
14 is the new 11 in 4.1. Previously in mission 14 your allies would get wiped
out in short order by the hectors. Now they are much tougher than before and
can actually clear the stage without any intervention from you. Therefore, this
makes mission 14 very desirable if you want access to high level weapons before
you actually go through the game proper, or if you want to build up your
arsenal before trying the higher difficulty levels.


Classes: Any
Weapons Required: None initially. Once you farm this level you might gain
weapons that will help expedite the process (see advanced strategy below).
Approximate Weapon Level Drop (On Inferno Difficulty): 0-57

Basic Strategy (assuming you have default or low level weapons)

Step 1: From the start immediately head southwest from your initial position.
You want to be in the small valley with the road leading out to the edge of the
map. If a drone starts coming after you reset the mission, as at this point 
unless you have strong weapons and high armor even a single drone is more than
likely to kill you. If you're a ranger or air raider use your rolls to get 
there quickly. If you're a fencer use dash cancelling (using a melee weapon and
shield). Wing divers have it the easiest as they can simply fly there quickly.

Step 2: Provided you made it to the edge of the map in the small valley 
unmolested wait there for a while. Your allies will start to shoot down the 
drones. Keep waiting until the number of fast moving triangles on the radar 
dies down. If you're an Air Raider go ahead and call for a vehicle (such as
a Gigantus tank or Grape armored carrier).

Step 3: Once the drones have been taken care of casually make your way back to
the beach. If you're an air raider hop in your vehicle and drive back. Your 
allies should be engaging the hectors now. At this point your weapons deal 
negligible damage to the hectors so all you can do is wait until they are all 
destroyed. Make sure to stay at a safe distance as if you get too close you may
attract the attention of one of the hectors, in which case it will blast you to
kingdom come.

Step 4: When the number of hectors on the beach is down to one carefully make
your way down the beach, making sure not to get too close to the remaining
hector. If you time it just right you should be very near to the shoreline
where the item boxes are scattered about by the time the last hector is
destroyed. Once the last hector is destroyed you will have a few minutes to
gather as many weapon boxes along the shoreline as you can before the next
wave of hectors start coming in. Quickly scan the area for green boxes and
make a beeline for them while going down the beach. If you have a weapon with
a zoom feature it can be helpful to use it to quickly scan distant item boxes
to check for the green weapon crates. Depending on your luck you might find
quite a bit, a few, or none. Obviously the wing diver will have the easiest
time collecting boxes, while the ranger will have to roll around and the
fencer use dash cancelling. The air raider can pick up items while in a vehicle
but it can be a bit finicky. If you miss a box while trying to drive over it,
it's probably faster just to get out and collect it rather than turning around
or trying to drive backwards. While collecting boxes try to avoid the allied 
commanders (red triangles) if at all possible. You want them to stay on the 
beach as much as possible rather than follow you around.

Step 5: Once you've collected all the weapon boxes start heading back up the
beach towards the back. The Air Force will start bombing runs on the incoming
hectors. Note that stray fire from the hectors will be coming in from the sea,
and if you're unlucky you might get hit (and killed instantly). You might also
be hit by stray fire from the incoming hectors coming in on the left of the
beach. You can try to mitigate stray fire by avoiding being behind your allies
as the hectors come in. Try to circle around to near the position where you
initially entered the beach from, again being very careful to avoid getting too
close to the hectors.

Step 6: When the hectors are down to one you'll hear some radio chatter about
a quadruped walking fortress. When this happens the remaining hector will be
destroyed fairly shortly thereafter. If you see weapon boxes near the shoreline
depending on how close the hector is to them you may want to try grabbing them
while the hector is occupied. Just remember not to get too close as it is very
easy for the hector to turn around and blast you just when you're about to
clear the mission.

Advanced Strategy (after farming this stage for weapons)

You'll want to equip the following:

1. ME4 Emerald (Level 35 Missile Launcher)
2. Lysander 2/Stringer J3 (Level 45/50 Sniper Rifle)

Wing Diver
1. Thunder Bow 20/Thunder Bow 20R (Level 30/43 Mid-Rg Electroshock)
2. Thunder Sniper D/Thunder Sniper 6 (Level 37/45 Sniper Weapons)

Air Raider
1. Limpet Splendor M9 (or highest level Limpet Gun you have)
2. Power Assist Gun M2 (Level 35 Support Equipment)
3. Naegling Self-Propelled Rocket (Level 21 or 43) OR 
   Epsilon Armored Railgun (highest level you have) OR
   Gigantus (highest level you have)

1. FG02 High Altitude Impact Missiles (Level 38 Missile Launchers)
2. Hand Cannon (Level 40 or 51 Artillery) OR
   30 mm Gallic Heavy Cannon M3 (Level 33 Artillery) OR
   Mortar (highest level you have)
3. Javelin Catapult (Level 14 or 52 Artillery) OR
   Shield (with highest durability)
4. CC Striker or CC Piercer (any level, for dash boost)

Overall strategy is the same, except you can now be a little more proactive.

Rangers: Once you reach the back of the area you can use the ME4 Emerald to
shoot down the drones from behind the hill. The ME4 Emerald fires missiles
upwards when launched so you don't have to worry about the hill getting in the
way. It has a 400 meter range, can lock on to up to four targets at once, and
reloads in less than a second. Suffice it to say this weapon will make short
work of the drones. Once the drones are taken care of you can help take down
the hectors from a safe distance using your sniper rifle.

Wing Divers: Unlike the other classes, the wing diver doesn't have any weapons
that she can use to engage the drones from behind the hill. It might be 
possible to engage when with a homing weapon such as the Mirage from the start,
but unless you're using the Mirage 5-Way S (which is a level 56 homing weapon)
it's a bit dicey unless you have enough health to take a few hits. It's 
probably much safer just to hang out in the back until the drone swarm dies 
down a bit. If by any chance a drone does come after you it's much easier to
handle now with the Thunder Bow. It's also possible to engage the remaining
drones in the area thanks to the Thunder Sniper's extreme range. Once the 
drones are gone you can use the Thunder Sniper to chip away at the hectors. If
you're feeling really saucy you can even try to shoot the hectors with the
Thunder Bow (its range is 275 meters).

Air Raiders: The Limpet Splendor M9 will actually give you a fighting chance
should a drone catch you early on. Ideally you will want to plaster the drone
with rapid fire limpets rather than trying to kill it with shrapnel. The main
decision air raiders need to make here is whether to bring a Naegling or a tank
as a vehicle. Bringing a Naegling can speed up the first part of the mission
quite a bit, as you can safely blast away the drones from behind the hill.
However, the rockets will do very little damage to the hectors. It's also a 
rather slow vehicle which will affect your box collecting later on. If you 
don't mind the wait it's probably better to call in a tank instead (preferably
the Epsilon, but a Gigantus will do if you don't have one yet). Not only do
tanks do much more damage to the hectors (especially the Epsilon), but they are
faster and have higher armor than the Naegling.

If you're using the Gigantus remember that the cannon fires in an arc which
can make hitting the hectors a bit tricky, as it is very easy for a shell to
overshoot its target, or go straight through the gap between the hector's arms
or legs. Try to aim for the side of the hector if at all possible, and remember
to lead the target a bit if the hector is in motion. Using an Epsilon is even
better as not only will it do more damage than the Gigantus, but the shots fire
in a straight line, making it much easier to hit the hectors. If you like you
can use the Power Assist Gun to increase the attack power of your tank (or 
Naeling if you have it).

Fencer: The FG02 High Altitude Impact Missiles are ideal for taking down the
drones from behind the hill. Try to get the maximum of 10 target locks before
you let it rip. Once the drones are taken care of you can use your artillery
weapon to snipe at the hectors. The fencer's artillery weapons have the same
arcing trajectory as tank weapons so the same rules apply (see Air Raider 


Classes: Air Raider
Weapons Required: EF31 Fire Nereid (Level 56 Helicopter)
Approximate Weapon Level Drop (On Inferno Difficulty): 4-64

The EF31 Fire Nereid is a rare drop that you might get while farming mission 
14. And when I say rare drop, I mean that it's no rarer than any other
possible weapon you might get for the air raider on that level. It's just that
since the air raider has so many possible weapon drops (the most of any class
actually) the chances of getting one is on par with winning the lottery. And
don't even get me started on how hard it is to get a Monster-S for the wing
diver, but that's another story. Anyhow, once you do manage to get your hands
on the Fire Nereid you can start farming mission 26 with the air raider on
inferno difficulty. Mission 26 is far more lucrative than mission 14 in that
not only can you get better weapons, but you can get far more weapon drops on
average as well.

Let's talk about the Fire Nereid first. As you may recall, helicopters in EDF
2025 had horrible controls. In 4.1 helicopters still have horrible controls.
Fortunately, for the purposes of farming this mission controlling the 
helicopter isn't an issue as the Fire Nereid has an auto targeting weapon. The
main concern is keeping the Fire Nereid in the air. Holding the L2 button 
causes the Nereid to ascend. Releasing the L2 button cuts power to the rotor.
After a short period without lift the Nereid will slowly descend, and shortly
after start plummeting to the ground. Holding down L2 while the Nereid is
falling will slowly arrest its downward ascent, but it takes a long time for
the Nereid to start ascending again. Therefore, the key to hovering is to hold
down the L2 button just enough to keep it level but not long enough for it to
start ascending. And since you'll be hovering for most of the mission it's an
important skill to learn. If you want to practice hovering try playing mission
1. The ants on that mission can't fire acid, so as long as you're in the air
they can't touch you.

From the start of the mission you should (obviously) call in the Fire Nereid.
Hop in and hold L2 to start it up and ascend. Note that it takes a long time
for the Nereid to get off the ground. Head towards a nice spot in the middle of
the beach. Now here comes the hard part. While hovering in place wait for all
your allies to die. This will take several minutes. You can tell when your
allies are all dead when the red ants all start making a beeline towards your
position. Now comes the fun part. Wait until the ants are all grouped beneath
you and then start firing the fire cannon (R2) in short bursts. The fire cannon
is very effective against ants and even in short bursts causes significant
damage. Ideally you will want to fire when the targeting laser is pointed
directly down for maximum carnage. When the crowd dies down use light bursts
to eliminate the remaining ants milling about. If you go easy on the trigger
it's entirely possible to eliminate the first wave of ants using about 300
units of ammunition.

Once all the red blips are gone from the radar, press the circle button to
immediately bail out of the Nereid. There will be a pile of boxes below you,
hopefully some of them being green weapon boxes. Collect as many as you can in
the immediate vicinity of the helicopter. Don't try to get anything further
than that, as the next wave of ants are coming in quickly and the Nereid takes
a while to get airborne. Repeat the same process with the next wave of ants.
Ascend, wait for them to group up, and then fire bursts of the cannon to take
them out. When they're gone bail out and collect the loot.

The third wave of ants will have purple variants. These purple ants are 
stronger and move faster than red ants, so be sure not to dally when collecting
boxes after the second wave. Otherwise the same strategy applies as before. As
long as you're conservative with your fire bursts you should have more than
enough ammunition to finish off the final wave.


Classes: Wing Diver
Weapons Required: Monster-S (Level 55 Sniper Weapon)
Approximate Weapon Level Drop (On Inferno Difficulty): 16-76

Getting a Monster-S for the wing diver can be problematic as it doesn't seem to
drop on mission 14 even though it technically should (in fact I actually got
one farming mission 75 on hardest difficulty). Once you do manage to get your
hands on one you can start farming mission 47 on inferno. The Monster-S is a
monstrously (pun intended) powerful sniper rifle. While it is possible with a
light trigger finger to fire it without using the entire energy gauge, the
regular Monster-S shot will completely drain the gauge. One shot is usually a
one hit kill for most enemies, but on inferno difficulty blue hectors take two
shots and the large transports take up to three direct hits.

The key to surviving this mission is to destroy the large transports ASAP. From
the start focus fire on the first transport that opens up (it should be the one
further away). You should be able to fire off three shots to take it down 
before it closes up again. Ignore the hectors for now. You should have enough
time to fire off a single shot on the second transport before it closes. Go
ahead and fire a single shot at a nearby hector while you wait. The transport
should open up again shortly after. Fire two more shots to destroy it. With the
transports taken care of go ahead and take down the hectors nearby one at a 
time. The nearby EDF troopers should keep the hectors occupied while you
take down the transports and finish off the nearby hectors.

Once the hectors in the immediate vicinity are dealt with, go ahead and jump
down to collect any weapon boxes in the area. There should be a few further
away near the river as well. While you're by the river take a look at the
shield hector on the left. If it's facing you start moving far away from it
across the river as possible. From a safe distance try to snipe its exposed
shoulder or weapon arm. Remember that once you fire the Monster-S you won't be
able to use your jet pack, so make sure you're at a considerable distance
before you fire. Hectors on inferno can kill you in an instant so being far
away is important. If the hector isn't facing toward you go ahead and snipe at
it from the side.

Once the first shield hector is destroyed fly around checking the remaining
boxes on the map for weapon crates. The second shield hector should be busy 
engaging the rangers in the city. Circle around to its rear while it's
distracted and fire at its vulnerable back (again from a distance).


Classes: Wing Diver
Weapons Required: Thunder Sniper D (Level 37 Sniper Weapon)
Approximate Weapon Level Drop (On Hardest Difficulty): 11-71

Before trying this mission I highly recommend building up your wing diver's
armor as it's very difficult to not get hit (and when you do get hit you'll be
taking a lot of damage). In fact I don't recommend trying this mission on 
inferno unless you have the Thunder Sniper 40 and a ton of armor. The key to
this mission is the Thunder Sniper D. The Thunder Sniper 6 might seem like a
better choice, but the slight increase in firepower is offset by the increased
energy cost per shot. The Thunder Sniper has long range and its shots rebound
off walls, which makes it quite attractive in the tunnels on this mission.

From the start use the Thunder Sniper's zoom function to look down the tunnel
in front of you. You can actually make out the spiders in the distance. Take
aim and start firing the Thunder Sniper down the tunnel. A large number of
spiders will start coming down the tunnel, and if they get close they can do
some major damage. Keep blasting away until the spiders stop coming in. You
might want to fire a few more shots down the tunnel just to clear out any
enemies in the open area in front. Make your way down the tunnel until you
hear a message about your position being compromised. Turn around and 
immediately start firing the Thunder Sniper down the tunnel you just came from
as wasps will spawn there. Once the red dots are gone in that direction turn
around again and start firing in the other direction as the wasps from the
main tunnel start coming in. Note that there are spiders and wasps in the side
tunnels next to you that can fire shots that can come through the walls, so to
mitigate the damage try to remain as close to the center of the tunnel as

Once you've cleared your tunnel and the main cavern in front of enemies you
will need to clear out the enemies in the side tunnels. This can be quite
dangerous as the spiders will usually be hanging near the entrance of the
tunnels ready to blast you with highly damaging webs. Take it slow and try to
ricochet the Thunder Sniper down the tunnels from the side as much as possible.
Once the side tunnels are cleared a group of rangers will appear. Pick up any
health, armor, and most importantly any weapon boxes in the area.

Follow the rangers to the next tunnel (but don't join them). Fire a Thunder
Sniper shot directly ahead of them. It should ricochet to the right into the
next cavern full of wasps. Keep firing the Thunder Sniper at a 90 degree angle
off the wall. When the swarm dies down turn the corner and fire into the cavern
to clear the area. Pick up armor and weapons but leave the health boxes unless
you desperately need the health. Go ahead and recruit the rangers now. You
should see a group of recruitable EDF soldiers in the distance ahead.

Now comes the fun part. Fire a shot from the Thunder Sniper above the group of
EDF soldiers. Like earlier it should rebound off the wall in front and head
right, aggravating the wasps and death queens in the next chamber. Just keep
firing shots off the wall into the next chamber, occasionally shooting any
wasps that turn the corner. Since you're behind the corner you'll be completely
safe from the death queen's shots and your EDF allies will most likely take
care of any regular wasps that do manage to turn the corner. If you want to
play it safe (or have low armor) keep shooting shots off the wall into the
chamber until the death queens are dead (which will take a while). If you can
take a hit you can try to peek around the corner to try to see where the queen
is for a more direct shot, but be warned that it's very easy for the queen to
fire a burst that goes straight through the narrow gap between the corner. Once
the queens are dead quickly turn the corner and try to collect as many weapon
boxes (if there are any) that were dropped by the wasps that were killed by
the entrance (the queens are too far away to collect their boxes).

|Weapon Lists|


Assault Rifles       Shotguns            Sniper Rifles

0  AF14              0  Buffalo G1       0  MMF40
1  AF14RA            3  Buffalo G2       2  MMF40RA
2  AF14ST            8  Governor 25      4  Stringer
2  Fusion Blaster    11 Wide Shot        6  MMF41
4  AF14RAR           14 Wide Shot VR     9  MMF41-D3
5  AF14-B3           10 Slug Shot        13 Lysander
7  AF15              15 Sparrow Shot     17 MMF42
10 AF15ST            17 Buffalo G3 Burst 18 Nova Buster
12 Fusion Blaster G1 20 Buffalo G3       21 MMF42RA
12 AF16              27 Sparrow Shot M2  25 Zero Laser Rifle
13 AF-V              30 Slug Shot BC     28 MMF43
16 AF16RA            30 Governor 50      32 MMF43-B2
18 AF17              35 Wide Shot A1     36 Stringer J2 
23 AF18              41 Buffalo G4       39 MMF50
25 AF18RA            44 Wide Shot A1VR   41 Five Card XA
26 AF18X             50 Buffalo G9       45 Lysander 2
28 AF19ST            55 Sparrow Shot M3  47 MMF100
32 Fusion Blaster G2 65 Governor 100     48 Five Card XB
32 AF19              69 Buffalo GSS      50 Stringer J3
38 AF19RA            71 Slug Shot DA     55 Nova Buster DA
43 AF19X-B3          72 Sparrow Shot MX  60 MMF200
46 AF20              82 Slug Shot EA     70 Lysander F
51 AF20ST            92 Buffalo Wide     72 Nove Buster ZD
56 AF20RAR                               75 Stringer J9
60 AF21-B4                               77 Hercules
61 Fusion Blaster DA                     90 Lysander Z
64 AF99
69 AF99ST
75 Fusion Blaster ZD
85 AF100

Rocket Launchers     Missile Launchers   Grenades

0  Stingray M1       0  Air Tortoise 01  0  MG11
0  Stingray ST       0  ME1 Emerald      0  MG11J
4  Volcano 3A        1  MLRA             2  DNG1
7  Stingray ST2      3  Air Tortoise 02  5  MG12
9  Volcano 3W-Burst  4  ME2 Emerald      8  MG13
10 Cascade 1         7  FORK-A15         12 MG13J
11 A1 Plasma Bomber  10 MLRA-2           14 MG14
17 Goliath D1        15 ME3 Emerald      15 MG14J
20 Stingray M2       21 MLRA-30          21 DNG2
26 Stingray M3       23 Prominence M1    27 MG20
29 A2 Plasma Bomber  29 FORK-A20         38 MG21J
31 Cascade 2         35 ME4 Emerald      45 DNG3
35 Goliath D2        43 Air Tortoise ME  52 Bound Grenade
40 Stingray M4       47 MLRA-TW          72 DNG9
43 Volcano B10       62 Prominence M2    0  UM1 Grenade Launcher
50 Goliath Z         67 FORK-X20         2  UM1-J Grenade Launcher
53 Volcano 6W        77 MEX5 Emerald     5  Stampede M1
57 A3 Plasma Bomber  82 Prominence MA    7  UM2 Grenade Launcher
62 Stingray M99                          12 UM2-J Grenade Launcher
70 Cascade Iota                          17 UMRA Grenade Launcher
78 Stingray MF                           19 UM3-J Grenade Launcher
                                         22 Splash Grenade
Special Weapons                          25 Sticky Grenade Prototype
                                         28 UM4 Grenade Launcher 
7  Acid Shot Prototype                   31 BRUTE-J Triple Grenade Launcher
20 Acid Gun                              35 Flame Geyser
37 Acid Shot                             37 Splash Grenade Alpha
52 Wide Acid Gun                         40 Volatile Napalm D
57 Super Acid Gun                        42 BRUTE Triple Grenade Launcher
0  Torch                                 46 Sticky Grenade
5  Flamethrower                          46 Stampede M2
29 Flamethrower Alpha                    52 CRUMBLE Twin Grenade Launcher
55 Flame Cannon                          55 Volcanic Napalm
82 Magma Cannon                          62 Sticky Grenade Alpha
5  Firecracker 1                         67 UMAX Grenade Launcher
18 Firecracker 2                         69 Flame Geyser DA
25 Firecracker 3                         71 Stampede XM
42 Firecracker 4                         80 Volatile Napalm ZD
55 Burst Firecracker                     90 UMAZ Grenade Launcher
3  P78 Bound Gun
10 P79 Bound Gun
33 P80 Bound Gun
58 P89 Bound Gun
73 PX50 Bound Shot
0  Proto Reverser
1  Reverser
12 Reverse Gun
20 High Cycle Reverser
28 Reverser M2
35 Reverse Shooter T1
42 Reverser M3
47 Reverse Bomber
51 High Cycle Reverser D
62 Reverse Shooter T2
70 Reverser X
77 Reverse Shooter X
80 High Cycle Reverser ZD


Short-Range             Mid-Rg Lasers             Mid-Rg Electroshock

0  Rapier               0  LAZR-197               1  Idunn-A
0  Laser Lance          3  LARG-V                 2  Eclat 10
5  Rapier Thrust        6  LAZR-198               3  Thunder Bow 10
7  Laser Lance B        15 LAZR-199               4  Idunn-B
10 M2 Rapier            20 LAZR-200               7  Idunn-C Custom
12 2WAY Lance           25 Laser Chainsaw         11 Eclat 20
15 Plasma Ram           28 LAZR-201               13 Thunder Bow 15
17 Laser Lance R Custom 32 Reflectron V Laser     18 Thunder Bow 15S
20 M3 Rapier Thrust     40 LAZR-202               25 Idunn-D Custom
25 MX Laser Lance       45 LARG-W3                30 Thunder Bow 20
30 Plasma Whip          47 Reflectron Laser D     33 Grom X
30 Laser Lance C        50 Cyclone Laser          38 Grom SS
32 3WAY Lance           55 LAZR-299               43 Thunder Bow 20R
35 MX Rapier            62 LAZR-300               47 Idunn-E Custom
40 Burst Lance          70 Reflectron Multi-Laser 52 Eclat 30
45 Rapier G Thrust      75 ARC-LAZR               57 Idunn-E Custom 2
47 Spark Lance          82 Reflectron Laser ZD    67 Thunder Bow 30
50 Laser Lance X        90 SIG-LAZR               75 Eclat LIM
52 Rapier G Thrust                                90 Idunn-FF
55 Plasma Whip S                                  92 Thunder Bow XD
57 Demonic Lance
60 4WAY Lance
65 Plasma Sweeper
72 Master Rapier
75 Laser Lance Sigma
78 Sacred Lance
80 Spark Lance A
82 Master Rapier Thrust
90 Luonnotar
90 Hreidmarr

Particle Cannons     Sniper Weapons          Ranged Attacks

0  Ixion             0  Proto Thunder Sniper 0  E1 Plasma Launcher
1  Ixion 2-Way       0  LRSL-33              0  Plasma Grenade A
3  Ixion MX          2  LRSL-34              0  Plasma Shot
5  Ixion Mark II     3  Thunder Sniper A     0  E2 Plasma Launcher
8  Ixion 3WAY        5  LRSL-35              1  Plasma Grenade B
8  Power Stringer    7  LRSL-36              2  E3 Plasma Launcher
12 Ixion Wide        10 Monster              5  Dual Plasma Launcher
16 Ixion 5-Way       11 Thunder Sniper B     5  Rapid Grenade
22 Ixion 4-Way       12 Thunder Sniper 15    10 D Plasma Launcher
23 Dynastrike        15 Thunder Sniper C     10 E4 Plasma Launcher
28 Ixion Mark III    17 Thunder Sniper R     15 Blast Launcher
35 Power Stringer D  20 LRSL-37              16 Blast Grenade
36 Ixion 6-Way       30 Raijin               17 3x Plasma Launcher
42 Dynastrike X      37 LRSL-38              20 D2 Plasma Launcher
46 Ixion 6-Way S     37 Thunder Sniper D     25 Plasmafall
47 Dynastrike Z      42 LRSL-S               25 M15 Plasma Launcher
52 Dynastrike Alpha  45 Thunder Sniper 6     26 Wide Grenade 20
57 Ixion 9-Way       55 Monster-S            29 2x Plasma Launcher R
62 Power Stringer S  62 Thunder Sniper 40    32 Plasma Grenade SP
65 Ixion Mark IV     70 Thunder Sniper MX    36 E5 Plasma Launcher
77 Ixion Mark X      70 LRSL-AC              40 Plasma Grenade C
87 Luxard            80 SIG Sniper           41 2x Plasma Launcher S
                     92 Gungnir              45 EX Plasma Launcher
                                             50 EX3x Plasma Launcher
                                             55 M30 Plasma Launcher
                                             60 Wide Grenade 40
                                             62 RSR Plasma Launcher
                                             65 Plasma Grenade F
                                             67 XSX Plasma Launcher
                                             80 Plasma Grenade Sigma
                                             87 Plasmafall Sigma
                                             92 RZR Plasma Launcher

Homing Weapons     Special Weapons

0  Mirage Zero     2  Pandora
2  Geist           24 Heaven's Gate
5  Rapid Mirage    7  Thunder Cluster
8  Mirage 5-Way    13 Pandora Anti-air Custom
13 Geist 2         20 Pandora Beta
18 Mirage 5-Way B  25 Psi Cluster
25 Mirage Rumble   34 Pandora Alpha
27 Mirage 15       42 Psi Cluster Alpha
31 Psiblade        50 Heaven's Gate 10
37 Geist 3         55 Thunder Cluster Alpha
43 Mirage 15S      70 Heaven's Gate D10
52 Fenrir          87 Thunder Orb
56 Mirage 5-Way S  87 Final Days
60 Psiblade Alpha
63 Geist D
67 Ghost Chaser
76 Mirage 15WR
82 Fenrir 3-Way


Guidance Equipment            Calling for Support

0  Laser Guide Kit            0  Howitzer (Artillery Squad)
6  High-Speed Laser Guide Kit 12 Cannon A (Artillery Squad)
34 Laser Guide Kit T2         32 Large Howitzer (Artillery Squad)
57 Laser Guide Kit T3         39 Cannon B (Artillery Squad)
81 Laser Guide Kit T4         60 Cannon C (Artillery Squad)
2  Guide Beacon Gun           68 Enhanced Howitzer (Artillery Squad)
14 Guide Beacon Gun M2        77 Gigantic Howitzer (Artillery Squad)
40 High Output Beacon Gun     83 Cannon D (Artillery Squad)
51 Guide Beacon Gun M3        0  Artillery A (Attack Whale)
64 Power Beacon Gun           5  105mm Cannon (Attack Whale)
77 Guide Beacon Gun MA        15 150mm Cannon (Attack Whale)
                              30 Artillery B (Attack Whale)
Support Equipment             43 120mm Cannon A (Attack Whale)
                              50 150mm Cannon B (Attack Whale)
0  Life Vendor                62 120mm Cannon B (Attack Whale)
11 Life Vendor M2             65 Artillery C (Attack Whale)
19 Life Spout Gun             81 Artillery D (Attack Whale)
27 Life Spout Gun M2          82 150mm Cannon C (Attack Whale)
36 Life Vendor M3             85 120mm Cannon C (Attack Whale)
50 Life Vendor MH             1  Bombing Plan A (Bomber Charon)
61 Life Spout Gun M3          9  Strafe Plan A (Bomber Charon)
77 Life Vendor ZD             20 Bombing Plan B (Bomber Charon)
79 Life Spout Gun ZM          27 Bombing Plan C (Bomber Charon)
0  Plasma Charger             41 Strafe Plan B (Bomber Charon)
4  Plasma Battery Gun         48 Bombing Plan D (Bomber Charon)
14 Plasma Charger M2          52 Wave Attack (Bomber Charon)
29 Plasma Streamer            61 Cluster Hit (Bomber Midnight)
45 Plasma Charger M3          71 Bombing Plan E (Bomber Charon)
54 Plasma Battery Gun M2      79 Strafe Plan C (Bomber Charon)
70 Plasma Streamer DA         84 Bombing Plan F (Bomber Charon)
78 Plasma Charger ZM          2  AH Coastal Missiles
86 Plasma Battery Gun ZM      7  AH High-Speed Missiles Group
2  Power Assist Gun           17 NX Large Coastal Missiles
10 Power Post                 37 N5 Coastal Missiles
25 Power Post M2              25 Lionic 20
35 Power Assist Gun M2        57 Tempest A1
58 Offensive Territory        67 N6 Coastal Missiles
66 Power Assist Gun MG        75 Tempest A2
84 Power Post ZM              80 Lionic 30
1  Guard Post                 87 Tempest S1A
5  Guard Assist Gun           11 Satellite BLaster A
17 Guard Post M2              22 Spritefall A
31 Zone Protector             35 Satellite Blaster B
42 Guard Assist Gun G         45 Satellite Blaster C
64 Guard Post M3              54 Spritefall B
75 Zone Protector ZM          70 Satellite Blaster D
                              76 Spritefall C
                              80 Satellite Blaster E
                              82 Laguna Blaster
                              95 Rule of God

Limpet Guns            Stationary Weapons

0  Limpet Gun          1  C20 Bomb
0  Limpet Splendor     10 Roller Bomb
1  Limpet Sniper       12 Assault Beetle
2  Limpet Gun D        16 C24 Bomb
5  Limpet Splendor D   28 Roller Bomb D
8  Limpet Gun M2       33 C25 Special Bomb
12 Limpet Sniper D     38 Patroller
15 Limpet Splendor M2  42 Assault Beetle DA
18 Limpet Launcher     46 C30 Bomb
20 Limpet Splendor A30 53 Roller Bomb D2
22 Limpet Gun M3       60 Stag Beetle
26 Splendor Shot       62 Speed Star
28 Limpet Splendor M3  66 C70 Bomb
31 Limpet Chain Gun    76 Roller Bomb DZ
33 Limpet Sniper A3    82 Patroller DA
38 Limpet Detector     0  Y9 Impulse
43 Limpet Shot         3  Y9 Anti-Aircraft Impulse
47 Limpet Buster       7  Y10 Impulse
52 Limpet Splendor M9  13 Y10 Anti-Aircraft Missile
55 Limpet Sniper F3    21 Y10 Wide Impulse
58 Limpet Chain Gun M2 30 Y11 Impulse
61 Limpet Detector ME  44 Y11 Anti-Aircraft Impulse
65 Limpet Gun MA       48 Y20 Impulse
67 Limpet Sniper MA2   63 YDX Anti-Aircraft Impulse
71 Splendor Chain Gun  71 YDX Strike Impulse
78 Limpet Gun MT       76 Y21 Impulse
79 Splendor Shot AX    6  ZE-GUN
83 Limpet Heavy Gun    11 ZER-GUN
85 Limpet Splendor ZD  19 ZE Sniper
87 Limpet Sniper ZD    26 ZE Launcher
89 Limpet Chain Gun ZD 46 ZERA-GUN
                       68 ZE-GUN10
                       72 ZEX Launcher
                       79 ZEXR-GUN

Special Weapons              Tanks

0  Electromagnetic Bunker    0  E551 Gigantus
8  Decoy [Red]               1  E551 Gigantus D
13 Anti-Aircraft Bunker      7  E551 Gigantus D2
21 Heavy Bunker              10 Epsilon Armored Railgun
29 Decoy [Blue]              12 E651 Titan
32 Electromagnetic Bunker M2 15 E551 Gigantus J
40 Personal Shelter          18 Melt Buster
56 Electromagnetic Prison    19 Epsilon Armored Railgun D
63 Decoy [Yellow]            23 E551 Gigantus JS Custom
69 Anti-Aircraft Bunker ME   25 E551 Gigantus J2
72 Electromagnetic Bunker GH 30 Epsilon Armored Railgun ME
78 Borderline                35 E551 Gigantus J3
82 Decoy [Silver]            37 E651 Titan M2
88 Electromagnetic Wall      41 Epsilon Armored Railgun ME2
89 Absolute Bunker           47 E551 Gigantus G
3  Caesar Wire               54 E551 Gigantus GS Custom
8  Rapidfire Wire            55 Epsilon Armored Railgun MD4
16 Skytrap Wire              62 E551 Gigantus RG1
26 Wire Shot                 69 Epsilon Armored Blast Railgun
44 Skytrap Wire 12W          71 E551 Gigantus RG2
55 Rapidfire Wire DA         77 E551 Gigantus ZS Custom
68 Caesar Wire ZD            83 E651 Titan M3
80 Skytrap Wire 16W          84 Epsilon Armored Blast Railgun E
                             87 E551 Gigantus ZA

Ground Vehicles                      Helicopters

0  Armored Vehicle Grape             4  EF24 Bazelart
6  Caravan Armored Vehicle           15 EF31 Nereid
6  Naegling Self-Propelled Rocket    17 HU04 Brute
9  SDL1                              26 EF24 Bazelart Vulture
16 Armored Vehicle Grape AP1         36 EF31 Nereid 2
18 Caravan Armored Vehicle CS        38 HU04 Brute Hell Flame
18 SLD1 Bike                         42 EF24 Bazelart Blaze
21 Naegling Self-Propelled Rocket XM 56 EF31 Fire Nereid
32 Armored Vehicle Grape M2          63 HU04 Brute D7
37 Armored Vehicle Grape RA          67 EF24 Bazelart Vulture 2
39 Caravan Armored Vehicle M2        70 EF31 Nereid S
40 SDL1 Type R                       78 EF24 Bazelart Vulture F
43 Naegling Self-Propelled Rocket D1 81 HU04 Brute SA9
50 Armored Vehicle Grape AP2         83 EF31 Nereid Angel
58 Caravan Armored Vehicle Turbo     85 EF24 Bazelart Powered
60 SDL1 Type Z
65 Naegling Self-Propelled Rocket M3
66 Armored Vehicle Grape M9
72 Caravan Armored Vehicle M3
76 SDL1 Burst Turbo
76 Caravan Armored Vehicle S Turbo
77 Armored Vehicle Grape RZ
80 Naegling Self-Propelled Rocket ZEM

Power Suits

1  BM03 Vegalta
1  Depth Crawler I
10 BM03 Vegalta Fire Warrior
11 Depth Crawler Flame
16 BM03 Vegalta D
19 Depth Crawler II
20 Walking Fortress Balam
20 BM03 Vegalta Heavy Cannon
27 BM03 Vegalta A1
28 BMX10 Proteus
31 Depth Crawler Heavy Custom
35 BM03 Vegalta Missile Gun
39 Walking Fortress Balam Type-B
40 BM03 Vegalta A2
45 BM03 Vegalta Fireghost
46 Depth Crawler III
52 BM03 Vegalta Buster Arms
52 Depth Crawler S Range Custom
53 BMX10 Proteus Burst
57 BM03 Vegalta AW4
58 Walking Fortress Balam Laser Fort
63 BM03 Vegalta Revolver Custom
67 Depth Crawler L Range Custom
68 BM03 Vegalta Fireknight
75 BM03 Vegalta Busterload
77 Depth Crawler IV
80 BMX10 Proteus Gamma
82 BM03 Vegalta Fireload
84 BM03 Vegalta AX
85 Depth Crawler IV Custom
87 Walking Fortress Balam Type-F


CC Strikers         CC Piercers             Shields

0  Vibro Hammer     0  Blasthole Spear      0  Deflection Shield
1  Vibro Hammer F3  3  Flashing Spear       0  Ion Mirror Shield
2  Force Blade      6  Jackhammer           2  Tower Shield
4  Vibro Roller     11 Spine Driver         5  Deflection Shield 2
9  Vibro Hammer FA  16 Blasthole Spear M2   7  Ion Mirror Shield 2E
11 Force Blade D    20 Blast Twin Spears    15 Deflection Shield 3
13 Vibro Haken      22 Flashing Spear M2    17 Tower Shield 2E
15 Vulcan Hammer    26 Jackhammer M2        21 Deflection Shield 4
19 Dynamo Blade     31 Spine Driver M2      25 Ion Mirror Shield 3E
30 Vibro Roller D2  35 Flashing Spear M3    27 Reflector
35 Vibro Roller FV  36 Blasthole Spear M3   34 Deflection Shield 5
39 Force Ax         41 Blast Twin Spears M2 37 Tower Shield 3E
41 Quake Haken      44 Blasthole Spear M4   39 Deflection Shield 6
43 Vulcan Hammer D  46 Jackhammer M3        47 Ion Mirror Shield 4E
46 Vibro Roller D3  50 Spine Driver M3      52 Deflection Shield 7
50 Dynamo Blade M2  51 Flashing Spear M4    57 Tower Shield 4E
54 Quake Haken ZD   55 Blasthole Spear M5   60 Ion Mirror Shield 5E
56 Vulcan Hammer ZD 59 Jackhammer M4        64 Deflection Shield MA
61 Force Blade MA   63 Blast Twin Spears M3 68 Powered Reflector
66 Force Ax G2      67 Blasthole Spear M6   71 Deflection Shield MGX
69 Finest Hammer    69 Spine Driver M4      75 Ion Mirror Shield MG
76 Force Ax G3      77 Jackhammer MA        79 Master Shield
79 Vibro Roller D9  78 Blasthole Spear MS   85 Great Shield
83 Dyna Force Blade 80 Blast Twin Spears M4
                    81 Flashing Spear M5
                    84 Spine Driver MA

Automatic Artillery               Artillery

0  FG7 Hand Gatling               0  NC101 Hand Cannon
0  Gallion Lightweight Cannon     1  30mm Gallic Heavy Cannon
1  Dexter Automatic Shotgun       2  Powerdyne
5  Flame Revolver                 6  NCS1 Cannon Shot
7  FG8 Hand Gatling               10 30mm Gallic Heavy Cannon M2
10 Gallion Rapid Fire Cannon      14 Javelin Catapult
12 Dexter Automatic Shotgun D1    16 25mm Light Canister Cannon
17 Flame Revolver D               20 NC102 Hand Cannon
19 UT1 Hand Gatling               28 NC103 Hand Cannon
21 Gallion Rapid Fire Cannon M2   33 30mm Gallic Heavy Cannon M3
23 Disruptor                      36 Javelin Storm
27 FG9 Hand Gatling               40 NC104 Hand Cannon
32 FGS Diffusion Gatling          45 NCS2 Cannon Shot
35 Dexter Automatic Shotgun D2    51 NC201 Hand Cannon
37 Gallion Triple Burst Cannon    52 Twin Javelin Catapult
40 Flame Revolver DC1             58 30mm Light Canister Cannon
42 UT2 Hand Gatling               65 NC202 Hand Cannon
45 Gallion Lightweight Cannon M3  70 35mm Gallic Heavy Cannon
50 Dexter Automatic Shotgun G     72 Javelin Storm ZD
52 FG10 Hand Gatling              75 NCSS Cannon Shot
57 Gallion 3R Burst Cannon        78 NC290 Hand Cannon
60 Flame Revolver DC2             82 35mm Battle Cannon
62 Power Disruptor                0  FH11 Light Mortar
65 FG20 Hand Gatling              4  YH1 Dispersal Mortar
68 Gallion Lightweight Cannon M2  9  FHD1 Heavy Mortar
70 Dexter Automatic Shotgun ZA    12 YH2 Dispersal Mortar
72 UT3 Hand Gatling               18 FHD2 Heavy Mortar
75 Gallion Armor-Pierce Cannon    28 FH12 Light Mortar
76 Maximum Disruptor              33 FHD3 Heavy Mortar
77 Dexter Automatic Shotgun ZG    38 FH21 Light Mortar
80 FGZ Hand Gatling               42 YH3 Dispersal Mortar
82 Hell Flame Revolver            53 FH22 Mortar
                                  62 FHER Heavy Mortar
                                  83 YH7 Dispersal Mortar

Missile Launchers

0  Phoenix 1
1  Arm Hound
3  Leviathan
8  Haytal Multiple Missiles
13 Arcane 6-Barrel Missiles
18 FG01 High Altitude Impact Missiles
22 Phoenix 2
29 G2 Arm Hound
30 Haytal Multiple Missiles M2
32 M2 Blood Storm
34 Leviathan MA
38 FG02 High Altitude Impact Missiles
43 Phoenix 3
47 Arcane 6-Barrel Missiles G2
51 Haytal Multiple Missiles MA
55 G3 Arm Hound
58 Wild Leviathan
63 Phoenix X
66 Arcane 6-Barrel Missiles GA
71 FGX High Altitude Impact Missiles
81 Haytal Multiple Missiles WX
84 Phoenix WX


www2.atwiki.jp/edf41 - Japanese wiki for Earth Defense Force 4.1. Source of
information for armor rate gain for classes, approximate weapon level drops per
mission, weapon lists, and missions for farming weapons.

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