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Guide and Walkthrough by White_Pointer

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 06/06/2016

Shadow of the Beast PS4 Walkthrough FAQ
Copyright 2016
Version 1.00
Written by White_Pointer

e-mail: wh1tepointer@yahoo.com.au

Contents of this Guide:

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Legal Information
3.0 About the game
4.0 What’s in this guide?
5.0 Walkthrough
6.0 Hidden Stuff
7.0 Acknowledgements and Credits

1.0 Introduction

Shadow of the Beast isn't a particularly complicated game, nor is it
particularly long. However, there's lots of stuff that's pretty easy to miss
when you play through it so this guide was born to assist those of you that
are having trouble finding it all. The original Shadow of the Beast formed a
large part of my childhood so I was very excited to see it come back!

2.0 Legal Information

This guide is intended for personal use only. No profit can be made from this
guide under ANY circumstances, it is to be used for non-profit only. This guide
will ONLY be hosted on Gamefaqs, unless you have my written consent to publish
it on your own site and you MUST e-mail me to request my permission to use it.
Please explain in your e-mail what the theme of your site is, the approximate
amount of unique visitors you receive each month and what materials the site
covers. This guide may not be altered in any way, shape, or form.

3.0 About the game

Shadow of the Beast was originally released on the Commodore Amiga in 1989. At
the time, it was a groundbreaking game in terms of visuals and sound design.
Never before had a game looked and sounded so good. The gameplay was kind of
average but nevertheless it developed a cult following and was ported to just
about every system known to man at the time. The game also saw two sequels.
Fast forward to 2016, and Heavy Spectrum have decided to bring the game back to
life and reimagine it on the Playstation 4. This is not really a remake of the
original game...more of a retelling of it. It follows the story of Aarbron,
who was kidnapped from his parents as a baby by the evil mage Maletoth and
transformed by magic into a living killing machine - The Beast.

4.0 What’s in this guide?

This guide is a walkthrough of the single player portion of the game. It will
detail the locations of all of the orbs, secret encounters and talismans. So
let's get started!

5.0 Walkthrough

=== 5.1 The Grass Plains of Karamoon ===

Orbs: 2
Talismans: 1
Secret Encounters: 2
Total Encounters: 10

So the game starts, and you - Aarbron - The Beast, arrive at the grass plains
of Karamoon, shackled by the mage Zelek. You don't really have much of a
choice at this point, you need to move right, and Zelek will force you in that
direction if you try going the other way or stand around too long. Before too
long you'll run into your first enemies and Encounter 1. This should be easy.
Keep moving right and you'll start having barrages of arrows shot at you. Just
stop under the trees to protect yourself from the arrows then time your run to
the next tree before the next volley of arrows arrives. You'll probably be hit
with the final volley of arrows though (it is possible to not be hit by these
arrows, but the timing is very tight). Keep moving right and you'll run into
Encounter 2 while crossing a bridge.

Keep moving right, taking out the handful of enemies you encounter along the
way, then make your way up the tall slope to the temple at the top. Take out
the seekers in your way, then watch the cinematic after taking out the last
one. Congratulations, you just killed your father - but at least his blood
has allowed you to escape your bonds and attack Zelek. He's wounded but
manages to grab the baby and summon monsters to attack you, invoking Encounter
3. Here you will learn how to use rage chains.


After the battle, now that you are finally free from Zelek's bonds, you can now
finally move to the left - but you'll need to resist this temptation for a
moment and move right instead. Go as far as you can to the right and you'll
find the first orb. Break it, THEN go to the left.

Head all the way back down the slope that lead to the temple, and you'll
eventually hit Encounter 4. Continue retracing your steps back to your starting
position and you'll reach Encounter 5. Once you're basically back to where you
started the game, you'll find Encounter 6. If you achieve a Gold or better
ranking you'll unlock Secret Encounter 7. To reach this secret encounter,
unfortunately you'll need to go ALL the way back to the temple, and then trek
ALL the way back again. So once you've done that, continue following Zelek.

You'll eventually reach a rocky area where you will learn how to climb and
slide down walls. Keep moving left (you'll find some blood pickups on the
way) and you'll eventually find Encounter 8 in a grassy plain. Achieve a
gold or better ranking here to unlock Secret Encounter 9. You'll again need to
backtrack almost back to your starting location to find this secret encounter.
Once you have done that, retrace your steps back to the grassed area and keep
moving left.


You'll reach a section where you need to jump from wall to wall to move up.
Climb all the way to the top of the wall on the right to find a small
platform where you can break the seal to unlock the talisman.

Keep heading left and the scenery will change with strange hand-like plants
looking menacing. Keep moving and you'll see Zelek disappearing inside a tree.
You'll need to follow him in there, but first of all you'll need to deal with
the first boss of the game in Encounter 10 - the Dorog.


Before you fight the Dorog properly, you need to get behind him. The easiest
way to do this is to block and wait for him to stun himself when he attacks
you, then roll behind him with the right analogue stick. Once you are behind
him, run as far as you can to the left and you'll find the second orb. Break
it, then turn around to face Mr Ugly.


This guy is as easy as they come. Simply hold the block button and wait for him
to attack you. He's got two main attacks, an attack where he rams you with his
head and an attack where he jumps at you. If he attacks you with the ram attack
while you are blocking, he'll stun himself and this is when you strike. You
should be able to get a couple of hits in before he shakes it off. Once he's
recovered just repeat the process - block until he stuns himself, then attack.
Repeat this a few times and he'll be dead. If you want to mix it up a bit, you
can also wait for him to leap at you and time a roll behind him while he's in
the air, then turn around and attack his back. Once he's taken care of it's
time to follow Zelek into the tree and complete the level.

=== 5.2 Dryad Kingdom ===

Orbs: 3
Talismans: 2
Secret Encounters: 2
Total Encounters: 10

I loved the fact that this game follows the steps of the original and has you
going underground through a tree! Anyway, you actually start this level with
Encounter 1 straight away as soon as you have control. Defeat the Dryads then
the platform you are standing on will start moving. You'll need to dodge the
flames the snake statues spit out while on the moving platform, then jump and
grab the wall once you've travelled as far right as you can. Slide down the
wall, jumping off halfway down if you want to collect the blood and wrath
pickups, then slide the rest of the way down.

Once you are on solid ground again, move to the left as far as you can and a
cinematic will play, followed by enemies showing up for Encounter 2. Take them
out then head right to the now open doorway. On your way, you'll hit Encounter
3. Achieve a gold medal or better in this encounter to unlock Secret Encounter
4. To reach this secret encounter, continue heading right through the level,
climbing rocks, jumping over gaps and sliding down walls (blood pickups are
along the way) until you reach an area with a device in the background with
red and blue parts to it. Jump over the two small gaps and keep heading to
the right and the secret encounter will be waiting for you.


Once you beat that secret encounter, don't head back left just yet. Continue
to the right and you'll find the seal to unlock the talisman, as well as
another blood pickup.


Head to the left, back to where the device was in the background, and slide
down the small gap on the right. Head to the right and pull the switch. This
will turn the other side of the device red. Climb back up the wall and pull
the lever near the screen. This will turn the device on, but what did it do?
Slide back down and you'll see a gap in the floor has opened up in the middle
of this lower level. Drop down then go left, and you'll find the first orb.

Before you head back up you might want to go to the right and collect the 3
blood pickups. Once you are out of this new area, head to the left and pull
the switch. This will turn one side of the device blue. Head back to the right
and pull that switch again to turn the other side blue. Climb back up to the
top floor and pull the level there again. This time the device will turn on
and activate the teleporters in the level. Go ahead and try it out by jumping
into the teleporter on the left. Cool! This will take you back to an area you
passed through earlier that had an inactive teleporter. Now that it's active,
hop into it and it'll take you into the background, where you'll run into
Encounter 5. Achieve a gold or better ranking here to unlock Secret Encounter
6, however it's going to be a little while until we can reach it, so hang tight
on that for now.

Head to the left to collect the blood pickup then head back to the right to
find a switch. Pull the switch to move the barrier that blocks your progress...
but you'll need to be quick to get through before the timer runs out and the
barrier comes back.


Once you are past there, don't pull the next switch just yet. Instead head
into the teleporter to go into the background again, then go left, climbing a
few walls on the way, and you'll find the second orb.

Head back to the right until you find another teleporter, that will send you
back into the foreground. Now you can pull the switch. Teleport yourself back
into the background again then as quickly as you can head to the right back to
the teleporter you used earlier to send yourself back into the foreground, then
run right until you are past the barricade before the timer runs out. Keep
going right and you'll run into a new enemy. Dispose of him then keep running
right, but don't go in the teleporter yet! Instead, drop off the platform you
are standing on to a lower floor and you'll find the secret encounter
(Encounter 6) you unlocked earlier!


You're not done in this area just yet. Climb back up the wall to the right as
high as you can then jump onto the platform at the top. Here you'll find the
seal that unlocks the second talisman.


Now you can drop down off the platform and finally head into that teleporter.
Teleport yourself into the background, then drop off the platform and head
left. You'll see two teleporters here, one on high ground and one on low
ground. We're heading into the low one first. Teleport yourself into the
background again, then head right and fall off the ledge you are standing on.
You'll find the third and final orb in this level down here.

Climb back up and pull the switch on the left, which will move a barrier and
start another timer. You should know the drill by now, you need to get past
that barrier before time runs out. Quickly jump across the gap and teleport
yourself back into the foreground. Head to the left and this time, jump the gap
to enter into the high teleporter, which will teleport you into another section
of the background. Quickly dispatch the enemies here and hop into the
teleporter at the end of the platform, then go right, jump the gap and pass the
barrier (if you have problems making this on time, try killing the two enemies
before pushing the switch). Once you are past the barrier, head into the
teleporter. This one takes you on a long journey deeper into the caves. Once
you are back in control, head left to collect the blood pickup then go right
and you'll run into Encounter 7. Keep heading to the right and enter yet
another teleporter that takes you into the foreground.

Head to the right until you reach the end of the platform. You'll need to get
down to the bottom, and there's two ways to do it. You can either slide down
the wall on the right, or go the longer way and drop down from platform to
platform, killing the enemies along the way. Whichever way you choose to go,
once you are down on the bottom floor you'll find Encounter 8. Beat the enemies
up then a new path will open for you. You need to head up to where the newly
revealed teleporter is, but you'll need to go up the long way, climbing the
wall on the left then making your way up along the long platforms, finding a
health pickup along the way. Once you are up to the new teleporter, hop in and
once again head into the background. Kill the enemy and collect the three blood
pickups then hop in the next teleporter that will take you two levels into the
foreground. You'll now find yourself on a long stone bridge with Zelek's green
blood splattered over it. Go right and continue chasing Zelek along the bridge,
passing some impressive waterfalls in the background. He'll eventually head
through a large door, and the Dryad Queen shows up to protect him. She'll call
down some reinforcements, creating Encounter 9. Once the enemies are disposed
of, the door will open for you, so head on in and prepare to face the next


The idea of this fight is fairly simple. The Dryad Queen will fly to either the
foreground or the background, and you need to use the teleporters to chase her
so you can get close enough to attack her. She'll periodically spawn enemies to
get in your way, and also has a lightning attack that can be avoided by quickly
hopping into a teleporter. Once you've done enough damage to her, spikes will
also begin falling from the ceiling that you'll need to be mindful of. Continue
chasing her between the foreground and background, doing damage when you can
until she's dead. She's harder than that stupid Dorog, but it's still not a
particularly tough fight so you should be fine. Use your special attack to
restore health on the enemies she spawns if you're worried about dying. Once
she's dead the level is complete.

=== 5.3 Swamp of Decay ===

Orbs: 2
Talismans: 1
Secret Encounters: 1
Total Encounters: 4

This next level is pretty short. You'll emerge back outside and see Zelek's
green blood on the ground. Follow the blood to continue your pursuit of him.


Head to the top of the hill, watch the cinematic, then drop down one floor.
Grab the blood pickup, then drop down again and go left to find the first orb.

Now go right, drop down two more times (grabbing the blood pickups on the way)
and you'll soon find yourself sloshing through the swamp. Before too long
you'll catch up to Zelek, who has almost succumbed to his wounds. But he's not
quite done yet. He'll spawn some enemies to create Encounter 1, so take them
out. Seems like Zelek has one more trick up his sleeve though. He'll summon
fireballs to start raining down from the sky, so chase after him while
avoiding them (it's clearly telegraphed when they are about to hit the ground).


This is really easy to miss. As you are chasing Zelek while avoiding fireballs,
you'll run through some tallish orange grass. As you are running through here
you should notice a prompt appear to break the seal. Stop at this location, and
do as the prompt says to break the seal and unlock the talisman.

Continue heading right and you'll eventually drop down into another swamp area,
where once again Zelek refuses to give in and summons more enemies to come at
you. This is Encounter 2. Score a gold medal or better here to unlock Secret
Encounter 3, although again you'll need to wait for a bit until you can reach
it. Once the enemies are dead, you'll be lifted onto the back of one of the
huge mechanical Deaneans walking around. Here you'll fight Encounter 4 as Zelek
sends more enemies at you. After the fight, you'll both dramatically come
crashing to the ground, and now, Zelek is finally raising the white flag.


However, before you finish him off for good, head to the left (don't worry,
he's not going anywhere). Here, you'll find the secret encounter you unlocked
earlier (Encounter 3) - be careful here because this one is quite tough! Once
you've defeated all of the enemies, continue to the left a little bit further
to find the second orb hiding behind a big plant.

Now head right and make your way back to Zelek. Walk up to him and simply
press the attack button to finally end his life. Watch the ensuing cinematic,
and that's the end of the level. Now that Zelek is dead, it's time to go after
his master, and your creator - Maletoth.

=== 5.4 Arid Wastes ===

Orbs: 3
Talismans: 2
Secret Encounters: 2
Total Encounters: 8

Climbing up the well to head off for the castle...just like the original game.
I love the amount of nods to the original game Heavy Spectrum have thrown into
this. Anyway, once you have control go right and climb up the rocks.


Once you are up as high as you can go, keep moving to the right, taking out
the couple of enemies hanging around, until you reach an area with some gaps
you need to jump. Jump over the first gap, but drop down into the second and
you'll find the seal to unlock the talisman on the ground.

Climb back out and continue right, dropping down to where a single enemy is
waiting for you. Keep moving and you'll run into Encounter 1. Take out all of
the bad guys and keep pushing right, climbing up the wall when you get there.
Keep moving forward through the sand then drop down onto a stone bridge. The
bridge is broken so you can't go further right from here, so turn around and
head inside through the archway.

Once inside, head left quickly as far as you can go (don't hang around too
long because some parts of the platforms will break), jump onto the wall at
the end, grab the wrath pickup then slide down. Head to the right once you are
at the bottom while navigating past the traps, passing what looks like an
ominous statue in the background. Climb up the wall and head back outside.
Continue running right and you'll find Encounter 2. The end of this encounter
will have the army commander come at you but it's nothing major. Once you're
done, climb up the wall to the right and kill the enemy up here, which will
trigger a cinematic of Aarbron throwing the body into a blood pool that
creates a bridge above you.

Drop down off the ledge and go left, retracing your steps back to the indoor
area. Once inside, navigate the traps on the lower floor again and climb up
the wall on the left. You'll notice though that now the upper floor has
changed: new platforms have risen up and some of them are actually moving, so
as you make your way to the right you'll need to time your jumps right to land
on the platforms, or at the very least grab the side of them. However, as you
are making your way across, that statue in the background comes to life and it
doesn't seem very happy to see you. Keep heading right and up, back up to the
archway where you originally entered this area and you'll see the Ifrit break
from its shackles. Well...you're not going back that way! So head to the right
and cross the bridge.

You'll find a new type of enemy on the other side - one that carries a large
shield, so you'll need a new technique to beat him. Continue right and you'll
find Encounter 3. Achieve a gold medal or better in this encounter to unlock
Secret Encounter 4. To find Encounter 4, backtrack to the bridge, and it'll
be about halfway across. Once that's taken care of, continue right and you'll
find another stone bridge you need to cross. This one has gaps in it that you
will need to jump across, and also some enemies firing at you from the
background that you ordinarily can't reach. However it just so happens that
there are some spears conveniently placed on the bridge that you can grab and
throw at them.


Make your way all of the way across this bridge, jumping over every gap. At
the very end of the bridge, you'll find the first orb.

Go right a little further and you'll see a gap. Slide down here and follow the
path to head underground, grabbing the health pickup on the way. Keep going
right and you'll find Encounter 5. This is the encounter you need to score a
gold ranking or better in to unlock Secret Encounter 6. To reach this secret
encounter, go right as far as you can, drop down and then head left. Keep going
left until you are back outside and the encounter will be waiting for you.


Once you have done the secret encounter, keep heading to the left a little
further and you'll find the second orb.


You're not done down here quite yet! Once you've broken the orb, keep going
left a little further still and you'll find the seal for the second talisman
on top of a stone block.

Grab the health, wrath and blood pickups that are stuck to the wall on the left
if you need them, then retrace your steps back to the right, back into the
underground area, eventually climbing back up to where you originally dropped
down. Now that that detour is over, keep heading to the right in the direction
of the castle. The big brute that broke free earlier will show up as you are
en route and will produce spikes out of the sand. You'll need to time your run
across the sand so that you are standing on a stone area when the spikes come
out. Get across the sand, climb up the wall, and start sliding down the wall
on the other side.


The slide down is somewhat hazardous, with some traps you'll need to avoid and
you'll need to jump to a different wall halfway down. Once you are at the
bottom, head left, grab the health, wrath and blood pickups, then scale the
short wall to the left and break the final orb for this level.

Turn around and head right, and now you'll need to negotiate some blast
furnaces (another awesome nod to the original game). Avoid the blast furnaces
by timing your run through this area, climb the wall, head left and climb back
out into the sunshine. As you are running across the sand you'll hit Encounter
7. This is a long one! Once it's over, keep heading across the sand and our old
friend will show up again. Once he does, he'll start chasing you, so run like
hell! Keep running and don't stop, taking out the stray enemies that get in
your way. Eventually though, our friend will decide he's had quite enough of
chasing you, and decide to fight you head on.


So the Ifrit attacks you in two main ways: he'll either summon sand spikes at
you or try to punch you. You can simply block his punches, but you'll need to
make sure you are standing on a stone area to avoid the sand spikes. To inflict
damage on him, all you need to do is time an attack so you hit his fist as he
swings at you. Once you hit, he'll produce spikes on that hand and swipe at
you, which you can block. Do enough damage to him and he'll smash the ground,
breaking the stone area you're standing on...so you'll need to find a new stone
to stand on (there are three stone areas, one on the left, one on the right,
and one in the middle). Move to another stone area and repeat the process,
then move to the last stone area you haven't used yet and hit his fist one
more time to finish him off and finish the level.

=== 5.5 Hydrath's Castle ===

Orbs: 3
Talismans: 3
Secret Encounters: 2
Total Encounters: 11

You've finally made it to the castle! Now prepare yourself for the longest and
most difficult level in the game. Move forward until you reach the insignia on
the ground just in front of the door.


Just like the castle in the original game, the inside of this castle is very
dark, and if you try going in the main entrance first you'll quickly find it's
too dark to get very far. So, you're going to need a source of light. If you
paid attention to the cinematic, you would have noticed there are enemies on
the roof. So, don't place the key on the insignia just yet (if you have already
done so, you can just take it off again), and instead climb the closed door up
to the roof. Once on the roof, you'll find Encounter 1. Dispatch the enemies
and head right. You'll soon find yourself indoors and without any light. You
need to carefully navigate your way through this almost pitch-black room,
because there are big pistons in here that pound the floor. Through the
blackness, you should be able to just see the particle effects of when the
pistons hit the ground, so use this as a guide to figure out where they are.
You'll soon enter another large room that looks like a foundry of some kind.
Make your way to the end of this room. Aarbron will grab the strange glowing
blue stone but won't be able to pull it free. It did however burn a symbol onto
his hand that means his fists will light up when he enters a dark area. Go
ahead and try it out by backtracking through the dark room with the pistons,
then continue retracing your steps back to the castle's main entrance.

Place the key on the insignia, then head on into the castle. You'll find
yourself in a room where you'll need to do some tricky platforming to get to
the other side. Making things harder are strange devices stuck to the floor and
walls that don't just do damage, but send you back to the start of this room if
you touch them for good measure. So you'll need to avoid touching them while
jumping, climbing and sliding through this room. Once you find your way through
you'll be in a small room with a glowing circle hanging from the ceiling, and a
prompt will tell you to press the block button to create more light. What you
need to do here is to press block and look at the shadow it creates on the back
wall. You need to line this shadow up with a corresponding part of the mural on
the back wall. This one is pretty easy, and once you get it right, the floor
underneath you will open up and you'll drop into the next area of the castle.

After dropping down, head to the left and run across the device in the next
room to activate it. This is a teleporter, although there are no other
locations to teleport to just yet. Make your way into the next room on the left
and you'll see a big wasp hive. You can't do anything here yet, but make a
mental note of it because you'll be coming back here. Head back to the right to
where you originally fell into this area, then drop down to the lower floor
where there is a blood pool. You'll run into an encounter down here...Encounter
7...wait, what? Yes, that's right, this is Encounter 7. Don't worry, you
haven't missed any...this level isn't exactly linear. Take out the enemies,
that include a new type that is only vulnerable on their bellies, then head


Drop down a couple of times and continue heading left, and you'll find where
Encounter 2 is. Defeat the enemies and keep heading left into the next room.
Here you'll find Encounter 3. Keep heading left until you emerge outside the
castle. Jump and grab hold of the wall on the left, climb to the top, then
jump onto the platform you see. You'll find the seal for this level's first
talisman here.


Jump back onto the wall, and slide down past the platform you originally
exited the castle from, and jump off onto the platform below it. You'll know
it's the right one because there's an enemy and a health pickup waiting for
you. Climb up and enter a lower floor of the castle. Run to the right and
you'll soon run across Encounter 4. Achieve a gold ranking or better in this
encounter to unlock Secret Encounter 5. It's going to be a little while before
you reach the secret encounter though so keep it in mind. Continue running
right and enter the next room. On top of a pedestal in the middle of this room,
you'll find the gun. The gun's ammo is basically your blood meter, so keep an
eye on that while you are firing.

Shoot the wall on the right side of this room to blast it open. Head in, climb
up the walls, take out the enemies on the way. You'll eventually find a switch.
Pull the switch but don't head up yet. Instead, backtrack back out to that
outside area again, jump onto the wall and slide down another floor. Jump onto
the platform and enter the castle again. While you are making your way through
this dark area, you'll find Encounter 6. Enter the next room and collect the
pickups if you want, taking note of the strange structure in here. Turn around
and go back to that outdoor area, this time climbing back up to the original
floor you entered this area from. Make your way to the right and you'll find
Encounter 5, the secret encounter you unlocked earlier. Now backtrack back out
to that outdoor area again, and slide all the way down to the bottom floor.
Here you'll find a dead end...or is it? No, it's not...shoot the wall to open a
passageway. Go inside and you'll find a teleporter and a switch. Pull the
switch and you'll open up previously inaccessible area of the castle. Now use
teleporter to teleport back to that room near the wasp hive.

Enter the wasp hive room and shoot the hive with your gun. Turns out the wasps
don't like that and some will start chasing you. Turn around and run back a
couple of rooms to the right to where a strange device that is designed to
attract wasps is. The wasps will fly into it, activating the device, which will
unlock one part of the big teleporter in the middle of the room. Return to the
wasp hive and shoot it again, this time leading the wasps across to the other
side of the room where another device is. Once this is activated, it'll open
passageways underneath you.


Before heading down there though, blast the wall to your right with your gun.
This allows you to enter a little alcove to break the first orb.

Now head downstairs, and slide down the wall of the grating that opened up
with the wasp device. Then head to the right and enter a new room where you'll
find strange floating eye things. They won't harm you unless you touch them,
which includes punching them. You're going to need to run through here as
quickly as you can soon though, so it's probably a good idea to shoot the eyes
that are most likely to be in your way. At the end of this room you'll find a
wasp device. Now backtrack back to the wasp hive, shoot it, then lead the wasps
down here to this device. This will open the gate at the end of the room. Enter
the gate, kill the enemies in here, then notice that this is another room where
you'll need to line shadows up with the mural on the back wall. You need to
line up one on each side. Once that's done, you'll activate one of the three
serpent eyes you'll need to activate. Step onto the teleporter on the right
side of this room and teleport back to the wasp hive.


Shoot the wasp hive and start running again. This time, when you reach the main
room with the big teleporter and the blood pool, head left. Drop down, then
keep heading down and left. The wasps will probably sting you a few times, but
keep going. Once you're at the bottom, keep heading left, leading the wasps
back through the room where you found the gun and out the other side. In the
next room, slide down the wall in the first gap in the floor you come to and
you'll be in a room you saw earlier with a wasp device in it. Once it's
activated, it'll open a gate on the right of the room. Enter it, collect the
pickups, and break the orb on top of the pedestal. Collect the pickups on the
other side of this room too, then head left, back out into that outdoor area
again. Drop to the bottom, go through the wall you blasted open earlier, and
teleport back to the wasp hive.

Head right, down to the bottom where the blood pool is, and keep going right,
this time jumping over the gap in the floor you slid down earlier. Keep moving
right into the next room, where you'll find another set of large pistons you'll
need to avoid. Make your way through this room and enter the next one, which is
another mural shadow puzzle. Kill the enemy in here and solve the puzzle -
again it's one shadow on each side of the room. This will activate the second
serpent eye and also open the gate on the right of the room.

Go through the gate and into the next room where you'll find strange eyes that
are moving up and down. This is actually the tail of an enemy that's waiting
to ambush you. You can either shoot the eyes, or time your run through them
(it's entirely possible just to run through them without being hit), and enter
the next room, which is yet another shadow mural puzzle. Kill the enemies in
here, then line up the shadows. This one is a bit different to the others
though as there's four shadows you need to align. Three of them can be aligned
from the floor as usual, but the fourth one can't. To line up the fourth one,
head into the door on the right side of the room, climb up the walls while
killing the enemies, until you find a new teleporter and a locked gate. Turn to
face the direction away from the gate (that is, the direction of the mural
room), and shoot the wall to blast it open. Jump through this opening and
you'll be in the mural room on a high alcove. From here, you can line up the
final shadow on the mural. This will activate the final serpent eye that will
open the path to the level's boss. You can totally go and fight the boss now if
you really want to, but we're not done exploring just yet.


Teleport back to the wasp hive and head right. You'll see a message that other
doors have opened. Turn around and go back to the teleporter and teleport back
to the room you were just in, and you'll notice the gate next to the teleporter
is now open. Go on in and you'll find yourself in another room filled with
those annoying zappy mine things that send you back to the start of the room if
you touch them. Navigate through the room and enter the door on the other side.
Drop down and you'll find the seal for the next talisman on top of the pedestal
in the middle of the room. There's pickups and another teleporter on the right
side of this room, use the teleporter to return to the wasp hive.


This orb is the toughest to get. Head right and slide back down the gap that
you slid down earlier when activating one of the serpent eyes. You'll notice
a floor grating down here has now opened. So slide down here and head right
into the next room. As you are making your way through here, you'll find
Encounter 8. Keep going into the next room. Here you'll find some platforms to
jump across, and some pickups below them if you need them. Head through this
room and into the next, and you'll emerge in a room with windows in the walls
that let in some sunshine from outside. In the middle of this room is a switch
 - don't push it yet though. Run past it and activate the teleporter then enter
the next room to familiarise yourself with your objective...you are going to
need to lead wasps all the way down here. Now go back to the switch and push
it. This will close the windows in this room and start a timer. You've got
absolutely no time to waste with this one - run to the teleporter on the right
and teleport back to the wasp hive. Shoot the hive then retrace your steps back
down here as fast as you can. You need to lead the wasps through the room with
the windows before the windows open again, because the sunlight kills them. 
Even when this is executed perfectly, you'll barely make it to the wasp device
room in time, so you really can't be wasting ANY time here. When the wasp
device is activated, it will open a gate on the upper right side of the room.
Climb up the wall to enter the gate, and drop down into the next room. Push the
switch then keep going right, and you'll find Encounter 9. Achieve a gold or
better ranking here to unlock Secret Encounter 10. Once that's taken care of,
keep going right, climb up the wall and enter the next room. Shoot or dodge the
bouncing eye enemies and enter the next room to find the orb on top of a
pedestal waiting to be broken. Once again there are pickups and a teleporter on
the right side of this room, make sure you activate it before going back.


Don't use the teleporter in this room though, instead backtrack by foot back to
the room where you fought Encounter 8. There was another switch on the right
side of this room we didn't push before, so push it now and it'll open a
circular grate in the floor. Slide down here (make sure you slide, it's a long
fall) and you'll find yourself in another room you'll need to navigate while
avoiding those annoying zappy mines. This one is the hardest of these rooms
and may take you several attempts to get through it. Once you manage to find
your way through it, enter the next room and it should look very familiar to
you by now, with the seal for the final talisman in this level on top of the
pedestal. Once again, grab the pickups and activate the teleporter on the right
side of the room.

You're almost done, hang in there! Remember the secret encounter you unlocked
in Encounter 9? Time to find it now. Use the teleporter here to teleport back
to that room with the windows you needed to run through earlier and head left.
You'll find Encounter 10 near the switch in the middle of this room. When
that's taken care of, teleport back to the wasp hive. Now we can finally tackle
the boss and finish this level. Make doubly sure you are done because once you
enter that large purple teleporter there's no turning back. Once you are sure,
head right and jump into the large purple teleporter. You'll find yourself in a
large room where that circular door with the serpent eyes was on the floor.
This is open now, so drop down.


The three headed dragon boss from the original game returns! Although in this
game he's not a dragon technically, he's a nine headed hydra that lost all but
three of his heads in a previous battle. You even kill him the same way as the
original game - by shooting your gun, although the method of doing that is
different. Start the battle by pulling the switch to spawn platforms above you
and taking shelter underneath a platform while he breathes fire at you, then
climb across the platforms from lowest to highest. On the highest one you'll
find a blood pool. Stand in the blood pool, pull out your gun and take aim at
one of his heads. Hit it enough times and the head will explode, with the neck
slumping to the ground. Hop off the platform quickly and attack the neck to
seal it so the head doesn't grow back. Pull the switch again and repeat the
process, although the layout of the platforms is different this time. You'll
have both remaining heads spitting fireballs at you now. Shoot one of them
until it explodes, then seal the wound. Push the switch and repeat the process
one last time. The platform layout will be different again but it's the same
process - get up to the blood pool, shoot the last remaining head then seal
the wound on the neck. Once you have achieved this - that's it! The Hydrath is
dead, and this level is FINALLY complete!

=== 5.6 Graveyard of the Fallen ===

Orbs: 2
Talismans: 2
Secret Encounters: 0
Total Encounters: 8

So Maletoth has stripped you of your powers, but a mysterious figure called The
Sentinel has saved you and dropped you off at the Graveyard of the Fallen. You
are here to reach out to the spirits of the lives Maletoth has taken and to
gain their collective strength to stop him, so let's get started. Keep in mind
that all of the enemies you encounter in this level are spirits, that do not
produce blood when you attack them! This leaves blood pools and your special
attack that gains blood as basically your only means of filling your blood
gauge. You'll also need to be extra careful because the spirit enemies dish out
double the damage of normal enemies!

Start the level by running right...and...keep running right for a very long
time until the cinematic plays that shows the decapitated heads mounted on
pikes. Move a little further right and you'll be able to interact with the
severed heads. You can do these in any order, but let's do it the most logical
way and go from first to last. Walk up to the female human's head and examine
it, and you'll be transported to a new area of the graveyard.

Run to the left and keep running until you reach Encounter 1. After the
encounter, keep running left and you'll find Encounter 2. After that, keep
running left, jump up onto the platform and approach the heads on pikes. The
human spirits will show up and offer their services to you, then you'll be
transported back to the main area of the graveyard.

Examine the second head now, which is a Dryad head and you'll be transported
off to a new area of the graveyard again.


Don't head right yet. Instead, head left and you'll find the talisman seal.

Now go right. Avoid the big hands that pop up out of the ground and try to grab
you as you go. You'll eventually find Encounter 4 (don't worry, we haven't
missed Encounter 3). Keep going right and you'll find a tall wall. Climb up
and drop off the other side. Keep moving right while avoiding the ball things -
they will hurt if they explode on you - and you'll eventually find another set
of heads on pikes. Now the dryad spirits will offer themselves to you, then
you'll be returned to the main area of the graveyard.

Time to examine the next head, which is the head of a Myrdog. Do so, and once
again you are transported to another area of the graveyard.


Head left and drop down a couple of floors. Keep running to the left and climb
up the wall at the end of the path. Run left a little further and break the

Once you've got the orb, head back to the position you started this section in.
Head left again except this time you're going to need to do some platforming.
Start jumping across the platforms until a message appears on screen telling
you that you can grab walls while falling. That's a hint on what to do here,
although it's still not immediately obvious. What you need to do is simply run
off the left side of the platform you are standing on and hold X while you are
falling and holding left and you should grab the wall close to the bottom.
Once you've grabbed hold of the wall, climb up until you reach the platform at
the top, then jump off the left side again and keep heading left. You'll
eventually find Encounter 8 (again, don't worry, we'll get to all of the
encounters). After the encounter, keep heading left and you'll find another set
of heads on pikes. The myrdog spirit shows up and pledges his allegiance, then
you are transported back to the main area of the graveyard.

You know the drill by now...examine the next head, which is the head of a
Troglodtye, and be transported to a new area.


Start this new section by running to the right. When you reach the chasm, jump
over the first gap, and then slide down the wall on the right side of the short
platform you are standing on to find the seal.


Climb back up the wall then start making your way down the chasm, jumping to
walls and sliding down as you go. As you are making your way down, the orb will
be to your left. You'll need to jump to a platform after a gap in the wall you
are sliding down, then drop down a bit to reach it.

Climb back up and continue your journey to the bottom of the chasm. Once you
are the bottom, your torch will activate. Head right and you'll find Encounter
7. After the fight, keep heading right and you'll find another set of heads on
pikes. Before you get too close to them though, check out the big gargoyle
statue holding the glowing ball. This is another nod to the original game,
where you needed to collect a blue orb from a gargoyle statue to gain a weapon
to beat a boss. You can't collect this orb in this game (nor do you need to),
but you CAN shoot it. Eventually it'll turn red and some stuff will light up
in the background, scoring you some more points. Now approach the heads, gain
the help of the troglodytes, and get transported back to the graveyard's main

Four portal seals broken, two to go. Approach the next head  - the head of a
Helfa-Nos - and examine it to be transported to a new area.

You're going to love this area - it's another area filled with zappy mines that
warp you back to the start if you touch them...woohoo! Carefully make your way
through this area while avoiding the mines...which honestly isn't too hard as
long as you don't miss a jump. Keep heading left and you'll find Encounter 3.
After the fight, continue left into a dark area where your torches will
activate, and keep going until you find the heads on pikes. You'll gain the
help of the helfa-nos spirit, then be transported back to the main area.

Alright...last one. Examine the final head, which is the head of a Moroc, and
be transported to the final area.

Head right and almost immediately you'll hit Encounter 5. Keep heading right
while avoiding the spike traps on the ground and on the walls (you'll need to
climb up a wall and slide down the other side while avoiding spikes). You'll
pass another Ifrit statue in the background (don't worry, this one won't come
to life) and before too long you'll fight Encounter 6. Once that's taken care
of, you'll find the final set of heads on pikes, and gain the support of the
moroc spirits.

Once you are transported back to the main area, there's one last thing you
might want to do before finishing this level. Head back to the very first head
on a pike that you passed - this was before the six heads you just interacted
with. Go back and examine it - this is actually the head of Aarbron's father.
Run to the left once you are transported to trigger a hidden cinematic with
the spirit of Aarbron's father. Now feel free to approach the portal and watch
the cinematic - one last spirit gives her power to you, an unlikely ally in the
Dryad Queen. Now that you are powered up again, that's the end of this level.
Time to take on Maletoth!

=== 5.7 The Crystal Lava Fields ===

Orbs: 0
Talismans: 0
Secret Encounters: 0
Total Encounters: 1

This is it, the final hurdle. It's time to end Maletoth's reign. But he's not
going to make it easy for you, because he's built a giant Leviathan that he
controls from inside a sarcophagus in its forehead. As the level starts,
Aarbron finds a jetpack that he straps on, which is yet another nod to the
original game. In that game, there was actually an entire jetpack level between
the castle and the graveyard. In this game, you fight the final boss while
riding the jetpack instead. Cool!


When you are given control, you'll need to fight enemies that constantly come
at you from both sides. However with your new powers, you can take them out
with a single swipe. As you kill enemies, you'll charge your jetpack fuel. Once
it's full, you'll take to the skies for the final battle. The main thing to
keep in mind here is that you always need to be aiming at the sarcophagus on
the Leviathan's head...you're not going to do any damage by shooting it
anywhere else. You have unlimited blood here, so go nuts and keep shooting.

This battle will happen in three phases. In the first phase, the Leviathan
throws green globs at you and produces green energy rings. Both of these are
easy enough to avoid, just watch where they are and fly out of the way.

Once you've taken off the green portion of his life bar, phase two begins. This
is somewhat more tricky. His two attacks this time are summoning spirits to
attack you, and producing an energy shield. The spirits can be avoided by
hanging out on one side of the screen and quickly darting to the other as they
are flying at you. As for the energy shield, you can shoot holes in it that
you can pass through.

Once you've taken the yellow portion of his life bar, the final phase begins.
This time, he'll summon a grid at you that you'll need to carefully navigate
through to avoid damage, and the gaps between the grids get smaller and smaller
as his health depletes. The other thing he does here is produce another energy
shield, but this time you can only shoot it in the glowing orange spot, which
will make it dissipate. Once you've depleted the red portion of his life bar,
the Leviathan is finished.

However, the game's not over quite yet. You're faced with a decision to make
in the final cinematic - you can either spare Maletoth (which means you throw
him to the spirits of the lives he has taken), kill Maletoth (becoming the new
ruler of Karamoon) or become human, as Maletoth offers you the chance to do so.
Choose wisely (if you do nothing, the 'Spare Maletoth' option is selected by
default) as this will determine the ending that you see.

That's it! Congratulations on finishing the game! If you followed this guide,
this would have unlocked all of the story orbs except the very last one (as
long as you didn't use any innocent souls to resurrect yourself if you died - 
if you did you'll need to redo those levels and finish them without using a
soul). To unlock that very last story orb though, you'll need to finish all of
the levels again on Beast Mode difficulty. Good luck!

6.0 Hidden Stuff

There's a few hidden things in the game that you may miss your first time

- Enter X, X, Square, Triangle on the loading screen to play a minigame.
- If you finish every level with a silver ranking or better, (on any
difficulty) you'll get to play a minigame based off the jetpack level in the
original game during the credits. If you "beat" this minigame by destroying all
of the airships and the "boss" at the end, you'll add the final two bestiary
entries in the "Visions" menu. Each airship you destroy unlocks a new piece of
artwork too (you can try this again by selecting to view the credits in the
- Once you have completed all of the challenges on the piked heads in the
graveyard, return to the very first one (before the six heads you've already
examined) and examine it. You'll be sent to a new area where you can trigger a
hidden cinematic with Aarbron's father by running to the left.
- In the area you are transported to when examining the troglodyte head in the
graveyard, just before the heads on pikes there is a large stone gargoyle
holding a blue orb. Shoot this orb until it turns red and this will cause some
lights to come on as well as award you points.
- The original Amiga game can be purchased with in-game credits in the Wisdom
of Shadows, and played within this new game. Cool! If you're finding the
original game too hard, you can also unlock a video playthrough and a version
of the game that gives you infinite lives.
- The original game's music can be purchased and unlocked in the Wisdom of
Shadows. There's also an option to play this new game using the original
- Artwork from the original game can be purchased and unlocked in the Wisdom
of Shadows.
- If you die, make sure you only resurrect yourself using elixers. If you use
innocent souls, you won't unlock all of the story timeline. You can always
replay a level and if you do better than your previous attempt it'll overwrite

7.0 Acknowledgements and Credits

Heavy Spectrum and Sony, for bringing this great reimagining to life.
Myself, for writing this guide :)

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about this FAQ, feel free
to email me.

Copyright 2016 by White_Pointer

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