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It's probably pirates? 1 3 years ago
Struggling to find party for Bowl of embers? 1 2 years ago

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Did I just waste money or what? 1 8 months ago
If I buy FF14 can I start over with a new square enix account? 1 1 year ago
Why won't the game load from the cd? 1 1 year ago
Confusion about the Complete Edition? 1 1 year ago
I bought collectors edition for ps3? 1 1 year ago
PS3 to PS4 upgrade campaign? 1 1 year ago
Faulty Regestration code? 2 1 year ago
Minor Problem? 1 1 year ago
Is it possible to log in with another account? 2 1 year ago
Game Time Card/Switching Accounts? 2 1 year ago
From one PS4 to another? 1 1 year ago
Can i play with my friends in an europe server with my US copy of the game ? 1 1 year ago
New starter, what do I need? 2 1 year ago
Ps4 ARR Hard Disc To ARR Digital Version For Free Or Do I have To Pay? Will It have my HW Digital Version Saved? 1 1 year ago
Do I need another account? 1 2 years ago
How can I download the full version of the game? 1 2 years ago
How can I change the screen position? 1 2 years ago
Balmung World Help? 1 3 years ago
Unable to login to ffxiv please help ? 1 3 years ago
How do you transfer your A Real Reborn character to Heavensward? 2 3 years ago
(FF14) Why has the game changed my Square Enix ID automatically in the PS4 launcher? 4 3 years ago
Minor Problem? 1 3 years ago
Does this support cross-platform play with PS3 or PC? 3 3 years ago
Self emote text notification not showing up? 1 3 years ago
All my characters disappeared!? 1 4 years ago
Im still playing demo/free trial version? cant do many things like leatherwork, free companies, etc? 1 4 years ago
I keep trying to reset my password but......? 1 4 years ago
Help with keyboard support? 1 4 years ago
Used Game Registration Code? 1 4 years ago
How do I put something back onto my hotbar? 1 4 years ago
Chat Log maximized? 1 5 years ago
How to level a battle craft class....? 1 1 year ago
Bought digital starter copy on amazon but it doesn't show up in library, what gives? 1 1 year ago
Can the Subscription fee be paid from my PS4, with the money on my PS4 account? 1 3 years ago
Where's ps4's (digital download) final fantasy xiv a realm reborn promotion code ? 1 4 years ago
How many time should we use one time password ?? 1 5 years ago
Can you play with a Keyboard and Dualshock combination? 1 5 years ago

Uncategorized Answers Last Answer
Is FFXIV ARR Inappropriate? 2 1 month ago
Got kicked from a dungeon, but still unclear why? 1 1 month ago
Where to buy a time card in the UK? 1 1 year ago
Need help with the mogstation character selection? 1 1 year ago
How to buy a Ps4 subscription? 1 1 year ago
How to play FFXIV A Realm Reborn outside of NA, EU, and JAP on PS4? 2 1 year ago
How to transfer final fantasy 14 from ps4 to ps4 pro? 2 1 year ago
Cure II? 1 2 years ago
I can not download any of the patches on my ps4? 2 2 years ago
Game wont let me log in? 1 2 years ago
Help please? 2 2 years ago
How many patches do I download? 1 2 years ago
My friend has the trial version, I have the full version. How can we play in a party, and in the same location? 1 3 years ago
Switching servers what happens to my retainers items? 1 3 years ago
30 days? 1 3 years ago
14 day trial dose it count if you haven't been playing it? 1 3 years ago
Is the first month subscription included in initial purchase? 1 3 years ago
Server Question? 1 3 years ago
What data comes on the FFXIV complete bundle disc? 1 3 years ago
Does the ps3 registration code works for ps4? 1 3 years ago
Can I play this in China? 1 3 years ago
Registration Code? 1 3 years ago
Is this a good game for my first MMO? 2 3 years ago
Do i need to subscribe to play the game ? 1 4 years ago
If I have the digital version of the the game, should I get the disc of Heavensward? 2 4 years ago
If I get an achievement on the PC version of FFXIV, can I also get the trophy on the PS4? 1 4 years ago
I don't know if it's me or the FC? 1 4 years ago
Quick ? 1 4 years ago
Y are the maps on ff14 so confusing? 1 4 years ago
One time password account lock out. Help please? 4 4 years ago
Return to ffxiv? 1 4 years ago
Ps4 ffxiv i need help please read description codes wont work? 1 4 years ago
General help? 1 4 years ago
How does the upgrade process work? 1 5 years ago
Different accounts? 1 5 years ago
Where can I find aldgoat leather? 1 5 years ago
How and were do i get a pet? 2 5 years ago
How do I get promoted further? 1 1 year ago
Who can i join rouge guild? 1 2 years ago
how can i go to limsa lominsa from Ul'Dah ? 2 2 years ago
If i buy stormblood will i get heavensward with it? 1 2 years ago
Is FFXIV esports? 1 2 years ago
Should I buy heavensward or wait for stormblood? 1 2 years ago
Queuing up for raids with a friend? 1 3 years ago
Can you still become a certain job from a subclass other than your primary? 1 3 years ago
Did I join the right Grand Company? 1 4 years ago
Free company Disband? 1 4 years ago
How to remove your clothes? 1 4 years ago
How to turn off annoying "ping" sheathe sound? 2 4 years ago
How do I level up my bard? 1 5 years ago
What happened to my Conjurer's attack spells? 1 5 years ago