Best ways for Leveling up before Shadow Bringers?

  1. I don't have Shadow Bringers yet, so I am trying to max level 70 as many classes I use before I get it, as fast as possible. I already have 3 lvl 70's. I can do POTD, and HoH, but I lose interest so fast. And leves at my level don't work for me. Any tips?

    User Info: ZexionVI6

    ZexionVI6 - 1 month ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Obviously roulettes, they are the most efficient in terms of time to xp ratio, most notably leveling, alliance raid and main scenario, trials is also quite decent. Their drawback is that you can't spam them for the XP, there is a daily limit. But since you have 3 lvl 70's, you probably knew that already.
    Once your daily roulettes are exhausted running the highest dungeon you can currently enter is probably the fastest day apart from PotD and HoH, depending on the class (if you have short queues) it's probably even faster. If it's a class with queues, depending on your current level, squadron missions might also be an option, i never did them for XP so i can't say.

    User Info: Naryoril

    Naryoril - 4 weeks ago 0   0

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