Help for a Green Tank?

  1. So after a lot of nervous stalling (followed by research and practice), I finally went in for my first dungeon. It went about how I expected; terribly.
    Despite flashing consistently (after every combo, sometimes more) I still kept losing aggro on one or two enemies, mostly to my healer, and I had a hard time getting it back. The enemy runs right out of flash range, rarely responding to a shield lob/provoke combo.
    Even when there was just one enemy, like in the cattery, I had it ran right past, ignoring me entirely for a few seconds. Tried to spin around to get the dps once too, after I contained it.
    The stress of having enemies just running off definitely affected my performance, I was shaking and messing up my combos throughout the dungeon.
    This is happening almost immediately every engagement- what am I doing wrong?!
    Class is Gladiator, character and gear level is 25.

    User Info: OriginaltheName

    OriginaltheName - 1 year ago

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