Whats the best way to beat the duty for the quest "A series of unfortunate events" as an AST?

  1. Ive been doing this duty since yesterday abd still havent beat it. I am a level 52 AST. Its the part after we free whats- his-name where i fail. Usually its Haurchefant dying since Emma- whatever his name was kept getting enemys on him and i had the get them off if him. Ive tried mainly healing and letting Haurchefant kill everything, mainly attacking everything and every so often cast stoneskin and heal, and balancing out dps and heal. Heck I've even used my WHM and did what i did for the lvl 50 WHM quest with the guardian tree, stoneskin and regen. None of it works. Can someone please help me with this? Cant use NN anymore sadly....

    User Info: Roseinda

    Roseinda - 2 years ago

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