Why can I not log in to my account?

  1. I just got the game and have been diwing to play it since the beta for the PS4. I made my square enix account at that time as well I've played Tomb Raider on my PS3 just fine. After having a little bump in the road installing FFXIV I was relieved to see the login boxes I entered my password and my username was pre put in. It told me wrong "ID or Password" I then changed my password and then again it told me the same thing "incorrect" I then stopped putting in the one time password because of answer I've seen on here, I've changed my password multiple times but still can't log in and it's extremely annoying frustrating I tried customer support but they're currently off for the weekend so now I'm just stuck here.

    User Info: Light9x

    Light9x - 4 years ago

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