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by ElectroSpecter

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ElectroSpecter

Version: 0.61 | Updated: 02/22/19


Welcome! It's been a little over sixteen years since I started to write my first guide to Kingdom Hearts (and about ten years since I've touched either of my first two guides). I began to wonder if I would even be up to the task to write a third guide by the time the third game was released (after all, sixteen years was enough time for me to finish high school, college, and start a family). But here we are.

My end vision for this guide is similar to the other guides I've written: guide the player through the game efficiently while always noting everything there is to do along the way--whether that be participation in mini-games, finding all the items, noting curiosities, filling out all the game menus, or listening to my own thoughts (perhaps to my readers' chagrin). I like to prevent the need for players to jump around a lot in the guide, so the guide will be written fairly linearly; however, I will set the guide up to link to other sections as needed.