• Golden Highwind & Schwarzgeist Gummi ships

    To unlock the Golden Highwind and the Schwarzgeist gummi ships you must beat the Schwarzgeist optional boss located in the Tornado looking vortex in the Misty Stream Galaxy.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Golden HighwindDefeat the Schwarzgeist optional Gummi Boss Battle with any rank
    SchwarzgeistDefeat the Schwarzgeist optional Gummi Boss Battle with any rank
    Ultima/GDefeat the Schwarzgeist optional Gummi Boss Battle with an A-rank

    Contributed By: MusicM4st3r and Elranzer.

    20    4

  • Keyblades

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Classic ToneComplete all 23 Classic Minigames
    Crystal SnowComplete Arendelle
    Ever AfterComplete Kingdom of Corona
    Favorite DeputyComplete Toy Box
    Grand ChefGet an excellent rating on all the bistro recipies
    Happy GearComplete Monstropolis
    Hero's OriginComplete Olympus Coliseum
    Hunny SpoutComplete 100 Acre Wood
    Nano GearComplete San Fransokyo
    OathkeeperCollect all 90 Lucky emblems and trade Proof of Promises at the Moogle shop
    OblivionComplete the game on Critical mode and trade Proof of Times Past at the Moogle shop.
    Shooting StarComplete Twilight Town
    StarlightComplete the Keyblade Graveyard
    Ultima WeaponSynthesize in Moogle Shop.
    Wheel of FateComplete the Caribbean

    Contributed By: Emical_Fire, JB-BYC, and hisroyalbonkess.

    17    6

  • Orichalcum+

    There are seven Orichalcum+ throughout Kingdom Hearts 3. They are needed to craft/synthesise the Ultima Keyblade and are different than the regular Orichalcum.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Orichalcum + #1Found in a chest in The Carribean. Found on Exile Isle.
    Orichalcum + #2Found in a chest in "The Final World". After completing the "Final World" go back to it and there will be a chest containing the Orichalcum +.
    Orichalcum + #3Collect 80 of the Lucky Emblems/Hidden Mickeys.
    Orichalcum + #4Collect all 10 treasures in the Frozen Slider Mini game in Arendelle.
    Orichalcum + #5Beat the Eclipse Galaxy Boss. To unlock this boss you must defeat the enemies on each side of the cube then it will appear on top of the cube.
    Orichalcum + #6Beat the high score in all the Flantastic 7 mini games.
    Orichalcum + #7Collect from the Moogle shop Postcard Raffle, it is a random prize.

    Contributed By: MusicM4st3r.

    21    7

  • Prize Postcard Unique Items

    There are three unique items that you can get from Prize Postcards, aside from the random assortment of items and materials you normally get. Each of these can only be received once. The game's only Lucky Ring is found this way.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Gourmand's RingRandom one-time Prize Postcard prize
    Lucky RingRandom one-time Prize Postcard prize
    Orichalcum+Random one-time Prize Postcard prize

    Contributed By: Elranzer.

    15    2

  • Secret Ending

    To unlock the secret ending movie you will need to photograph Lucky Emblems scattered throughout the worlds. The amount required varies by the difficulty level you play on.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Beginner ModeCollect 90 Lucky Emblems
    Proud ModeCollect 30 Lucky Emblems
    Standard ModeCollect 60 Lucky Emblems

    Contributed By: OneWingedHero.

    19    4

  • Ultimate Weapon Recipes

    To unlock the recipes for Sora, Donald and Goofy's ultimate weapons, you must collect 58 different Synthesis items, then speak with any Moogle.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Save the King+ recipeCollect 58 different Synthesis Items.
    Save the Queen+ recipeCollect 58 different Synthesis Items.
    Ultima Weapon recipeCollect 58 different Synthesis Items.

    Contributed By: MusicM4st3r and Elranzer.

    12    10

  • Unlock the Black Pearl in the Pirates of the Caribbean world

    To unlock a new ship for exploring the seas, you need to reach the level cap - level 9 - with the Leviathan. This is easily done by simply taking out heartless ships and finding white crabs on islands.

    The Black Pearl has a stronger attack and slightly faster movement speed compared to the Leviathan, at the cost of slightly lower defence and less equipped cannons.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    The Black PearlReach level 9 (max lvl) with the Leviathan

    Contributed By: Valkenhyne.

    2    0

Easter Eggs

  • Original Music from Einhander

    Enter the 5-star Schwarzgeist boss battle in Misty Stream with the Endymion gummi ship and its two Codymion small ships. It will play the original "Thermosphere" music from the PS1 game Einhander rather than the arranged version.

    Contributed By: Elranzer.

    15    4


  • Two Bonus HP Boosts

    In Final World, after collecting 111 Sora copies, continue collecting copies instead of using the red portal. At 222 copies and 333 copies you will gain substantial, permanent HP boosts, and after 333, you'll automatically receive a cutscene.

    Contributed By: etomocky.

    31    0

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