Why does xehanort need vessels?

  1. Got some questions about the KH series. This is probably explained at one point, I’ve probably just forgotten it, or I just missed it. Or I’m just stupid. Probably all of them. Some of these may seem stupid. And spoilers, obviously. Also, I haven’t played the X games, but I’ve seen a decent amount of them, like ventus being alive 1000 years before bbs.

    1. Why does xehanort need vessels?
    I think it’s because he’s getting old. But then wouldn’t all the other vessels just get old too?

    2. How is Ven alive in bbs and in x (when x takes place like 1000 years before)?
    I can’t think of an explanation for this. At least for Luxu/Braig/Xigbar, there’s an explanation; he passed his heart through like 30 vessels. For Ven, I honestly don’t know. He couldn’t of passed his heart down, otherwise he’d have a different name and appearance.

    3. How are the Union Leaders all alive at the end of kh3?
    They may not be alive, and those could’ve just been spirits or ghosts or whatever, still doesn’t make sense since they all should’ve died of either old age or because of the Keyblade war.

    4. Who is the middle chair for in the land of departure?
    If the one on the left is for Eraqus, the one on the right is for Xehanort, whose is the middle chair for? And don’t say Ventus, unless it actually is for Ventus.

    5. Why does Terranort’s Heartless call himself Ansem?

    6. When Sora released his and Kairi’s heart, did Ventus’s heart also get released?

    7. Where was normal Xehanort while Xehanort was controlling Terra?

    Sorry if these were a little stupid. Most probably were. No extra information for the last three because I have literally no idea on any of them, and I felt they didn’t really need an explanation. Thanks in advance for anyone who answers these.

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Accepted Answer

  1. I'll do my best to answer but some of these don't have a clear answer yet so it's just speculation.

    1. He needs vessels because he needs 13 darknesses to create the X-Blade and summon Kingdom Hearts. Do the darknesses really need to be versions of himself? Probably not but Xehanort wants to be in control of everything and wants to ensure his plans go correctly so he probably likes the idea of having 13 versions of himself instead of relying on 12 other people.

    2. There isn't an explanation as of now, but I think it's safe to assume he was probably sent forward in time somehow, either that or the events of KHUX aren't as long ago as we think, or time flowed slower for the people in daybreak town, your guess is as good as mine but I'd go with he went forward in time somehow. I suppose it's worth noting that Maleficent from the present shows up in Enchanted Dominion in KHUX (which is a data world), again how this is possible is still a mystery, but the two are probably related.

    3. Same as the last question, no clear answer, but in their case especially it would seem they were sent forward in time as they don't seem to have knowledge about what's been going on in the present.

    4. Don't think there is an answer to this, probably just how they designed it, maybe they were thinking Ven, Aqua, and Terra, but yeah I doubt there will ever be a clear cut answer to this.

    5. Because Terranort took over Ansem the Wise's research and decided to take his name as well I guess. It's just something that happened, not really a great reason for why he decided to do that, he just did.

    6. Not sure how confirmed this is, but I believe the accepted theory is that Ven's heart went into Roxas and that is why Roxas looks like Ven, it's also why Roxas could have 2 keyblades. When Roxas returned to Sora in KH2, Ven returned to him as well.

    7. His body disappeared but his heart went into Terra, so at that time the only "real" Xehanort was his heart controlling Terra's body.

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  1. 1. In BBS he needed another body in order to survive until the keyblade war would unfold at a later point, but in KH3 Xehanort needs vessels so his other selves can have physical forms.

    2. This is currently a mystery. All we know is that Ven, and some other members of the uX story, were launched from there own time to around the time of the modern KH era. This is separate from Luxu, who survived by stealing other people's bodies

    3. They are brought there by Luxu, we don't know how exactly. We never really see them fall in the keyblade war, so...

    4. It's likely that Land of Depature works in a 1 master, 2 students formula. Their master, and the two pupils Xehanort and Eraqus. Eraqus the master, and his 2 pupils Terra and Aqua. Ventus only shows up because Xehanort basically pushes him onto Eraqus.

    5. He cast away his name when he cast away his form, stealing the name of his former mentor Ansem the Wise.

    6. No, Ventus' heart stays in Sora's body, which was then Roxas. So Ventus' heart laid dormant in Roxas for the time Sora was a walking heart with a Kairi light hug body.

    7. What do you mean? In BBS, Xehanort steals Terra's body. Terranort, pre-amnesia, is just MX in Terra's body. In KH3, both can appear because Xehanort is having multiple versions of himself from across time appear. MX is current day, Terranort is timetraveled BBS MX in Terra's body, YX, Ansem SoD, Xemnas.

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