How do I make my HP bar a partial circle or 3/4 circle around Sora's Portrait?

  1. I chose Balanced stats at the beginning of my Critical Mode playthrough. I have done pretty much everything and even collected the Phantoms, yet my HP bar is still not at 3/4 circle like how it is in KH2FM, just shy of it.
    I have seen videos of people with the 3/4 circle HP bar and I can't seem to find out how to raise any more than 131 Max HP without Food buffs.

    Is there something else I am forgetting to do to raise my Max HP to 3/4 Circle?

    User Info: DarkDuke49

    DarkDuke49 - 1 week ago
  2. By Phantoms I mean by collecting the Sora Phantoms in The Final World. Collecting 222 and then 333 phantoms give Max HP increases, but even then my health is still not at 3/4 circle.
    I have completed every world and beaten the game and currently in post game. My Journal has Mickey stamps on all the icons meaning I have done pretty much everything.
    The only thing I haven't really done is Gummi stuff but I am pretty sure you don't get anymore stat bonuses to Sora for doing Gummi stuff.

    I have a picture of my HP bar and stats here https //
    add a : between the s and / in the link

    User Info: DarkDuke49

    DarkDuke49 - 1 week ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. What do you mean you've done pretty much everything? The phantoms being you defeated the Lich?
    To answer you, you get a huge jump of health while defeating the 13 darkness in the keyblade grave yard. It will come to you with normal game progression.

    User Info: King_of_Nubs

    King_of_Nubs - 1 week ago 2   0
  2. This. You haven't even finished a major world. It should put you to 3/4 of the circle.

    User Info: Monadobuster

    Monadobuster - 1 week ago

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