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  1. Do sorcerer rings and orichalcum rings stack???

    User Info: Rickytoophresh

    Rickytoophresh - 4 weeks ago

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  1. Simple answer is yes.
    But I'm not sure I fully understand the source of your confusion, why wouldn't they stack?
    Sorcerer's ring gives a boost to magic and AP and gives you the MP Haste ability.
    Orichalcum ring gives a boost to strength and AP and gives you the Cure Converter ability.
    There's not really any overlap there except the AP boosts but yes you get all the boosts and both the abilities. Or maybe you are asking if the abilities stack? but that doesn't really make sense either unless you are misunderstanding what the abilities do. Cure Converter just makes it so using cure will fill your situation command (like attacking an enemy normally does), MP haste just speeds up how fast your MP recovers after running out.

    User Info: coreekymon

    coreekymon (Expert) - 4 weeks ago 4   0

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