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  1. Hello!
    I want to start this by saying the past games I have actually detested the Gummi Ship Piloting and normally skipped it when I could. However, for KH3 I actually love it.
    Problem is I have no clue how to build an actual useful gummi ship. This is important to me because I have read that in order to get the ultima keyblade you need an ingredient that a gummi ship boss gives you.
    I am currently level 50 ( one star whatever that means) and am running
    Invincible LV2
    Twin Shot
    Altair ( teeny ship a)
    Deneb ( teeny ship b)

    In the Starlight Way
    I have all treasures except for 3 and 8. I have all the blueprints.
    As of writing this I am just now starting Misty Stream.

    My questions are
    what should I go next to get a better ship?
    How do you get more AP? Does this come with leveling your gummi ship?
    What is build that I can you throughout the game?
    If I make my own ship can I constantly upgrade it or do I have to make an entirely new one?
    Any recommendations?

    Thanks to those who read and respond to this! I greatly appreciate it

    User Info: kxs031

    kxs031 - 3 weeks ago

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  1. If you beat schwarzgeist you get a blue print that makes short work of all others.

    There is an easy strategy to beat him but will only tell if asked to.

    As far as ships go bosses are easier with lasers. As you roll with ps4 pulse with r2. This will make little targeting squares pop and hit your target with more concrete damage.

    Note the blueprints you pick up do not require you to have enough points to use em. I don't remember if I had to do something else first but blueprint tiny ships can get you more than you can make on your own.

    For mob battles area damage is great. The 4 way or burst cannons kill em quickly.

    Hp isn't that important.
    Speed only needs to be 200 for a boss (use props for the speed.)
    Power affects your weapons but if it's around 60 your doing good.
    Mobility is not needed.
    Rolling will allow you to dodge enemy attacks. The higher the number the better your chances at avoiding damage.
    The number for your weapons is misleading. If you are using impact gummi then the number will be much higher without a lot of value added as it is useful rarely.

    P.s. I loved all 3 ways they did gummi ships. It was one of the first things I finished in all 3 games. This one is nice because no flying O.

    P.p.s. start with weapons then movement then power. Rolling and power should both be positive.

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  1. For the Orichaclum+, you only need to beat the six big bosses on the last gummi map.
    A regular blueprint from Donald's nephews is all you really need. Visit their shop, either from the menu or by going to Twilight Town, and buy their blueprints.
    Some blueprints you receive for shooting all constellations are also fine pre-set ships.

    The only battle I'd recommend to build your own ship would be fighting Schwarzgeist. For this one, you need 200 speed, but it's not necessary for Ultima.

    User Info: Externica

    Externica (Expert) - 2 weeks ago 1   1

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