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Guide and Walkthrough by Bkstunt_31

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 04/26/2015
FAQ of the Month Winner: April 2015 | Highest Rated Guide

    ^        _____________________________________________________        ^
  ^/ \^   .'¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯'.   ^/ \^
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                                                   Blitz Knight Stunt Presents:

   Hey Red...                                                           |     ,'
                                                                        /   ,' 
        We're not going to get away with this, are we...?              /   /
                                                                      /   /
                                                                      / /
                                                                     / /
                                                                    / /
                                                                   / /
                                                                  / /
                                                                 / /
                                                                / /
                                                  \          ````'--...._____ 
                                                   \                      _,'\ 
                                                   /\                  _,'   ,'
                                                  /  \               ,'__  ,'
                                                 /    \            ,'   /-'
                                                /      \        ,'     /
                                               /        \    ,'       /
                                              /          \,'         /
                                             /                      /
                                            /  ,..-..,             /
                                           /,-`       `',         /
                                          .`    ,.-.,,   `,      / 
                                             /``      `.   ,    /  
                                            /   ,..,    \  \   /   
                                       /|  /   '    `    ,  | /    
                                      / |  |  |      |   |  |/     
                                     /  |  \   .    /    '  |      
                                ,'/ /    \  \   `'-`    /          
                              ,' / /      \  `.       ,'          
                            ,'  / /        `.  `''-''`   ,`        
                           /   / /           `.,      _.`          
                          /   / /               `''-'` /           
                         /   / /                      / /|         
                        /   / /                      / / |         
                       /   / /                      / /  |         
                  ,'/ /   / /                      / /   |         
                 / / /   / /                      / /   /
                / / /   / /                      / /   /
               / / /   / /                      / /   /
              / / /   / /                      / /   / /\
             / / /   / /                      / /   / / /
 _______  ______ _______ __   _ _______ _____ _______ _______  _____   ______
    |    |_____/ |_____| | \  | |______   |   |______    |    |     | |_____/
    |    |    \_ |     | |  \_| ______| __|__ ______|    |    |_____| |    \_

                  When everything changes, nothing changes...

 ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯
            Platform:   PlayStation 4
             Version:   1.00
        Last Updated:   4/27/2015

               Email:   FAQs @ bkstunt .com
            Web Site:   http://bkstunt.com/
       Facebook Page:   http://www.facebook.com/Bkstunt

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    If the ASCII above/below and the charts used throughout the guide look
  strange, please change your settings to display text in a FIXED-WIDTH font.
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                    _____                 _    _           
                   |_   _| _ __ _ _ _  __(_)__| |_ ___ _ _ 
                     | || '_/ _` | ' \(_-< (_-<  _/ _ \ '_|
        _____________|_||_| \__,_|_||_/__/_/__/\__\___/_|_____________
O==<                          Table of Contents                           >==O

   Note: Press Ctrl+F and enter in the code to skip to that section.


 - Introduction......................................................[TRA-INT]
 - Controls..........................................................[TRA-CON]
 - Tips and Tricks...................................................[TRA-TIP]
 - Understanding the Battle System...................................[TRA-BTL]


   - Picking up the Pieces..................................[TRA-1]
   - The Empty Set..........................................[TRA-2]
   - The Spine of The World.................................[TRA-3]
   - Bracket Towers.........................................[TRA-4]
   - Canvas and Brush.......................................[TRA-5]


 - Enemy/Limiter Descriptions........................................[TRA-ENM]
 - Test Challenges Guide.............................................[TRA-TST]
 - Functions Guide...................................................[TRA-FUN]
 - Subject Descriptions..............................................[TRA-SUB]
 - Trophy List.......................................................[TRA-TPH]


 - Version History...................................................[TRA-HIS]
 - Credits...........................................................[TRA-CRE]
                    _____                 _    _           
                   |_   _| _ __ _ _ _  __(_)__| |_ ___ _ _ 
                     | || '_/ _` | ' \(_-< (_-<  _/ _ \ '_|
        _____________|_||_| \__,_|_||_/__/_/__/\__\___/_|_____________
O==<                            Introduction                              >==O
 Hey everyone, welcome to Bkstunt's guide for Transistor! I recently played
through this game and was so enthralled by it that I platinumed it... and
still found myself wanting more! Haha. This guide is a testament to that fact,
I suppose... I was also surprised that there are NO guides for this game, on
GameFAQS at least, and resolved to change that!

 Transistor was made by Supergiant Games, also known as the people who brought
us Bastion many years ago. Much like Bastion the story is mostly told by a
single narrator, and gets much of its charm from this fact. The game play is
also fairly addicting as you are able to combine moves for different effects.
Still, this game is best played through twice to fully explore all the
challenges, moves and limiters there are. It is fairly short, so hopefully many
of you are tempted to do just that!

 So welcome again to everyone who's hung out with me in the past or taken the
time to send me a message or chat for awhile. You guys and gals are the reason
I'm still writing, so its good to be back once more. Enough of the sentimental
stuff though, let's start this guide already!

                    _____                 _    _           
                   |_   _| _ __ _ _ _  __(_)__| |_ ___ _ _ 
                     | || '_/ _` | ' \(_-< (_-<  _/ _ \ '_|
        _____________|_||_| \__,_|_||_/__/_/__/\__\___/_|_____________
O==<                               Controls                               >==O

Here are the controls for Transistor:
                _,.--.,_                              _,.--.,_
               |  _____ |                            | _____  |
               |-'     `'.__________________________,'`     `-|
             ,'    __     `.                      ,'    .,.    `.
            /     |  |      \        SONY        /     (/_\)     \
           !   __  \/  __    |                  !  ,-.  `-'  ,-.  |
           |  |__ >  < __|   !__SELECT   START__| ([ ])     ( O ) !
           !       /\        ___`-.        ,-'     `-'  ,-.  `-'  |
           |\     |__|     ,'   `. \      / ,'   `.    ( X )     /|
           | `.           /       \ |    | /       \    `-'    ,' |
           |   `-.____,-. \       / |____| \       / ,-.____,-'   |
           |           ,'\ `.___,' /      \ `.___,' /`.           |
           |          /   `-.___,-'        `-.___,-'   \          |
           \         /                                  \         /
            \       /                                    \       /
             `.__,-'                                      `-.__,'

 |                                                                        |
 | Left Analog Stick: Movement                                            |
 |                                                                        |
 | Right Analog Stick: Aiming during Turn()                               |
 |                                                                        |
 | Directional Buttons: Movement                                          |
 |                                                                        |
 | X Button: Interact / Use Function 1                                    |
 |                                                                        |
 | O Button: Use Function 2                                               |
 |                                                                        |
 | Square Button: Use Function 3                                          |
 |                                                                        |
 | Triangle Button: Use Function 4                                        |
 |                                                                        |
 | L1: Hum a Song                                                         |
 |                                                                        |
 | L2: Undo Planning during Turn()                                        |
 |                                                                        |
 | R1: Flourish                                                           |
 |                                                                        |
 | R2: Activate Turn()                                                    |
 |                                                                        |
 | OPTIONS: Pause Menu                                                    |
 |                                                                        |
 | SHARE: Record/Share Gameplay                                           |
 |                                                                        |

                    _____                 _    _           
                   |_   _| _ __ _ _ _  __(_)__| |_ ___ _ _ 
                     | || '_/ _` | ' \(_-< (_-<  _/ _ \ '_|
        _____________|_||_| \__,_|_||_/__/_/__/\__\___/_|_____________
O==<                           Tips and Tricks                            >==O

 Here are some tips to help you out throughout your playthrough! If you have
a good tip, feel free to email me and it may get added here!
 o Prioritize enemies! Take out things like Cheerleaders and Weeds first as
   they can help and heal other enemies. No reason to extend the fight longer
   than we have to!
 o Experiment with abilities. The game is LOADED with Access Points so you
   can switch out abilities very easily. Doing this will let you find out
   witch abilities you'll end up loving.
 o Using your Turn() is a very tactical experience. You get bonuses for
   attacking from behind and can use abilities like Breach() to hit multiple
 o Abilities like Jaunt(), Mask() and Switch() can really make your life
   easier between turns or when you are in danger, so consider having at
   least one of them as an "easy out". This is especially useful between
   turns. Using a Turn(), then Mask() while you are charging up again is
   essentially two turns in a row...
 o Jaunt() is a particularly useful ability as it can allow you to use any
   ability OUTSIDE of Turn, when you are charging up still. Consider putting
   it on a powerful ability like Breach() so you can still attack after you
   get done using a turn. Sometimes the best defense is a good offense...
 o Once you can visit the Backdoor you will be able to undertake challenges.
   These not only teach you multiple things but also reward experience once
   you beat them, leveling you up faster.
 o Speaking of leveling up faster, you can equip "Limiters" after playing
   through the game for awhile. Doing so makes enemies harder but also gives
   you bonus experience. Consider equipping some of the easier ones (like the
   "Double Cells" one) for a slight XP bonus. Or if you are just completely
   dominating, equip more!
 o You can use your Turn() as a pause button if you wish... you don't HAVE to
   use it. This lets you look around at where enemies are and plan out your
   attack and as long as you don't do anything, you can press the Turn() button
   again to "unpause". Remember that you can also UNDO attacks on the Turn()
   by pressing circle, something the game doesn't really tell you...
                    _____                 _    _           
                   |_   _| _ __ _ _ _  __(_)__| |_ ___ _ _ 
                     | || '_/ _` | ' \(_-< (_-<  _/ _ \ '_|
        _____________|_||_| \__,_|_||_/__/_/__/\__\___/_|_____________
O==<                          The Battle System                           >==O
 The combat and battle system in Transistor takes a little getting used to,
enough so that I figured I'd make a quick overview of it all here. Knowing
how the game works is the first key to mastering it and we're going to set you
up for success!

 As you play through the game you'll earn abilities that can be used in
real-time to damage you opponents. This is all well and good, and you should
definitely attempt to handle whatever you come across in real-time, but we
shouldn't forget about the Turn() system.

 Activating your Turn() pauses the action and gives you a bar up on the top
of your screen. You are now free to act while every enemy is frozen, but EACH
ACTION takes up some of that bar (the Turn Planning bar...). Still, you are
free to move around and attack. Planning out your Turn() strategically and
annihilating your foes before they have a chance is one of the highlights of
Transistor as a whole...

 What's the catch? Once you are done, you execute your turn which has you do
all of those abilities you que'd up, but afterwards you must CHARGE YOUR TURN
BACK UP. This means you can't use ANY abilities until your turn is ready to go
again (with some exceptions, like Mask() or Jaunt()...).

 That's all there really is to Turn(). A powerful tool that makes you pay
afterwards. This is why being comfortable fighting in real-time is helpful
and using abilities like Jaunt() can help after using a Turn().
 Abilities are "Functions" in this game, and there are a total of 16 functions
in the game. Of course you'll only have a few available to you at the start,
but by the end of the game you'll unlock most of them.

 You can only equip up to four abilities at any given time, but don't worry,
there is always room for more! As you play you'll unlock "upgrade" slots to
your four main ability slots, as well as passive slots. You can then use your
un-equipped abilities to upgrade your primary abilities or put them in a
passive slot for a passive bonus.

 Each ability has a "type" of attack. For example, there is an ability called
Switch() that turns an enemy into an ally. You can use this ability by itself
if you wished, but if you use it as an upgrade to a damaging ability like, say,
Breach() you now have a long-range attack (which is what Breach() normally is)

 Every ability can upgrade other abilities like this and mixing and matching
them is one of the best parts of the game. The passives are self-explanitory
really, so no need to explain them, but as you near the end of the game you
will unlock TWO upgrade slots per primary ability slot, making the upgrade
potential that much more in-depth. We should note here that each ability and
upgrade takes a certain amount of MEMORY to equip. You will gain more memory
as you level up, but as you equip abilities and upgrades the memory is tallied
up, which plays into the "Overload" feature later...

 Be sure to mix and match abilities and test them out for yourself to see
what ability combos you like. The game has a TON of Access Points where you
can change abilities out and even a Backdoor area that has a practice area
specifically for this reason.

 Death isn't the end of things in Transistor... when you lose all of your HP,
one of two things will happen: If your Turn() is charged up you will get an
"Emergency Turn()", which lets you bypass that fatal blow and plan out an
action turn. Very nice of them. If it isn't, you will get "Overload".

 What Overload does is takes your ability with the most memory use and then
DELETES IT. You will then lose access to that ability and whatever upgrades
were on it, but your life will be re-filled completely. This essentially gives
you several life-bars as you only lose one ability at a time, although if you
are losing multiple abilities in one fight something is definitely wrong! You
know which ability has the most memory usage as it is the ability with the gold
box around it. Or y'know... you could just see it in the Access Point...

 Still, once an ability is lost it isn't lost forever. Instead it is "locked
out" and you'll need to visit a number of Access Points until it is ready to
go again. A chance to try something new, perhaps? Good thing there are Access
Points everywhere, but you'll still likely spend one or two battles without a
number of abilities...

                    _____                 _    _           
                   |_   _| _ __ _ _ _  __(_)__| |_ ___ _ _ 
                     | || '_/ _` | ' \(_-< (_-<  _/ _ \ '_|
        _____________|_||_| \__,_|_||_/__/_/__/\__\___/_|_____________
O==<                   Segment 1: Picking up the Pieces                   >==O

    "Look, whatever you're thinking do me a favor... don't let me go..."

 Well... this is a sight, isn't it? Something bad has clearly taken place and
we are now left standing here, with a sword. Not just any sword though, this is
the TRANSISTOR, and the voice speaking is... or was... the man laying dead in
front of us.

 Once we pull the sword out, we are given our very first two default abilities.
These are Crash() and Breach (). Crash() is effectively a close-range melee
attack while Breach () gives you a ranged attack option.

 (-NOTE-) While we explore the city, we will come across a LOT of things to
          investigate. Doing so often gives you some narration and possibly
          some info on the city or the story, so I recommend checking out
          everything you can. On a more game-play related note, the only thing
          that you really HAVE to check, at times, are the OVC Terminals.
          Even then, only a select few of them NEED to be checked to advance
          the game. There is, however, a trophy for examining 10 of them, so
          I will be pointing them all out as if they were a collectible.

 The very first thing we can explore is the gown nearby. It seems the jacket
we are wearing isn't our own... there's nothing for us to the south, but if
you head north the square will cordon off and several boxes will pop up. The
one that says "Process" is our first enemy of the game. Go ahead and test out
your two abilities on it to see it become a proper enemy.

 This sphere enemy will attack by shooting a beam at you, but is hardly a
threat. Kill it off and watch as it becomes a "cell", then is "born again".
This is the game's way of showing you that enemies can indeed come back to
life if their cells aren't collected in time.

 Head northeast after the first fight and interact with the breach. Before
we leave though we are drawn into another fight.

 o Fight() : 16th Street High-Pass
 |  The sphere enemy is officially labeled "Creep" at this point! Heh. We are
 | shown how to use a TURN() at this point. As you can see, a turn is simply
 | Red planning out moves and then executing them. Follow the game prompts
 | here to see it in action. You can use your second turn on your own. Try to
 | hite two enemies with Breach( ) here and mop up the remaining resistance.
 | Very easy.

 After the fight you'll see that we do get experience. We will eventually
level up and gain new abilities, but everything in due time.

 Head to the Break Point now and go on through. Out here you'll get a good
look at the city. Beautiful. Be sure to check out the telescope here before
heading to the Promenade. Once you do you'll see enemies to our south. Time
for a fight.

 o Fight() : Goldwalk Promenade
 |   This fight is rather simple. The enemies (Bad Cells and a Creeper) aren't
 |  even paying attention to use.  Use two Breach () attacks and mop up
 |  afterwards.

 Once you finish the fight, examine the body nearby. Platt, L. She has been
effected by whatever these things are... the "process", and wishes to join us
through the Transistor. This nets us a new ability, the [_SPARK()_]. Be sure
to nab it and test it out. Explosive, for sure. From here, be sure to head up
north to find an [_OVC TERMINAL_]. We can vote on the weather for tomorrow
here, which should tell you quite a bit about the type of city Cloudbank is.
Amazing and... malleable...

 Head south again and we'll be in a fight.

 o Fight() : Goldwalk Promenade North
 |   Another very simple fight, especially with Spark(). Use your new toy to
 |  nail down the Bad Cells. They are quite fast, so the area effect of Spark()
 |  will be of great use to you here.

 Head south and southeast to see an [_OVC TERMINAL_]. From here, head northeast
when you can to the square. You'll see a poster of you to the northwest, so go
investigate it for a quick scene that gives us a little back-story. Exit when
you wish to get in another fight.

 o Fight() : They Took Your Voice
 |   Finally, a challenge! This is a new enemy called a "Young Lady". She is
 |  tricky. Try to attack her with your turn and she'll disappear, often
 |  leaving a Young Lady clone (with 1 HP) behind. She will always try to evade
 |  your attack like this if possible. The key here is to attack her in
 |  real-time and THEN use your turn to unload on her.
 |   Once you do that you'll likely take her down quickly. Be warned: once she
 |  dies, she unloads a TON of cells. At times, with good environmental
 |  positioning, you can collect them all quickly. You can also use a turn to
 |  try and collect as many as you can. The reason to do this is because these
 |  particular cells DO NOT revive her, but instead turn into Bad Cells rather
 |  quickly. Better than reviving her, I suppose.

 After the fight use the Break Point and continue. Next up you'll see two
Break Points. Here we need to use a Turn() and hit both of them at the same
time. Pretty easy. Up ahead you'll see another body. Moyle, P. Elusive. Go
interact with him to obtain [_JAUNT()_], a new ability for the Transistor.
This ability lets you move quickly, which is frankly excellent. In all
actuality, this is one of the BEST abilities in the game (in my opinion, of
course). Move on to the courtyard after absorbing Mr. Moyle. We'll be in a
fight soon enough.

 o Fight() : Location Data Unavailable
 |   What, no location? Hmm...
 |   This fight is against a hulking enemy. It is called "Process" for now but
 |  it will be "Jerk" in the future. He slams ahead at you and tries his best
 |  to run into you. Pffft, what a jerk! His tactics are very straight-forward
 |  so he is fairly easy to outrun (especially with Jaunt!), but he does have
 |  a very large HP pool, making him the "Tank" of the enemy class.
 |   Here you can use Breach() from a distance and then use a turn once he
 |  gets close. At the end of the turn either use Jaunt() or just use it after
 |  your turn to get away as it is going to take a few turns to down him. Try
 |  to get in backstabs to maximize your damage. You can easily use Jaunt() to
 |  get behind him for backstabs. Note that Jaunt() is useable EVEN AFTER you
 |  use your turn! See, I told you it was an amazing ability! Watch out for
 |  the Creep that joins the battle and take him out with hits that target both
 |  enemies.

 You should hit level 2 at this point, for sure. There's no way you aren't.
This leads to a note on leveling up:

 (-NOTE-) Leveling up in Transistor means choices. You will often get a choice
          on which new function you want to unlock. Later on you'll get choices
          on which upgrades and limiters you want as well! This means that you
          will have (potentially) moves that I do not have. There's really no
          "wrong choice" here, but certain moves are handier than others.
          Still, just be aware that your build and my build can be very

 Out of this level up you will see the function Mask(). I won't lie, this
function is essential. It lets you hide for a period of time, which is handy
to double-up on turns without getting targeted and hurt between them. You can
use this for some cheap kills, honestly, so I highly recommend taking it here.

 There is an ACCESS POINT nearby if you want to check out your new functions
and/or replace them at all. We covered this in the battle section, but this is
where you customize your moves. Each move has a memory limit, but as long as
you don't exceed your memory you can assign moves (and passives, later) and
put upgrades on moves here. I suggest trying Mask() out as an active ability.
Jaunt() also makes a FANTASTIC upgrade ability, allowing a move to be used
while your turn is recharging. I suggest pairing it with Breach() and trying
it out.

 Once you are ready, head west to the Breach Point and try to go through.
We'll end up in another fight with another Jerk!

 o Fight() : Location Data Unavailable
 |   No location data again. Not surprising since this is the same place...
 |   Another Jerk, but this time he is named AND leveled up. Wow... impressive.
 |  He acts much the same though: he still pounds the pavement and charges at
 |  you. No real change besides maybe a bigger HP pool and slightly bigger
 |  pound range (this is speculative at best though...). There are three creeps
 |  this time accompanying him. Use the same tactics as the last battle:
 |  Jaunt(), get in backstab damage, and get out. Try out Mask() if you got it
 |  to have the enemy not target you until right before your next turn. Using
 |  abilities that target the Creeps and the Jerk help a ton, as always.

 After the fight we can FINALLY head to the Expressway. Here you'll find a BIKE
that is our ticket out of here. Red will go for a ride at this point. Enjoy the
scene and dialog.

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Drive()" Bronze Trophy after getting on the bike.

                    _____                 _    _           
                   |_   _| _ __ _ _ _  __(_)__| |_ ___ _ _ 
                     | || '_/ _` | ' \(_-< (_-<  _/ _ \ '_|
        _____________|_||_| \__,_|_||_/__/_/__/\__\___/_|_____________
O==<                      Segment 2: The Empty Set                        >==O

       "Hey say something already. Say something will you? ... Oh no."
 Sounds like we are headed back to the set. Go figure...

 You can check out the Expressway to the north if you wish. Head southeast
and you'll get into your first fight here:

 o Fight() : Goldwalk Boulevard
 |   This fight will introduce the Creep Version 2.0. These leveled up Creeps
 |  now have a three-way beam, giving them a greater chance of hitting you.
 |  There are two of them in this fight along with various Bad Cells. Not much
 |  of a challenge, really. Burn them down with your turn once they get near
 |  and either Mask or hide behind the obstacles here while waiting for your
 |  turn. They will fall quickly.

 After the fight head north. You can view "Junction Jan's" up here and get some
commentary on it. To the north is some "fertile ground"... the puffy weeds
growing in the street. You learn how to flourish here which is... just a fancy
move for show.

 Head northeast now to an [_OVC TERMINAL_]. You will be able to pick out a
Junction Jan meal here, so choose whatever you wish (Deluxe!). After you get
done, you'll be ambushed by the process!

 o Fight() : The Original Junction Jan's
 |   This fight will introduce the Creep Version 2.0. These leveled up Creeps
 |  now have a three-way beam, giving them a greater chance of hitting you.
 |  There are two of them in this fight along with various Bad Cells. Not much
 |  of a challenge, really. Burn them down with your turn once they get near
 |  and either Mask or hide behind the obstacles here while waiting for your
 |  turn. They will fall quickly.

 Head west now to another Access Point. From here you can either check out the
Goldwalk Channel to the southeast or head northeast. Let's head to the Channel

 You'll note "Packets" down here as well as various weeds and obstacles. We'll
get into a fight here:

 o Fight() : Goldwalk Channel
 |   First, a note on the packets here. Packets are essentially cubes of
 |  explosive power. You can hit them (with Crash) to launch them forwards
 |  a ways, making them explode with overwhelming power. Try them out here.
 |   Go ahead and play around with the Weeds and the Packets here. Just when
 |  things seem too easy, a Jerk will show up and try to pound you down. He's
 |  the only real challenge here. Try to Jaunt away in real-time and launch
 |  Packets at him to take him out, using your Turn when he gets too close to
 |  hurt him and get away.

 After the fight you can check the northwest corner to comment on the "Processed
Alcove", then head north through the channel. You'll have an Access Point nearby
and, past that, an [_OVC TERMINAL_]. Once you're done reading the news spin,
head left to the exit. We'll end up back near the Access Point by the Channel
entrance. Go ahead and head northwest now to get into another fight.

 o Fight() : Goldwalk Thoroughfare
 |   This fight is really more of the same. You have three Creeps here who
 |  should be your first (and only) priority. Use the many obstacles here for
 |  cover and try to focus down one at a time. There are Weeds to the north
 |  that need mopped up once you are done.

 Use the Access Point to the northwest if you wish (there's a ton of these
things it seems) and go through the passageway. The Transistor will warn about
being jumped here... or not. You can take the first right here to disrupt some
birds and comment on "Goldwalk Bay". Did I tell you I love the narration in
this game? 

 Keep pushing north and soon you'll see a square with a weird-looking enemy
projecting a ray nearby. Time for another fight!

 o Fight() : Amphitheatre Parkway
 |   This fight introduces another new enemy. This time it is the Cheerleader.
 |  This appropriately-named foe "cheers" its fellow enemies on and guards
 |  them with a protective beam, meaning you need to kill it before you can
 |  damage whatever it is protecting!
 |   If you can, use Crash() to launch the packet at the Cheerleader. If that
 |  doesn't do it, you'll have to hack your way through the obstacle to get to
 |  it. If you need to do that, do it in real-time and kill the Cheerleader in
 |  real-time. Or use Mask() and get out of trouble. The reason being is that
 |  you don't want to be trapped in there with the Cheerleader and two Creeps
 |  bearing down on you, so be sure to save a turn or Mask() so you can get
 |  out of the middle area. Once you have the Cheerleader dead, the two Creeps
 |  should be a piece of cake.

 Use the Access Point as needed and head north to enter the Amphitheatre Parkway
proper. The water here is pretty cool. Head west until the area opens up and
you'll see a body to the southwest. "Precht, Q". Patient. Interact with him to
bring him along. Note that we don't get an ability here though. Still, the more
the merrier, right? Go ahead and head north to a fight.

 o Fight() : The Empty Set
 |   In this fight you'll see that the Young Lady has been upgraded. Version
 |  2.0, which includes 2x the firepower, so be careful. She is guarded by a
 |  Cheerleader down below and above, so focus on them first. There are Weeds
 |  here as well, which should be easy to take out when you can get around to
 |  them. After the Cheerleaders, the Young Lady is the priority here though.
 |   Note that the Bad Cells get an upgrade to Version 2.0 here as well (if
 |  you let them spawn from the enemies). They get a lot faster with a 3x
 |  Attack Speed, but they are still the grunt of the Process Army and are
 |  destroyed easily. Worth noting, though.

 Head northwest to the Box Office and enter. You'll find an [_OVC TERMINAL_]
in here. Interact with it and leave a comment if you wish, then exit. From here
head northeast, to the hallway. There's another Access Point and a door to "The
Empty Set". Head down it and you'll pop out near the [_OVC TERMINAL_]. We're in
a poll here. Heh. Continue on down the hallways. The camera pulls out as you go,
giving us a good view of the set and stage. The game teaches us how to hum here
(L1) so go ahead and stand up next to the microphone and give it a go for a

 Ah, such a good scene. It helps sum up what happened to you. Once you regain
control, go ahead and check out the [_OVC TERMINAL_] to the left and sign if
you wish, then head onward and interact with the transistor. Our little
flash-back scene will be over soon.

 We'll be back on the stage, but we aren't alone here... "Reisz, S" is close
by, and 98% processed by the looks of it. Go interact with her and we'll be
thrust into our very first boss fight:

 |  1st Form HP: 600
 |  2nd Form HP: 800
 |  3rd Form HP: 1200
 |   We've found our first Camerata member. Sybil Reisz. She's gone absolutely
 |  insane and needs to be put down.
 |   Sybil attacks with her umbrella, lunging at us over and over. Try to get
 |  away and use Breach( ) at her from a distance. This should only take about
 |  six hits as she has 600 HP. Once you take her down though, you'll discover
 |  that she has more than one form. OF COURSE it couldn't have been THAT easy,
 |  right?
 |   The second form has a little bit more HP at 800. She also spawns several
 |  Weeds throughout the area. When she gets hurt, she will attempt to seek out
 |  the Weeds and heal up. Breatch( ) is still a very good attack here, as is
 |  Shock(). Anything to kill Weeds AND hurt Sybil will help you our here.
 |   After taking out her second form it is time for round three. She has a bit
 |  more HP this time at 1200. When she spawns, she will also spawn in two
 |  Cheerleaders as well, which automatically protect her. Take them both out
 |  while avoiding Sybil. After that just wear her down while avoiding her
 |  thrust attacks and you'll defeat her soon enough.

 Examine the corpse after the fight to bring Sybil into the Transistor, which
gives your partner a chance to question her. You should level up to level four
as well, giving you the [_HELP( )_] ability and the [_AUTHENTICATOR_] which
lets us enter backdoors. More on that once we can use it. For now we can head
southeast to a ramp, which leads to an Access Point.

 The new ability, Help(), is quite useful. It summons an ally to assist us in
the fight. Worth trying out to see how you like it. Personally, by the end I
never used it. The ally is pretty weak and takes forever to summon. However as
an ability it isn't bad at this point in the game. You can pre-summon him
before a battle even and get some use out of him. Or perhaps, if you can get
away in a battle you can summon him and renew the fight with a bit of extra
help. Definitely give him a try.

 Continue on from the access point and take the boat here to continue to the
next section.

 (-NOTE-) You will net the "Reisz()" Silver Trophy here, after getting the
          Help() ability. 

                    _____                 _    _           
                   |_   _| _ __ _ _ _  __(_)__| |_ ___ _ _ 
                     | || '_/ _` | ' \(_-< (_-<  _/ _ \ '_|
        _____________|_||_| \__,_|_||_/__/_/__/\__\___/_|_____________
O==<                  Segment 3: The Spine of The World                   >==O

               "Locked yourself out. How're you gonna...? Oh."

 Back on solid ground. Feels nice. Head north to the Port 37 Archway and
enter. We'll get into a fight as soon as we step inside:

 o Fight() : DeBesis Pier
 |   This fight is another introductory one. You will meet a new enemy here
 |  called a Snapshot. These things do just what their name suggests: take
 |  pictures of you. Weird, right? The pictures they take will end up being
 |  displayed on the game screen. This serves to annoy you and obstruct your
 |  view of the action. In the end, these things are nuisances. They are
 |  fairly weak, so take them out and end this fight.

 Head onward and turn west. At the end of the street a door will open. A
Backdoor. This is the first one we've encountered, and it is open to use thanks
to the Authenticator we got off of Sybil. Backdoors are a place to rest and
relax, but also include challenge rooms to test your skills.

 (-NOTE-) I highly recommend visiting the Backdoors and undergoing the
          challenges in them. You get extra experience by doing this and can
          level up that much faster. Check the Backdoor Challenges section of
          the guide for help with these challenges and info on what the Backdoor
          area has.

 Since we cover the Backdoor in its own section, feel free to visit it now if
you wish, but the main guide must go on! Head a bit north and then west behind
the Backdoor to find an [_OVC TERMINAL_]. After checking it out, head back and
north. Check the Access Point here and you'll unlock the ability to use
LIMITERS. Limiters make the process stronger, which is bad of course, but they
also add a bonus to your experience gain if you use them. It's really a call
you'll have to make.

 Once you exit the Access Point, you'll get in a fight:

 o Fight() : The Waterfront
 |   You'll face four Snapshot enemies here. Not a big deal, really. There's
 |  some walls here you can use to hide behind and call an ally if you wish.
 |  Try to group them together if you can. Overall, very easy.

 Head north and to the west is the "Selection Offices". Check it out for some
dialog, then head east and north when you can. We'll get into another fight

 o Fight( ) : Raster Plaza
 |   This fight is somewhat weird. It has a giant white block here that does...
 |  nothing. Try hitting it though and an enemy will pop out. This block is
 |  spawning them and needs to be taken out. It will likely spawn a Cheerleader
 |  to protect itself, but after that it will spawn Creepers and Snapshots.
 |  Note that it does have a spawn limit, so we can't really farm it like you
 |  may be tempted to. Oh well. Take it out and mop up afterwards. A very
 |  weird enemy...

 Once the battle is won, head north and leave this area. We're headed for
Highrise, but first we must cross the Canals District. Once you load in head
east. You can check out the "Highrise Canals" point to the south for some
dialog. Keep heading south to another fight.

 o Fight( ) : Cloudbank Canals
 |   This fight introduces yet another new enemy: The Clucker. They are labeled
 |  as "Process" of course, but that's what they'll come to be known. These
 |  egg-shaped goofballs sit away from the fighting and launch bombs at you.
 |  The game is generous though and gives you plenty of warning before the
 |  bombs hit with a large red circle on the ground telegraphing the attack,
 |  so be sure to get out of the blast radius when you can. We fight two of
 |  them here, so just close in to them and take them out while they try to
 |  run away.

 (-NOTE-) You should be nearing or achieving Level 5 soon. If you can, I highly
          recommend Mask() if you don't have it yet. If you do, Switch() is also
          a great ability. It let's you turn enemies to your side for several
          seconds. You can keep re-applying this ability to drastically alter
          fights in fact. Truly over-powered. Also, be sure to get CACHE when
          you can, which upgrades your memory limit. I always prioritize that
          over the other upgrades when I played. Everything is ultimately your
          choice, of course.

 Head south after that and you'll see an alcove to the northwest. Enter it to
be attacked. This is really an optional fight, but let's take what we can!

 o Fight() : Stratus Court
 |   A Clucker attacks us here and runs away. Follow him, but go slow. You'll
 |  run into enemies as you head northwest. Kill the Weed that shows up. Note
 |  that they get an upgrade here to Version 2.0, which doubles their restore
 |  radius. Grrr, even more annoying. Head north killing weeds and avoiding the
 |  Cluckers until you can wipe them all out. It's just Weeds and Cluckers up
 |  here. Fairly easy.

 You can check the nearby [_OVC TERMINAL_] after the fight. The choice here
is pretty cool: choosing the skies color. Everything is possible in a
programmable world, but your choice unfortunately doesn't matter. Once you
pick, head back to the path split and continue southwest. We'll get in another
fight, of course. Surprise!

 o Fight(): The Hairpin
 |   You'll be jumped by BadCells at the top here. Heh, these things are no
 |  threat. Take them out and try to stick to the top. As you go south you'll
 |  be targeted by Cluckers who are hanging down below. There are Weeds down
 |  there as well. There should be two in total: one on the left side and one
 |  on the right side, so wipe them out one at a time to end this fight.

 From the south side of the street, head northeast. There's an Access Point
here if you need it. Head north and you'll see that you have company. Heh, they
brought friends. Head to the "Floating Point" to get away (not that they would
attack you here...).

 Check out the Overlook here to get a look at Highrise. Seems like the Process
is quickly turning the place unrecognizable. Continue on and you'll get a
chance to visit the Backdoor area again. Do so if you wish.

 (-NOTE-) Speed Test 2, Planning Test 1, and Stability Test 1 are all now
          available in the Backdoor. That's 30% EXP at least, if you do them

 All good? Good. Continue on to see "South Frostum Road." Take it to head
south, down to the lower road, and right into another fight.

 o Fight() :  Floating Point
 |   Here we'll be bombarded by Cluckers who, once you close in on them,
 |  you'll see are protected by Cheerleaders. These Cheerleaders are actually
 |  "Version 2.0", and now amplify the power of those they protect. Even more
 |  reason to take them out quickly. Do just that to make the Cluckers
 |  vulnerable. A Creep will show up to the north as well. Take the Cluckers
 |  out and save the Creep for last.

 Head southwest now and you'll have an Access Point to use if you need it.
There's some "Patio Seating" nearby you can examine, but head to the nearby
Ferry Building to continue. 

 You'll be on a new street soon, with the Transistor talking about all the
good bars that used to be here. Heh. To the northeast is an [_OVC TERMINAL_].
Check it out and head southwest. The path will split up here but keep going
southwest to a fight:

 o Fight() : Road to Highrise
 |   This fight introduces version 2.0 of the Snapshot enemy. It adds in "2X
 |  Clip Rate", but for the life of me I'm not 100% sure what that even means.
 |  Still, he acts much like version 1.0, so the difference is negligible at
 |  best.
 |   There are Cheerleaders here and they should be our first priority. The
 |  battle area does stretch to the south though, so beware of Clucker bombs.
 |  Take out the Cheerleaders and then, if you can, corner and kill any enemies
 |  up north (likely a Snapshot or two). The reason for this is there are Weed
 |  enemies to the south and when we head down there we'll want to take them
 |  out (after any Cheerleaders). Once you have the Cheerleaders and Weeds
 |  taken out, then focus on the Clucker and lastly the Snapshot foes. Quite
 |  a few enemies in this battle, but with that kill order it should be fairly
 |  easy (just dodge those bombs!).

 Head south after the fight for some commentary on the look of the place. There
is a "Cypher" down here you can get a comment on as well. The entrance to
Highrise is down here. We finally made it.

 Use the Access Point here if you need to. There is a gondola nearby that we'll
be fighting on soon, so get ready. Activate the gondola when you're ready and a
fight will eventually start.

 o Fight() : Highrise Gondola
 |   The enemies here come slowly. First you'll just have a Weed. Kill it
 |  quickly and some Creeps will drop in, along with more Weeds. If you can
 |  kill off the Creeps in a single turn, do so. May as well kill them off.
 |  If not, kill off the Weeds first. A Snapshot will join at the end, but
 |  he's no real threat here. 

 No more fights on the trip up at least. It is quite the view at the top. Use
the Access Point if you wish. Just beyond it is another battle, so get ready!

 o Fight() : Terrace Apartments
 |   This fight introduces another new enemy. This is a dog-shaped enemy,
 |  similar to our ally program. It's called Process at first, of course,
 |  but it will soon get the name Fetch.
 |   These Fetch enemies are annoying because they are persistent. They will
 |  come after you and bark at you, dealing direct damage, and then they'll
 |  keep coming after you over and over until one of you dies! Haha. They have
 |  fairly good HP too. In this fight you have the Fetch and four Weeds. You
 |  can probably just focus and burn down the Fetch enemy here and then clean
 |  up the Weeds afterwards.

 To the southwest is the "Highrise Overlook" you can get a little dialog from.
There's an Access Point as well. Check them out if you wish, then, head
northeast to the Terrace Apartments. This leads to a small area with your
apartment! Remember the Junction Jan's Terminal from earlier? Yeah, they've
delivered to our apartment and you can now enjoy a meal! Heh. When you're done,
just hit finished eating. The dialog when you leave is a nice touch for sure.

 Head back to the area we fought in and northwest up the stairs. There is
another [_OVC TERMINAL_] to the south up here. Looks like they are reporting
on the process finally. Head onward to the Rooftop Gondola and take another
ride. You'll see... something in the background here. That can't be good!
We're walking into a fight though:

 o Fight() : Starting to Lose You
 |   Nothing really new here. We have a Fetch enemy on the lose, but our
 |  main goal should be taking out the Cheerleaders here. Once you have them
 |  gone you should aim to kill the Weeds with the Fetch. Be sure to take the
 |  Weeds out when the Fetch gets low on health or it will actively try to go
 |  get healed.

 To the southeast is the "Patio View" you can check out, and an Access Point
in case you need it. Head northeast from there as the sword starts... talking
weird for a bit. There's a pool up here you can get some dialog on as well.
Head east, down the ramps. More comment on the "Hundred Steps" if you wish.
At the bottom we can head south to get into another fight:

 o Fight() : OVC Relay
 |   Here we encounter three Cluckers, but they've been upgraded to Version
 |  2.0. Their new trick here, besides a small HP increase, is the fact that
 |  they have an "Anti-Chase Tail". This is a trail they leave behind when
 |  they run that slows you down. Very smart of them, actually. You can run
 |  off to the side to avoid it, but getting caught in it usually means bombs
 |  are coming to you. Use your turns here to take them out and you'll be OK.
 There is an "OVC" Relay down here you can look at (to the south, on the north
wall) and also some "Scaffolding" back up in the big area to the northwest.
These two things are just for dialog, of cource. To the north is an Alcove you
can enter in. There is a Backdoor back here we can visit, which is always a good
idea. I VERY MUCH recommend this one, as we get into the fight below once we
 (-NOTE-) You can access the Speed Test 3, Performance Test 1, and Planning
          Test 2 in this door. 30% more EXP points if you do them all, which
          you should!
 As I mentioned, once you head back to Jallaford Square, we will get into
a fight:

 o Fight() : Jallaford Square
 |   We fight two Young Ladies here. Thankfully, the walls where we start
 |  will protect us. Focus one down at a time to not get overwhelemed. If you
 |  are using Help() here it can help a lot. Anything to distract enemies,
 |  really. Take them out and use all the cover here and we'll be done.
 Head north after the fight, up the stairs. Use the Access Point if you need
to. Head to the right instead of going up when you can to an [_OVC TERMINAL_].
Continue back and head north. Our sword continues with the crazy talk. We get
into a fight up here:

 o Fight() : Highrise Median
 |   Here we have FOUR Operator boxes. FOUR! Only three start out at the
 |  start of the fight, and none of them do anything until you attack. A good
 |  time to summon help, if you have it. Don't bother with turns until some
 |  enemies come out. They will spawn the usual here: Creeps, Snapshots, Bad
 |  Cells... just keep attacking. Multi-hit attacks like Breach() and AoE
 |  explosives help a ton.
 To the southeast is an Access Point if you need it. North up the slope is
some "Dense Vapor" and up north, the way we are supposed to go, you can find
a "Construction Site" in a dead end for dialog. Keep going and the giant monster
will show up again. Our sword is really losing it. Heh. We'll reach the "Bracket
Towers Gondola" soon enough and move on.

 Once we get off head west. There is an "Administration Building" here you can
check out. To the south is another Backdoor. Always a good sight.

 (-NOTE-) You can now access Performance Test 2, Planning Test 3 and Stability
          Test 3 in the Backdoor area. Lots of good experience. 40%, I believe.
          Very worth it.
 Once you are done with the Backdoor, head south to an [_OVC TERMINAL_] and
use the maintenance hatch to get swept up back above. No choice but to head
north now. Head through the Gazebo and you'll see the Spine of the World. So
very big! Continue on to see a Jerk get crushed. Ugh...

 THIS part of the game is VERY dangerous! The Spine will be trying to crush
us here, just like it did to the Jerk! Here just run north. You'll need to
run through some minor wall-maze areas but this is easy. We're "safe" past
the Greenhouse. For now... you can inspect a pool and a skyline up ahead, but
past the Access Point we will get into another fight:

 o Fight() : Brackets Tower Plaza
 |   We have a large area to fight through here: the fight area extends to
 |  the north quite a bit and is filled with walls and enemies. Weeds, Fetch
 |  and Snapshot will pester you here, but THE SPINE IS STILL ATTACKING!!!
 |  The Spine doesn't count friend or foe, so you can kill a lot of enemies
 |  by running past them when The Spine is trying to kill you. Plus, The
 |  Spine kills them in one hit and you don't. Haha. Use that fact to your
 |  advantage.
 Keep heading west after the fight: The Spine isn't gone yet. Enter the
courtyard and you are safe. Keep going to an Access Terminal and beyond that
an [_OVC TERMINAL_] to the west. This one is really neat as some personal
communication is going on here. Love it.

 Head back and go north once the pep talk is done. BE VERY CAREFUL of any
spots on the walls that turn into fire. This is The Spine coming out of
nowhere and trying to stab you. Be patient and let it attack once you dodge,
we don't need the chunks of health missing!

 Continue on and check out the Foundation below before heading up the slope
here. At the top you can check out a "Viewpoint" for a good comment, then head
southwest and up the slope. Keep going and soon we'll be in a fight:

 o Fight() : Bracket Towers B1
 |   This fight is only TWO Fetch enemies. Not very impressive, right? Well,
 |  it serves as a level-up for the Fetch enemies though, as they advance to
 |  Version 2.0. This gives them a bit more health, but also gives them a
 |  HUNTING CLOAK. This gives them a brief period of invisibility, but it does
 |  wear off when they attack. Still, very annoying, and this battle is all
 |  about showing that new ability off!
 Use the Access Point if you need to and head left to find an [_OVC TERMINAL_].
Broken. Heh. Continue northeast to the stairs and then onward past that to the
Bracket Towers Gondola. You'll think a fight is coming, but instead The Spine
will just try to crush you multiple times. Ugh! Keep on the move and you'll be

 At the top is a final Access Point, use it and get ready for a Boss Fight.
Having Mask() helps a lot here, as does Breach() upgraded with Jaunt(), as
we are going to be behind walls and Breach() can punish with quite a distance.
Purge() is a good choice as well. Clones and copies help out a bit too, so
consider those as well. You may also want to turn off any limiters, but it is
up to you. I'd turn off any cell ones at least...
 |  The Spine HP: 3,000
 |   This isn't a Camerata member, but he's been giving us a hell of a time
 |  recently and needs to pay. Plus he's been making the Transistor act more
 |  than a bit wonky...
 |   3,000 HP isn't bad, actually, especially since this guy doesn't have any
 |  other forms. He also only has TWO ATTACKS! Crazy, but they are VERY, VERY
 |  POWERFUL. We will miss having Jaunt() as an ability but you will be OK
 |  with just Mask() and the two walls in the arena (which help us up a TON!).
 |   The first attack is the rapid energy attack coming out of the eye. He
 |  SPAMS this attack, only letting up for short pauses every now and again.
 |  These attacks do splash damage as well, so DO NOT try to run through them
 |  and let them chase you instead. The walls here provide great protection
 |  against the shots and let you use Breach() to attack rather safely... as
 |  long as it's a single shot and you watch out for the second attack!
 |   This second attack is one you've already seen: the tail. Every now and
 |  again the tail will come down and smash at you. You can often dodge it if
 |  you are on the move, and can nearly predict when its coming since it is
 |  rather regular, but man does it hurt when it hits.
 |   That's all there is to this: use the walls to shield from attacks and
 |  unleash afterwards, then use the other wall and repeat. If the walls are
 |  not available, use your Mask() and copies. Keep the pressure on and keep
 |  focusing on The Spine. After hurting him a bit, he will spout out a ton
 |  of cells, like a Young Lady. Be sure to gather all of these up ASAP.
 |   Once you kill it off you will be beckoned inside of the beast... go
 |  ahead and do so and do what needs to be done.
 Well, it sounds like we have "cured" the Transistor. Fantastic, things were
getting weird there...

 (-NOTE-) We will get the "Spine()" Silver Trophy after defeating The Spine.
                    _____                 _    _           
                   |_   _| _ __ _ _ _  __(_)__| |_ ___ _ _ 
                     | || '_/ _` | ' \(_-< (_-<  _/ _ \ '_|
        _____________|_||_| \__,_|_||_/__/_/__/\__\___/_|_____________
O==<                      Segment 4: Bracket Towers                       >==O

             "Perhaps our worst sin is you will get no justice."
 With The Spine felled, we can continue on. Head through the nearby door and
enter the Entryway you find. Head up until you can check an [_OVC TERMINAL_].
Seems like we have a private message from the next Camerata Member. Very
interesting, but I don't know about the whole "letting us walk right in" stuff.

 Keep heading up (or onward at least) and soon you'll reach the top. There's
a welcome area, but more importantly beyond that is a LARGE plaza. The biggest
thing here is a large Security Firewall to the north, which is shut off. To
open it we need to go through two different areas which can be accessed from
this hub. You can also access [_OVC TERMINAL x2_] here,  one on each side.
They are... coming forward. Amazing.

 Finally, we have a Backdoor which we should check out for more experience.
 (-NOTE-) You can access Planning Test 4, Performance Test 3 and Speed Test 4
          on this visit to the Backdoor Beach. This should result in about
 Good to go? Good, we have to choose one of two paths at this point and it
really doesn't matter which path we take first. Let's go left to the door
marked "Maintenance Wing".

 The first thing you'll notice here is a "launcher" on the bottom left. This
thing just launches you to the left, to an [_OVC TERMINAL_]. use it and head
back to the right. Continue to the north to get into a fight:
 o Fight() : Maintenance Lvl 1
 |   Here we are introduced to Weed, Version 3.0! Our first 3.0 enemy, I
 |  think? Well, it will spawn more Weeds when you kill it now, which is
 |  fantastic! Heh. Other than that, there is an Operator to the north that
 |  will spawn a few enemies. Not many though, its count is low, but you will
 |  likely see some Fetch here. Take them all out!
 Continue on to the north and left to an Access Point and a Maintenance Shaft.
Use the shaft to get shot upwards, which drops you off into another fight: 
 o Fight() : Maintenance Lvl 2
 |   Here we are introduced to Clucker 3.0! This thing has a new ability that
 |  is called "Turn Disrupter". That is a little vague, so let me say that its
 |  bomb now has a corrupting effect. It makes it so that you CANNOT initiate
 |  your turn in the field, but if you run out of the bomb's hit area you can.
 |   This battle is sudden, so take care of the Weed and then use the nearby
 |  launcher to the south to kill a Clucker taking pot-shots at you. Go back
 |  and head right, taking the second southern launcher to kill another Weed
 |  and Clucker combo. Finally finish by going back and taking the northern
 |  launcher to kill one last Clucker and Weed to finish the battle.
 On the northern platform is a "Launcher Manifest" you can get a comment from
if you want. To go forward, we have to take the southwestern launcher where a
launcher to the left will lead us to an Access Point and an [_OVC TERMINAL_]
eventually. Keep following this path to another Maintenance Shaft to continue.
We will be in another fight as soon as we go up the first set of stairs:
 o Fight() : Maintenance Lvl 3
 |   Another fight, another new enemy power-up. Ugh. This time it is with the
 |  Young Lady, who goes to Version 3.0. She is hard enough as-is, but now
 |  she can spawn Bad Cells. Still, take her down the same way. You get a
 |  double-whammy here as well, as Bad Cells also get a power-up to Version
 |  3.0, and gain a Blast Shield, but are still very much the weakest things
 |  in the game. Take out the Young Lady and the Weeds to the left and the
 |  right and you'll be done here.
 After the battle you can check out the "Power Array" to the left, but head
further in and past the Access Point is an [_OVC TERMINAL_], which we MUST use
to over-ride the Security Firewall. Once you use it, use the gondola that shows
up to get back to the hub area.

 We now have to go through the second area, the "Archive Gallery", off to the
far right. Let's do it.

 Head inward and use the Access Point if you wish, then go up the stairs. As
you head in here we'll get into a fight:
 o Fight() : Archives Foyer
 |   Here you are introduced to another new version: Creep Version 3.0! These
 |  guys still have their 3-way beam but now have a good HP increase and sport
 |  a "Gravity Beam". This means that their beam will now pull you TOWARDS THEM
 |  as they hit you with it. Very dangerous especially with other enemies in a
 |  fight.
 |   Still, there's just three Creeps here. Take them out one at a time before
 |  they manage to get to you and you'll be OK. Copies help a lot here with the
 |  layout of the area as well.
 After the fight head north up the stairs and then to the far-right. Down
some stairs. You'll find a "Corrupted File" down here which triggers another
fight in a bit. Use the Access Point if you want and head up the stairs to
be in the fight we just triggered:
 o Fight() : Archives Record-Keeping
 |   We get another new enemy version here. This time it is Cheerleader Version
 |  3.0. The ability they get is called "Selfshield" and it does exactly what
 |  it says: they can now SHIELD THEMSELVES. Supremely annoying! They can even
 |  do this while shielding another enemy. Thankfully their shields only last
 |  a short time, so stick around and nail them once their shield drops. This
 |  fight has two of them and a Fetch, so take out the two Cheerleaders first
 |  and then the Fetch to win.
 After the fight, head north (northeast) up the stairs to an [_OVC TERMINAL_].
After using it go back down and left to an Access Point and a "Break Room. Be
sure to use that as everyone can use a break and there's some cool art-work to
be seen.

 Continue on afterwards to get to another fight:
 o Fight() : Archive Top-Shelf
 |   Another fight, another new ability. This time it is the Snapshot enemy
 |  who gets an upgrade to Version 3.0. This gives him a slight HP increase
 |  and the "Uncertainty Generator". Fancy name! What it really does though
 |  is that it will cloud your view when you take a Turn(), which in reality
 |  only clouds the areas far away from you in a sort-of "Fog of War". Still,
 |  a real pain.
 |   As for the battle itself, stay to the upper right and kill the enemies
 |  that come after you, then charge in. There are four Snapshot enemies here
 |  and to the far left a Cheerleader, so take him out first and then mop up
 |  the rest of the enemies to be done.
 Head downward and use the Access Point if you wish, then another fight:
 o Fight() : Archives Old Vault
 |   FINALLY we get a fight with no upgrades to enemies! Sheesh! This fight
 |  is a Creep, some Snapshots and a Cheerleader in the back. Take out the
 |  Cheerleader (use Help() if you have it to distract things) and then focus
 |  on any immediate threats. The Creep would likely be more dangerous. Finish
 |  them all off to claim victory.
 To the lower right is the last over-ride [_OVC TERMINAL_] and an Access
Point. Use it and then take the Gondola down to the hub area.

 Here we are NOT welcomed back kindly:
 o Fight() : Bracket Towers Concourse
 |   Our one-fight break from upgrades is over. We see Jerk Version 3.0 in
 |  this fight, which they save as a barrier to getting past the firewall.
 |  Fitting, really. The big enemy here is the Jerk, but there's some Snapshots
 |  and a Cheerleader to worry about as well. The Jerk's new ability is called
 |  a "Tow Beam" and means he will latch onto you and try to reel himself (or
 |  you, I guess) closer. Very dangerous. Try to charm him and make him work
 |  for you. Other than that it is business as usual!
 After that you may think the Backdoor Access place may have something new, but
it really doesn't. Nothing unless you didn't visit it before the two pathways,
so head past the firewall and you'll get a ride upwards. Follow this path past
an Access Point and to the "Rooftop Access" and enter.

 Nothing to do here but check the [_OVC TERMINAL_], then interact with the
two functions that remain. This, despite not being a battle, is treated like
one and nets you about 20% EXP. Hmm. Past them is the "Transistor Diagram" you
can check out. Down by the desk are "Grand Plans" and "The Process", with some
comments on both.

 Once you are done, go to the upper left and interact with the "Process Swarm"
to get to another traveling screen. Pretty cool. Note that you can hit X to
fly up in the air. Neat.

 (-NOTE-) You should get the "Kendrell()" Silver Trophy after completing this

                    _____                 _    _           
                   |_   _| _ __ _ _ _  __(_)__| |_ ___ _ _ 
                     | || '_/ _` | ' \(_-< (_-<  _/ _ \ '_|
        _____________|_||_| \__,_|_||_/__/_/__/\__\___/_|_____________
O==<                     Segment 5: Canvas and Brush                      >==O

        "Then! Then we could watch, everything around us, wash away..."
 As soon as you land, you are put into a fight! Get ready!
 o Fight() : The Empty Set - Stage
 |   This fight introduces Fetch Version 3.0. He adds a "Stunning Bark" to
 |  his normal attack here, which makes him more dangerous of course as each
 |  hit stuns us. Try to charm him or get away. Maybe let your Help() deal
 |  with him? Other than the single Fetch we have some Weeds to the right so
 |  take those out so the Fetch can't heal and you've won.
 So, we're back but things look a TON different. The Process is wasting no time
at all it seems. The dock to the right is even sealed up if you want to go
look. Head south to see that we have a full house. Literally. You will soon
come to an [_OVC TERMINAL_] at the end. Use it to do some more "talking" with
the Transistor and head out into the Parkway.

 This leads to an Access Point and to the south some Weeds. Kill them off and
head south to another fight:
 o Fight() : The Empty Set
 |   Here we have a couple of Cluckers down south that show up WAY before
 |  the Creeps in the north do. This means that unless you are reading ahead
 |  with a guide or something (*cough*), you are likely to get blindsided by
 |  those Creeps. Still, not too big of an issue. Lure the Creeps up north
 |  and take care of them, then follow up with the two Cluckers last.
 To the left are some Creepers and a Weed just kinda... processing the city.
This isn't a fight, but you should take them out. It leads to an optional
fight inside The Box Office, so get ready and enter for an optional battle:
 o Fight() : The Empty Set - Box Office
 |   This optional fight isn't too hard, but the timing can be tricky. Here
 |  we have two Cheerleaders on the left and the right, a Weed in the back,
 |  and a Snapshot. Take out the Cheerleaders when you can and then clean up
 |  for some good optional experience.
 There is an optional [_OVC TERMINAL_] you can inspect, so do so and head back
outside. Go right now, past the Access Point and south. You can find some
"Trace Particles" near a spot we found a body earlier. There is also "Goldwalk
Bay" and the "Southern Pier" you can get comments on. Once you've viewed them,
head right and soon the Transistor will start to act funny again... "Oh no" is
right. It seems a Spine is nearby? Hmmph. Head to the Channel nearby.

 Here we'll see a ton of Weeds and Creepers taking care of the city. We can,
like before, take them all out one at a time but there is no need to at all
as we won't gain any experience by doing so. Head south whatever you do and
inspect the bay if you wish, than go through the Passageway.

 We'll see an Access Point here and a Backdoor. 
 (-NOTE-) You can only do one more challenge here, which is Performance Test
          4. Still, you may as well do it. It's 9 waves of foes, but does
          give you 30% EXP. Very nice.
 With that done, head to the southeast and we'll be in another fight:
 o Fight() : Goldwalk Channel(?)
 |   I like how the fight location has a question mark. Here the first enemies
 |  you should try to take out are the Cheerleaders to the south and east, as
 |  they are very annoying. There are Snapshot enemies and Cluckers that will
 |  try and stop you though. The Snapshots tend to stay in the middle while
 |  the Cluckers are a bit spread out on the corners, so they should be taken
 |  down first. The bombardment is bad here, but use your turns wisely and
 |  you'll be OK.
 Use the Access Point that is left behind if you wish and continue to the
right. The Transistor will start with the weird talk again. Heh. To the right
are a ton of blocks blocking our way. Cut through them. Note you can go down
to find a Creeper hiding and for some dialog, but it's not needed.

 Once you are out in the open, head up and watch out for a Spine tentacle.
Past that is an [_OVC TERMINAL_] with bad news! Keep heading south and then
west, back towards where we left the bike. You will eventually run into a
fight here:

 o Fight() : Goldwalk Expressway(?)
 |   This fight is unexpected! This enemy is called "Process" for now but it
 |  will have a name soon: Man. Makes sense, I suppose. The Man likes to be
 |  sneaky and will often be in stealth mode. From there he will send out a
 |  drone who will try to explode near you. These things don't have much
 |  health at all but take them out with range attacks. As for the man, try
 |  to hit him with corrupting attacks (Flood() or Purge() work nicely) and
 |  use your turn when he isn't in stealth mode. This fight is more of an
 |  introduction than anything...

 Take the bike and continue on to a loading screen. This is the first time we
are changing locales without changing sections, I believe. Once you regain
control, you can use the Access Point if you wish and carry on.

 THIS ROOM IS FULL OF YOUNG LADIES! It is in fact NOT a fight, but if you
don't stay on the pathway to the exit (which says "This Way"), you will be
attacked. In addition, you DO NOT GET EXPERIENCE for fighting. All that said,
there is really no reason to fight here, but you can if you really want to.
The Transistor will make a comment, but that's it. If you do want to fight,
I highly recommend Switch() as an ability, as well as Mask(). You can in fact
lure them all to the south and then do hit-and-run attacks from there and/or
lure them up one at a time. That helps a ton here.

 Done with the crazy room? Good. Use the Access Point if you want and inspect
the Trace Particles. Go southwest and you'll be pulled into a fight:

 o Fight() : Promenade Pathway(?)
 |   This fight starts when a Jerk pulls you over the missing bridge area,
 |  which is... honestly very nice of him! Haha. Don't know how we'd get
 |  over otherwise! Once you are over though, take him out. It's just him, so
 |  this should be easy despite the cramped quarters...

 Head on through to the Promenade and you'll see five Snapshots staring at
your poster from earlier. Seems like they are big fans! This is an optional
fight, so get ready and take them on:

 o Fight() : Goldwalk Promenade(?)
 |   Summon Help here since you have the pre-emptive strike. Or, well, do it
 |  if you can. Otherwise just get your hardest hitting attacks ready and
 |  use a turn to take a couple of them out. Shouldn't be hard at this point
 |  in the game. Lots of walls to hide behind while waiting for your turn,
 |  so the survivors should be a piece of cake.

 Check out your poster once you are done if you wish. Head south and go to the
[_OVC TERMINAL_] in the far south. Can't do much with it though. To the west
is the Highrise door, but beyond it is another [_OVC TERMINAL_] and an Access
Point. This terminal you can actually choose the weather on! Heh. I always end
up choosing "Placid Snowfall". Matches the mood. Take the door to Highrise.

 Keep going west to the 16th St. Port and you'll soon be in a fight:

 o Fight() : 16th Street High-Pass(?)
 |   Here we see the "Man" for the first time. Two of them! They also name
 |  their explosive projectile "Haircut". Heh. This is a good time to note
 |  that the "Man" enemies often get a specific bonus. For example, it can be
 |  "Stealth", or perhaps "Speed" or "Strength"... they get a noticeable boost
 |  somehow. Here you'll fight a stealth one and a speedy one. They LOVE to
 |  use the corners of walls and other obstacles to hide behind or near, so
 |  one good way to force them to appear is to destroy the walls they are
 |  hiding by. Do that and nail them when they appear. Don't forget that the
 |  haircut attacks explode, so take out their projectiles from a distance and
 |  you'll come out on top!
 Head south now and the game will take over for a scene. Hmmm... well, it looks
like Royce has a proxy! Interesting! We'll be following the proxy for awhile
now as we really both have the same goal. Nearby you can check out the place
where the man's body was, "User Sign-In". Heh. Continue past that and use the
[_OVC TERMINAL_] to make the bridge to Fairview appear. Fantastic! I also love
the voice acting of Royce. It sounds odd, I know, but that's why I love it!
Continue onto Fairview...

 Continue on as the Proxy speaks. You can use the Access Point if you want,
then you'll have to use a Gateway. Once you do you can inspect the "Instance"
to the right, then go back the way you came. Head right and talk to the proxy
if you wish, then use another Gateway. Once you are upside down you can check
the "Viewpoint" to the south, but you won't get dialog on it unless the proxy
is done talking. Keep using the Gateways until you reach the Current. Once you
go through that, we'll be in a fight:

 o Fight() : Fairview Field
 |   Two more Man enemies here. One is stealthy and another is shooty. Use
 |  the tactics you've been practicing with them to take them down: take out
 |  their cover and kill the haircut attacks from a distance. The proxy is in
 |  this fight too, but he is invulnerable.

 Talk to the proxy afterwards and use the current. When you land, STAY STILL
if you want to hear some dialog. Head forward for a fight:

 o Fight() : Fairview Sanctuary
 |   Here we have THREE Man enemies. Not too much rougher, but you will see
 |  a Speedy, Stealthy and Sturdy variety types. One should start out on the
 |  lower left, so try to take him out solo before focusing on the other two
 |  up above. Take out their cover and hit them in turn when they finally show
 |  themselves or attack. Just slightly harder than what you are already used
 |  to by now.
 |   One last note that I nearly forgot! Starting in this battle, the Man
 |  enemies will start to slowly regenerate HP! Not cool for us! Also weird
 |  that they get an ability without leveling up to a new version. Hmm... well,
 |  this just means that you need to focus on one at a time, really. Have at it!

 Head to the current now for a quick scene. After that, talk to the proxy
again and use the Access Point if you wish. Past the Gateway is another fight:

 o Fight() : Fairview Manors
 |   We once again face three Man enemies. You should be getting pretty good
 |  at them by now! They attack right away, two from the right and one from
 |  the left. Kill the left one first and then focus on the last two to win
 |  the fight.
 Head to the left to ride a current onwards. In the next area, head right to
an [_OVC TERMINAL_]. Good dialog here. Once you are done, head to the left and
use the Gateway.

 Upside down again. Fun? More good dialog here. You can examine the "Abyss" up
ahead, but if you want dialog for it you have to wait until Royce is done
speaking. Use the next Gateway to get right-side up.
 Straight ahead is a "Thicket", but again no dialog until Royce is done. Not
that you're missing much. Carry on to the left and use the Access Point ifyou
wish and the current after it. We'll be in a fight once you are back on solid
 o Fight() : Fairview Woods
 |   Two more Man enemies here. One to your immediate right. Take him out
 |  first and then worry about the one to the left. Not very hard at all,
 |  especially one at a time like this...
 Head northeast to find a current and carry on. Talk to the proxy here for
some more background story. So good! Use the Access point if you wish, then
notice there are two currents here to choose from.

 BE SURE to head left here first. It is a dead end leading to an [_OVC
TERMINAL_]. More dialog here. Good stuff. Head back and take the right path
now. This leads to a BACKDOOR, but for now go past it, to the right, and use
the waves in the air to find another dead end with an [_OVC TERMINAL_] that
has a list of targets. Too bad it is incomplete.

 We can now go use the Backdoor if you wish.
 (-NOTE-) The Backdoor should have Stability Test 3 and Speed Test 5 available
          to us. May as well go do them here and now.
 With that done, lets head to the southern current and continue on. We'll be
in another fight soon enough: 

 o Fight() : Bracket Residence
 |   This time we are facing FOUR Man enemies. Lots of walls to hid behind,
 |  too. Two of them are down to the south, one to the north, and one in the
 |  middle. Try to take out the north and middle ones first, then head south
 |  once you're ready. They shouldn't even send haircuts after you if you stay
 |  up north fighting, so it sounds worse than it is.
 We are nearing the end of the game now, as Royce will tell you. Head south
and use the Access Point if you wish, then continue on.

 You'll soon meet Royce and enter his, well... temporary laboratory. There is
a TON of dialog here that is just, well... awesome. Juicy, juicy dialog! Heh.
Wait for Royce to open up each area and at the end you'll see the cradle... it
may seem like a choice but it really isn't: we must return the sword to the
cradle. It is the only choice we have, so go ahead and do so...

 After the scenes, we will be... inside. We are about to be in the final boss
fight of the game, and the game gives us a chance to prepare. Very nice of
them! I will be going over what abilities I'm using in the boss section below,
so let's get to it!
 |  Royce's HP: 1000 (x4)
 |   We flew too close to the fire, and only one of us can leave...
 |   This boss fight is a duel with Royce. We will have access to every single
 |  ability in the game, all of which you are undoubtedly familiar with. Not
 |  only that, but Royce has three extra lives (essentially) that we must fight
 |  through. At 1,000 HP per life, that isn't too bad really.
 |   Since we get to prepare ahead of time, let me tell you my set-up for
 |  this fight. The first ability I had was Void(), upgraded with Crash().
 |  This lets you weaken the enemy and crash it in one go, which is awesome,
 |  and remember that it stacks up to three times. Next I have Purge(), with
 |  Flood() and Tap(). A solid HP-draining ability that can restore your HP.
 |  Next I have Cull(), and finally I have Mask(). The only passive I had was
 |  Load(), as the shield is awesome.
 |   The idea here is to hit Royce with Void(), then get behind him for
 |  backstab damage (which is easy as he likes to run away). From there I put
 |  Purge() on him and the Cull(). Those three things alone will take him out.
 |  And that was with only ONE Void()... I can only imagine how much more you
 |  could take off with more Void() stacks...
 |   And that, ladies and gentleman, is the fight in a nutshell. Royce will
 |  get in his hits between the lives of his you take, but with the Load()
 |  shield and the HP drain you will likely not even lose a life! Keep it up
 |  and soon you'll emerge victorious!
 |   And yes, the consoles here ARE the people from earlier. Lovely, right?
 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Bracket()" Silver trophy once you beat Royce.
          Congrats on the final boss win!
 While that was indeed the final boss, we aren't quite done yet. We have the
canvas... and the brush. You can test it out on all four blocks here, our
new "Read-Write Access".

 Head southeast after fixing the four blocks. The music here is great, right?
Just to the south and east inspect the place where the man's body was... and
interact with it to see the ending...

                         "I will always find you..."
 Congratulations on beating Transistor! There's a couple of notes below you
should check out (mostly about the Recurse options, but I may be biased!) but
check them out and may we once again play together in the future!
 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Bye()" Silver Trophy for beating the game. Again,
 (-NOTE-) After beating the game, you can begin RECURSION! Choosing to recurse
          the game is essentially a New Game + option, and allows you to level
          up further. You also can get new trophies for beating the game twice
          and don't forget the further challenges! Overall it is really easy
          to earn a Platinum on this title with a little bit of effort.

 (-NOTE-) I hope you've found this guide helpful. Be sure to give the guide a
          recommend using the link up at the very top if you've enjoyed it.
          Also, be sure to swing by my Facebook page (Facebook.com/Bkstunt)
          and say Hi, or shoot me an email!


                    _____                 _    _           
                   |_   _| _ __ _ _ _  __(_)__| |_ ___ _ _ 
                     | || '_/ _` | ' \(_-< (_-<  _/ _ \ '_|
        _____________|_||_| \__,_|_||_/__/_/__/\__\___/_|_____________
O==<                      Enemy/Limiter Descriptions                      >==O

 This section lists all of the enemies in the game, with HP values, version
differences, and limiter descriptions. The Limiter section of the game ties in
with the enemies in the game quite a bit, but you have to use them to see the
descriptions. If your interested in any descriptions/text on the enemies this
is your section!



 o Version 1: 10
 o Version 2: 10
 o Version 3: 10


 Version 1: Bad Cells are the very basic of the basic enemy type. They are
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ small cylinder cells that have been corrupted by the process and
            seek you out, trying to hurt you. They are the grunts of the
            process army, and are easily destroyed by almost any attack.
            They pose little threat.

 Version 2: Version 2 isn't any beefier than its predecessor, but it does
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ boast a vastly improved attack speed. It is still very weak though
            and can be taken out with almost any attack. More of a nuisance
            than anything.

            New in Version 2.0: 3X Attack Speed
 Version 3: The Bad Cells are still very much the basic enemy of the game
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ and isn't much of a threat if they aren't threatening to respawn
            something. No change in HP and a new feature: a Blast Shield.
            This makes things more annoying of course but they are still the
            cannon fodder of the process.  
            New in Version 3.0: Blast Shield

 Effect When in Use: The Process will spawn shielded Cells when terminated.
 User Level Bonus: 2%
 Lore Data: <!-- the cells, they spoil! they spoil like, well, like anything
            that spoils except instead of spoiling they they they become
            something else, something they don't seem to want to be. this is
            no conversion but a total metamorphosis, it cannot be reversed
            as far as I can tell. once the cell has shifted to this form,
            then all that remains is for it to expel its stored potential,
            like a last breath. back into the ether i suppose. some form of
            self defence? royce --!>



 o Version 1: 200
 o Version 2: 350
 o Version 3: 500


 Version 1: A fairly standard enemy. Moves slowly, tries to move towards you
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ and then shoots a beam at you. Very easy to take out even in
            real-time mode. Not a high priority among multiple enemies.

 Version 2: This upgrade greatly enhances the Creep's weapons. In now shoots
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ out three beams in a forked pattern at you. Still, this guy is very
            much a low-tier threat. Take them out solo if you can, otherwise
            just do area-of-effect damage to tack on damage to other enemies
            as well.

           New in Version 2.0: 3X Cutting Beams

 Version 3: Besides a substantial HP increase (for them), Creeps now have a
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ "Gravity Beam". This means that their 3-way beam from before can
            now pull you in as it hits you. Very dangerous, as you can imagine.
            We want to be sure to use Mask or our Turn to take them out if we
            can, and try to not get bogged down by too many of them. Some
            real-time hits and a Turn can take them out fairly easily still,
            just don't give them a chance...
            New in Version 3.0: Gravity Beam
 Effect When in Use: User will overload more Functions at once and recover
                     only one per Access Point.
 User Level Bonus: 4%
 Lore Data: <!-- busy busy busy aren't they, with their feet (or feelers
            maybe?) all clattering about. very hard-working, diligent,
            dignified even, despite menial rule within process hierarchy,
            though hierarchy, that is not quite right. more like union! most
            respectable, a pair of these, they often work in pairs, can wipe
            out a small house in an hour or two if sufficiently impelled. then
            the others in the family they all come on in to make way for
            something new, something different, often something better than
            before. royce --!>


 o Version 1: 250
 o Version 2: 500
 o Version 3: 750


 Version 1: This foe is annoying right from the start. Built that way, of
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ course. She will warp away when you attack her, leading to the
            need to force her to warp and THEN attack her with your turn.
            She spawns copies when she warps that have 1 HP, but serve to
            annoy further. She fires in short, controlled bursts and will
            track you down when you are close.

            Once you kill her, she'll spawn a number of cells with a short
            count-down. Try to collect as many as you can before they turn
            into Bad Cells. If this is at the end of a fight, use a turn if
            you have to. Better than fighting a ton of Bad Cells...

 Version 2: The Young Lady is a bit more annoying now. She gets a boost of
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ firepower in this version, hitting twice as hard now. This is of
            course on top of the warping and clones, because why not!? Just
            like in the previous version, force her to warp and THEN attack.
            Also beware of the crazy amount of Bad Cells that spawn once she
            dies. Double the health too!? Wow...

            New in Version 2.0: 2X Firepower

 Version 3: The Young Lady now has another health boost, but will also now
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ spawn Bad Cells. Just a very annoying enemy overall now, as if
            warping and clones weren't all annoying enough. You still defeat
            her in the same way of course, so focus on what you know how to
            do and finish her off.
            New in Version 3.0: Spawns Bad Cells
 Effect When in Use: The Process will sometimes spawn twin Cells when
 User Level Bonus: 2%
 Lore Data: <!-- most embarrassing, though i must admit i can't explain this
            one's rather conspicous appearance, specifically its resemblance
            to the body of a woman. now, mathematically there is a chance this
            is coincidental, there is always a chance. but i find that hard to
            believe, and rather, i suspect the process is taking a bit of a
            liking to us, started taking on some of our quirks, like how one
            might subconciously assume the mannerisms of a friend? at any
            rate this one is very unusual, very much so, and rather
            tempermental too, so i've yet to gain a sense for all her
            intricacies. royce --!>




 o Version 1: 600
 o Version 2: 800
 o Version 3: 1000


 Version 1: This big enemy is pretty basic, but his high HP pool and large
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ stature means he is a problem. He will take a few turns to down,
            but you can often punish him in real-time until he puts you in a
            corner. Even then, this version is very slow and pretty easy to
            outrun. Not a huge problem, but still, what a jerk!

 Version 2: This version actually introduces the "Jerk" designator, and is
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ encountered after your first fight. Yes, Jerk gets leveled up THAT
            fast. Still, it isn't that much of an upgrade. A color change
            and... MAYBE a bit more range on his pounding? It's hard to tell,
            but there isn't that big of a difference here.

            New in Version 2.0: Retaliation Mode

 Version 3: This version gets a good HP upgrade and a new ability called the
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ "Towing Beam". This lets it attach a beam to you and drag itself
            towards you while it is pounding away. As you can imagine, this is
            very dangerous and can hurt a ton. You can use Jaunt() to get away
            or a Turn, but the fact that he makes you do this is very annoying
            and makes the Jerk much more dangerous. Charm him if you can, like
            New in Version 3.0: Towing Beam
 Effect When in Use: The Process will strike with twice as much power.
 User Level Bonus: 4%
 Lore Data: <!-- wouldn't want to agitate this particular specimen, would
            strongly advise against any such thing, do not disturb! although
            it is quite docile really! not easily disturbed but not to be
            disturbed. its large frame suggests to me it is an older form,
            less efficient, less capable in some ways, though specialized,
            specialized like all the rest. it wouldn't still be around if it
            didn't have its uses, and just you look at it, you can guess what
            it's for i'm sure. you need a good plot of land to build upon,
            why, here's the process you ought to call. royce --!>



 o Version 1: 50
 o Version 2: 60
 o Version 3: 80


 Version 1: The Weed is a rather pathetic enemy. It just sits there and doesn't
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ attack you at all. It also has low HP and can be taken out rather
            easily. It serves a larger purpose, however. If enemies run into
            it, they can heal their HP. It's important to take these things
            out for that reason alone. If you can get away with it, don't even
            bother taking a turn to kill them.

 Version 2: The Weed hasn't changed much here. It still does what it does, but
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ it does get an increased restore radius. Double, in fact. This makes
            it easier for enemies to heal and pushes you towards using more
            ranged attacks to take them out. They are still very weak but should
            be taken out as soon as you can nevertheless.

            New in Version 2.0: 2X Restore Radius

 Version 3: The Weed still hasn't changed too much. A different look, as it
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ actually glows orange (at least in the Maintenance Wing, where you
            see version 3 for the first time). Their new ability is to spawn
            other Weeds when killed, which just makes them more of a pain I
            New in Version 3.0: Spawns other Weeds
 Effect When in Use: The Process will respawn from Cells in much less time.
 User Level Bonus: 2%
 Lore Data: <!-- the ground is positively teeming with these little numbers
            isn't it now? they spread while underground of this i'm certain
            though the exact method of reproduction, that i don't exactly
            understand, it isn't... well it must get so crowded down there
            that once in a while why one of them decides it's time to poke his
            head up for a look around. is this a primordial form of some sort,
            from which all the others came to pass? the others tend to turn to
            these as though for guidance, despite how simple they appear to be.
            requires further study. royce --!>




 o Version 1: 200
 o Version 2: 200
 o Version 3: 200


 Version 1: "Cheerleader" is a good name for these things. The Cheerleader is
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ a stationary dish that sends a protective ray to an ally. This ray
            shields the ally from all harm. This of course means that the
            Cheerleader is immediately enemy number 1, as long as you can get
            to it safely. Killing it and making the enemies around it vulnerable
            to damage should be your first priority as long as it is safe to do

 Version 2: This version of the Cheerleader doesn't change at all, really. The
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ new ability here is that they can now amplify their target's power,
            while protecting them at the same time. Bah. Even more reason to
            take them out first.

            New in Version 2.0: Target Amplifier

 Version 3: The Cheerleaders get even more annoying here with their newest
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ability, called "Selfshield". This works exactly as advertised
            as they put a shield around themselves. They can do this even
            while shielding other things! Thankfully it wears off after a
            short while, so continue to make them a priority if you can and
            nail them hard once their shield goes down.
            New in Version 3.0: Selfshield
 Effect When in Use: User will lose access to 6 MEM or more. Functions may be
 User Level Bonus: 4%
 Lore Data: <!-- now these little fellows are quite remarkable really and i
            believe are key to how the process is able to construct, or
            destruct as the case may be! whatever they set their sights upon,
            why it becomes impervious really, as though encased in thick
            glass. this way the process can just build and build and build,
            clean and happy, no distraction to surrounding environs, no need
            for pardon-our-dust or anything like that. it all gets done in a
            hurry. but not in a rush! nor in a rush, the work, it is
            immaculate. royce --!>




 o Version 1: 250
 o Version 2: 300
 o Version 3: 350


 Version 1: The Snapshot is a floating circular foe surrounded by rings and
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ equipped with a camera. As its name implies, it uses this camera
            to shoot pictures of yes. Yes, pictures. Heh. These pictures go
            on the game screen briefly and serve to annoy you and block your
            vision of the action. They also shoot out orbs to try and hurt
            you. More of a nuisance than anything, really, but I still like to
            get them out of the way when I can so I can see what is going on.

 Version 2: Snapshot gets "2X Clip Size" in this upgraded version. What a clip
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ size is, I have no idea? Is this tied to their photo-taking rate,
            perhaps? I can't really tell a difference between this version and
            version one, to be honest. If you have any idea, feel free to email

           New in Version 2.0: 2X Clip Size

 Version 3: Snapshots continue to be rather annoying with disrupting you,
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ going overboard with their new ability "Uncertainty Generator".
            This ability obscures your view while in Turn mode, making a kind
            of "Fog of War" appear and blocking your view of the battlefield.
            This usually only obscures far-away foes, as you can see around
            you fairly well. It is still very annoying, as you'll undoubtedly
            see for yourself...
            New in Version 3.0: Uncertainty Generator
 Effect When in Use: The Process will spawn corrupted Cells when terminated.
 User Level Bonus: 2%
 Lore Data: <!-- spent many many hours staring into these unblinking eyes,
            rather calming really. the process keeps meticulous records, very
            responsible, and this is sort of their book-keeper near as i can
            tell. now i can't make heads or tails of those records, yet, but
            there are timestamps, they have to be timestamps, which is how i
            know. in any case the sense of feeling monitored constantly, while
            troubling at first, i found with time it fades. royce --!>




 o Version 1: 800


 Version 1: The Operator is one of the more dangerous enemies as it can SPAWN
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ enemies for you to fight. The Operator itself doesn't do much...
            it just sits there, chilling out, being a large white block. Like
            we all do from time to time. But it also spawns various process
            entities that you'll need to wipe out. It has a preset spawn limit,
            so try to take it out to save yourself some headache.
            There are no versions to this enemy, just a relentless spawning
            machine. No limiter info either. Just exists to give us trouble!




 o Version 1: 300
 o Version 2: 350
 o Version 3: 400


 Version 1: The Clucker! Heh. These things look like eggs with legs. They like
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ to hang back away from the fighting and launch bombs at you. These
            bombs will display a red warning radius before they land, so do
            your best to get away from the impact point before you get hurt.
            That is all they do here, really. They try and run away from you
            when you get close as they won't bomb you when you are very close
            to them, so chase them down and take them out when you can.

 Version 2: In Version 2, the Cluckers get a slight HP upgrade an "Anti
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Chasing Tail". Getting caught in this tail makes you move a ton
            slower. This is particularly deadly when there are other Cluckers
            about. You can also run just by the trail the enemy leaves and
            avoid it.

            New in Version 2.0: Anti-Chasing Tail

 Version 3: The Clucker gegs another slight HP boost here of course, but the
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ big change here is the new ability "Turn Disrupter". This puts a
            corrupting field down and makes it so you CANNOT initiate you Turn
            whatsoever, even if you didn't get hit. Run a short ways away to
            do it, but it is still annoying...
            New in Version 3.0: Turn Disrupter
 Effect When in Use: User will no longer automatically activate Turn() at low
 User Level Bonus: 2%
 Lore Data: <!-- this one is rather inconspicuous, even nonchalant, so very
            timid in its disposition. though, its appendages, that is to say
            its legs, they will need a closer look. why are they not rigid?
            fleshy almost, appearing natural in shape and texture, which
            strikes me as very very odd. the process, it is big on
            self-improvement, that i know... but i do not know if copying the
            way we mill about, the way we wander, i don't know if that
            qualifies? in any case this is a newer model, has to be, able to
            traverse denser environments undetected and quite literally lead
            the way for its associates. it is a bit like an explorer! royce --!>




 o Version 1: 500
 o Version 2: 600
 o Version 3: 700


 Version 1: Hey, it's Fetch! Fetch is a dog process, which I guess means we
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ are now animal abusers. At least the dog started it! Much like your
            ally dog, Fetch will run up to you and bark, dealing direct damage.
            It is quite tenacious as well and will keep trying to come after
            you. If you can, try to lure it away and deal with it solo.
            Otherwise you are just going to take some damage while dealing with
            him and any other possible threats.

 Version 2: This version adds some more HP and a new ability: The Hunting Cloak.
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ This lets the Fetch go invisible for a time, but always runs out
            when he attacks you. A very annoying ability, but a good ability for
            the enemy.

            New in Version 2.0: Hunting Cloak

 Version 3: This version has an HP boost and a new ability called "Stunning
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Bark". This is exactly what you'd think it is. So now, if you get
            hit by this enemy, you'll be briefly stunned. It wears off fast,
            but still annoying. This and the damn cloak make charming this
            foe a good option.
            New in Version 3.0: Stunning Bark
 Effect When in Use: User will cause Funtions to overload by uninstalling them
                     at Access Points.
 User Level Bonus: 4%
 Lore Data: <!-- first signs of aggression i've seen from the process, real
            aggression i mean, all of them a bit temperamental really but this?
            need to keep a healthy distance, develop disincentives, make the
            terms of the relationship abundantly clear. i don't yet know what
            to make of this, what is the process trying to protect itself from
            with something like this. me? at any rate it's plain this form came
            to be for something other than solving the city's problems, but
            when, why? and how is it able to disappear completely despite all
            we've done to draw it out? will come back to this. royce --!>




 o Version 1: 600


 Version 1: The worst enemy of all... IS YOU! I kid, this is "Man", a weird
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ enemy that is only encountered near the end of the game. They
            have no versions either.
            There are a few types of Man enemies though, and they often come
            with titles like Stealthy, Speedy, Strength, Sturdy, or Shooty.
            These titles show you what you may expect out of them, but these
            are minor concerns. I GUESS "Speedy" is faster... I can't really
            tell and it certainly doesn't change their attack or anything...
            What they do is stick in stealth mode until the lose their cover
            or attack (they love to stick to cover!). Once they do, they send
            out a projectile called a "haircut" that tries to track you down
            and explode, dealing huge damage. To take them down, nail them
            once they reveal themselves and hit their projectiles with ranged
            attacks to stay safe.
 Effect When in Use: The Process will spawn in greater numbers.
 User Level Bonus: 6%
 Lore Data: <!-- the process, i believe it is beginning to take on certain
            charateristics of its environment, its environment in this case
            consisting of yours truly i suppose, and my associates. one of the
            others who shall be left nameless suggested this might be a form
            of tribute, like a living sculpture, but he or she does not know
            what he or she is talking about and i fear something else is going
            on here, something rather troubling. precaution thing but i've
            implemented a number if interlocking safety limiters that should
            keep the process well in line for just in case. can never be too
            sure. royce --!>

                    _____                 _    _           
                   |_   _| _ __ _ _ _  __(_)__| |_ ___ _ _ 
                     | || '_/ _` | ' \(_-< (_-<  _/ _ \ '_|
        _____________|_||_| \__,_|_||_/__/_/__/\__\___/_|_____________
O==<                         Test Challenges Guide                        >==O

 Here you'll find a guide of all the game's various tests, as well as how
to pass them. These are sorted by the type of test they are. Try to do them
all for the bonus experience and the music unlocks (as well as the trophies!).

                                 SPEED TESTS     


 During this test you will have 32 seconds to kill 4 Creeps and 8 Bad Cells.

 This is a very easy test, which you'd guess since it is the first one. You
are given the Crash() ability upgraded with Breach() and the Bounce() ability
with Mask ().

 Try to gather a few enemies together, and then use your Crash() to take them
out. Remember it has Breach() on it so do your best to get some enemies in a
line. Bounce() is handy for the Bad Cells if they run, but overall if you use
your turns smartly here and try to group together enemies you will have more
than enough time.



 During this test we have 48 seconds to kill 1 Jerk, 1 Young Lady, and 4 Weeds.

 We are given the Get() ability and the Load() ability with Jaunt() upgraded to
it. In reality, all you really need is Load here. It spawns the explosive
packages that will detonate when enemies are near. If you can, lure the Jerk to
a Weed and kill them both. If the Young Lady joins, then just lure the Jerk and
Young Lady together and bomb away. This will likely kill the Young Lady outright
and may kill the Jerk if you hurt him ahead of time.

 The biggest thing here is to gather the cells that the Young Lady drops upon
defeat. We don't need a bunch of Bad Cells running around, so gather them up
ASAP if you can. Use a turn if you must. They give us a ton of time to do this
all, so this should be a fairly easy test.



 During this test we have 24 seconds to kill 2 Cheerleaders and 2 Snapshots.
 We have the Load() ability with Breach() upgraded, which spawns a packet quite
a bit away from us, and then the Ping() ability with Jaunt(), which helps blow
up said packets, and is seriously fast as well. Note that the Ping() ability is
also usable out of Turn(), so keep it in mind.

 As soon as the test starts, get to the lower left spawn and take it out first,
as it is a Cheerleader. It protects a Snapshot to the north, so once you take
it out, use your Turn and put a packet by the Snapshot to the north and use a
Ping to explode it. Finish it off and do the same thing to the Cheerleader /
Snapshot pair to the right. Fairly easy, especially with Ping() usable out of


 During this test we have 64 seconds to kill 4 Snapshots, 3 Fetch, and 3
Cluckers. Yikes, so many enemies. At least we have time!

 We are given the Purge() skill upgraded with Flood() and the Void() skill
upgraded with Ping(). Many of these are abilities that we just don't have
in the main game yet, so you may not know what they do. Purge() hurts over
time (you may have that actually) and Flood() in this case adds a tail to it.
Void() weakens an enemy, making it take more damage and do less and Ping lets
us use it more.

 The idea here is to put Void on something and then Purge... and then run.
From the beginning, go to the upper left corner so no Fetch enemies rush you
and kill the Clucker there. From there, slowly go counter-clockwise around
the area and put Void followed by Purge on everything, then run away without
trying to attract new enemies. Three is about ideal, but do note that the
Void() ability is an AoE, which helps. Keep at it and do your best to dodge
everything you can. We are running right to the wire on this one.

 During this test we have 56 seconds to kill four Man enemies. Oh fun...
 We are given Ping() with Mask(), Cull() and Jaunt() with Crash().
 This test isn't too hard, but knowing what to do to take them out in one go
will make a huge difference in deaths. What we need to do here is get near one
of the Man enemies and pause for our turn. Now, Jaunt through them so they are
crashed, then fire 3-4 Pings into them from behind and then a Cull. This should
take them out in one go, which you can see for yourself in the Turn screen.

 After the turn, RUN! Run away from the darn haircut and Jaunt away if they
get too close. This is the hardest part, to be honest. Once your turn has
refilled, go find the next Man enemy and repeat the process. Fairly easy, and
hopefully you don't lose any abilities in the meantime!

 (-NOTE-) You will only likely get this test on a New Game + playthrough.
 During this test we have 50 seconds to kill 2 Cluckers, 2 Cheerleaders, 4
Weeds, 1 Young Lady, 1 Creep, 2 Fetch, a Man, 2 Snapshot, and a Jerk. Crazy
amount of enemies...
 This is the hardest test yet. They give us Tap() with Load() upgrade, which
gives it a WIDE AoE, Help() with Flood() and Mask() with Jaunt().

 Completing this quest is all about using out Tap() ability wisely. Summon your
help and then start, moving up to the north. Up here a Weed, two Cluckers and a
Cheerleader spawn. Use Tap to take them out with your pup. Be sure to use him
in the turn to wipe up whoever you can't quite finish off. You should be able
to take out all four of them.

 From there I would head down south, let your dog distract something but your
turn should recharge on your way. Down here are two Snapshots, a Weed and
another Cheerleader. Get close and activate your Turn() while they are still
grouped up: with three Taps you should be able to kill both Snapshots and the
Cheerleader by standing in the middle. The Weed will have to wait.

 Use your Mask and stay down here. A Fetch and Jerk are likely down here near
you. Once you charge, you can summon a dog in real time and then take out the
Weed with whoever else you can get to down here. Between the two of you this
should kill off even a Jerk.

 Continue clockwise from there. A Younglady is the big threat here: try to
fight her near the Weeds, as a single Tap can take out both of them over here.
There is one thing to beware of though: the cells when the Young Lady dies will
be a pain to collect. If you can, use a Turn. You will also likely kill a Creep
over here as well.

 From there we head back north/northwest for the Man and possibly a Fetch if
it is still alive. These are the last enemies. Use Mask to get a good position
on them and finish off strong.

 (-NOTE-) This is the end of the Speed Tests and you'll get the "Speed()"
          Bronze Trophy as a reward.
                                PLANNING TESTS     


 Planning tests are all about your ability to think and use your turns in
the most efficient manor. These are fairly easy tests due to that fact, since
I can guide you to do exactly what you need to do to pass them.

 This first test we are given Breach() and told to kill four Bad Cells. They
put us in the middle of the cells. What we need to do is move to top left
cell, just to the left of it, and use Breach and aim it to the right, killing
the top two cells. After that move south to the bottom left cell and aim to
the right, killing those two cells off. You will barely have enough room in
your turn to do this, but it is easy as long as you kill two cells per Breach


 This tests puts us up against a single Jerk. Not hard, right? This is indeed
fairly easy. We get Crash() and Breach() here for the test. To pass this, just
go THROUGH the Jerk and get behind him, then use Crash(), Breach(), Breach().
This does just enough damage to take out the wounded Jerk and complete the
 This test is very easy. We are given Ping() and are gold to kill five Bad
Cells around a map. From your starting point, kill the cell to the lower
right, then move left through the gap and up a bit. Pause and aim two Pings
to the two cells here (you can have a little trouble if you don't get close
to the lower left cell, which is why we went this way). Then from there, head
north and aim two final pings to the northern cells. You can hit these from
a ways away, and we have just enough Turn to do all of this. Grand!
 This test is that hardest yet, but also probably the simplest. Here we are
given Load() and Crash(). Our enemies are six Bad Cells BUT there is a wall
between us and them. Ugh.

 What we have to do here is go right up to the wall, put down a packet, and
then use Crash to launch it over there. Easier said then done. This may take
you a few tries, but try to launch it into the middle. I found launching it
upwards (to the northeast) to work for me, but it took me four tries and this
directional change may just be coincidental for all I know. Keep at it and
you will get this with... luck, I suppose.
 (-NOTE-) You will only likely get this test on a New Game + playthrough.
 This test is one of the easiest. Kind-of sad, really. They give us Get() and
Tap() here. Three Fetch enemies are nearby and we need to use Get() on each
one of them to pull them in, then use Tap() twice.

 That is it! Mission Complete! Just collect your cells and you are done!
 (-NOTE-) You will only likely get this test on a New Game + playthrough.
 This test is rather unique. We have two Cheerleaders and a Clucker to kill,
but as you can imagine the Cheerleaders are protecting the process right next
to them. We are given Crash(), Flood(), Load() and Jaunt().

 What we need to do here is get behind the weakened Cheerleader and use
Crash() on it, then use Load() to generate a packet, and then use Crash()
again, which throws the packet and should blow up the last two enemies. Easy.
You can alternately use Flood() before each subsequent enemy to destroy them
slowly (they have lower HP and should die from that as well).

 ~.- MUSIC UNLOCKED: V_n_sh_ng P__nt -.~

 (-NOTE-) You will only likely get this test on a New Game + playthrough.
 We are tasked to kill a full-health Jerk 3.0 here. Fun. We are given some
good tools though, Crash(), Void(), Mask() and Cull().

 With tools this powerful this should be pretty easy. It is as easy as just
getting behind him, putting down a Void(), and using Cull() twice. Being
weakened along with the backstab damage should do it for you. I imagine you
can throw in another Void() or Crash() as well and get similar results.

 ~.- MUSIC UNLOCKED: _n C_rcl_s -.~

 (-NOTE-) This is the end of the Planning Tests and you'll get the "Planning()"
          Bronze Trophy as a reward.

                               STABILITY TESTS     


 The Stability Tests are designed to test our survivability. They are all
about withstanding an assault for a given amount of time. They're quite fun,

 For this test we are given Crash(), Switch() and Mask(), which are perfect
for the evading we are going to be doing. Switch() is even upgraded with
Breach(), giving it plenty of range.

 Once the test starts, Creeps will start pouring out. Creeps and Bad Cells.
Switch them in real time and hide behind the barriers. Not very hard, just
keep switching whoever you can even if you have to use a turn. A Jerk will
show up sooner or later who will become your prime switching target. Keep
it switched to have it do the heavy hitting for you and then use the
barriers for cover and Mask() whenever you need it. Stay on the run and in
cover for 90 seconds, switching whoever you can and you'll emerge
victorious. A very fun test.



 On this test we have Purge(), Ping() and Jaunt(). Ping() has Crash() on
it and Jaunt() has Help() on it. We are tasked to survive for a total of
90 seconds.

 Well, this is fun. As the test starts, Snapshots, Fetch and Young Ladies
will come harass us, as well as Cluckers. Purge() is a powerful too here,
and our goal should be to Jaunt() away whenever we are in trouble and shoot
out Purge() in the meantime to lessen the enemy ranks. That alone should pass
this test for you. Use turns at your discretion and Ping() if you want to try
and corner something down and finish it off (which I don't recommend. Purge(),
if you couldn't tell, is meant to linger, so be on the lookout for cells you
can pick up as you are on the run as Purge may very well kill something off
when you aren't looking. A fun test, like all the stability ones are.

 This test is pretty fun. We are given Tap() on its own, Help() with Spark()
upgraded, and Jaunt() with Get(). We are tasked to survive for a total of 90
seconds here.

 The only enemies we have here are Man enemies. Four of them actually, and
they are really just going to hide and fire haircuts at us. Ugh. The cheap
way to survive here (cheap may not be the right word here... maybe "smart") is
to use your Jaunt() ability to gather up the haircuts, then use your turn and
Tap() to destroy them all and use Jaunt() to get clear of the blasts. Just keep
that up for 90 seconds and you are going to win.

 (-NOTE-) This is the end of the Stability Tests and you'll get the
          "Stability()" Bronze Trophy as a reward.
                              PERFORMANCE TESTS     

 (-NOTE-) The enemies given to you in Performance Tests can be random. They
          are likely taken out of a selected balanced pool, but what I get
          and what you get may very well not be the same!
 (-NOTE-) I've just discovered the abilities they give you are also random.
          LOVELY! I can't help you out at all, apparently! Um... good luck!
 The Performance Tests give you a set of abilities and tasks you on not only
equipping them, but then using them to clear sets of waves. Fun, right? At
least they let us pick the abilities! Plus, between waves we are given more
abilities, memory, or other things to help us out.

 Test 1 is made up of 3 waves.

 For this first test, we get Crash(), Ping() and Spark(). You have a passive
slot and four ability slots, one with two upgrade slots. The other three have
one each. Set up as you wish, I went Spark() and upgraded with the other two.

 The first wave has a Young Lady. That's it. A pain, but nothing you can't
get through. After the wave we are given the Load() ability, so use that if
you wish. Load() to the Passive Slot is absolutely overkill and you should
totally use it.

 The second wave has a Creep, a Bad Cell and a Jerk. They come out one after
the other, in that order, so quickly take out the Creep so you can focus on
the Jerk. Thankfully the arena has a lot of walls, so you can run away easily.
The time between waves gives us 4 MEM and Breach(), so be sure to upgrade

 The third wave is some Creeps and another Jerk at the end. A lot like the
second wave, but more. The passive Load() ability helps a ton here. Make it
through this wave and you're done. Congrats.


 Test 2 is made up of 5 waves.
 At the start we get Crash(), Spark() and Bounce(). Not a very big lot. I
put Bounce() in passive for the shield and took Spark() out to play for the
slight range. We have to fight a single Young Lady in the first phase, so
have at it!

 For Wave 2 they give us Ping() and 2 more MEM. Helpful. I add Crash() and
Ping() as upgrades. Wave 2 is another Young Lady and a Snapshot. Not much of
an increase.

 For Wave 3 they give us Breach(). Nothing else besides that. This wave is
very easy though, so no need to really upgrade. You face four Snapshots and
three Weeds. Take the Weeds out first and use the walls to separate and kill
the Snapshots easily.

 For Wave 4 they give us 2 more MEM and Jaunt(). I change things up here by
giving Spark() the Jaunt() upgrade and taking Breach(). You can then use your
turns and still have something to attack with during Turn Recovery, which is
always lovely (I still have the Bounce() shield too!). Once the fighting starts
we face a Weed, Jerk, and Young Lady. Kill the Weed off ASAP and then use the
turns to put Breach() on both of them if you can. You can use Spark() to add
damage while you run away.

 For the last wave, we get 2 more MEM and Mask(). Definitely want to put that
on, just for how good it is. The final wave's enemies are a bit tougher. Four
Snapshots and a Young Lady. Ugh, rough, but use the environment and focus down
your enemies and we'll be OK. Try to Breach() that Young Lady and take her
out first, if you can.



 Test 3 is made up of 7 waves.

 At the start we get Crash(), Breach() and Purge(). I usually take just Breach()
and upgrade with Crash(). We are only facing a Clucker and a Fetch here, so
there's not much danger.

 Wave 2 gives us 2 more MEM and Load(). The enemy wave is the same but they
add a Snapshot. The Fetch is the worst enemy here, so be sure to try and keep
him at bay if you can.

 Wave 3 gives us 2 more MEM and Ping(). Memory is always appreciated of
course. Here we have to fight a Cheerleader, a Fetch, a Snapshot, and two
Cluckers. Head to the lower right corner first to take out the Cheerleader
quickly and you'll be OK.

 Wave 4 gives us 2 more MEM and Jaunt(). I love it for its upgrade potential.
I put Load() on my passive at this point and am rolling with Breach() with
Jaunt() and Crash() due to memory limitations (I like to put Purge on the
upgrade for Breach instead of Crash). This wave has a Cheerleader, two Fetch
enemies, and three Cluckers. Very hard and I died here once actually.

 Wave 5 gives us 2 more MEM and Help(). Not very helpful, really. This wave
has a Cheerleader, two Fetch, two Snapshot, and two Cluckers. Or it did for
me at least (it was right around here that I realized these waves change up
on each playthrough.... ugh).

 Wave 6 gives us 2 more MEM and Mask(). You will end up facing two Cheerleaders
here, several Fetch and several Cluckers. Pretty rough stuff, but try to kill
the Cheerleaders first if you can of course.

 Finally, the last Wave. 2 more MEM and Switch() (or whatever ability you
happen to get). This wave has more Cheerleaders, Fetch and Cluckers. Really
nothing we haven't seen before.


 Test 4 is made up of 9 waves. Bigger and bigger!
 Since we know that everything you get is random I'll just tell you what I
happened to do.

 At the start I picked Cull() and took out 2 Creeps and a Snapshot. One hit
each, but just having one ability is dangerous! Heh.

 Wave 2 should give us 2 more MEM and another ability. I picked up Purge()
this time as an upgrade to Cull() and had to fight a Fetch, a Snapshot, a
Clucker and two Weeds. Nearly died.

 Wave 3 has 2 more MEM and another ability. Try to diversify here! I ended
up with Purge() and Cull() as two abilities this time, with Crash() now
upgraded to Purge() and Ping() to Cull(). I had to fight two Cheerleaders,
a Fetch, a Creep and a Snapshot. I lost Cull() here actually. No mask, charm
or jaunt is really hurting!

 Wave 4 gives you 2 more MEM and another random ability. This time I got
Breach(), which replaces Cull() for me. Still pretty rough, had to fight two
Fetch, some Weed, a Cheerleader and a couple Creeps. Didn't lose anything
here at least. Breach() helps a ton when they gather up.

 Wave 5 gives us 2 more MEM and finally gives me Jaunt(). I put it on Breach()
as it is one of my favorite combos since I can use a turn and still damage
things afterwards. It works marvelously as I take down two Fetch, some Weeds,
two Cheerleaders, a Clucker and a Snapshot. Stupid Clucker...

 Wave 6 gives us more MEM and another random ability. Mask() for me. I put
it on an open slot as a quick escape method. Can't hurt. I have to fight more
Fetch, Cluckers, Weeds, Snapshot (just one) and Cheerleaders here. Mask() helps
a ton as I focus on taking out Weeds so the Fetch and other things don't heal

 Wave 7 gives me 2 more MEM and TWO abilities. I get Help() and Switch() both
here. Can't use them both though, so I just take Switch for now. More of the
same enemies here: Fetch, Cheerleaders, Weeds, Snapshots and Cluckers. With
Switch() helping me out I used it before Mask() when waiting on turns and then
struck hard once it ran out. Very lovely. Victory is assured at this point.

 Wave 8 is 2 more MEM and another ability. Flood this time. I upgraded it
onto my Purge() ability so it would leave a wake. Oh how I'm going to abuse
this! This messed up the Fetch that appeared. Breach() is working wonderfully
to kill off the Weeds fast as well. Cluckers are really the only pain here as
I often use the turn I have saved to get close to them and deal major damage.
Other than that, everything is in real-time right now.

 Wave 9! Hope you're luck has been as god as mine (although mine only really
turned around on Wave 5). You get 2 more MEM here and another ability. I
actually got Cull() back here and the Transistor said "Look who showed up!".
Smart-ass. Tons of enemies here. Fetch, Weeds, Cheerleaders, Cluckers and
Snapshots. Easier than the last round though. Oh yeah!

 (-NOTE-) You will only likely get this test on a New Game + playthrough.
 Test 5 is, you guessed it, 11 Waves! Harder and harder!
 Since we know that everything you get is random I'll just tell you what I
happened to do. The first wave gives you 4 MEM and three abilities as always.
I got Flood() here, which did the heavy lifting for me and killed a Man.

 Wave 2 is 2 more MEM and another random ability. I put Crash() onto Flood()
here for some fantastic stunning on the 2 Man enemies that showed up.

 Wave 3 is 2 more MEM and another random ability. I got Breach() this time
but still did the same attacks with Flood() mostly. The enemies didn't change
here at all. Odd.

 Wave 4 is 2 more MEM and another random ability. I got Jaunt() now and will
be using it with Breach(). Good to use for Turns if nothing else. Three Man
enemies this time, but they go down fairly easily while being crashed.
 Wave 5 is 2 more MEM and another random ability. I'm putting Load() into my
passive now. The enemies don't change here either, which is fine with me.

 Wave 6 is 2 more MEM and another random ability. Load() helps out a ton and
can really kill stuff when I get close. Four Man enemies this time, but as
long as the haircuts hit the flood wave we're OK.

 Wave 7 is 2 more MEM and two random abilities. Lots of stuff here, I get
Mask() and Bounce(). Bounce() goes into the passive as I love that damn shield
it gives you. Four more Man enemies go down.

 Wave 8 is 2 more MEM and two more random abilities. Four more Men enemies. It
is automatic by now, these things are going down. I have Purge() on my flood
now and Help() at the start.

 Wave 9 is 2 more MEM and more abilities but i'm not even really equipping
anything by this point. Four more Man enemies down.

 Wave 10 is more MEM, 22 at this point, and every ability is available. Just
go with whatever you wish at this point, it should be a given by now. Void()
and Cull() are a good combo here, just remember to have something for the
haircuts and you are ok. I still recommend Bounce() as a passive though.
Five Man enemies this time, so take them out.

 The final wave! Finally! As you may expect, more Man enemies here. A total
of five, just like before. Take them all out. You will gain about 50% XP when
you are finally done, so congrats!
 ~.- MUSIC UNLOCKED: G_ld L__f -.~
 (-NOTE-) You will only likely get this test on a New Game + playthrough.
 Test 6 is 13 waves. Sheesh...
 Since we know that everything you get is random I'll just tell you what I
happened to do. The first wave I went with Crash() and ended up killing a
Weed and a Jerk. Rough with lots of running away, but doable.

 Wave 2 I added Help() and faced some Weeds and some Cheerleaders, along
with a fetch. Help helps out a ton. Focus on Weeds and Cheerleaders if you
should happen to get them!

 Wave 3 adds Flood(). I put that and Crash() together and can still do Help()
just barely. More Weeds and some Cluckers here. Focus on the Weeds and take
them all out. Very easy with help.

 Wave 4 I add Mask() but just because. More Cheerleaders and Cluckers here,
but a Young Lady shows up too. A pain in the butt, but Mask and Help help out
here and we get through it.

 Wave 5 is more MEM and I get Bounce(), which goes into a passive. Here we
face more Fetch, Weeds, Cheerleaders and Cluckers. At the end another Young
Lady even, but she falls.

 Wave 6 gives us half our arsenal, but I don't tweak anything really. More
Weeds, Young Ladies, Cluckers and Fetch. Nothing spectacular.

 Wave 7 gives two more abilities and I'm rocking Purge() with Flood() now,
one of my favorite combos. More of the same here, Weeds, Cheerleaders, Fetch
and Cluckers. A Jerk showed up at the end as the "boss" I guess, so beware of
that check here.

 Wave 8 gives us two more abilities. Finally get Jaunt() here, so I have an
out of Turn() option here. A Young Lady shows up right away, along with some
Weeds and Cheerleaders. A Jerk shows up near the end with some Fetch, so be

 Wave 9 and we almost have most of our abilities and plenty of memory. I
killed some Weeds and Cluckers here, but soon more Young Ladies and some
Cheerleaders show up. Fun.

 Wave 10 and we are playing with a full deck. Use whatever you've been using
up to now as it is all available. Of course, you may have some duplicates as
well, so maybe saying "full deck" isn't quite right. More of the same here
though, nothing really new.

 Wave 11 gives what, 1 more MEM. Like last time, really, but you should be
good to go. More and more enemies, so consider throwing on Load() to your
passive as it can help drastically and unexpectedly at times. For me, it was
with the tons of Fetch coming at me.

 Wave 12 gives more MEM and even more abilities. If you've gotten this far
without dying, you are going to make it, rest assured. Enemies are leveling
up a bit too. You will likely see Young Lady with blast shields and such.

 Last wave! You don't need any help if you've gotten this far, so start your
slaughter and enjoy the new track!
 (-NOTE-) You will only likely get this test on a New Game + playthrough.
 Test 7 is 15 waves, but it's the last performance test at least!
 Since we know that everything you get is random I'll just tell you what I
happened to do. The first wave I went with Breach() and Ping(). Ended up
killing a Jerk and Fetch.
 Had to use the same thing for Wave 2.Killed some Cluckers and a Snapshot.
 Wave 3 I added Help() to the line-up, thanks to more MEM. More Weeds here
and a Snapshot, along with a Fetch and a Man! So early for the big guns! Help
lends a distracting hand here that saw us win easily.

 Wave 4 and I throw Crash() onto the Breach() ability. Nothing better to do.
This time we face Weeds, Creep, Man (two of them), Fetch and a Cheerleader.

 Wave 5 and I get to put one of my favorites, Bounce() onto passive. Should
help a lot. We face Men, Cluckers, a Cheerleader and a Fetch. And some Weeds
I guess.

 Wave 6 I put Mask() on an empty ability and face more Men and a Jerk, along
with some Snapshot and Clucker enemies.

 Wave 7 gives me really just more MEM. We fight more Weeds and some Jerks
here, along with a Creep and Fetch. Jerks, as in two. They are level 2 now,
for me at least.

 Wave 8 I give up Help() and go with Tap() and Purge(), changing things up.
Still no Jaunt(). Can't believe it. Soon... we fight more Men here, Creeps,
Cheerleaders and Weeds.

 Wave 9, still no Jaunt(). Getting close to two whole rows though, so you
are almost maxed on choices. More Fetch, Weeds, Cheerleaders, Men, and Creeps.

 Wave 10 is here! I finally get my Jaunt and I'm pretty much back to my end
game set-up, as you should be too. Here we (or I) kill more Men, Fetch, creeps,
Snapshot, Cluckers... all are level 2 by now. Lovely.

 Wave 11 and we're getting into the "Why am I still typing this?" territory.
You have everything you need by now. Here I fought Jerks, Weeds, Men, Creep,
Young Ladies... a huge list of enemies. Good thing I love Purge() and Flood()
so much. I have Mask and Switch just in case, as well.

 Wave 12. So many abilities. Here I fought Jerks, Men, Cluckers, etc. Jerks
are seriously the best to charm! Take out the Cheerleaders and Weeds and you
will be OK.

 Wave 13. It is still going! Men, Cheerleaders, Young Ladies. I'm typing for
the sake of typing by this point. Kill 'em all!

 Wave 14. I love it when Fetch try to rush me. Heh. More of the same here,
really. Keep up the slaughter and you'll be good. We're almost done at least!

 Wave 15, slightly more MEM, same old enemies. Next!
 Wave 16! Last wave. End this, for my sanity's sake!


 (-NOTE-) This is the end of the Performance Tests and you'll get the
          "Performance()" Silver Trophy as a reward. At least this one is
          Silver for all our effort.

                                AGENCY TESTS     

 The Agency Tests are all about killing copies of yourself... these tests
are much like the final boss battle, so you shouldn't have too much trouble
here. Still, fun and worth a trophy. Plus XP, if you still need it.


 (-NOTE-) You will only likely get this test on a New Game + playthrough.
 Again, these tests are all like the final boss fight, so the strategy we
used there can be used to great affect here:

 The first ability I had was Void(), upgraded with Crash(). This lets you
weaken the enemy and crash it in one go, which is awesome, and remember that
it stacks up to three times. Next I have Purge(), with Flood() and Tap() (Note:
This is really un-needed here, but it can't hurt). A solid HP-draining ability
that can restore your HP. Next I have Cull(), and finally I have Mask(). The
only passive I had was Load(), as the shield is awesome.
 The idea here is to hit Royce (In this case, "Copy Red") with Void(), then
get behind him (or her) for backstab damage (which is easy as he likes to run
away). From there I put Purge() on him and the Cull(). Those three things alone
will take him out. And that was with only ONE Void()... I can only imagine how
much more you could take off with more Void() stacks...

 With that simple strategy (Void x3 > Cull), you should win this fight
easily. Remember to Mask in between lives, as Copy Red as three of them and
you'll be OK.

 (-NOTE-) You will only likely get this test on a New Game + playthrough.
 This fight is the same as the last one, but the copy now has 1,500 HP instead
of 1,000 like the Final Boss and Agency Test 1. Still, the same idea applies
here and there's really no reason for me to re-type it. The Purge() / Tap()
combo is more needed here, but keep up the same strategy as above and you will
be OK.

 (-NOTE-) You will only likely get this test on a New Game + playthrough.
 Again, this time your copy gets another HP upgrade. She now has 2,000 HP
instead of 1,500, making her slightly harder, but you can still prevail with
our established strategy. Have at it champ, earn that trophy!
 (-NOTE-) This is the end of the Agency Tests and you'll get the "Agency()"
          Silver Trophy as a reward.

                    _____                 _    _           
                   |_   _| _ __ _ _ _  __(_)__| |_ ___ _ _ 
                     | || '_/ _` | ' \(_-< (_-<  _/ _ \ '_|
        _____________|_||_| \__,_|_||_/__/_/__/\__\___/_|_____________
O==<                            Function Guide                            >==O

 Here you can find all of the Function's info... everything but their
"Subject Description". That's in the next section. Instead, this is where you
can find things like base damage and upgrade combo's.

 All of this info comes out of the Access Point database, so it is all in-game

(-NOTE-) The UPGRADE sections aren't organized very well in-game. They list
         them all, but not in the same format each time. I'll be using the
         Crash() listing of skills as a format for the other Functions.

(-NOTE-) I also don't have doubles on all abilities, so there are some ???
         parts in the upgrade sections. These are things you'd need to play
         through the game three times to get though, so most players will
         never see or use them...


 Description: Disruptive, Reliable
 o Active Slot: Harm and disrupt nearby Targets, exposing vulnerabilities.
   ~ Base Damage: 50
     Stun Duration: 2.1 Sec
     Turn() Planning Cost: 20
 o Upgrade Slot: Cause most Functions to stun and disrupt Targets.
   ~ View UPGRADES for specific details.
 o Passive Slot: Gain damage resistance and immunity to all slowing effects.

   ~ Immunity to Slow, Disable
     User Damage Resisted: 25%
 o BK Info: Crash() is your first, basic move. "Reliable" is a great word 
            for it. It is rather slow as you gain more moves, and has no
            rage whatsoever, so you'll likely find yourself replacing it
            by mid-game. 
 o Crash() + Breach()
   Description: Crash() will fire further and with more velocity.
 o Crash() + Ping()
   Description: Crash() will be more efficient to plan during Turn() and faster
                in real time.
 o Crash() + Load()
   Description: Crash() will be slightly stronger and deal damage in a blast
 o Crash() + Flood()
   Description: Crash() will leave a damage trail in the wake of the attack.
 o Crash() + Get()
   Description: Crash() will pull Targets to the User and deal more damage at
                longer range.
 o Crash() + Cull()
   Description: Crash() will deal more damage and send Targets flying upward.
 o Crash() + Void()
   Description: Crash() will deal significantly more damage to Targets.
 o Crash() + Mask()
   Description: Crash() will deal greater backstab damage to Targets.
 o Crash() + Tap()
   Description: Crash() will siphon some life points from the Targets.
 o Crash() + Switch()
   Description: Crash() will briefly switch Targets allegiance to the User's.
 o Crash() + Help()
   Description: Crash() will gain a 50% chance to prevent Cells from spawning.
 o Crash() + Crash()
   Description: Crash() will stun and make Targets vulnerable for twice the
 o Crash() + Jaunt()
   Description: Crash() will fire instantly and become useable during Turn()
 o Crash() + Spark()
   Description: Crash() will fan out multiple projectiles that are more
                damaging at close range.
 o Crash() + Bounce()
   Description: Crash() will chain to multiple nearby Targets.
 o Crash() + Purge()
   Description: Crash() will slow Targets, dealing damage over time.


 Description: Extensive, Penetrating
 o Active Slot: Pierce Targets with great force across long distances.
   ~ Base Damage: 100
     Range: 800
     Turn() Planning Cost: 42
 o Upgrade Slot: Accelerate most Functions, raising their range and velocity.
   ~ View UPGRADES for specific details.
 o Passive Slot: Gain more planning potential in Turn().

   ~ Turn() Planning: 120%
 o BK Info: Breach() is a fantastic move. Great range, pretty fast. You also
            get it early. Use this to open up attacks in real-time and then
            in Turn() for a combo of enemies who are in a line.
 o Breach() + Breach()
   Description: Breach() will ricochet off of impenetrable surfaces.
 o Breach() + Ping()
   Description: Breach() will be more efficient to plan during Turn() and
                faster in real time.
 o Breach() + Load()
   Description: Breach() will be slightly stronger and deal damage in a blast
 o Breach() + Flood()
   Description: Breach() will leave a damage trail in the wake of the attack.
 o Breach() + Get()
   Description: Breach() will pull Targets to the User and deal more damage at
                longer range.
 o Breach() + Cull()
   Description: Breach() will deal more damage and send Targets flying upward.
 o Breach() + Void()
   Description: Breach() will deal significantly more damage to Targets.
 o Breach() + Mask()
   Description: Breach() will deal greater backstab damage to Targets.
 o Breach() + Tap()
   Description: Breach() will siphon some life points from the Targets.
 o Breach() + Switch()
   Description: Breach() will briefly switch Targets allegiance to the User's.
 o Breach() + Help()
   Description: Breach() will gain a 50% chance to prevent Cells from spawning.
 o Breach() + Crash()
   Description: Breach() will stun and disrupt Targets, exposing
 o Breach() + Jaunt()
   Description: Breach() will fire instantly and become useable during Turn()
 o Breach() + Spark()
   Description: Breach() will fan out multiple projectiles that are more
                damaging up close.
 o Breach() + Bounce()
   Description: Breach() will chain to multiple nearby Targets.
 o Breach() + Purge()
   Description: Breach() will slow Targets, dealing damage over time.


 Description: Chaotic, Splitting
 o Active Slot: Launch fast unstable shells that split into explosive
   ~ Base Damage: 60
     Blast Radius: 325
     Turn() Planning Cost: 20
 o Upgrade Slot: Split and subdivide most Functions for greater results.
   ~ View UPGRADES for specific details.
 o Passive Slot: Spawn a Copy when attacked, diverting nearby Targets.

   ~ Spawn Copy When Attacked
     Copy Life: 20
     Cooldown: 1.5 SEC
 o BK Info: Spark() is another move you get early on, spawning an AoE attack
            that can be handy. Great for multiple enemies. Loses its appeal
            deeper into the game. I happen to love the passive here, as a
            Copy can really help take the pressure off you.
 o Spark() + Breach()
   Description: Spark() will fire further and with more velocity.
 o Spark() + Ping()
   Description: Spark() will be more efficient to plan during Turn() and
                faster in real time.
 o Spark() + Load()
   Description: Spark() will be slightly stronger and deal damage in a blast
 o Spark() + Flood()
   Description: Spark() will fan out into several Flood() projectiles at its
                impact point.
 o Spark() + Get()
   Description: Spark() will deal more damage to distant Targets at the point
                of impact.
 o Spark() + Cull()
   Description: Spark() will deal more damage and send Targets flying upward.
 o Spark() + Void()
   Description: Spark() will deal significantly more damage to Targets.
 o Spark() + Mask()
   Description: Spark() will very briefly render the User undetectable.
 o Spark() + Tap()
   Description: Spark() will siphon some life points from the Targets.
 o Spark() + Switch()
   Description: Spark() will briefly switch Targets allegiance to the User's.
 o Spark() + Help()
   Description: Spark() will gain a 50% chance to prevent Cells from spawning.
 o Spark() + Crash()
   Description: Spark() will briefly make Targets more vulnerable to other
 o Spark() + Jaunt()
   Description: Spark() will fire instantly and become useable during Turn()
 o Spark() + Spark()
   Description: Spark() will cause Spark() particles to burst into more
                Spark() particles.
 o Spark() + Bounce()
   Description: Spark() will ricochet from its point of impact, causing a
                secondary impact.
 o Spark() + Purge()
   Description: Spark() will slow Targets, dealing damage over time.

 Description: Evasive, Immediate
 o Active Slot: Transport User to nearby location directly ahead.
   ~ Recovery Time: 0.75 Sec
     Turn() Planning Cost: 10
     Usable in Turn() Recovery
 o Upgrade Slot: Allow most Functions to be used during Turn() recovery.
   ~ View UPGRADES for specific details.
 o Passive Slot: Recover more quickly after using Turn()

   ~ Faster Turn() Recovery
     Cooldown Speed: 125%
 o BK Info: Jaunt() is another early move. You can use it to get away from
            bad situations, which is what it should be used for at first.
            As you become more familiar with the game, its greatest use is
            as an upgrade, to let you use key Functions during Turn()
            recovery, which is absolutely godly.
 o Jaunt() + Breach()
   Description: Jaunt() will damage any Targes along the User's trajectory.
 o Jaunt() + Ping()
   Description: Jaunt() will be more efficient to plan during Turn().
 o Jaunt() + Load()
   Description: Jaunt() will deal damage in an area around the destination.
 o Jaunt() + Flood()
   Description: Jaunt() will briefly leave a damage trail along the User's
 o Jaunt() + Get()
   Description: Jaunt() will spawn a gravity well where used, drawing in
                nearby Targets.
 o Jaunt() + Cull()
   Description: Jaunt() will launch Targets upward in an area around the
 o Jaunt() + Void()
   Description: Jaunt() will very briefly raise the User's damage output.
 o Jaunt() + Mask()
   Description: Jaunt() will very briefly render the User undectable.
 o Jaunt() + Tap()
   Description: Jaunt() will retrieve life points when used.
 o Jaunt() + Switch()
   Description: Jaunt() will instantly turn nearby Targets allegiance to the
                Uer's for a short while.
 o Jaunt() + Help()
   Description: Jaunt() will leave behind a User copy.
 o Jaunt() + Crash()
   Description: Jaunt() will stun and disrupt Targets, exposing vulnerabilities.
 o Jaunt() + Jaunt()
   Description: Jaunt() will quicken Turn() recovery when used.
 o Jaunt() + Spark()
   Description: Jaunt() will rain Spark() particles along the User's path.
 o Jaunt() + Bounce()
   Description: Jaunt() will gain a faster cooldown, but transport the User a
                shorter distance.
 o Jaunt() + Purge()
   Description: Jaunt() will spawn a Purge() parasite at the User's origin.


 Description: Chain-reactive, Deflecting
 o Active Slot: Discharge a riccocheting bolt that jumps from Target to Target.
   ~ Base Damage: 100
     Number of Jumps: 5
     Turn() Planning Cost: 35
 o Upgrade Slot: Add a chain-reactive effect to most Functions.
   ~ View UPGRADES for specific details.
 o Passive Slot: Gain a deflecting shield that negates damage to the User.

   ~ Deflection Shield
     Shield Cooldown: 5.0 Sec
 o BK Info: I mostly use Bounce() on Passive, according to my stats. Being
            able to chain other Functions is probably this Function's greatest
            feature though, from an offensive point of view. Defensively, this
            is a great passive.
 o Bounce() + Breach()
   Description: Bounce() will fire faster and chain to Target in a wide area.
 o Bounce() + Ping()
   Description: Bounce() will be more efficient to plan during Turn() and
                faster in real time.
 o Bounce() + Load()
   Description: Bounce() will be slightly stronger and deal damage in a blast
 o Bounce() + Flood()
   Description: Bounce() will leave a damage trail in the wake of the attack.
 o Bounce() + Get()
   Description: Bounce() will pull Target to the User and deal more damage at
                longer range.
 o Bounce() + Cull()
   Description: Bounce() will deal more damage and send Targets flying upward.
 o Bounce() + Void()
   Description: Bounce() will deal significantly more damage to Targets.
 o Bounce() + Mask()
   Description: Bounce() will deal greater backstab damage to Target.
 o Bounce() + Tap()
   Description: Bounce() will siphon some life points from the Targets.
 o Bounce() + Switch()
   Description: Bounce() will briefly switch Targets allegiance to the User's.
 o Bounce() + Help()
   Description: Bounce() will gain a 50% chance to prevent Cells from spawning.
 o Bounce() + Crash()
   Description: Bounce() will stun and disrupt Targets, exposing
 o Bounce() + Jaunt()
   Description: Bounce() will be useable during Turn() recovery.
 o Bounce() + Spark()
   Description: Bounce() will spawn chaotic jumping Spark() from each Target
 o Bounce() + Bounce()
   Description: ???
 o Bounce() + Purge()
   Description: Bounce() will slow Targets, dealing damage over time.


 Description: Hypnotic, Double-crossing
 o Active Slot: Alter a Target's allegiance, causing it to serve the User.
   ~ Charm Duration: 6.0 Sec
     Turn() Planning Cost: 40
 o Upgrade Slot: Integrate allegiance-altering subroutine into most Functions.
   ~ View UPGRADES for specific details.
 o Passive Slot: Spawn a friendly BadCell when retrieving Cells.

   ~ BadCell Ally on Cell Pickup
     Ally Base Damage: 5
     Ally Life: 10
 o BK Info: Switch() is a game-changer. Turing an enemy into an ally is the
            ultimate help, in my opinion. This Function can be added into
            other functions as well, even AoE Functions, letting you net
            many allies for a short amount of time. A very tactical Function
            that should be used and experimented with. Near the end-game, it
            loses some of its potency as you get stronger and better with
            other functions.
 o Switch() + Breach()
   Description: Switch() will gain greater maximum range and penetrate through
 o Switch() + Ping()
   Description: Switch() will be more efficient to plan during Turn() and
                faster in real time.
 o Switch() + Load()
   Description: Switch() will affect multiple Targets in a radius at the point
                of impact.
 o Switch() + Flood()
   Description: Switch() will surround the target in a damage field that harms
                nearby Targets in addition to the base effects.
 o Switch() + Get()
   Description: Switch() will pull the Target to the User in addition to the
                base effect.
 o Switch() + Cull()
   Description: Switch() will affect Targets for twice the duration.
 o Switch() + Void()
   Description: Switch() will cause affected Targets to deal much more damage.
 o Switch() + Mask()
   Description: Switch() will temporarily banish Targets in addition to the
                base effects.
 o Switch() + Tap()
   Description: Switch() will give Targets a healing aura that restores the
 o Switch() + Switch()
   Description: Switch() will damage Targets in addition to its base effect.
 o Switch() + Help()
   Description: Switch() will spawn a BadCell loyal to the User at the Target
 o Switch() + Crash()
   Description: Switch() will render Targets invulnerable on top of the base
 o Switch() + Jaunt()
   Description: Switch() will be useable during Turn() recovery.
 o Switch() + Spark()
   Description: Switch() will fan out multiple projectiles.
 o Switch() + Bounce()
   Description: Switch() will chain to multiple nearby Targets.
 o Switch() + Purge()
   Description: Switch() will apply damage over time in addition to the base


 Description: Transformative, Auspicious
 o Active Slot: Call a Friend to aid the User. Plan Friend's actions with
   ~ Friend Base Damage: 75
     Friend Life: 20
     Friend Usable in Turn()
 o Upgrade Slot: Give most Functions a chance to prevent Cells from spawning.
   ~ View UPGRADES for specific details.
 o Passive Slot: Gain a 25% chance to become a SuperUser on using Turn().

   ~ New Active: Kill()
     Base Damage: 500
     Turn() Planning Cost: 110
 o BK Info: You wanted an ally, right? Help() gives you just that, in the form
            of a dog that has a decent attack, but not much life. The upgrade
            on this is fairly worthless, so stick to active or passive. On
            active, you can spawn the ally out of a fight, which is good to
            know. Passive has a chance to turn you into a god more or less,
            with nuking ability. Very worthy of trying out, but you'll prefer
            more active passives by end game.
 o Help() + Breach()
   Description: Help() will summon a hardy Friend with longer attack range
                and more Turn() planning.
 o Help() + Ping()
   Description: Help() will summon a hardy, faster-moving friend whose attack
                is more efficient to use in Turn().
 o Help() + Load()
   Description: Help() will summon a hardy Friend whos Bark() has a blast
 o Help() + Flood()
   Description: Help() will summon a hardy Friend enveloped in a damage field
                that harms nearby Targets.
 o Help() + Get()
   Description: Help() will summon a hardy Friend whose Bark() pulls in
 o Help() + Cull()
   Description: Help() will summon a hardy Friend that can damage Targets by
                touching them while enacting Turn().
 o Help() + Void()
   Description: Help() will summon a hardy Friend with a more powerful Bark().
 o Help() + Mask()
   Description: Help() will summon a hardy, disappearing Friend that deals
                greater backstab damage.
 o Help() + Tap()
   Description: Help() will heal User over time in addition to summoning a
                hardy Friend.
 o Help() + Switch()
   Description: Help() will summon a hardy Friend whose Bark() switches
                Targets' allegiance.
 o Help() + Help()
   Description: ???
 o Help() + Crash()
   Description: Help() will summon a hardy Friend that stuns Targets and is
                immune to being stunned.
 o Help() + Jaunt()
   Description: Help() summon a hardy, faster-hitting Friend. Usable in Turn(),
                50% faster cooldown.
 o Help() + Spark()
   Description: Help() will summon two smaller Friends, each capable of
                planning in Turn().
 o Help() + Bounce()
   Description: Help() will summon a hardy Friend when Bark() chains between
 o Help() + Purge()
   Description: Help() will summon a hardy Friend when Bark() applies damage
                over time.


 Description: Subversive, Concealing
 o Active Slot: Conceals the User's physical self, amplifying the next action
   ~ User Stealth: 6.3 Sec
     Stealth Damage: 200%
     Usable in Turn() Recovery
 o Upgrade Slot: Raise the potency of most Functions when backstabbing.
   ~ View UPGRADES for specific details.
 o Passive Slot: Become undetectable and faster after eliminating Targets.

   ~ Stealth on Target Elimination
     Move Speed: 125%
     Duration: 2.0 Sec
 o BK Info: Mask() really shines as an active ability, giving you time to
            hide between Turn() during recovery. This is its best use, in
            my opinion. Very handy against bosses and harder enemies. The
            bonus damage is nice as well.
 o Mask() + Breach()
   Description: Mask() will stay in effect for twice the duration.
 o Mask() + Ping()
   Description: Mask() will gain a faster cooldown between uses.
 o Mask() + Load()
   Description: Mask() will create a damaging blast around the User when
 o Mask() + Flood()
   Description: Mask() will leave a damage trail in the User's wake for the
                effective duration.
 o Mask() + Get()
   Description: Mask() will draw in surrounding Targets for the effect
 o Mask() + Cull()
   Description: Mask() will knock back surrounding Targets for the effect
 o Mask() + Void()
   Description: Mask() will double the power of the next attack when under the
 o Mask() + Mask()
   Description: Mask() will cause the User's next action to be even more potent.
 o Mask() + Tap()
   Description: Mask() will provide bonus LifeSteal for the next User attack.
 o Mask() + Switch()
   Description: Mask() will temporarily turn surrounding Targets' allegiance
                to the User's when activated.
 o Mask() + Help()
   Description: Mask() will leave behind a User copy in addition to the base
 o Mask() + Crash()
   Description: Mask() will stun and disrupt nearby Targets in addition to
                the base effect.
 o Mask() + Jaunt()
   Description: Mask() will raise User speed and Turn() recovery speed in
                addition to the base effect.
 o Mask() + Spark()
   Description: Mask() will automatically launch a powered-up Spark() when the
                effect ends.
 o Mask() + Bounce()
   Description: Mask() will release several Bounce() bolts in addition to
                the base effect.
 o Mask() + Purge()
   Description: Mask() will spawn several Purge() parasites in addition to
                the base effect.

 Description: Rapid, Efficient
 o Active Slot: Fire rapid kinetic charges in a straight line.
   ~ Base Damage: 15
     Shots per Sec: 4
     Turn() Planning Cost: 10
 o Upgrade Slot: Reduce Turn() planning cost and speed up most Functions.
   ~ View UPGRADES for specific details.
 o Passive Slot: Move much farther in a single use of Turn().

   ~ Turn() Movement: 200%
 o BK Info: Ping() is the quick, rapid-fire low damage ability of the bunch.
            Because we had to have something like that! I dislike the low
            damage and find Ping() best suited for an upgrade slot, if I take
            it at all...
 o Ping() + Breach()
   Description: Ping() will fire faster and with more velocity.
 o Ping() + Ping()
   Description: Ping() will be more efficient to plan during Turn() and
                faster in real time.
 o Ping() + Load()
   Description: Ping() will be slightly stronger and deal damage in an area
                of effect on impact.
 o Ping() + Flood()
   Description: Ping() will briefly leave a damage trail the wake of each
 o Ping() + Get()
   Description: Ping() will pull Target to the User and deal more damage at
                longer range.
 o Ping() + Cull()
   Description: Ping() will deal more damage and send Targets flying upward.
 o Ping() + Void()
   Description: Ping() will deal significantly more damage to Targets.
 o Ping() + Mask()
   Description: Ping() will deal greater backstab damage to Target.
 o Ping() + Tap()
   Description: Ping() will siphon some life points from the Target.
 o Ping() + Switch()
   Description: Ping() will briefly switch Targets allegiance to the User's.
 o Ping() + Help()
   Description: Ping() will gain a 50% chance to prevent Cells from spawning.
 o Ping() + Crash()
   Description: Ping() will briefly make Targets more vulnerable to other
 o Ping() + Jaunt()
   Description: Ping() will be useable during Turn() recovery.
 o Ping() + Spark()
   Description: Ping() will gan out multiple projectiles that are more damaging
                at close range.
 o Ping() + Bounce()
   Description: Ping() will chain to multiple nearby Targets.
 o Ping() + Purge()
   Description: Ping() will slow Targets, dealing damage over time.

 Description: Magnetic, Rearranging
 o Active Slot: Force a Targer close to the User. Stronger against distant
   ~ Max Damage: 150
     Turn() Planning Cost: 10
     Pulls Target to User
 o Upgrade Slot: Makes most Functions pull Targets out of position.
   ~ View UPGRADES for specific details.
 o Passive Slot: Draw in Cells faster and from farther away.

   ~ Cell Pull Strength: 200%
 o BK Info: Get() is odd. I don't use it much. Mostly for an off-the-collar
            upgrade slot, according to my history. It is great for setting
            up combo's with AoE or blast potential, so keep that in mind and
            experiment with it for yourself.
 o Get() + Breach()
   Description: Get() will gain greater maximum range and penetrate through
 o Get() + Ping()
   Description: Get() will be more efficient to plan during Turn() and
                faster in real time.
 o Get() + Load()
   Description: Get() will be slightly stronger and deal damage in a blast
 o Get() + Flood()
   Description: Get() will  leave a damage trail the wake of the attack.
 o Get() + Get()
   Description: Get() will gain potency when striking distant Targets.
 o Get() + Cull()
   Description: Get() will deal more damage and send Targets flying upward.
 o Get() + Void()
   Description: Get() will gain higher maximum damage potential.
 o Get() + Mask()
   Description: Get() will temporarily banish the Target while pulling it
 o Get() + Tap()
   Description: Get() will siphon some life points from the Target.
 o Get() + Switch()
   Description: Get() will briefly switch Targets allegiance to the User's.
 o Get() + Help()
   Description: Get() will gain a 50% chance to prevent Cells from spawning.
 o Get() + Crash()
   Description: Get() will briefly make Targets more vulnerable to other
 o Get() + Jaunt()
   Description: Get() will be useable during Turn() recovery.
 o Get() + Spark()
   Description: Get() will gan out multiple projectiles that are more damaging
                at close range.
 o Get() + Bounce()
   Description: Get() will chain to multiple nearby Targets.
 o Get() + Purge()
   Description: Get() will slow Targets, dealing damage over time.

 Description: Corrosive, Slowing
 o Active Slot: Spawn a seeking parasite that dismantles a Target from within.
   ~ Base Damage: 120 in 3.0 Sec
     Target Slowed: 70%
     Turn() Planning Cost: 20
 o Upgrade Slot: Apply a corruption effect to most Functions.
   ~ View UPGRADES for specific details.
 o Passive Slot: Retaliate automatically when struck.

   ~ Automatic Retaliation
     Damage: 10
     Range: 650
 o BK Info: Purge() is a slow killer... a slow killer that you'll love as it
            is cheap to use, has good upgrade potential, and is deadly which
            is great for the bigger, harder enemies and bosses. Try it out
            and try to at least work it in as an upgrade.
 o Purge() + Breach()
   Description: Purge() will fire farther and with more velocity.
 o Purge() + Ping()
   Description: Purge() will be more efficient to plan during Turn() and
                faster in real time.
 o Purge() + Load()
   Description: Purge() will afflict Targets in a blast radius at the point
                of impact.
 o Purge() + Flood()
   Description: Purge() will  leave a damage trail the wake of the attack.
 o Purge() + Get()
   Description: Purge() will pull its Target to the User in addition to the
                base effects.
 o Purge() + Cull()
   Description: Purge() will deal a burst of damage on impact in addition to
                its base effect.
 o Purge() + Void()
   Description: Purge() will slow and damage the Target over a longer period
                of time.
 o Purge() + Mask()
   Description: Purge() will temporarily banish the Target while applying
                damage over time.
 o Purge() + Tap()
   Description: Purge() will restore the User's life points over time in
                addition to its base effects.
 o Purge() + Switch()
   Description: Purge() will briefly switch Targets allegiance but no longer
                apply damage.
 o Purge() + Help()
   Description: Purge() will gain a 50% chance to prevent Cells from spawning.
 o Purge() + Crash()
   Description: Purge() will stun and disrupt Targets, exposing
 o Purge() + Jaunt()
   Description: Purge() will be useable during Turn() recovery.
 o Purge() + Spark()
   Description: Purge() will launch two smaller parasites towards multiple
 o Purge() + Bounce()
   Description: Purge() will pass through Targets, potentially affecting more
                than one.
 o Purge() + Purge()
   Description: Purge() will respawn a Purge() parasite to seek another Target
                if the host is eliminated.

 Description: Obstructive, Lingering
 o Active Slot: Project a storm sphere that disintegrates Targets in its path.
   ~ Base Damage: 60 per Sec
     Life Span: 4.5 Sec
     Turn() Planning Cost: 25
 o Upgrade Slot: Enhance most Functions with lingering destructive effects.
   ~ View UPGRADES for specific details.
 o Passive Slot: Regenerate life points when Turn() is not recovering.

   ~ Life Regen: 5 per Sec
     Max Life Restored: 50%
 o BK Info: Flood() is like throwing out a whirlwhind and seeing what is dumb
            or foolish enough to step into it. It is fantastic for killing
            things that rush you, or in narrow or tight spaces. The Passive
            for it is decent too. All around a good pick, so try it out
            wherever you wish.
 o Flood() + Breach()
   Description: Flood() will fire farther and with more velocity.
 o Flood() + Ping()
   Description: Flood() will be more efficient to plan during Turn() and
                faster in real time.
 o Flood() + Load()
   Description: Flood() will deal more damage in a wider area of affect.
 o Flood() + Flood()
   Description: Flood() will  leave a damage trail in its wake.
 o Flood() + Get()
   Description: Flood() will draw in Targets as it applies damage.
 o Flood() + Cull()
   Description: Flood() will deal greater damage and launch Targets upwards.
 o Flood() + Void()
   Description: Flood() will deal more damage and persist much longer.
 o Flood() + Mask()
   Description: Flood() will very briefly render the User undetectable.
 o Flood() + Tap()
   Description: Flood() will siphon some life points from Targets in its path.
 o Flood() + Switch()
   Description: Flood() will temporarily switch Targets allegiance but no
                longer apply damage.
 o Flood() + Help()
   Description: Flood() will gain a 50% chance to prevent Cells from spawning.
 o Flood() + Crash()
   Description: Flood() will briefly make Targers more vulnerable to other
 o Flood() + Jaunt()
   Description: Flood() will be useable during Turn() recovery.
 o Flood() + Spark()
   Description: Flood() will fan out several smaller storm spheres.
 o Flood() + Bounce()
   Description: Flood() will travel slightly faster and chain between Targets.
 o Flood() + Purge()
   Description: Flood() will apply damage over time in addition to the base

 Description: Amplifying, Depressive
 o Active Slot: Cripple Target's defense and attack. Stacks three times.
   ~ Target Weakened: 175%
     Duration: 4.3 Sec
     Turn() Planning Cost: 15
 o Upgrade Slot: Augment the potency and effects of most Functions.
   ~ View UPGRADES for specific details.
 o Passive Slot: Increase base damage output for each Function.

   ~ Base Damage: 125%
 o BK Info: You can use Void() to cripple enemies before attacking, but I
            found myself using this mostly as a passive (again, according
            to my stats). A lot of various upgrade slots, but probably best
            used as a passive or to weaken tougher enemies if you are having
            a hard time.
 o Void() + Breach()
   Description: Void() will apply its effects in an area much farther away.
 o Void() + Ping()
   Description: Void() will be more efficient to plan during Turn() and
                faster in real time.
 o Void() + Load()
   Description: Void() will affect an even wider area.
 o Void() + Flood()
   Description: Void() will envelop the Target in a damage field that harms
                nearby Targets.
 o Void() + Get()
   Description: Void() will draw nearby Targets toward the center of the
 o Void() + Cull()
   Description: Void() will  launch Targets upwards in addition to the base
 o Void() + Void()
   Description: Void() will affect Targets for a much longer duration.
 o Void() + Mask()
   Description: Void() will render the User undetectable while preparing the
 o Void() + Tap()
   Description: Void() will deal minor damage and siphon some life points from
 o Void() + Switch()
   Description: Void() will briefly switch Targets allegiance to the User's.
 o Void() + Help()
   Description: Void() will give affected Targets a 50% chance to not spawn
                Cells when eliminated.
 o Void() + Crash()
   Description: Void() will stun and disrupt Targets, exposing vulnerabilities.
 o Void() + Jaunt()
   Description: Void() will fire instantly be useable during Turn() recovery.
 o Void() + Spark()
   Description: Void() will automatically stack multiple instances of its
 o Void() + Bounce()
   Description: Void() will chain between nearby Targets.
 o Void() + Purge()
   Description: Void() will slow Targets, dealing damage over time in addition
                to the base effect.

 Description: Regenerative, Leeching
 o Active Slot: Siphon life points from Targets in an area around the User.
   ~ Base Damage: 150
     LifeSteal: 1%
     Turn() Planning Cost: 35
 o Upgrade Slot: Apply a life-stealing effect to most Functions.
   ~ View UPGRADES for specific details.
 o Passive Slot: Raise User's total life points, improving survivability.

   ~ Life Points: 150%
 o BK Info: Tap() is your real big life stealing ability. You can use it to
            do damage and steal life, or put it on other abilities to add the
            life-stealing effect to them. It also makes a great passive if you
            ever find yourself wishing for more health. All in all this is a
            great ability.
 o Tap() + Breach()
   Description: Tap() will fire at range rather than in an area around the
 o Tap() + Ping()
   Description: Tap() will be more efficient to plan during Turn() and
                faster in real time.
 o Tap() + Load()
   Description: Tap() will deal more damage in an even wider blast radius.
 o Tap() + Flood()
   Description: Tap() will leave behind a damage field in its area of effect.
 o Tap() + Get()
   Description: Tap() will pull Targets to the User and deal more damage at
                longer range.
 o Tap() + Cull()
   Description: Tap() will deal more damage and send Targets flying upwards.
 o Tap() + Void()
   Description: Tap() will deal significantly more damage to Targets.
 o Tap() + Mask()
   Description: Tap() will render the User undetectable while preparing the
 o Tap() + Tap()
   Description: Tap() will siphon more life points from surrounding Targets.
 o Tap() + Switch()
   Description: Tap() will briefly switch Targets allegiance to the User's.
 o Tap() + Help()
   Description: Tap() will give affected Targets a 50% to prevent Cells from
 o Tap() + Crash()
   Description: Tap() will stun and disrupt Targets, exposing vulnerabilities.
 o Tap() + Jaunt()
   Description: Tap() will fire faster be useable during Turn() recovery.
 o Tap() + Spark()
   Description: Tap() will fire out multiple blasts of the effect.
 o Tap() + Bounce()
   Description: Tap() will chain-react from any Target it strikes.
 o Tap() + Purge()
   Description: Tap() will slow Targets, dealing damage over time.

 Description: Explosive, Area-effect
 o Active Slot: Form a volatile Packet. Strike Packet to produce a large blast.
   ~ Packet Damage: 250
     Packet Blast Radius: 300
     Turn() Planning Cost: 50
 o Upgrade Slot: Increase the area-of-effect of most Functions.
   ~ View UPGRADES for specific details.
 o Passive Slot: Generate volatile Packets instantly at a regular intervals.

   ~ Packets Spawn Automatically
     Spawn Cooldown: 10 Sec
 o BK Info: Load() is a big damage dealer, if you can get the packets it
            produces to hit an enemy. Not too hard, since they have a large
            blast radius AND you can hit packets at enemies like a baseball.
            You can even do that during a turn! Ha. That Passive is a bit
            weird. The upgrade has some good AoE potential for most other
 o Load() + Breach()
   Description: Load() will form Packets at long range.
 o Load() + Ping()
   Description: Load() will be more efficient to plan during Turn() and
                faster in real time.
 o Load() + Load()
   Description: ???
 o Load() + Flood()
   Description: Load() will form self-immolating Packets engulfed in damage
 o Load() + Get()
   Description: Load() will form Packets that draw in nearby Targets.
 o Load() + Cull()
   Description: Load() will deal more damage and send Targets flying upward.
 o Load() + Void()
   Description: Load() will form Packets that are even more destructive.
 o Load() + Mask()
   Description: Load() will form Target-banishing Packets and briefly conceal
                the User.
 o Load() + Tap()
   Description: Load() will form Packets that restore some life points when
 o Load() + Switch()
   Description: Load() will form Packets that briefly switch Targets allegiance
                to the User's.
 o Load() + Help()
   Description: Load() will form Packets with a 50% chance to prevent Cells
                from spawning.
 o Load() + Crash()
   Description: Load() will form Packets that stun Targets, exposing
 o Load() + Jaunt()
   Description: Load() will detonate automatically and be useable during Turn()
 o Load() + Spark()
   Description: Load() will fire several multiple smaller Packets at a time.
 o Load() + Bounce()
   Description: Load() will form Packets that explode into riccocheting bolts.
 o Load() + Purge()
   Description: Load() will form Packets that apply damage over time.

 Description: Distructive, Kinetic
 o Active Slot: Strike nearby Targets upward with tremendous force.
   ~ Base Damage: 225
     Turn() Planning Cost: 70
     Upward Impact
 o Upgrade Slot: Raise the kinetic impact or effect duration of most Functions.
   ~ View UPGRADES for specific details.
 o Passive Slot: Harm Targets on contact while executing Turn().

   ~ New Active: Check()
     Base Damage: 150
     Turn() Planning Cost: 10
 o BK Info: Cull() is another high damage, high cost ability. Jeez, what a
            high cost it is too. Too high for my liking, I mainly used this
            as an upgrade ability. It has an interesting passive though, which
            rewards you for contact in Turn(). Ha!
 o Cull() + Breach()
   Description: Cull() will gain twice as much range.
 o Cull() + Ping()
   Description: Cull() will be more efficient to plan during Turn() and
                faster in real time.
 o Cull() + Load()
   Description: Cull() will be slightly storage and deal damage in a blast
 o Cull() + Flood()
   Description: Cull() will leave behind a damage trail in the wake of the
 o Cull() + Get()
   Description: Cull() will hold Targets and Cells in place rather than
                striking them upward.
 o Cull() + Cull()
   Description: Cull() will strike Targets with even more force and upward
 o Cull() + Void()
   Description: Cull() will deal significantly more damage to Targets.
 o Cull() + Mask()
   Description: Cull() will deal greater backstab damage to Targets.
 o Cull() + Tap()
   Description: Cull() will siphon more life points from the Target.
 o Cull() + Switch()
   Description: Cull() will briefly switch Targets allegiance to the User's.
 o Cull() + Help()
   Description: Cull() will gain a 50% chance to prevent Cells from spawning.
 o Cull() + Crash()
   Description: Cull() will stun and disrupt Targets, exposing vulnerabilities.
 o Cull() + Jaunt()
   Description: Cull() will be useable during Turn() recovery.
 o Cull() + Spark()
   Description: Cull() will cause chaotic blasts in the target area.
 o Cull() + Bounce()
   Description: Cull() will chain-react to multiple nearby Targets.
 o Cull() + Purge()
   Description: Cull() will slow Targets, dealing damage over time.

                    _____                 _    _           
                   |_   _| _ __ _ _ _  __(_)__| |_ ___ _ _ 
                     | || '_/ _` | ' \(_-< (_-<  _/ _ \ '_|
        _____________|_||_| \__,_|_||_/__/_/__/\__\___/_|_____________
O==<                         Subject Descriptions                         >==O
 Here you can read the subject descriptions. Why would I write all of this
here? Well, I'm crazy of course! Haha, well it is pretty cool information,
and sheds some light on the story ever so slightly. Enjoy!

 Note that these characters are in the order of the skills I acquired, so
your order may be different... for what that is worth.


 |  AGE: 27
 |  SELECTIONS: Music, Linguistics.
 |  REASONS CITED: Declined.
 |  TRACE STATUS: Intact.
 |                               Decryption   .---.  .---.  .---.  File
 |                                 Progress:  '---'  '---'  '---'  Complete!
 Ranked in the top percentile of Cloudbank's contemporary performing artists
for five years, Red demonstrated early interest in music despite studying at
Traverson Hall. Traverson groomed many of the city's most ambitious civic
planners, though Red spent the majority of her time developing the academy's
nascent arts program, and was the first on record to select two nontraditional
disciplines. Records indicate she was reluctant to explain, citing personal
reasons. She remained reticent even after gaining the spotlight, and when asked
about her past and influences, would often say her work spoke for itself. She
did admit, however, that she never wrote her music with the intent to stir
 To appreciate the impact of Red's music, consider first the current state of
Cloudbank's social climate and how it evolved over the past two decades. When
an altercation finally erupted in the crowd during one of her performances, it
was the first such incident in four years. It escalated to the point where
administrators were summoned to the scene. As one of the suspects was banned
from the premises, he accused Red of being an instigator and provacteur. Red
later stated it was in this moment that she fully understood the potent effect
her music had on people. She decided to take certain precautions from that
point, receding from the spotlight to compose new material in relative privacy.
Rumors swirled. Then, once she finally re-emerged, trouble followed.
 The Camerata found her one night once the crowds dispersed after one of her
performances. They had reason to believe that she would be alone, rehearsing
said new material. But she was not alone, and the presence of another individual
disrupted aspects of the Camerata's plan for the night. Red survived the
incident, becoming separated from the Camerata due to these unforseen events
on their part. Although her trace data remains intact, partial transfer did
occur, including transfer of ownership status of something the Camerate
believed theirs.

 |  AGE: ??
 |  GENDER: ??
 |  SELECTIONS: Declined.
 |  REASONS CITED: 'Still figuring things out.'
 |  TRACE STATUS: Non-recoverable.
 |                               Decryption   .---.  .---.  .---.  File
 |                                 Progress:  '---'  '---'  '---'  Complete!
 Error: Subject background data corrupted during integrations. Reason: Unknown.

 Recovered data indicates Subject had no Selections on record. There is a
remote possibility (less than 5%) that this information is inaccurate due to
data corruption. In the more likely event that the information is valid,
Subject by definition cannot be matched with census data, as 0% of Cloudbank
willingly chose nonselection.
 Timestamp on Subject's integration coincides with timestamp of previous
authenticated User relinquishing access and control. Although Subject's trace
data was corrupted during integration, nonetheless such data has its uses, and
consequently derived a suitable Function. Subject's trace data remains
disjointed and cannot be recovered.

 |  AGE: 33
 |  SELECTIONS: Physics, Negotiation.
 |  REASONS CITED: 'Problem Solving.'
 |  TRACE STATUS: Integrated.
 |                               Decryption   .---.  .---.  .---.  File
 |                                 Progress:  '---'  '---'  '---'  Complete!
 One of the preeminent scientific minds in Cloudbank, Ms. Lillian Platt was
the youngest-ever individual to be elected as Chairwoman of the OVC Board.
Under her leadership, the number of OVC Terminals in Cloudbank were more than
doubled, and the quality of the broadcast strengthened more than fourfold.
However, she then became the youngest-ever individual to leave the post, as
she tendered a resignation in less than two years to pursue extracurricular
interests. In private conversations, several of her former colleagues indicated
that Ms. Platt left following the sudden disappearance of a close personal
friend, Mr. Maximilias Darzi, who according to official OVC transcripts
decided one day to move to the Country.

 Personal records show Ms. Platt was preoccupied with certain rumors and urban
legends concerning an unusual phenomenon sighted in the northwestern corner of
the city, and possible connections between this and the rash of disappearances
during the past 12 months. For undisclosed reasons she did not wish to involve
the authorities. Her access to privileged OVC information may have contributed
to her decision. Other records show she engaged in clandestine discussions with
individuals claiming to have knowledge of the circumstances surrounding her
friend's disappearance. She arranged to meet with them one night at an unmarked
port near Goldwalk Bay.
 Ms. Platt never learned the truth about her vanished friend, although in a
brief moment she did learn the truth about the unusual phenomenon. To the
Camerata, Ms. Platt was more of a meddler than an opportunity, one of a
scarce few who held some knowledge of their movements. When the time came,
they made sure that they were nowhere near her last known location. According
to OVC, Ms. Platt has been missing for more than two weeks, and the trail has
gone cold. Incidents of foul play have occurred less than once a year on
average for the last 10 years, but authorities have not yet ruled it out in
this case.

 |  AGE: 29
 |  SELECTIONS: Reflexes, Machinery.
 |  REASONS CITED: 'I want to go fast and go far.'
 |  TRACE STATUS: Integrated.
 |                               Decryption   .---.  .---.  .---.  File
 |                                 Progress:  '---'  '---'  '---'  Complete!
 Cloudbank's racing circuit never knew the likes of Preston Moyle, who
shattered speed records with aplomb for four years straight. Credited with
popularizing the sport of 1200cc racing, Mr. Moyle gained celebrity not
merely for his exceptional riding ability but also because he built his
motorbikes with his own hands. Ever the thrill-seeker, Mr. Moyle became known
for seeking out Cloudbank's remotest strips of road. Then one day Mr. Moyle
was altogether gone, having left all his personal effects behind -- save for
his fastest bike.

 Tracking systems on his bike indicate that Mr. Moyle headed northwest across
the canals late one night, averaging speeds 228% faster than the common
standard. He surely was aware that the northwestern corner of Cloudbank was
offline pending investigation, and this was likely the appeal. Having his very
own abandoned part of town to race through on his custom bike was Preston
Moyle's dream. And the reality lived up to the dream, judging by the volume
of Mr. Moyle's laughter recorded by his bike. However, the recording stopped
 OVC first declared Mr. Moyle's absence a full five days later, so sure were
his associates that he would return like always. His close friends did not
worry more than usual for three days, but for each subsequent day their worry
increased an average of 84%. This quotient proceeded to spread to the numerous
fans of Mr. Moyle's illustrious career, although administrators barred any
appeals to search for him in an offline district.

 |  AGE: 34
 |  SELECTIONS: Empathy, Politics.
 |  REASONS CITED: 'Everyone deserves the best.'
 |  TRACE STATUS: Integrated.
 |                               Decryption   .---.  .---.  .---.  File
 |                                 Progress:  '---'  '---'  '---'  Complete!
 One would have difficulty finding a more active or outspoken member of the
community of Cloudbank's Goldwalk district as Ms. Niola Chein. She alloted
more than 66% of her available time on activities such as passing ordinances
to improve underdeveloped regions, reaching out to and educating habitual
nonvoters, or advocating for groups lacking adequate representation. Her
motives were rarely questioned, as her love for the district was in fact
sincere, stemming from positive early experiences that grew to become fierce
nostalgia. Ms. Chein did have her detractors, however, and this became very
clear at the opening she arranged for the Goldwalk Channel.

 The Channel was to be a gallery space of sorts designed to showcase eclectic
works from those pursuing nonstandard vocations that traditionally held little
share. Instead, Ms. Chein found herself accused of stirring unrest by calling
attention to meritless perspectives undeserving of notice. The group accosting
her was angry for 17 different reason in total, including how the Channel
edged out a competing vote for a metro station that would have bridged the gap
from Goldwalk to neighboring Highrise in one short ride. Ms. Chein publicly
lost her composure in this particular incident, which would have escalated
further if not for several individuals who stood in her defense. They later
offered their support with any such matters in the future. She agreed to meet
with them, not realizing who they were.
 The Camerata saw in Ms. Chein an invaluable moral compass of sorts, someone
predominantly driven by philanthropic goals and seeking no personal gain from
her actions. This type of perspective they felt was an important counter-balance
in comparison to some of the other individuals they had in mind, whose work was
no less significant to the city, but whose intentions were not as plain to see.
After her disappearance, those who knew Ms. Chein reluctantly came to believe
that the Channel incident shook her resolve enough to where she decided to go
away for a while, to reignite her passions.

 |  AGE: 26
 |  SELECTIONS: Meteorology, Chemistry.
 |  REASONS CITED: 'Sky looks blue cause we want it to.'
 |  TRACE STATUS: Integrated.
 |                               Decryption   .---.  .---.  .---.  File
 |                                 Progress:  '---'  '---'  '---'  Complete!
 She was Cloudbank's first-ever skypainter, someone who took the everyday
occasion of the ever-changing sky and made an art of it. She worked for the
pleasure of thousands, who remembered they once took the sky for granted.
Ms. Yon-Dale gained a significant following as she transformed the skies around
the city, and as her skill and popularity grew side by side, he started taking
requests. One such request came from her heart. She was drawn to the district
of Goldwalk, where her suitor lived, and there she would change the horizon to
shimmering sapphire for the solstice, and for their and everyone's sake. This
was when her art became a liability.

 Administrative restrictions over the northwestern part of Goldwalk conflicted
with the breadth of sky that needed painting. Because of her physiological
state, however, Ms. Yon-Dale disregarded the restrictions and painted away.
The result was stunning, as the majority of onlookers failed to find words to
describe it. But because Ms. Yon-dale wantonly ignored a front-page directive
from administration, she was banned from skypainting for a term 2.5 times
longer than she found acceptable. She petitioned for reprieve, and came in
contact with an administrator who suggested there were ways the term could be
lightened. She was eager to learn how.
 Ms. Yon-Dale's gifted command over a dimension of the city's physical and
natural beauty caused the Camerata to seek her out. While aspects of the city
evolved at a constant rate, the particular way in which Ms. Yon-Dale approached
her craft -- with a strong, discerning, intuitive sense but with an eye for
the wishes of her followers -- created a particular disposition that appealed
to the Camerata. After she vanished, close to 70% of Ms. Yon-Dale's connections
decided she must have fled the district to escape sentencing, and that somewhere
out there the skies still sparkle with the patterns of her choosing.

 |  AGE: 30
 |  SELECTIONS: Supervision, Organization.
 |  REASONS CITED: 'I love people!'
 |  TRACE STATUS: Integrated.
 |                               Decryption   .---.  .---.  .---.  File
 |                                 Progress:  '---'  '---'  '---'  Complete!
 Known in elite social circles throughout Cloudbank, Ms. Sybil Reisz
organized many of the city's popular public events, from ground-breaking
ceremonies to contemporary festivals. She was everywhere, and yet somehow she
made time to lead a second, hidden life. As one of the Camerata, Ms. Reisz was
responsible for gathering information about potential high-value targets, people
who could contribute to their cause. She did this job to perfection, drawing no
notice, though one target in particular caused her much frustration.

 Ms. Reisz met Red while putting together a small program for up-and-coming
artists, and became infatuated first with Red's music then with her. According
to diary entries there was something inscrutable and confident about Red that
Ms. Reisz could not explain. However, Ms. Reisz was frustrated to find that Red
grew distant. Through all this, Ms. Reisz observed the aloofness of one of Red's
companions, and decided he must have been insinuating Red against her. Ms. Reisz
thought through various ways to rectify this.
 One night Ms. Reisz nominated Red as a target for her Camerata colleagues,
citing Red's surging popularity in the city and her unusual set of selections.
Red could substantially advance the Camerata's agenda, and was not yet so
ubiquitous that her sudden disappearance couldn't be sufficiently disguised.
Ms. Reisz promised that the Camerata could get to Red at a time when she would
be completely alone. Trace data reveals an 85% chance she falsified this claim.

 |  AGE: 29
 |  SELECTIONS: Trickery, Comedy.
 |  REASONS CITED: 'Everybody wears a mask, right?'
 |  TRACE STATUS: Integrated.
 |                               Decryption   .---.  .---.  .---.  File
 |                                 Progress:  '---'  '---'  '---'  Complete!
 Considered the most elusive entertainer in Cloudbank by 12% of the population,
Mr. Shomar Shasberg earned his reputation through numerous absurd public pranks
and other daring or ill-advised feats. Thus he earned the nickname the Magician
from his many thousands of fans, and enjoyed executing highly unusual
unscheduled performances n Cloudbank's most bustling neighborhoods. His acts
grew more ambitious over time, culminating in his promise to sky-drop into a
restricted region of Goldwalk and walk right out, escaping administrative

 After constructing his personal glider, Mr. Shasberg sailed forth one
evening from a Highrise rooftop, to the delight of thousands of onlookers at
ground level. Onlookders lost visibility of him as he flew into the dense fog
hanging over Goldwalk, though their cheering continued for more than 40 minutes.
Mr. Shasberg, meanwhile, completed his sky-drop very much as planned. Whet he
did not expect was that several individuals were waiting for him when he touched
 The Camerata saw in Mr. Shasberg someone who commanded a significant influence
over a young and vibrant sector of the city's population. Mr. Shasberg, for his
part, initially mistook the Camerata for an administrative group, and was
shocked and disappointed to have been located so easily. His famous escape
attempts likewise proved unsuccessful in this particular scenario. Nevertheless,
more than 80% of individuals who self-identify as fans of Mr. Shasberg's work
believe that hid disappearance was all part of the stunt.

 |  AGE: 49
 |  SELECTIONS: Psychology, Deduction.
 |  REASONS CITED: 'I believe the future can be parsed.'
 |  TRACE STATUS: Integrated.
 |                               Decryption   .---.  .---.  .---.  File
 |                                 Progress:  '---'  '---'  '---'  Complete!
 How many cases must one crack to become the most highly decorated detective
in the 18th Precinct? Even this, Officer Henter Jallaford knew ahead of time,
although he never acted prideful about it. Of course Officer Jallaford was no
mere detective -- he was a forecaster. This was one of the rarest and least
understood professions in Cloudbank, though the results spoke for themselves.
Officer Jallaford possessed an almost uncanny ability to solve any mystery
that blew into town. So it was that he became very interested in the reasons
why Central Administration quietly decided to take down the northwestern edge
of the Goldwalk district until further notice.

 Officially speaking, Officer Jallaford could only do so much until the
administration provided sufficient clearance, for his own safety. But, one
of the side effects of Officer Jallaford's talents as a forecaster was his
insatiable desire to confirm his hypotheses. So, he decided to move forward
with his investigation, sensing significant trouble and not wanting to sit
idly by rather than do his job. What he discovered in Goldwalk shook Officer
Jallaford to his core. He had never seen anything like it, and his hands shook
as he prepared his report on the sopt. But he ceased transcription when several
individuals approached him. He did not expect them either.
 The Camerata knew Officer Jallaford posed a significant threat, as he was one
of the only detectives stubborn or determined enough to refuse to accept the
administration's noncommittal answers about what was going on in Goldwalk.
After considering several ideas that might draw the Officer out, the Camerata
realized they needed only to be patient with him. After all, a forecaster could
only predict what was already planned. After Officer Jallaford vanished, the
18th Precinct fabricated a palatable explanation for the public (the Officer
was approaching retirement age), and together they agreed to name a quarter of
his home district in his honor.

 |  AGE: 32
 |  SELECTIONS: Acquisition, Statistics.
 |  REASONS CITED: 'To shape the present, and the past.'
 |  TRACE STATUS: Integrated.
 |                               Decryption   .---.  .---.  .---.  File
 |                                 Progress:  '---'  '---'  '---'  Complete!
 Ms. Bailey Gilande was never one to follow the pack. Due to a variety of
social challenges she experienced early on, she gre to care much more about
the past than about the future. While this preoccupation at first made her
reclusive as a person, in time it flourished as an invaluable skill, which put
her at the forefront of a movement to fundamentally rework the city's outdated
and incomplete archival system. Then one day, Ms. Gilande received a message
from her local admin branch, extending her a preapproved opportunity to be
head of the city archives. She accepted on the spot.

 Ms. Gilande's propensity to look at and find truth in historic fact patterns
made her excel at evaluating possible decisions about the future. She was well
regarded for her objectivity and fairness. Any time a new civic initiative was
proposed, Ms. Gilande could cite relevant historical data that put the
initiative into context, and ultimately let those involved move forward with
confidence. She became one of the administration's top consultants. So, in
spite of her demeanor, she was not surprised when she received an invitation
to a private banquet in honor of individuals who gave the most to Cloudbank.
 Ms. Gilande's surprise came later when she arrived at the site of the banquet
to discover the event was only in her honor, and that it was not a banquet at
all. The Camerata identified Ms. Gilande as having a wealth of knowledge about
the city's inner workings and an agreeable non-confrontational attitude, which
gave her success in her professional interactions. Ms. Gilande led a very
private life and had no significant interests outside of work. So, when she
failed to show up for her duties one day, her colleagues were very troubled,
but found no leads to her whereabouts. She never told anyone of the banquet.

 |  AGE: 31
 |  SELECTIONS: Design, Aesthetics.
 |  REASONS CITED: 'Pursuit of beauty.'
 |  TRACE STATUS: Integrated.
 |                               Decryption   .---.  .---.  .---.  File
 |                                 Progress:  '---'  '---'  '---'  Complete!
 Not everyone wears the Darzi brand. However, two years ago, more than 50% of
individuals between age of 16 and 42 showed interest in or complimented someone
wearing Mr. Maximilias Darzi's clothing. The self-styled Cloudbank Clothier
became a fashion icon in his early 20s when he introduced to the world a
garment line that boldly eschewed formal tradition. Not only that, so prolific
was his work that seemingly everyone in Cloudbank (in reality it was only 8% of
the population at the time) found garments that spoke to them as individuals.
In spite of this, all was not well in Mr. Darzi's life.

 In private Mr. Darzi suffered from certain dependencies he believed were the
source of his talent, or rather the source of his inspiration. Unfortunately,
he was correct in this assessment. When he decided to come forward and wean
himself from these dependencies, after an initial public outpouring of support,
his career started to falter. His ideas came less quickly or he could not act
on them as quickly. And so, against the wishes of his closest confidant and
partner, he resumed his old habits. It was then that Mr. Darzi met certain
individuals professing knowledge of his condition, who invited him to
participate in an experiment that could cure him without compromise. Believing
he had little to lose, Mr. Darzi decided it was worth a shot.
 It may seem mundane for the Camerata to take interest in a man like Mr. Darzi.
Yet from the Camerata's perspective, he was perfect. Here was someone with the
capacity to sway thousands in a subtle way, and whose career appeared to be
waning. The public would really accept that such a man, publicly disgraced,
would decide to head to the Country away from the bustle of city life. And
indeed, the public too the news at face value -- all but Mr. Darzi's confidant,
whom the Camerata dealt with separately.

 |  AGE: 37
 |  SELECTIONS: Engineering, Mathematics.
 |  REASONS CITED: Declined.
 |  TRACE STATUS: Recorded.
 |                               Decryption   .---.  .---.  .---.  File
 |                                 Progress:  '---'  '---'  '---'  Complete!
 Once there was a great engineer. Arithmetic was his medium and a city was his
canvas. He planned the roads, buildings, and byways. His work could not be more
precise. Like everyone in Cloudbank, he served at the pleasure of the city's
people. The city changed quickly and often, reconfiguring to best suit the
contemporary sensibility. Thus the engineer's work was ephemeral. He loved his
craft, but could not let himself become attached to the product of his effort.

 Because the engineer's work was never done, it stayed fresh. With new whims
came new challenges. Bridges, Gardens, Towers, Ports. None of it lasted very
long. The nature of his work led him to notice certain patterns over time. The
will of the people changed in cycles. Bridges would come down in favor of
railways. Railways would give way to parks. New bridges would then be built
upon the parks, and so on. Recognizing this, the engineer started fashioning
avant garde structures and designs he believed would persist beyond the
immediate urges of the population. Yet, these ideas proved much less popular,
and before much longer he became obscure, and left his job to pursue personal
interests on his own. It was then that he discovered a formula visualizing
exactly how the structures of Cloudbank formed.
 He studied this formula closely for it filled him with a depp sense of wonder
and even deeper sense of dread. He developed predictive algorithms to determine
where and when the visualization would take for, and began drawing it out with
his own architectural plans, until one day he found it in its natural state.
He saw beyond the confines of the city into something more, and there before
him was something extraordinary. He took it, and realized the things he saw
now stood at his call.

 |  AGE: 28
 |  SELECTIONS: Writing, Valuation.
 |  REASONS CITED: 'Self-expression.'
 |  TRACE STATUS: Recorded.
 |                               Decryption   .---.  .---.  .---.  File
 |                                 Progress:  '---'  '---'  '---'  Complete!
 Most children learn to stop asking 'why', but Mr. Asher Kendall never outgrew
it. His hunger for knowledge and his eagerness to spread it made him a prolific
writer, who enjoyed a career as a culture-and-current-events editor for OVC.
When Mr. Kendrell wasn't busy reporting, he occupied himself studying the
history of his city. But the deeper he delved, the more frustrated he became
with all the dead ends and contradicitons. The facts simply did not add up, so
he started piecing together the unwritten history of Cloudbank. He conducted
interviews with venerable members of society, those who willingly worked past
retirement age or could speak first-hand about the past. The most remarkable
among them was an administrator.

 Mr. Kendell was truck by the administrator's wisdom and depth of experience,
and the two shared a passion for seeking the truth of things, and for much
more, as it turned out. One day the administrator took Mr. Kendell aside to
a place unlike any he'd seen before, and revealed to him something he never
could have imagined. With it, the administrator said, together they could
learn so much -- about the past, and about the future -- as long as Mr.
Kendell was willing to keep it a secret. Mr. Kendrell accepted without a
second thought. The administrator was much more to him than just a source
at this point.
 Mr. Kendrell continued writing for OVC, now with an ulterior motive, having
joined the administrator's inner circle. The administrator needed someone like
Asher to help keep a low profile, someone who could speak directly to the
hearts and minds of the population, and truly understand their needs. That
way, they could conduct their work in service of the people. Cloudbank would
enter a new era.

 |  AGE: 55
 |  SELECTIONS: Civics, Judgement.
 |  REASONS CITED: 'Cloudbank of course.'
 |  TRACE STATUS: Recorded.
 |                               Decryption   .---.  .---.  .---.  File
 |                                 Progress:  '---'  '---'  '---'  Complete!
 More than 94% of voting adults in Cloudbank agree that administration is
necessary to the city's infrastructure and its continued day-to-day
operations. A similar percentage also wants no part of administrative
responsibilities, other than to exercise one's personal right to vote on or
otherwise contribute to pertinent social issues. Most administrators like it
this way. In the long-standing tradition of their role, they endeavor to keep
things running quietly and smoothly, intervening as little as possible while
facilitating as much as possible. As public servants, administrators are
beholden to their constituencies through this time-honored system. It is a
system that Administrator Grant Kendrell decided to subvert.

 Administrator Kendrell was one of the longest-tenured public servants in the
administration's recorded history. More than two younger generations of
administrators came and went as he remained on the job. His abilities as a
judicious and sharp-minded administrator never faltered as his age advanced,
so instead, his constituency's respect for him only grew. By contrast,
Administrator Kendrell found his own feelings beginning to change. It was a
period of personal crisis, a time when lesser men would have retired, but
Administrator Kendrell took it all in stride as far as anybody knew. By now
he had realized he had fought for virtually every social position at one time
or another, always pleasing the majority. Over time this left a hollow feeling
in his heart. He had his own position on many matters, his own dreams and
desires. But he had learned to keep those thoughts in check. Then a longtime
friend of his, with whom he often confided his worldview over food or drink,
gave Administrator Kendrell an idea he never dared consider.
 The Camerata was just the two of them at first, and its ranks were never meant
to exceed a number to be counted on one hand. They encapsulated their beliefs
in an expression, that when everything changes, nothing changes. And they had
in their possession something tat would move their mission forward.
Administrator Kendrell, ever familiar with the solemn burden of responsibility,
knew more about the administration than anyone. If anyone knew what was best
for Cloudbank, it was him.

 |  AGE: 49
 |  SELECTIONS: Awareness, Debate.
 |  REASONS CITED: 'Big ideas that's why!'
 |  TRACE STATUS: Integrated.
 |                               Decryption   .---.  .---.  .---.  File
 |                                 Progress:  '---'  '---'  '---'  Complete!
 Mr. Wave Tennegan traded the quiet life of a sanctuary vicar to become one
of Cloudbank's biggesst alternative broadcast personalities for his district
blend of good-natured mannerisms and incisive social commentary. Straddling
the generational boundary between the old guard and the new, Mr. Tennegan
offered a canny perspective on the many factors influencing the city's
evolution. But during one of his many meet-and-greet events with his
listeners, he met a group of individuals who would forever change the course
of his life.

 That evening, after his event drew to a close, Mr. Tennegan met members of
the group calling themselves the Camerata. They invited Mr. Tennegan to come
see what was really going on in his sicy, as long as Mr. Tennegan promised not
to disclose any facts concerning the existence of the group. Mr. Tennegan
outwardly accepted, for his curiosity could not be quenched. But he inwardly
refused, for his commitment to his listeners precluded the keeping of any such
secrets. First, he would mee the Camerata on their terms.
 As far as anyone knew, Mr. Tennegan took some personal time as one day his
broadcasts simply stopped. He had never missed a day of broadcasting in his
life, and so his listeners, while disappointed, were very understanding and
both happy and concerned for him. A significant majority believed Mr. Tennegan
finally took a break as he often promised he would one day. Since then, Mr.
Tennegan's young producer inherited his show, though listenership steadily
declined to bottom out at just 22% of Mr. Tennegan's average.

 |  AGE: 22
 |  SELECTIONS: Strength, Concentration.
 |  REASONS CITED: 'What's life without a little risk?'
 |  TRACE STATUS: Integrated.
 |                               Decryption   .---.  .---.  .---.  File
 |                                 Progress:  '---'  '---'  '---'  Complete!
 Very few are so well cut out for professional athlectics as Olmarq, who
famously corrected reporters anytime they addressed him using honorifics. As
a rookie playing for the Highrise Hammers, Olmarq was a second-string
quaterfielder, until a chance injury put the team's star out of commission,
giving Olmarq his chance to shine. Any skepticism surrounding his qualifications
quickly dissolved as he proceeded to lead the Hammers to a crushing 17-2 season.
But the following season proved an even greater surprise.

 Olmarq gained a reputation for dramatic yet reckless plays. He was very strong
especially for someone of his age and stature, which not only led to significant
victories but also to many injuries on the field. Rival fans started calling him
the cursed QF, for he inflicted some sort of injury to opposing teams members in
almost every match. This spurred controversy as to whether Olmarq was acting
with intent or without control, and both possibilities were troubling. Morever,
the league sought new safety regulations affecting the pace and spirit of the
sport, for which Olmarq felt personally responsible. When after one grueling
match, a reporter asked what he made of his notoriety, Olmarq admitted he was
considering retirement. Soon after, an administrator he met after a high-profile
win offered to help him make a comfortable arrangement.
 To the Camerata, Olmarq was a way of 'hedging the portfolio', in the sense
that his talents and selections differed significantly from others they sought.
At the same time, he was by every means unique as an individual, and his
physical conditioning provided a useful data point. The Camerata reasoned that
for Olmarq to go away would ultimately be for his own good. Indeed, following
his reported retirement, his career was celebrated, his transgressions quickly
overlooked or forgotten.

                    _____                 _    _           
                   |_   _| _ __ _ _ _  __(_)__| |_ ___ _ _ 
                     | || '_/ _` | ' \(_-< (_-<  _/ _ \ '_|
        _____________|_||_| \__,_|_||_/__/_/__/\__\___/_|_____________
O==<                              Trophies                                >==O

 In this section I'll list all the trophies in the game. These trophies are
from the PS4 version of the game, and apply to the PC version of the game as
(-NOTE-) Trophies are here in the order they appear in the PS trophy list.

   .————————————.                                           .——————————————.
 __|   Plat()   |___________________________________________|   Platinum   |__
    Description | Earn all other Trophies.
  How to Obtain | The ultimate trophy for the ultimate fan! Good job!
   .—————————————.                                            .————————————.
 __|   Drive()   |____________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Reach the Goldwalk District.
  How to Obtain | This is a story-related trophy, so you can't really miss it.

   .—————————————.                                            .————————————.
 __|   Reisz()   |____________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Confront Sybil at the Empty Set.
  How to Obtain | This is a story-related trophy, so you can't really miss it.

   .—————————————.                                            .————————————.
 __|   Spine()   |____________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Confront the Spine at the Bracket Towers facade.
  How to Obtain | This is a story-related trophy, so you can't really miss it.

   .————————————————.                                         .————————————.
 __|   Kendrell()   |_________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Confront Grant and Asher at Bracket Towers.
  How to Obtain | This is a story-related trophy, so you can't really miss it.

   .——————————————.                                           .————————————.
 __|   Bracket()  |___________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Confront Royce beyond Cloudbank.
  How to Obtain | This is a story-related trophy, so you can't really miss it.

   .———————————————.                                          .————————————.
 __|   Sandbox()   |__________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Clear one of each Test.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is test-related, so if you visit the Beach and
                | the doors you will get this eventually. See the Challenges
                | section if you need help clearing the tests themselves.

   .————————————.                                             .————————————.
 __|   Speed()  |_____________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Complete each Speed Test.
  How to Obtain | Another test-related trophy. There are a few. Again, see
                | the Challenges section if you need help with any of the
                | tests.

   .—————————————————.                                        .————————————.
 __|   Stability()   |________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Complete each Stability Test.
  How to Obtain | Another test-related trophy. There are a few. Again, see
                | the Challenges section if you need help with any of the
                | tests.

   .———————————————.                                          .————————————.
 __|   Planning()  |__________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Complete each Planning Test.
  How to Obtain | Another test-related trophy. There are a few. Again, see
                | the Challenges section if you need help with any of the
                | tests.

   .———————————————————.                                      .————————————.
 __|   Performance()   |______________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Complete each Performance Test.
  How to Obtain | Another test-related trophy. There are a few. Again, see
                | the Challenges section if you need help with any of the
                | tests.
   .—————————————.                                            .————————————.
 __|   Agency()  |____________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Complete each Agency Test.
  How to Obtain | Another test-related trophy. There are a few. Again, see
                | the Challenges section if you need help with any of the
                | tests.

   .————————————————.                                         .————————————.
 __|   Anything()   |_________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Deal at least 1024 damage in one Turn() in the Practice Test.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is for showing you can deal some major damage!
                | You may as well go for the trophy below though, as getting
                | it will automatically nab you this trophy.
   .—————————————————.                                        .————————————.
 __|   Everything()  |________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Deal at least 2048 damage in one Turn() in the Practice Test.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is for showing you can deal some major damage!
                | The way I got this (and it has to be one of the easiest and
                | earliest ways even), was to equip Help() in the Passive Slot,
                | then taking the test.
                | This gives you a 25% chance to be a SUPERUSER on each turn,
                | which gives you the Kill() command. Now, in the test you need
                | to get lucky and trigger SuperUser, then use Kill() in the
                | middle of all the Creeps that spawn. Using Get() will help
                | gather them all together, but I did it without that with
                | just a smart Kill() placement.
                | You can get this trophy fairly early in the game, in fact,
                | as all you need is a passive slot and Help().

   .———————————————.                                            .——————————.
 __|   Contest()   |____________________________________________|   Gold   |__
    Description | Clear every test.
  How to Obtain | Another test-related trophy. There are a few. Again, see
                | the Challenges section if you need help with any of the
                | tests. You've mastered them all if you get this trophy!
   .————————————.                                             .————————————.
 __|    Bye()   |_____________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Complete the story.
  How to Obtain | This is a story-related trophy, so you can't really miss it.

   .———————————————.                                            .——————————.
 __|   Goodbye()   |____________________________________________|   Gold   |__
    Description | Recurse through the story.
  How to Obtain | This is the trophy you get if you go through the story
                | twice. "Recurse" they call it. The game is fairly short, so
                | it is worth it in my opinion. Plus they change up the enemy
                | types and placement and allow you to keep your abilities.
                | It is essentially a "New Game +".
   .————————————.                                             .————————————.
 __|    Bet()   |_____________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Complete five encounters with one or more Limiters in use.
  How to Obtain | This is really easy to do, especially since early limiter
                | choices are nothing. Easily done and doesn't need tips...

   .————————————.                                             .————————————.
 __|   Dare()   |_____________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Complete five encounters with five or more Limiters in use.
  How to Obtain | This is more like it! You have to wait awhile to get that
                | many limiters, but they will come. Once you can, equip five
                | and complete five fights to get this trophy. You can pick
                | the five easiest. Not too hard, really...
   .————————————.                                               .——————————.
 __|    Risk()  |_______________________________________________|   Gold   |__
    Description | Complete five encounters with all 10 Limiters in use.
  How to Obtain | Now this is a challenge! This is best done on a recurse
                | playthrough, New Game +. You'll be well accustomed to rough
                | enemies and tactics by that point. You have to turn on EVERY
                | LIMITER and win five fights. Very rough. Try to do this early
                | on in a second playthrough as the fights are shorter and
                | easier. Also, use Mask() between turns and pick off enemies
                | one at a time if you must. Go slow. This is one of the
                | harder trophies in the game.

   .——————————————.                                           .————————————.
 __|   Search()   |___________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Inspect five completed Function Files.
  How to Obtain | You must use your abilities as abilities, upgrades, and
                | passive abilities to unlock the function files on each of
                | them. One fight each should do it. Once you do that with five
                | of your abilities, go read about them and this trophy will
                | pop for you.
   .————————————.                                             .————————————.
 __|    Find()  |_____________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Inspect 10 completed Function Files.
  How to Obtain | You must use your abilities as abilities, upgrades, and
                | passive abilities to unlock the function files on each of
                | them. One fight each should do it. Once you do that with ten
                | of your abilities, go read about them and this trophy will
                | pop for you. This will take awhile, but just keep up the
                | variety and it'll be over soon (then you can go back to
                | using your favorites!).

   .——————————————.                                           .————————————.
 __|   Reveal()   |___________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Inspect all completed Function Files.
  How to Obtain | You must use your abilities as abilities, upgrades, and
                | passive abilities to unlock the function files on each of
                | them. One fight each should do it. Once you do that with all
                | of your abilities, go read about them and this trophy will
                | pop for you. This will take awhile, but just keep up the
                | variety and it'll be over soon (then you can go back to
                | using your favorites!).
                | This requires you doing this for EVERY ability, so it may
                | come on a recurse playthrough. That's OK if it does. If you
                | cared about trophy collecting you need to beat the game
                | twice anyways...
   .——————————————.                                           .————————————.
 __|   Process()  |___________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Inspect all completed Limiter Files.
  How to Obtain | This trophy comes after using each limiter, which unlocks
                | the text to the Limiter Files. Best done after you do the
                | "Risk()" trophy, of course, just be sure to read them to get
                | this trophy to pop.

   .————————————.                                             .————————————.
 __|   News()   |_____________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Use 10 different OVC Terminals.
  How to Obtain | I go out of my way to point out the [_OVC TERMINAL_] in the
                | main guide, and this is part of the reason. That and they
                | are really neat, and sometimes necessary. Follow the guide
                | and this will come quickly.
   .———————————————.                                          .————————————.
 __|   Function()  |__________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Unlock every Transistor Function.
  How to Obtain | Unlock every ability! More or less. This will come as you
                | level up, and will pop by the end of the game or perhaps
                | even during a recurse (depending on how many optional fights
                | and tests you play through). Once you have every ability,
                | this trophy is yours.

   .———————————————.                                          .————————————.
 __|   Limiter()   |__________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Unlock every Process Limiter.
  How to Obtain | This will be near the end of the game as well, just like the
                | above trophy. Once you unlock every limiter option, this
                | trophy should be yours.
   .————————————.                                             .————————————.
 __|    User()  |_____________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Unlock every Upgrade Slot and Passive Slot.
  How to Obtain | Another trophy that will come with time and leveling up.
                | How fast you get this depends on how many optional fights
                | and tests you play through of course. Stick with it and it
                | will be yours.

   .—————————————.                                            .————————————.
 __|   Stack()   |____________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Create a Function combination requiring 12 MEM.
  How to Obtain | Easy to do near mid-game. Combine several high-level MEM
                | abilities together. Requires upgrade slots active, naturally.
   .—————————————.                                            .————————————.
 __|   Memory()  |____________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Unlock 32 MEM.
  How to Obtain | This trophy will take some time and comes near the end of
                | the game, or perhaps on New Game +. You need memory upgrades,
                | but if you keep playing to max level this will come in time.

   .————————————.                                             .————————————.
 __|   Self()   |_____________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Upgrade a Function with a copy of itself.
  How to Obtain | A unique trophy. As you play through the game a second time
                | you will start duplicating skills. Pick one and use it to
                | upgrade itself and you'll unlock this. Recurse is pretty much
                | a necessity here.
   .————————————.                                             .————————————.
 __|   Align()  |_____________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Achieve User Level 8.
  How to Obtain | A level-based trophy. You'll get this as you play the game.

   .—————————————.                                            .————————————.
 __|   Focus()   |____________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Achieve User Level 16.
  How to Obtain | You should hit 16 well before the end of the game, so keep
                | going! You're almost done!
   .————————————.                                               .——————————.
 __|    One()   |_______________________________________________|   Gold   |__
    Description | Achieve User Level 24.
  How to Obtain | This is the max level. You should get this well before you
                | complete a recurse through the game, so keep on leveling!

                    _____                 _    _           
                   |_   _| _ __ _ _ _  __(_)__| |_ ___ _ _ 
                     | || '_/ _` | ' \(_-< (_-<  _/ _ \ '_|
        _____________|_||_| \__,_|_||_/__/_/__/\__\___/_|_____________
O==<                           Version History                            >==O

 Version 0.10: April 12th, 2015 - April 17th, 2015

 Another rough Version History. I actually started this in probably either
late February or early March. Can't quite remember, but since this game was
a free game in February's PlayStation Plus, it was sometime after that. This
was some rough walkthrough work though, stuff I would be going through again.
I knew that I had to do this guide though after getting a Platinum Trophy for
the game. Plus there was no guide for it. Gives me a purpose, I suppose...

 Version 0.30: April 18th, 2015 - April 22nd, 2015

 I got a TON of the appendix sections done in this time, such as the Trophy
Section, Upgrades Section and even the Subject Descriptions. Also managed to
play up to The Spine and write stuff up. Fun. I've got this next weekend off,
so chances are I'll be able to put out Version 1.0 by next Monday. Exciting.

 Version 1.00: April 24th, 2015 - April 26th, 2015

 Finished up the guide and challenge sections. Wrote some intro sections as
well (Battle System / Tips) and did the enemy limiter lore. That should be
everything anyone would need, I suppose. Everything minus Recursion is
basically in this guide, but since Recursion is very VERY random in its
various battles that is very un-needed.

                    _____                 _    _           
                   |_   _| _ __ _ _ _  __(_)__| |_ ___ _ _ 
                     | || '_/ _` | ' \(_-< (_-<  _/ _ \ '_|
        _____________|_||_| \__,_|_||_/__/_/__/\__\___/_|_____________
O==<                               Credits                                >==O
 o My awesome family for all the love and support. Love all you girls!
 o Vinheim for the awesome sword logo at the top of the guide! Making me look
   good as always! Thanks brother!
 o Supergiant Games, the people who made this game. Both Bastion and Transistor
   are enjoyable titles and you guys and gals deserve a lot of attention! Can't
   wait to see what you do next!
 o All my peeps over at the FAQ Contributor board. Bunch of good people there
   who make some of the best guides this site has. You guys and gals know who
   you are!

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JUST SIT AND WATCH                           Transistor © 2014 Supergiant Games
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