Why does Quiet keep disappearing when issuing "Scout" command?

  1. I just completed Lingua Franca and now have Quiet as a field buddy. I first played this game on PS4 before getting it for PC, so I am aware of how to command her and how to issue orders. My problem now is that she disappears completely from the game when I tell her to Scout a nearby base. I deployed from my chopper at the southeastern edge of Da Ghwandai Khar in Afghanistan, and told her to scout the major outpost. I arrive, and curiously, there are no enemies tagged. I travel to the southern ridge that overlooks the front of the hill that the village sits on (also sits in the middle of 2 of Quiet's vantage points) and I see that she is already positioned about 120m to my left. I issue the Scout command again on the very same location, to which I now sit no farther than 200m from. Instead of running around the location, she simply does a quick "jump" on the spot, and then DISAPPEARS completely from the game. I open my iDroid and see her marker performing a lap around the outpost, but when I try to find her movement signatures around the base itself, there is nothing to see. After about 45 seconds, she reappears about 50m to the right of me at another one of her vantage points. Has anyone else experienced this glitch?

    User Info: doofbot

    doofbot - 3 months ago

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