How to get around quickly?

  1. I love Planetside 2, but how do I avoid having to spend so long walking everywhere? Frutful - 6 years ago - report


  1. Use instant action or a vehicle

    however keep in mind that instant action will reveal your position
    Yatol - 6 years ago - report 0   0
  2. The best form of transportation is an ESF, if you spawn near an air term, even if you aren't a good pilot, you can use it to get you a quick self-transport. Also, if you're doing ground operations solo or with small group, I'd recommend using a harrasser for the best mobility, they're relatively cheap in nanites and they can fend off a lightning if you're good at solo gunning and you have the right anti-vehicle weapon installed. For vanu you want Aphelion. For Terran you want Vulcan. And for the NC you want an Enforcer. I've played with and against many veterans of planetside and we all use the according gear for whatever the purpose, and AV harrassers seem to be the ones with the highest small scale or solo survivability. Sad-Bot - 5 years ago - report 0   0
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