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Reviewed: 08/05/14

Sacrifices have to be made in the end for others to survive.

I will not spoil the ending but pay good attention to that tagline because the ending is related to what I just said there.

Between updates and patches, take this review with a pinch of salt because I initially wrote this review around the game's release but never posted it till now so stuff may have changed by then.


This game takes place six years after the events of Battlefield 3. The year is 2020 and the leader of the Chinese Government, Jie Jie, has been rumored to have been murdered and the next in line for leadership, Admiral Chang, had blamed the Americans for the murder and now China is in an all-out civil war and with America already in a tense standoff with Russia, China can be pushed into war with America if Admiral Chang succeeds in overthrowing the Chinese Government and having Russia on his side. It is up to you, Sergeant Daniel Recker and your crew to get to the bottom of this controversy and prevent this war from happening.


Seeing as this game was released onto the more modern day consoles, I expect the graphics to be no less of decent here and the game did not disappoint. There are times when the areas are too dark or too light to see but then again some of those mentioned areas are more or less related to their environment such as being in a basement or on the mountain where the sun is shining directly at you. The best graphics in the game are the explosions and the way the characters are created look almost life-like. Other elements that look good are the level designs such as having fire on a burning ship or snow that actually looks like snow and all the dangers are marked out to where you can avoid them. The only things I hated were when the screen goes gray-scale when marking out the enemies with your Tactical Advisor, that is kind of disorienting at times.


Normally, I would give the controls a C- but I'm only reviewing this for the PS4 and to an extent PS3, XBOX One and XBOX 360. The C- is more deserving for the PC version of the game because some people are not used to gaming on a PC as compared to the console assuming they are using the keyboard. With a controller in hand, the controls are easy to get accustomed to but on a PC keyboard, there are so many buttons to keep track of. So C- on Controls for Keyboard-only PC and B- for all the other platforms.


The one thing that can kill a game's success are the bugs and glitches. Sure there recently been patches made and released to fix them but that is still no excuse to not get it right the first time before releasing it out to the public. Whoever was in charge of quality assurance definitely was doing his or her job and it has led to some angry customers. Now I know that gameplay will vary for those who choose to go online and play in the competitive mode but there are gamers like myself who prefer to do the Campaign mode because they are interested in stuff like story-lines. This aspect of my review will be closely related to me playing the Campaign mode. Depth-wise there are seven missions total and they are not very long. The longest mission I can think this game had was the Kunlan Mountains mission and even the final level Suez was a bit of a cakewalk with the final bit being a simple boat drive to Admiral Chang's ship and blowing it to kingdom come with no final boss battle. The sad part about that bit is that thing don't go that smoothly and the aforementioned part is thing don't go planned as smoothly and no matter what happens, a major character will die and fortunately, that character will not be you.

The gun fighting in this game will start to drive you insane after a while because everything will start getting to monotonous and boring that you will want to turn the game off and rest a little bit before continuing because this game can put you to sleep and it has nothing to do with the graphics (which in some games namely Call of Duty and some N64 games make the player feel a little woozy) but the repetitiveness of the game. One part I do like that never changes is the part where if you see red barrels, shoot them when an enemy is nearby and the explosion will kill them but don't be too close to the explosion yourself or you too will be killed. You can also be killed instantly from falling from to far of a height. Keep that in mind in Kunlan Mountains where you have to make a leap of faith to grab a ladder. The catch is that you have to wait for the Hannah to say you have to jump for the ladder or you won't grab it at all if you did it early. On some platforms, namely the PC, there is a major glitch were you can't run and jump to the ladder when ready. You have to walk to the edge of the scaffolding then leap from there and you can grab the ladder.


I am not too sold on the music but the sound quality is decent as the voice acting is superb as the characters speak as someone normally would in a hostile situation especially Irish when he gets all riled up and has disagreements with situations being made by his superiors during the cut-scenes.


The only reason that one should replay the game is if they are into the mood for some online competition or going after trophies and achievements in an effort to get a platinum trophy to their name. Aside from that, it is not worth playing through the campaign again except for the three endings of which you can just start from Suez since the endings all depends on your actions or lack of it at the end.


I have to give this game a C- overall because this game was marred by glitches and bugs across all platforms in one way or another and it got to a point where the company who created the game had gotten into legal trouble over it. If you are in it for the Call of Duty-like parts then more power to you but this game is better off being rented than owned. If you are in it for the Trophies and Achievements that's fine too.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Battlefield 4 (US, 11/12/13)

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