Lost connection to session/Joining Server?

  1. So pretty much everytime i start up battlefield 4, i can join a game with no issue. However, if i decide to leave a game, regardless of whether it’s in the middle of a game or after it ends, i can’t join another match. I will choose another server and it will say “Joining server”, then say something like “Lost connection to game session”. And after that the “Joining Server” icon in the corner will remain there an it won’t let me try joining again. If i go to Quickmatch, it will try searching for a game, but then give me error code 1, which will make the “joining server” disappear, and let me try joining another server, but will just say lost connection again. Only thing that works is if i completely close the application and start it up again. But will have the same issue whenever i leave the game.
    Sorry for the long description, just wanted to give as much detail as possible. I’ve tried all the basic troubleshooting steps you’d find on the EA website and that support will make me do. Anyone have this same issue or at least know a work-around? Haven’t found many people with the same problem.

    User Info: jaysay3

    jaysay3 - 1 month ago

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