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Reviewed: 11/30/16


Destiny is a game that hurts me to talk about. It's a game that, I'll admit, I never finished, and for a good reason: it's very mediocre. Opinions on this game have been very mixed across the board: you have hardcore fans who will say it's their game of choice, people who are mixed on the whole ordeal, and others who believe it to be the worst thing since E.T. on the Atari 2600. Personally, I fall right into that middle path. Destiny is soaked with potential, a game that, at first glance with no prior knowledge, looks masterful by any mean. Let me just tell you something: it's not. My biggest issue with Destiny is that it tries to appeal to everyone without knowing how to do that properly. The concept art still gives me chills because of how amazing it looks, so it really is a shame that the game never lived up to that.

VISUALS: 9.5/10
Destiny is a gorgeous looking game. The environments are well crafted, and the lighting is masterful. As far as visuals go, this definitely fits in with this generation of consoles. The animations, while not perfect, are decent at best and the enemy designs are fantastic! The design of the hub area could also be better, but it still manages to look interesting. All in all, Destiny is TOTAL eye candy, and it succeeds well in that regard.

SOUND: 8/10
Let me start by saying this: Destiny's soundtrack is mesmerizing, and in a good way. It fits the tone of what's happening so very fantastically, and as a game by the developers of the first few Halo games, this comes off as no surprise. The music is most certainly epic, and I'm not just using that as a buzzword. The sound effects and voice acting, however, are what drags this category down. I never once felt like the guns my character was firing were... actual guns! I get that this is in a Science Fiction setting, but I never once believed that the weapons my character held could actually be weapons. The voice acting is also... meh. Some characters actually have charm to them... and when I say some, I mean a very small some. The rest talk like people who were bored with the script they were given. The 'Ghost', in specific, has never sounded interesting to me, whether it was Nolan North voicing it or Peter Dinklage taking the helm.

GAME-PLAY: 4.5/10
To rephrase myself from earlier: Destiny is attempting to be some many things that it practically has no identity. They wanted to usher in a Call of Duty crowd, so they added a Player v Player mode, but the gun-play is so bad and unbalanced that there's no real point in playing it, especially when it has to be unlocked, rather than being there right from the start. They wanted to usher in a crowd of Story loving people, so they tried their hardest to make a decent story... and failed. They wanted to usher in a crowd of FPS fans, so they added guns... but couldn't be bothered to make it a good FPS game. They wanted to usher in a crowd of online game-ers, so they made Destiny a Massively Online Multiplayer game... where the only way you get to play with your friends is by doing special missions that have to be unlocked.

The game has so many identities that it's practically impossible to describe the gameplay with just a few sentences... and, to add insult to injury, all of those identities mix together poorly. The online portion only works during specific missions, so it's easier to ignore all of those online portions when the random people you're paired with just want to play it like you're not there. It also doesn't help that the game is very grindy, too. You'll be killing the same enemies, replaying the same stages, hearing the same boring monologues before levels. That wouldn't be so bad if the wasn't so repetitive, which it is. At least 90% of what I've played so far is: kill the enemies so I can hack this panel, kill that big guy who has allot of health, and repeat. Safe to say, I didn't have fun with this one.

STORY: 4/10
Destiny's premise sounds somewhat cliche, but could have been expanded upon further. You are one of the chosen "few" (million), there to protect the earth from alien threats (in a never ending loop). That's about it. My biggest issue with Destiny's story is that it suffers from, what I call, Homefront syndrome: the player is almost never involved, or feels involved, with what is happening. Instead of being some interstellar bad... thing (get it?), I felt more like the intergalactic pizza delivery guy, being told to help some floating speck as he hacked into something for the 50 millionth time. As the game continued, I met more characters... who all told me to go do their bidding again and again. Every singe time I thought to myself 'this character has the potential to be interesting', the game stood up, slapped me in the face and said "Interesting characters? What are those?". The world building is interesting... however, it has to be unlocked, and is told to the players through a bunch of text on a website. No, I'm not joking. Almost everything has an interesting background... that has to be unlocked.
In short, the story is far from spectacular... but, most certainly, not the worst I've ever dealt with.

Is it good in my opinion? No. Is it bad? No. Destiny is just kind of... a thing. It's a good idea bogged down by some incompetent choices, a great world wrapped around foil with mold formed around it, a great premise with less than stellar execution. You don't have to take my word for this... heck, you may even LIKE this game, but, from my personal experience, I'd recommend against buying this at full price. If you can find the complete collection on an extreme discount, go ahead and buy it if you want to, but don't spend 50, 60, or 70-up dollars on this... please.

Rating: 4

Product Release: Destiny (US, 09/09/14)

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