Review by bioadam

Reviewed: 09/16/14

A game for the rest of your life.

Destiny is incredibly fun to play, beautiful, and filled with content. Headshotting aliens never gets old. The co-op missions are well done and go beyond the typical horde-mode. PVP is a blast. Bungie is constantly fiddling with multi-player, so hopefully Hunters won't always be so overpowered. And yes, the story is almost non-existent.

You are doing something to help the Traveler, I guess. Not sure what and how, but robot Peter Dinklage says you should do it. Your Guardian seems to be lobotomized, because she, he, or it will go along with whatever robot Dinklage says without question. Gordon Freeman fans should feel right at home.

There is the notion that the player interactions make a story individual to each player. And indeed you will see players all over the maps. Joining a fire team with strangers is more difficult than it should be. You have to send the player a message, or vice versa, before you can get the party started. A hopper for friendly folks would be better. Strike missions have matchmaking, and after you finish off the "story" missions, the Strike missions are much more interesting than the story missions. Either voice chat is impossible during strike missions with strangers, or the trend of playing games without microphones continues in Destiny. Unless you have friends with the same system and also Destiny, the world is quiet. Destiny apparently supports clans, though I am not sure of the benefit as there seems to be no way to join matches with my clan. Bungie does promise more Strike missions and PVP player types, including vehicle battles, for the future. Other tweaks are also incoming, as Bungie has far more control over Destiny than they ever did over Halo. This is the kind of game that won't stop evolving until Bungie comes out with Destiny 2: Dinklage Boogaloo.

The end game centers on collecting loot in order to further advance you player level. As noted above, shooting aliens during missions is fun and shooting Guardians in PVP mode is fun, which makes collecting look somewhat of a by-product of playing Destiny as you would any other game. The gameplay is superbly done and not at all buggy. Frankly, if the lack of cutscenes is the reason Gamespot and the Escapist gave Destiny a 6 out of 10, then I have to question the veracity of these gaming sites. Cutscenes suck. Forced story dialogue, like slow walking Marcus Fenix on the phone, also sucks. Getting to the next mission to blow up alien scum does not suck. Destiny most certainly does not suck and I highly recommend it for anyone with an always on internet connection (because Destiny requires it and that most certainly sucks.)

Rating: 8

Product Release: Destiny (Digital Guardian Edition) (US, 09/09/14)

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