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by Krystal109

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Guide and Walkthrough by Krystal109

Version: 1.7 | Updated: 07/21/2016

Table of Contents

  1. Watch Dogs - FAQ/Walkthrough
  2. Introduction
  3. Gameplay
    1. Controls
    2. Profiling & Hacking
    3. Crafting
    4. Citizen Interactions
    5. Activities
    6. Progression & Skills
  4. Video Playthrough
  5. Walkthrough
    1. Act 1: Bottom of the Eighth
    2. Act 1: They Can't Hide
    3. Act 1: Big Brother
    4. Act 1: Foresight
    5. Act 1: Backstage Pass
    6. Act 1: Hacking Contract
    7. Act 1: Backseat Driver
    8. Act 1: Open Your World
    9. Act 1: Thanks for the Tip
    10. Act 1: Remember
    11. Act 1: Not the Pizza Guy
    12. Act 1: A Wrench in the Works
    13. Act 1: Dressed in Peels
    14. Act 2: Hold On, Kiddo
    15. Act 2: Tools of the Trade
    16. Act 2: Breakable Things
    17. Act 2: Collateral
    18. Act 2: One Foot in the Grave
    19. Act 2: A Blank Spot There-ish
    20. Act 2: Jury-Rigged
    21. Act 2: Grandma's Bulldog
    22. Act 2: Not a Job for Tyrone
    23. Act 2: Uninvited
    24. Act 2: Breadcrumbs
    25. Act 2: Stare into the Abyss
    26. Act 2: A Risky Bid
    27. Act 2: Role Model
    28. Act 2: Planting a Bug
    29. Act 2: Way Off the Grid
    30. Act 3: Hope is a Sad Thing
    31. Act 3: A Pit of Paranoia
    32. Act 3: Unstoppable Force
    33. Act 3: The Future is in Blume
    34. Act 3: For the Portfolio
    35. Act 3: By Any Means Necessary
    36. Act 4: Someone's Knocking
    37. Act 4: In Plain Sight
    38. Act 4: The Rat's Lair
    39. Act 4: The Defalt Condition
    40. Act 4: Little Sister
    41. Act 4: Ghosts of the Past
    42. Act 4: No Turning Back, Part 1
    43. Act 4: No Turning Back, Part 2
    44. Act 5: Sometimes You Still Lose
    45. Act 5: Guys Like Us
  6. ctOS Centers
    1. Pawnee ctOS Center
    2. The Wards ctOS Center
    3. Brandon Docks ctOS Center
    4. The Loop ctOS Center
    5. Mad Mile ctOS Center
  7. Side Missions
    1. Criminal Convoys
    2. Fixer Contracts
    3. Gang Hideouts
  8. Investigations
    1. Human Traffic
    2. Burner Phones
    3. QR Codes
    4. Missing Persons
    5. Weapons Trade
  9. Collectibles
    1. Songsneak
    2. Privacy Invasions
    3. ctOS Towers
    4. ctOS Breaches
    5. City Hotspots
    6. Audio Logs
  10. Equipment & Vehicles
    1. Weapons
    2. Tools
    3. Vehicles
  11. Shop Lists
    1. Clothing Stores
    2. Bars
    3. Coffee Shops & Restaurants
    4. Gun Shops
    5. Pawnshops
    6. Pharmacies
    7. Newsstands
    8. Tobias' Shop
  12. Contact Information
  13. Version History
    1. Current Version
    2. Older Versions
  14. Copyright & Disclaimer

Watch Dogs - FAQ/Walkthrough

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Current Version: Ver 1.7 - July 21, 2016


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The controls for Watch Dogs is similar to any third person game, with some small differences for unique gameplay features like hacking.

PS3/PS4Xbox 360/OneWii UDescription - On FootDescription- In Vehicle
Character MovementSteer
Camera MovementCamera Movement
/Up: Smartphone AppsUp: Smartphone Apps
Down: Set WaypointDown: Set Waypoint
-Left: Switch Driving Camera
Right: Skip Song/Stop PlaylistRight: Skip Song/Stop Playlist
Enter Cover/Change CoverLook Behind
Vault, Climb, TakedownHandbrake
Exit CoverHide in Car
Profiler On/OffProfiler On/Off
Hack (Hold)Hack (Hold)
Use ObjectExit Vehicle
Enter/Exit Vehicle
/ / Use ToolUse Tool
Aim Projectile
/ / Weapon WheelWeapon Wheel
Draw/Holster Weapon
//Sprint (Hold)Accelerate
Fire Weapon
/ /Aim WeaponBrake/Reverse
Reload WeaponHonk
/ /PausePause
/ / MapMap

Profiling & Hacking

Aiden's phone is his most valuable asset and allows him to the access facial recognition of individuals, hack into phones and environmental objects, and even detonate explosives on enemy targets. At the start of the game Aiden will only have access to the Parker Square's ctOS network, meaning he will be unable to profile individuals in other districts, but you can expand his capabilities by gaining access the ctOS Centers in each district.

There a four types of profile identifications:

Environmental Hacking

In addition to profiling citizens of Chicago, Aiden can also hack the many objects in the environment to help him gain access to areas or eliminate targets without engaging at close range. These cameras are also used to gain viewpoints that would allow you access to control panels that Aiden would normally be unable to see, so when you enter any restricted area it's a good idea to search for ctOS cameras that can give you a lay of the land before you enter.

In addition to cameras, many objects in the environment can be hacked to create distractions or as offensive tools in combat. Objects such as junction boxes, containers, lifts and cranes, doors, gates, and even the explosives carried on foes can be hacked to give Aiden a significant advantage in battle.


Crafting is the primary way of obtaining tools, used by Aiden in combat to kill or disrupt enemies. In order to craft tools you will need to obtain certain components and unlock the ability to create them through Progression & Skills. There are a total of five components, each obtained either by purchasing them from shops or finding Items of Interest, including the System Keys, which are only found by hacking citizen phones or rarely during campaign missions.

The following table covers the required components for each tool and what they would cost to purchase at Tobias' shop:

Tool NameComponentsCost

System Key x2
Electronic Parts


ctOS ScanSystem Key
Electronic Parts
Focus BoostMeds400
Frag GrenadeChemical Component100
LureElectronic Parts50
Jam ComsSystem Key
Electronic Parts
IEDElectronic Parts
Unstable Chemical Component
Proximity IEDElectronic Parts
Unstable Chemical Component

Citizen Interactions

The citizens of Chicago offer Aiden a plethora of opportunities to learn information and gain rewards, but remember that all actions have consequences either in a positive or negative way.

Citizen Rewards

Citizens marked with a blue diamond offer special rewards when hacked, though manually weeding them out in a mass of Chicago's inhabitants can be tiresome, but after completing Open Your World, you can purchase the Profiler Optimization skill, which will automatically highlight these individuals.

Bank Accounts
Hacking these individuals will allow you access to their bank information and accounts, but in order to get the cash you'll need to visit an ATM machine to withdraw the money. There are two types of accounts: Standard and Rich accounts. The only difference between the accounts is the amount of money received for them.

System Keys
System Keys are found in many locations, but they can also be hacked from individual's phones. These valuable items allow you to craft certain one-time items.

Sometimes an individual will have a song on their phone that you don't own. Hack their phone and add it to your songsneak so you can play it in the car or when running on foot.

Car on Demand
Similar to Songsneak, individuals will sometimes have access to a car you don't have in your vehicle database. Hacking the phone will add it to your list of vehicles available in the Car On-Demand app.

Items of Interest
Sometimes Aiden will intercept a communication between two individuals that will indicate a drop location for packages, usually containing cash or a crafting component. While you have a long time to collect the bag, the police will eventually arrive to confiscate the bag.

Crimes Detected

Once in a while you may hack an individual's phone or receive and update that a possible crime is about to occur in the area. You have two options: help out the potential victim or let the crime occur. While you lose nothing for letting the crime occur, you do not gain the positive Reputation that preventing the crime would grant.

A crime area will appear on the map, indicated by a blue triangle with a light blue field around it. You will know when you find the potential crime when the Profiler indicates in yellow that the person is either a potential Victim or Criminal. You then need to wait for the crime to begin to intervene.

You want to wait to intervene until the following occurs:

  • The information bar on either person reaches 96% or higher
  • The information bar rating turns red
  • The alert icon above the criminals head turns to a yellow exclamation point, but not before the alert turns red

If you are spotted before this occurs, criminals may refrain from performing a criminal act and you will miss out of the Reputation Points gained for the side quests. Once the crime begins you want to rush in before the criminal can kill the target, increasing your reward at the end of the side mission. Additionally, taking out the criminal in a non-lethal way will also increase your Reputation, so try and run them down and take them out with a melee attack.

Rewards: Quick Switch Skill (Catch 1 Criminal), Chrome Weapon (Catch 10 Criminals), Read-Only Trophy/Achievement (Catch 20 Criminals)

Reputation & Heat Level

The Reputation system keeps track of your actions and represents how the citizens perceive Aiden. Having a Reputation in the positive will make the people of Chicago react positively to you, while a negative Reputation will make the game more difficult due to the citizens reporting you to the cops.

Most actions won't affect the Reputation, but the following do:

  • Negative Actions
    • Kneecap a cop
    • Wounded a cop
    • Killing a cop
    • Wounded a civilian
    • Killing a civilian
    • Letting a criminal flee
    • Killing a victim or letting them be killed
    • Holding up a Business
    • Using explosives with a civilian witness
    • Having a witness complete an emergency call
    • Exploding a large scenery object (such as a large propane tank, gas station, etc)
  • Positive Actions
    • Rescue civilians
    • Non-lethal takedown a criminal
    • Killing a criminal
    • Saving a victim
    • Complete a Main Mission or Investigation
    • Watch random citizen events (such as a mime artist, etc)
    • Participate in vigilante events

The Heat level determines how difficult and how numerous the amount of cops are when you are detected via a Police Search or when the cops arrive as part of a mission. It is generally a good idea to avoid the cops when possible, as hostile actions against the cops will only lead to more encounters with the cops. The only way to reset your Heat level is to head to a Hideout and take a nap.

Heat Level
Stage 1Stage 2 - After Act IIStage 3 - After Act IV
Level 1VehiclesVehiclesVehicles
Level 2VehiclesVehiclesVehicles + helicopter
Level 3Vehicles + helicopterVehicles + helicopterVehicles + helicopter
Level 4Vehicles + helicopterVehicles + helicopterVehicles + helicopter
Level 5Vehicles + helicopterVehicles + helicopterVehicles + helicopter

At levels 1 and 2 the cops will be armed with pistols and shotguns, while at level 3 the cops armed with assault rifles and SMGs. At level 4 and 5, SWAT team members will attack in black SUVs and are heavily armed.


Stopping at shops between missions to stock up is never a bad idea. Besides shopping you can also steal cash from the register by waving your gun, followed by the cops being called. In addition to the cops being called for sticking the shopkeeper up, you can also have the cops called on you if your Reputation is too low and Aiden appears in the news.

See Shop Lists for more information on individual shops and what they each offer.


There are a number of activities that Aiden can take part in around Chicago, some of which offer rewards.

City Games

Cash Runs
Cash Runs are parkour-based AR phone games with the object to collect large gold coins and avoid big red skulls. You can make your own courses using the Challenges App, but there are plenty to play if you don't wish to. You should take a first run at walking speed to get the lay of the track since Cash Runs are all about memory and precision. You can rearrange objects in the city to make the track easier for you, but in the end you will need to know when and where to sprint at full pace and when to slow up.
Rewards:P-9MM Weapon (Earn 1 Gold Star)
Blast Resistance Skill (Earn 3 Gold Stars)
While Watch Dogs has a standard Chess game, there are also four different types of modes to play: Capture, End Game, Path, and Survival. In Capture puzzles you must prevent pawns from reaching the other side of the board. In End Game puzzles you must checkmate your opponent in a specific number of moves. In Path puzzles you must capture all pieces on the board in as few moves as possible. In Survival puzzles you must keep your King from being checkmated for a specific number of moves.
Rewards:Maximize Focus Skill (Complete 10 Chess Puzzles)
Drinking Games
A test of concentration and reflexes, the Drinking game require you to move the highlighted circle over the buttons indicated on the screen and press them. Unlike many of the other games, the Drinking game offers a substantial cash reward that is handy at the beginning of the game.
Rewards:Piledriver Weapon (Reach the 5th Level vs. 1 Opponent)
Social Lubricant trophy/achievement (Complete the 10th Level vs 3 Opponents)
The NVZN can be accessed at the NVZN Graffiti or in the smartphone app at any time. The object is to kill the invaders before time runs out, with every 4th wave becoming a bonus wave and the 13th wave being the most difficult. This is best done in locations without civilians, such as the islands in the game, and with all skills that increase Focus purchased.
Rewards:Auto Weapons Expert Skill (Reach Level 5)
Poker Games
There are games of Texas Hold 'Em in many locations of the city, many of which have ctOS cameras that allow you to look at your opponents hands. In addition to cheating by sneaking a look at cards, your phone will also show the stress levels to determine if your opponent is bluffing.
Rewards:Sayonara Le Vehicle (Clear Out 1 Table)
Shell Games
A popular game one might see on the streets, your object is to follow the ball as it is shuffled via cups on the table. Watch out for the hustler switching the ball from one cup to another when the cups tip slightly and use Focus to help you pass the harder levels.
Rewards:xP Bonus (Beat 3 Levels)

Digital Trips

Digital Trips are pills that can be taken to transport you into alternate versions of Chicago while high. There are a total of 5 different trips, all of which you should visit to unlock the free outfit at the Clothing shops in town.

Slot Machines

There are three types of Slot Machines in Watch Dogs: Regular, Multi-Line, and Nudges & Holds. In some cases you can hack the machines, but in other cases you will only receive information on the machines, indicating if the Jackpot was hit recently.

Progression & Skills

Aiden starts out with basic abilities, but as you progress through the game and gain experience for your actions you can unlock new abilities by purchasing them with points. Skills are broken up into four skill trees: Driving, Hacking, Combat, and Crafted Items.

The following tables cover the skills and the required skill points to purchase each skill:

Video Playthrough

Note that I will be doing a whole Video Playthrough of this game, identical to the text here, which you can watch here:

  • https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVBHCZXojrJf36-AqbMr6zvKPS_lpclH2


Act 1: Bottom of the Eighth

Like all games, our first mission acts as a tutorial to get us into the swing of things.

After beating up Maurice, the bastard who killed Aiden's niece in the opening sequence, you get the opportunity to threaten him with a little bit of force. Go ahead and follow the on screen prompts to pull out your gun and fire. After a short scene you will be prompted to avoid an attack with your first QTE, but even if you fail to press it the game will continue. Luckily for Maurice we aren't stone cold killers, but that doesn't mean we're finished with him.

Before you move on to the next objective of checking out Maurice's phone, take a moment to look around. Inside this small room, and in many places throughout the game, you can find random highlighted objects that offer you special items used in Crafting. Make sure to keep an eye out for these are you progress through the areas.

If you want you can hack the soda machine to dispense some caffeine goodness and check out what your phone says about Maurice when you target him. You can now move on to the objective of hacking Maurice's phone by targeting it and holding down the Hack button.

Audio Logs can be found throughout Chicago and if you take the time to find all 101 you might even get a nifty prize. Additionally, this is the first of the Burner Phones you will find in the game, with more to find throughout the game.

You can now exit through the nearby door and head down the hall for a scene.

After meeting up with your crazy buddy, Jordi Chin, you'll need to make your way through the tunnels without being spotted by the police. You have two options for corridors, but you should head past the soda machines and through the mesh fencing to enter the office on your left to allow you to grab some random items before deciding where you want to go. The choice you make will depend on if you want to do the passive, yet slightly more difficult route, or the aggressive route.

Stealth Route - Avoid Detection

Return into the hall and make sure to take the eastern route, the one without the soda machines, to a pallet. From here, you only need to wait for the coast to be clear to make your way up the ramp and avoid the guards completely.

Aggressive Route - Distraction & Takedown

The key to the aggressive route is to hack the environment around you to distract the guards so that you can stealthily take them out. From the office with the supplies you should see a pitching machine. When the officer outside the office is close enough you can hack the machine by holding the Hack button to make it pitch and lure the guard over. This will allow you to sneak up behind him and take him down quietly. You can now proceed to the van near the second guard.

Approach the van from its right side, so that you are behind it facing the guard, and you should spot a phone on the metal grates behind him. This handy little thing can be hacked to distract the guard with what I can only assume is a very messed up dog bark, allowing you to sneak up and assault him.

No matter which path you take you will find yourself at a dead end with only one place to go, up and over the dumpster and railing. The double doors are locked, but that is no problem for Aiden. As the game suggests, hack into the camera near the door and then follow the stream from camera to camera until you reach one that is above the location of the two guards and across from the control switch you need to hack to unlock the door. Activate the switch and then cancel out to return to Aiden and progress.

In the lower court you will automatically hide behind a counter with your focus on a nearby guard who is determined to hold his post unless you do something. Grab the Electronic Parts from the table and then open your Weapon Wheel. Using the right stick, select the "Lure" option and then craft a Lure. With Lure in hand you can now distract the guard by throwing it on the wall on the right side of the screen.

If you want to explore the area, sneak up behind the guard by going around the concession stand and hitting him for a takedown. If you want to avoid taking out the poor man only doing his job, you can stick to the left wall and make your way all the way back to the left of the escalator. There, climb the scaffolding to reach the upper level and enter the Lounge.

The Lounge area is crawling with pissed off patrons and on the ball guards that are just itching to raise the alarm should they see you. You will want to get as much information as possible before moving on, so take the time to access the cameras in the area to learn the layout and tag the five officers. Before you move on, look for the patrons in the bar with blue diamond and blue text when targeted with the Profiler. These individuals can be hacked to gain sensitive information, such as bank account information. Once you are ready, head behind the bar and make your way out the doors on the other side of the room to proceed.

As you leave the Lounge, take a moment to examine the ATM and get your cash from the hacks performed in the Lounge and then proceed for a quick call to an associate. You now need to find a security guard with access to the server room, so hack the camera located inside the trophy room and then hack another one to spot the security guard.

As the game indicates, you can hack this guard for sensitive information in the form of the server room code. After getting the code, hack the security router on the left side of the room to gain access to the server room and then perform one more hack to automatically return to Aiden. You can now open up your Weapon Wheel to access the Blackout option and plunge the whole stadium into darkness.

You now need to make your way out of the stadium, but if you wish to take out the cops for some ammunition you can. Note that if you are caught you will fail the mission, so make the choice for yourself. If you wish to avoid the cops, simply enter the trophy room and hang a left and follow the wall around to an escalator that leads down and out of the building.

The objective is to escape the police and meet up at the Owl Motel, but there are a few paths to take to achieve this. While it may seem like leaving the area on foot is a good idea, this usually will lead to Aiden being caught and killed. Instead, you should get in the car that Jordi left for us, but first you need to leave the building through the bar. Once outside, sprint down the steps and turn left to cross the street into a small garage with the car waiting.

The first thing you should do is bring up the map to plot a course to the Owl Motel, located in the south end of town.

Stealth Route - Using Alleys to Hide

If you get to the car fast enough you can leave the garage and hide from the cops in the empty lot across the street. If the cops get too close you'll want to hide in your car while the police check out the area. You need to make your way to the Owl Motel by using alleys and staying off the main roads, making sure to avoid roadblocks.

Aggressive Route - Hack the Lights

If you don't want to avoid confrontation and simply want to make you way to the waypoint, head for the Owl Motel and if a chase begins you can hack the traffic lights at any major intersection as you pass through it to trip up the cops. This, in combination with taking side streets or switching cars should get you to the hideout in no time.

Once you reach the motel, check out the area to get the layout down and then head upstairs and enter the apartment door for a scene. You will be forced to buy the ability Gates & Garages before completing the mission.

Act 1: They Can't Hide

Take a moment to check out your skill tree, if you haven't already, and spend your skill points on the abilities you feel are best for you. Check out the apartment, which has some valuable crafting items, and then hack into the laptop for Audio File: Aiden Pearce 05 and the System Key on the desk. You can now sleep in the bed until 6:00 am.

In the morning, exit the apartment and check out the people as you explore the city. Keep your Profiler out to take part in many different kinds of activities, such as stealing people's bank information or finding collectibles like Songsneaks. In some cases you may even run across potential crimes, which is exactly what you are looking for now.

Once the conversation ends, you will be given the option to create a waypoint or you can manual make one by opening up the map. Either way, make your way to the crimes location.

You will know when you find a potential crime when the Profiler indicates in yellow that the person is either a potential Victim or Criminal. You then need to wait for the crime to begin to intervene.

You want to wait to intervene until the following occurs:

  • The information bar on either person reaches 96% or higher
  • The information bar rating turns red
  • The alert icon above the criminals head turns to a yellow exclamation point, but not before the alert turns red

If you are spotted before this occurs, criminals may refrain from performing a criminal act and you will miss out of the Reputation Points gained for the side quests.

Once the crime begins you want to rush in before the criminal can kill the target, increasing your reward at the end of the side mission. Additionally, taking out the criminal in a non-lethal way will also increase your Reputation, so try and run them down and take them out with a melee attack.

Act 1: Big Brother

Shortly after completing the previous mission you'll get a call from your sister Nicky to remind you that you're late for a very important event, followed by another call from the always pleasant Jordi. Now check the map and make your way to the waypoint to the north to begin this mission.

After a short scene, enter the gated community and make your way to Nicky's backyard for an emotional reunion. Afterwards, enter the house and check out the rooms for items and a funny toy in Jackson's room you can hack. Meanwhile, Nicky will get a phone call that becomes heated enough for Aiden to want to listen in on the other end, so hack her phone to complete the next objective for a scene.

After triangulating the culprit's location, hop in the car directly outside Nicky's house and begin the chase.

Cunning Route - Crash by Hacking

If you purchased any hacking abilities that allow you to hack the environment, you can swiftly end this chase by hacking the lights to slow him down or hacking blockers to make the car crash. Either way, this is an effective way to end the car chase and then chase him on foot.

Defensive Route - Follow the Culprit

Instead of going on the attack, simply follow the culprit at a safe distance without causing a bunch of damage. This will eventually end when the man ditches his car and you will then need to chase him on foot.

Offensive Route - Make a Scene

Go on the attack and ram the car as you chase it. This will usually end with the culprit's car crashing and becoming inoperable or you crashing and having to find a new car and continue the chase, likely either losing the target or never catching up to him until he ditches his car.

Once the man is on foot you can chase him down and take him down with a melee attack. You can now hack his phone to learn more about why he was after Nicky and then make a quick call to BadBoy17 to complete the mission.

Act 1: Foresight

It's time to attack our first ctOS Control Center, but first you need to get some better artillery at the nearest Gun Shop. Head to the southwest part of The Loop and enter the shop to purchase the 416 Assault Rifle for $1,200, which you should easily have. You can also purchase some ammo if you want, but don't go whipping the gun out in public or the police will show up.

Act 1: Backstage Pass

You can now make your way to the ctOS Control Center and head to one of the many gated entrances, each with their own entry strategy.

Western Gate

The main gate can be hacked, but the guard directly behind it can spot you if you try to enter, so head right and hack the control panel near a smaller mesh door to get inside without a fuss. While easy to get inside, you start out on a lower level with no height advantage over the guards.

North Bridge

Take the construction ramp that leads up to the fencing and climb the boxes to get a good overview of the whole area. This gives you easy access to the cameras to get a good layout of the area.

Eastern Gate

There is a guard directly behind the main gate, so instead of opening the gate go around the right side and use the blocks to climb up behind the yellow and black barrier. This gives you a height advantage on most of the guards and access to few different objects to hack for distractions and better views of the area.

Southern Windows

The south side of the area can only be entered through the windows, which are guarded by one man with a hidden camera. You can face him and hack into his hidden camera to see what the Profiler says about you. Unfortunately, without some advanced skills and special weapons to reduce the sound of shooting glass you will likely find this entry unfruitful.

Cunning Route - Using the Cameras

Without even entering the center you can access any camera and move from camera to camera, marking all the guards, until you enter the building. Spot the man that can call for reinforcements and then access the camera in the center of the room. The man leaning against a bunch of pallets smoking has the access code for you to hack without ever entering the grounds.

In order to advance, you will want to aim your camera toward the man with the hidden camera. The object is to distract him to make him walk away from the window and then hack into his camera. This will get you to the access point you are looking for.

Stealth Route - Melee it Up

Using the many distractions like forklifts, car alarms, and explosions (though these draw attention to other guards) you can make your way into the center and quietly take out the guards as you go. This allows for the most XP, but also puts Aiden at risk. That being said, there are two easy kills that can be performed without any risk to Aiden by hacking the crane holding a large container in the air. This will kill two guards, provided one was not distracted, and provide extra coverage as you progress into the area.

Aggressive Route - Pull Out Your Gun

You bought that new gun for a reason, so pull it out and go on a rampage killing everyone in your path. It isn't the best idea, but you will get reinforcements called for added experience.

Once you have the access code, either by getting it through the cameras or by taking out the guards, head for the southeast corner of the upstairs interior level. On the wall, near a phone you can hack to attract one of the previous guards is a control panel you can hack. This is the first time you will deal with hacking an access point, which is basically a small puzzle.

Your objective is to get the blue beam to the lock at the end of each puzzle to advance to the next puzzle and eventually into the server room. As the first access point you should have very little problems, simply start from the bottom of each puzzle and work the beam up or around to the top. When you reach the final puzzle you will notice that one of the switches is red. This means that once you turn it you will have a limited amount of time before it turns back. Simply turn it to make the beam go right and then complete the puzzle quickly to access the server room.

Inside the server room take the time to hack the three video logs, though they are not part of the game's collectibles, and then hack the main server to complete the mission.

Act 1: Hacking Contract

Jordi's asked us to help him with a little contract, but when you reach the rendezvous the missions is locked due to an invasion. It appears that someone is hacking you and before you can continue you'll need to track him down and take him out.

Start by heading down the street under the L-train to a purple search area.

Once you enter the search area the culprit will begin their hack and you'll have limited time to find them. Luckily, this is only a tutorial and the hacker stands out in the crowd easily, running around on the stone plaza. Find 2XTheTap by identifying them with your Profiler, marked in red, and then chase them down. If you fail to take him out quickly the foot chase will soon become a vehicle one.

Once the hacker is taken down the game will bring up the tutorial for hacking other players. If you wish to avoid this you can play offline, though this will lock you out of the online missions as well.

Act 1: Backseat Driver

Grab any vehicle you like and check your map for the objective and set a waypoint to meet up with Jordi's friend in trouble. You want to make it to the man without being spotted by the police scans. To do this, simply stay out of the yellow search zones or leave asap if one pops up on your location. These are easy to avoid in a vehicle, but almost impossible to get out of on foot in the search time. If you are spotted, lead the police on a chase and lose them in the alleys and/or switch vehicles.

Once you reach the Fixer you will take over his car and have to exit the zone quietly or fail the mission. The purple bars on your mini-map indicate police roadblocks that result in an instant fail and there are police cars and a helicopter searching the area. While it is possible to get out of the area quickly with some offensive driving, taking it slow and using the alleys is the best way to get out without being spotted.

Start by leaving the garage and turning right to head south. The police on the main road will be looking around, so wait for them to head off and take the side streets and alleys south. You can get back on the main road after passing the first police car, but don't get too ahead of yourself and think that you're home free. Just before you reach the far south end of the map a police car will pop out and turn the corner, so instead of heading all the way south you will want to take one of the side streets east to reach exit the area.

Once you escape the police's search area you are free to speed demon it to the final waypoint, but just make sure that the car and the Fixer make it there in one piece.

Act 1: Open Your World

BadBoy17 wants to meet up in person...well, okay! Check the map for the meet up point by the Tremont House Hotel tunnels in the northern part of The Loop.

At the objective point, head down the steps to meet up with the lovely "bad boy". The conversation results in Aiden gaining access to all abilities in his skill trees, once you put a point into them. I suggest you put points into some new hacking and crafting abilities, since the majority of combat abilities won't be needed until later missions. After the meet-up you can stay in the tunnels and jack a car, which you can use to drive the short distance to the ctOS underground loading zone.

Stealth Route - Use Distractions

The guard at the entrance faces out and can raise the alarm quickly, so distraction is the best way to take him down quietly. The van near the entrance has a car alarm that can be used to distract the guard while you perform a takedown. The guard inside will soon come to investigate the body, so take cover on the right side of the gate to take him down as he exits.

Inside, there are two guards straight ahead and three more on the other side of the garage. The two straight ahead are easiest to take out, as one can be distracted by the forklift and the other can be attacked from behind. Follow the dark passage and exit out the other side, using the pallets for cover. The three guards here consist of two patrolling the area and one guarding the exit. Hide by the car or pallets and wait for the guard to patrol close enough to get taken down when his back is turned. You can now distract the other two to make them move and take them out.

Aggressive Route - Violence is a Good Answer

This mission does not require stealth, so if you get spotted or just want to go in with aggressive tactics there is nothing stopping you. You can start by shooting the guards by the entrance and then shoot those who come to investigate or hack the Protectors to allow cover for Aiden as you make your way through the area on a murder spree.

Once the coast is clear, examine the garage for crafting components and then head into the next room for a quick chat with Clara. Exit the storage room on the other side and then take cover behind the soda machines.

Aggressive Route - Start a Ruckus

Use the soda machine to bring over the first guard and then get the Audio File: Malcolm Deodato 01 on the planter. Slowly make your way around the outer area and wait for the guard that patrols this area to head behind the wall so that when you rush in for the takedown the guards on the top level don't spot you. There are now only two guards on the lower level, one standing stationary by the stairs and one with the access code. The one by the stairs is easier to take out by using a Lure to face him away so you can get a clean kill and his body will usually draw over the guard with the access code the next time he walks by, just make sure you aren't standing by the body.

The upper level has only three guards, but they all support each other by looking at one another. This means that in order to take even one out you will need to turn at least one guard around. The easiest one to take out is the closest one, but in order to do this you need to toss a Lure on the wall behind the guard off to the right so he doesn't see you perform the attack. The final two shouldn't be a problem, as the one with the hidden camera will return to his patrols shortly and allow you to take out the far right guard and then finally the last guard. Make sure to grab the Audio File: Malcolm Deodato 02 inside the room with the access point before you hack into it.

Cunning Route - Camera Work

From the soda machines you can stick your head out to hack the camera system. From the first camera, hack the Audio File: Malcolm Deodato 01 and then mark as many guards as you can. There are four guards on the lower level, one of which has the access code, and then three more on the floor above. On the upper floor, hack the guard with the hidden camera that patrols into a room and get the Audio File: Malcolm Deodato 02. This room also contains the access point, which should be easy to hack now that you have the access code.

This access point is a bit more challenging than the first, with many beams and directions that you can go. You need to get all three beams to the first lock to unlock the point before you can use it to then unlock the final lock on the first puzzle. The second puzzle requires you to zig-zag the beam up and then down and then up again to reach the end and unlock the access point.

Listen to conversation on the phone and then hack the laptop to upload the virus. As soon as the virus gets going you are caught and reinforcements are called in. It is best to stay on the upper level and this is one of the cases where you'll need extreme prejudice to survive. After taking out the guards on the upper level, shoot down at the one or two guards left on the lower level.

Once all of the guards are taken down, the police will begin to scan the area. Since you are on foot it will be almost impossible to outrun the scans, so open the Weapon Wheel and select/craft some Jam Comms and unleash then as you exit the building. If you can find a car to get out of the area quickly, great! If not, continue to Jam Comms so you can get out of the area without being pursued by the police. Once you have escaped the scans you will complete the mission.

Act 1: Thanks for the Tip

After getting a phone call from Clara head to the waypoint in The Loop. Check the alley area for any crafting materials before you proceed to the access point. The access point is blocked by two ctOS boxes in the area, indicated by the two white lines exiting the box. You will need to deactivate both before you can proceed.

The first box is located in the same area as the access point, on an upper level. Turn around from the access point and look up to hack a camera that will allow you access to the first box. The second box is located further down the alley to the east. Drop down and head east to a scissor lift and look up to hack another camera, with the second box directly across the building. With both boxes now unlocked, return to the access point to hack into the apartment.

The meet-up was a trap and you will find yourself ambushed by Fixers. If you activated the blockers you will slow down the men on foot, but there are still snipers in the buildings and more coming from the east alley.

Cunning Route - Explosive Action

Rather than pulling out your gun, take cover behind the railing or Protector by the box and use the cameras to get an eye on the snipers. Both snipers have stupidly stood directly next to junction boxes that can be exploded to take them out. This will give you the height advantage over the rest of the marksmen. You can then pull out your gun and take out the final marksmen as they enter the alley or make their way up the stairs.

Escape Route - Flee the Scene

Instead of dealing with the enemies it is possible to escape the area by exiting into the parking garage stairway. If you plan on doing this, jump down the way you climbed up the first time toward the blue sign with the P on it. From here you can pick up a car and flee, but you will need to lose the men on the streets instead of getting the experience for killing them in the alley.

After escaping or killing all the Fixers, head east to the waypoint at the Forever Sculpture to complete the mission.

Act 1: Remember

This quick interlude focuses on Aiden's memories of the past. Head to St. Joseph Cemetery in Parker Square for a quick scene to complete this mission.

This is not the first Remember event, in fact you may have already accessed the one in the tunnel that connects Parker Square to Pawnee. While it is possible to simply go straight to the cemetery to complete this memory, you might as well stop by both locations at this time.

Remember events will now pop up once in a while after certain story missions. These are great for getting more backstory on Aiden and his family.

After the events, Jordi will call you with a new mission.

Act 1: Not the Pizza Guy

I suggest you get a Spec-Ops weapon due to the silencers they have. This will allow you to take on many foes without alerting their buddies of your location.

Jordi really is a bit of a nutcase, in a fun way, but his warning is serious and you'll need to take care of it. Before leaving Gorman Heights make sure to check the balcony for the Audio File: Malcolm Deodato 08.

There are multiple ways into the rail yard, each with their own advantages, but the northeast dock is the quickest infiltration point, being just a swim or boat ride away, and offers a good position to begin a stealth attack.

Stealth Route - Lure them into the Open

If you enter from the northeast you can stealth kill the first guard rather easily when he patrols to the north, but as you make your way deeper into the area you may want to consider tossing a Lure into the open to gather some of the guards. If the enemy is drawn into the open, Jordi will snipe the enemy and allow you to advance without taking any violent action of your own. You can also distract enemies by hacking into their phones, which counts toward a distraction to trigger Jordi to fire. Unfortunately, both of these types of kills do not result in you gaining experience though, so if you can take an enemy on your own you should.

Aggressive Route - Let Jordi Loose

As soon as you engage in open combat Jordi will begin to take out targets on his own. This means that you really only need to take out a few with your own bullets, while luring the others into range of his fire. This will clear the area quickly, but does not net you that great of experience.

Passive Route - Deny Jordi

If you want to try and avoid killing any enemies, or simply want to deny Jordi the fun, take the southwest concrete alley steps to enter the rail yard. Make sure to mark all the enemies with the cameras and then unlock the gate and sneak inside carefully. This is difficult, but not impossible.

No matter your strategy, you will need to enter the door on the west side of the rail yard to continue the mission. After a bit of persuasion, and help from Jordi's bullet in the leg, you'll need to get out of the rail yard.

The way out of the rail yard is most difficult due to the helicopter illuminating the area, so if you have the Disable Helicopter ability this would be a great time to use it. If you don't, keep on the move as your make your way around the area and take shots at those you come across. It is possible to simply escape the area, so if you find yourself having difficulty you can always restart the checkpoint and head straight for an exit before you get surrounded.