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by ExtremePhobia

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Guide and Walkthrough by ExtremePhobia

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 07/01/2014
FAQ of the Month Winner: May 2014 | Highest Rated Guide

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This section will take you from the beginning through to the end of the game while trying to give you other important tips along the way.

I'm a goddamn criminal mastermind.

Delsin (that's you) will start on a rooftop with some spray paint and a billboard. Turn your controller vertically and shake it. Once the prompt appears to use R2 to spray, you can turn the controller back horizontally if that is easier. Spray all uncovered areas (which include slanted vertical lines running from the top down the billboard). If you can't find the spots, just cover the entire thing. After you fill it all, you'll start over again with black this time and spray again.

Once done with that, you'll see a cutscene and be put into a building Climb up the stairs and take the open back door onto the deck. Move right and drop off of the deck onto the rooftops below. Walk straight forward and down the rooftops. This will bring you to a dock area. Turn left and climb the ladder on the large red tank. If you fall into the water, press on the touchpad to start over.

Take a running jump to the next red tank and then walk off the back of that onto the pier beyond. Stairs on the pier will take you down to the shore. Follow the shoreline and climb along the broken down wooden bridge. At the end of the bridge, you'll see some planks stuck into the rock wall. Run up that and grab the white ledge. Slide left to find another section of bridge/pier.

Follow the cave to another section of beach with an empty rowboat to the right. Jump onto the large rock with the fallen tree to your left. Cross the tree and then hop to the next large rock ahead. Get on the next broken pier and follow it between two large, tall rocks. Just past those are some shorter rocks that you can climb on to. Hop onto the first one and then make your way along the rocks with the grass. At the end of these, you'll find another wall with planks stuck to it. Climb that and make your way to the right.

You'll find a small section with a jutting rock leading towards your destination. Jump off the rock onto the next landing. Jump up the wall ahead where the red planks are and slide left. Climb up and head for the front door. Slide your finger from left to right across the touchpad to open the door.

Reggie... Truck.

Make your way to the back end of the turned over truck. At the back, you'll find someone pinned by debris. Slide up on the touchpad to help him.

Just try and move in any way. You can't actually control the direction you move at first. You'll end up by a cliff and then after that, you'll find yourself staring at a fallen tree. Press the O button to dash through the tree. Move up the street, dashing through the various trees that block your path until you see a Conduit toss a car at Reggie. Dash over to Reggie and stand next to him by the car. Press both sides of the touchpad to help Reggie move the car.

Once you have Reggie free, follow him up the street to the front gate of the Fish Cannery. Dash through the gate and then approach the front door. Either press the touchpad or the O button to dash into the vent near the door. When you come out on the roof, enter the next vent in the nearby wall. This will get you into the building.

Inside the building, you should see some burning wood nearby blocking a doorway. Try to dash through and you'll fail. Instead, you'll gain a chain that you can use as a whip. Hit the Square button to break down the wall and go in. Smash the next one and then turn left. Smash the next wall and go through the door.

After the cutscene, dash through the partially opened door. In the next room, you'll have to fight with Hank to find out what's happening to you. Knock him around a little and dash through obstacles (like fences) as you follow him. You can't be killed so just keep after him. Eventually, he'll dash through a door. When he does, just open the door like a normal person (slide left on the touch pad).

During the cutscene, you'll have a chance to make your first choice. Choose as you please.


When you wake up, you'll find yourself in a house with lots of partitions. Walk away from where you were and you'll soon see an area with a person on a stretcher behind a partition. Walk past them and take a right to see some x-rays. Past the X-rays, turn left twice to find Betty.

We're Akomish. We protect our own.

When you arrive later at the blockade, go forward to the neon light and turn left. You'll walk a little ways before finding a large glowing blue light. Approach it to gain a new power. Once you have it, you'll be instructed to use the R2 button to shoot down the nearby drones. Shoot the first one and absorb the shard. After that, you may run out of smoke and you'll have to go to the car and absorb the smoke from it (press the touchpad). Once refilled, shoot down the three remaining bots, one of which may have landed against a wall ahead.

Once you've taken them out and absorbed all the shards, follow the path ahead to a blue bus. In front of the bus are some concrete shards sticking out. Try to shoot them and you'll fail to break them. Hit the Options button and choose to upgrade Cinder Blast. You'll now be able to hold the R2 button and charge shot. It operates like a shotgun so you want to be close to your target for maximum damage.

After you destroy the small barricades, you'll come to a larger one a little ways ahead. Take that down.

Reggie, you there?

Wander into the tunnel ahead of you and follow the street. You'll come to some looters in the tunnels and you'll have your first real fight. Dash around, knock them silly with your chain or shoot them. If you start running out of smoke, you can destroy the cars in here to refill. Beat them up and when you finish the last guy, you'll have the option to kill him or subdue him. Choose as you like. When you are done, make your way out through the other end of the tunnel.

Drop off the ledge onto the lower section of street and keep walking straight ahead. You'll see another glowing power ahead of you. Collect the energy from that to learn how to get some extra air. Jump onto a nearby car and then jump from there to get a little bit of extra height. Once in the air, you can hit the dash button to get a little more distance and get up to the next ledge.

Car Boost: Car Boost allows you to spring into the air to get some major height by using a car as a springboard. The car doesn't have to be stationary - any car will do. As you are crouching down, just before you launch, you can give yourself some extra forward momentum by trying to move in the direction you want to go.

Cross this section and drop down again. Keep heading straight along this street until you come to another power juncture. Absorb that energy as well to learn how to glide. Directly ahead of you will be a small section of water. Jump towards it and then press (and hold) the jump button while in mid-air to glide across the gap.

Gliding: Gliding allows you to cross longer distances in the air without falling as fast. While it slows your decent, you will still fall at a proportionate rate so the longer you glide, the faster you will fall. Your gliding won't necessarily stop even though you begin to fall faster. For this reason it is to your benefit to jump, Dash, and then glide in that order. This will allow you to maintain the most height over time

Move along the small islands of asphalt in the water until you come to another elevated section of bridge. Spring up off of the car and then press jump again to glide to the next landing. The land will bend and most of the cars will fall off. Jump over them and head to the other end and prepare for a big jump.

There will be one car hanging near the edge that you can use to spring off of. While in the air, Dash with the O button and then press X to glide the rest of the way across. You'll land on another section of bridge across a large gap. When you get to the other end of this section, you'll want to jump and glide down to the islands below. If you do as you did before, you can reach the second island right off of your first jump. It's good way of seeing just how far you can go.

As you make your way along these islands, you'll see the bus fall but you'll also see Reggie in the distance. Sure, who knows what happened to the people on the bus but Reggie's ok and that's what's important, right? Alright, Keep going forward and when you get close enough to him, Delsin will automatically dash over to help him.

Okay fine, fine... We'll do it your way, all subtle.

Follow your brother up to the checkpoint. You'll come to the checkpoint and Reggie will approach a couple of small doors on the right while a similar set of doors on the left will be open. Step through the doors and wait for Reggie to get through the checkpoint. Once he does, the doors in front of you will open and you'll be able to walk through them. Walk up to the station he was standing at and use it. You'll have to use the touch pad to move the red cursor up to the tip of the index finger.

And that won't go well. Reggie will slug one of the guards. Hop the turnstile and take care of the other guard. As you start making your way up the street, the DUP will retreat a little and try to keep shooting. Use your Dash to keep up with them and catch the enemy. Shooting at them may be the easiest way since they are running away but a dash/chain combo should work well too.

Most of the compound is destroyable. Destroying the bio-scanners at the front will get you 3 more Shards. Don't go too far past that point though as you'll "leave the area" and be reset to a checkpoint. The cages near this section with the detained people can be opened (touchpad swipe) to set them free and gain good karma.

At this point, the game will insist on you destroying the D.U.P. Checkpoint which isn't just this area but the orange base like area ENE of where you are.


When you get to the front gate of the main base, you'll see the DUP shooting at the people on the ground and using tear gas against them. Climb up one side of the bridge and take these two out. Look around for any other elevated positions (there should be one on the side of the buildings to your left). There should also be a drone nearby that you can kill for a Shard though you may want to wait until it's safe.

After the upper areas are clear, you can start taking out the ground forces. You are much more agile than these enemies and there are plenty of obstacles. The best thing to do is to dash out, attack (and finish) one enemy and then find another safe area. Repeat this process until you get rid of the enemies. Find the large RV with the glowing plates on the side. Shoot the plates off and then hit the parts underneath (it's possible to hit them all with your chain but it can be quite hard).

When enough are destroyed, Reggie will tell you to hop on top. You'll have to swipe up on the touch pad and hold your finger there. Then keep hitting the R2 button to destroy it.

With your objective complete, reinforcements will arrive. They'll bring a large truck (which can be used for smoke), a Heavy Trooper and a few regular troops. The best thing to do is move quickly and knock off the regular enemies before tackling the big guy. The big guy has a chain gun so you want to keep moving. Even normally sturdy barriers won't stand up to the barrage. When it's time to go for him, you can attack him from the front. Attack him just as you would any other enemy by running around, take a couple of shots and then keep moving.

Any of your besties in blue know anything about these Core Relays?

With the checkpoint out of the way, you need to power up some. If you open your map (options button), you'll see a few different points of interest that you can visit. You'll see a checklist of things that you can do to liberate that area from the DUP. The two important points right now are the blue glowing dots and the star to the E of where you are. The blue dots are Drones that can be killed for Shards which allow you to upgrade your powers. The star is actually your objective.

Head for that start and start climbing the building to the top. At the top, you'll find a few DUP guys and a machine. They few guys shouldn't be much of a challenge at this point so just get rid of them as you like. Destroy the machine and suck the power out of it to gain the Meteor Slam attack. You'll be given the chance to try it out immediately after. Jump off the building and hold the attack button to slam into the ground and incapacitate your enemies with a fiery shockwave.

Not Done Yet

With this first small checkpoint out of the way, there are two more to tackle S of here. Head for the SW objective first but watch out for the DUP outpost on the way. You can easily go around it (marked by a large red area on your map) just keep an eye out because it might be a little more than you're ready for at this point.

The objective is in a parking lot and when you get there, you'll fight a few DUP enemies. They will all be generic grunts for the most part but one or two may use some very basic Concrete powers. If you need more smoke, there are plenty of cars nearby. Deal with this small group and take out this station like you did the last. This will net you the "Sulfur Bomb" ability. This is great for non-lethal crowd control and erupts in small bursts (probably about 3/4 car length in radius). If you can get the drop on your enemies, you can use this to stun large groups quickly.

Final Objective

Fill up your smoke and head for the rooftops. Make your way E to the next objective. When you get there, you'll find the last objective is well below you in an alley. Get to the ledge and prepare. You're going to jump off and just shoot a Sulfur Bomb or Two into the alley. This will easily knock out the guards trapped in the alley with nowhere to run. When you've taken care of them however you like, destroy the machine. You'll acquire a new power that allows you to shoot heavy smoke bombs at targets called "Cinder Missile"

Your exit will be blocked by an APC. Use the Cinder Missile to destroy the APC in a single hit and stun any nearby enemies. When you've taken care of this obstacle, you'll have a short chat with Reggie, you'll cut away and time will pass.

Shut up. Space Needle?

The next step is to head for the Space Needle. Get to a rooftop and take a look around, it's pretty identifiable.

Once you get there, climb up to the top of the base of the Space Needle. From here, the climbing handholds get a little sparse. On one of the glass platforms will be a red vent.

1) Dash into it to get shot into the air. While in the air, head towards the center and you'll be able to grab a position between the middle sheets. Climb to the top.

2) At the next platform, you'll find another red vent. Above, there are some large boards with a yellow ladder on the side. Spring off the red vent and air dash to the ladder.

3) Climb up the ladder to the catwalk, walk part way around and turn towards the center to find white beams going up the side of the structure. Climb these.

4) At the top, jump to the center catwalk. One of the white girders on the outside of the catwalk will have a yellow ladder that you can climb.

5) At the top of the ladder, turn around and you'll see a yellow cable running up the center. Jump to that and continue climbing. At the top, you'll find a flag pole sticking out.

6) From the flag pole, you can jump across a gap to another catwalk. At the end will be another set of white plates that you can climb.

7) Bounce back and forth between the white sheet girders up this side and then jump/dash over to a platform sticking out to the side of the Needle.

8) From this platform, look left to find a similar platform sticking out above you. Jump and Dash over to the bottom part and climb up to the top.

9) At the top of this platform, there's a yellow cable hanging down. Jump to it so you are hanging down. Start making your way along this cable. At the end of the cable, you'll be able to set down and then dash through a red vent.

When you come through the vent, you'll land near the top of the Space Needle. There will be DUP enemies on the ring that you can deal with as you like. As you make your way around, you'll find a red vent that you can use to get to the very top of the Space Needle.

The top of the Needle is a nightmare at first. You'll be introduced to the Bishop. Bishops won't shoot at you with weapons but they have a variety of abilities that can protect, heal, and support their troops. If you see rocks starting to form around you (or they manage to lock down your feet), you can get away instantly by dashing. For those trying to Subdue enemies, you won't be able to Subdue the Bishop until you destroy the rocks he uses to protect himself. Once you've bashed the rocks, you'll be able to hit him with a Sulfur Bomb to Subdue him if you like.

Stop at barricades when they protect you and find the next set of barriers that you want to move to. You can fight from here for a moment but when you start getting hit a bit, move to your next area. Rinse and Repeat. If you ever get close to the Bishop, immediately go for him. A three hit combo should damage him severely and possibly lower his rock shield. He will go down easily after that.

If you can take the Bishop down, this will turn into a fight just like any other. It might take a few tries to get it but don't be discouraged.

Combat Complete. When you're done, try to break the winch. You'll fail and need more power but there's a Core Relay on the Needle. Destroy it and absorb the power to learn Orbital Drop.

You'll need to Subdue or Execute several people first. When the Karmic meter is full, use Orbital Drop to destroy the winch. When presented with graphic options, pick your choice.

Banner Man. Pretty lame, right?

After the end of the last mission, you'll have a quick chat with Reggie who will tell you he will dig around a bit and call back. In the meantime, get rid of some DUP presence in the city. It could potentially be a timed period but it doesn't hurt to get some work done while you wait in any case. The best place to start will be the Pioneer Square Mobile Command Center because after Reggie calls, you still won't be able to access the next mission without destroying it.

Once Reggie calls you back, he'll direct you to meet him in the city. Head for the waypoint in Pioneer Square and you'll find a group of people gathered around an electronics shop (Cole McG's Electronics, good nod!). Check out the news.

After you learn of the recent murder, move off for that new location. When you get there, Reggie will ask you not kill any cops. Instead, find a quiet way up to the rooftops and from there, drop down into the crime scene. Stand on the objective marker and take out your camera to start taking pictures.

Crime Scene

Crime Scenes require that you take pictures of certain things. At the top of the box that marks your lens, you'll see little clear boxes on the left side. These denote how many pictures you can/have to take here. On the bottom of the screen is how close you are to what you need to photograph. When you've got the image lined up, a prompt on the right side will pop up telling you to hit R2. The camera will zoom in and out as appropriate for your target.

  1. You'll see a skull with syringes underneath. At first, it's hard to make out but there's a man attached to the wall upside down with his arms along the length of the Syringes. Take a picture of his face.
  2. After you've taken a picture of the face, Reggie will ask for pictures of the wounds. Move the camera up slightly to his chest and take a picture.

Crime Scene Complete

With this out of the way, you'll start to hear sirens. Directly in front of you will be a vent that you can shoot through to get to the roofs. Once on the rooftops, start heading for the next crime scene.

The next crime scene is going to be packed with DUP agents. On the rooftops you'll find snipers with a Rook, Pawns, and Knights at the bottom. The snipers should be your main focus right now. You are more protected up here, allowing you to thin the ranks from relative protection. Set upon them however you like.

With the rooftops secure, start sniping at the enemies below. You'll have plenty of access to smoke up here so track down the Rook, hit him with Cinder Missiles and then refill to continue the barrage until he encases himself in stone to regenerate. Hop down and finish him then.

With those to major aspects out of the way, it's just a simple mop up job. Clear them all out. When done with them, engage in the Crime Scene.

Crime Scene

You'll only have one picture here. Take a picture of the Victim's face.

To find the dealer's stash, go down the stairs nearby and it will be just by the base on the left (near a ramp leading down). Swipe up on the touchpad to take a look at it. When you try to, the Conduit will take a shot at you from afar. Get out of the way and then trace the shot back to a billboard nearby.

When you've found the force, take off after the Conduit. They will leave a trail of energy behind them that you can follow but eventually you won't be able to keep up and they'll disappear. Reggie will suggest that you head back to the billboard to check it out. It's a pretty good idea so go check it out.

Crime Scene

When you get here, you'll have a chance to take four pictures.

  1. Take a picture of Brent burned into the left side wall.
  2. Take a picture of the boots leaning against the cooler by the left wall.
  3. Take a picture of the book on the sleeping bag near the right wall.
  4. Take a picture of the clothing on the clothes line.

That will appear to wrap it up but after you finish this first set, walk toward the other end of the catwalk to talk more pictures.

Crime Scene

There's only one picture here. There will be some bright markings near the end of the wall on the right side. If you walk forward more, you'll see that there are more markings in a wall in the distance which can be lined up to make a face. Line them up and then take a picture.

While Reggie is checking on the name, you can talk off and he'll get back to you. Eventually, he'll let you know who the person was and give you the location of a drug deal about to go down. Head there and you'll have to fight off some basic thugs. These are even simpler than Pawns, just be careful of killing them unintentionally as they are significantly more fragile too. Also be careful of DUP presence in the area as the combat will likely draw in the DUP which will make the fight tougher.

When the area is clear, dash through the gate nearby to investigate the area underneath.

Crime Scene

You'll have the chance to take several pictures in this area and some can be condensed into one image.

  1. The vortex.
  2. Just left of the vortex is a picture with flowers around it.
  3. Directly under the vortex is another picture with a pair of people in it.
  4. Brent over the vortex.
  5. The corner of the room has a drawing of Brent sitting in a chair. Take a picture of it.

When you are done with the pictures, dash back through the fence to leave and end the mission.

Go Fetch

Reggie is going to suggest that you check out Olaf's Sea Shack which has a giant sign that might be the Conduit's base of operations. When you get there, check the top of the building across from Olaf's to start the mission. Once you have, drop to the ground and walk through the crowd of people. By the base of Olaf's will be a vent that you can use to get to the top of the building.

At the top of the building (after Reggie says it will be better to hide up here), you'll see a couple of boxes next to the neon sign that you can hide in MGS style.

When you regain control, you'll have to chase after Fetch. The bulk of this section involves following after Fetch. Her route doesn't vary but it's much easier to just follow her as she leaves a trail of light behind her. Hit and hold the O button to dash after her. She will always show up on the map as a star so you can follow her that way if you lose her.

It'll be a little frustrating because you won't be able to jump while running like she can and your dashes only last a finite time while hers goes indefinitely. You will be able to do both those things eventually, just not right now.


When you catch up to her on top of the theater, you'll fight with her. At the start of the battle, you'll have to drain all of the neon signs in the area so that she can't drain them. Before draining the signs, try to figure out where she is and put a barrier between you while you drain them. All but two of the signs are on the bottom floor. You'll have to Dash up the pole or wall to get the last two on the upper level.

Once all the signs are absorbed, you'll engage in a fire fight with fetch. You'll have unlimited energy so you don't have to be overly accurate. Use the various debris to protect yourself from her attacks while attacking her. Use short bursts of dash to get between these barriers.

Take your time and whittle her down. When you finish off the last of her health bar, you'll get to find out the story of Brent.

You'll have the chance to choose to either Corrupt Fetch or Redeem Fetch at this point. She doesn't get harmed either way.

No, I don't think I'm the reason for... everything. I mean, just your highly visible change in behavior, that's all.

You'll get your first Core Relay marked by Reggie. Head there and you'll find Fetch waiting for you. Destroy the Relay to get Laser Insight. You'll have a chance to practice Subduing/Obliterating enemies on the DUP soldiers across the street on the next roof.

After that, follow Fetch to the next Core Relay. This will get you Stasis Bubble which throws enemies up in the air and leaves them to float momentarily. At first, this ability is only good for crowd control as it makes it much harder to hit a particular point on your enemy's body. With a few upgrades, however, this is quite useful.

With Stasis Bubble, several drug dealers will come around the corner looking for you. Start putting people in Stasis Bubbles. This will set them up to be easy pickings for Fetch. Even though the idea is to let Fetch take care of your enemies while you focus on Stasis, feel free to thin the crowd yourself too. Stasis should be your number one priority, however, because of the sheer number of enemies.

Follow Fetch's markers again to the outskirts of the city. You'll find another Core Relay. Destroy this to get Phosphor Beam which will serve as your Neon Heavy Ammo attack. It's slightly more powerful, more accurate, and faster travelling than your Cinder Missile attack but you need to hold down the R1 button to charge it up first. You should use this from a safe distance because otherwise you'll be exposed to damage for quite some time.

An APC will appear. Use Phosphor Beam on it to get rid of it quickly. There will be another APC behind it that you can destroy and there may be a couple of stragglers that you'll need to clean up.

There's one more to go. Follow Fetch's markers to find the last Core Relay. There will be a few minor enemies around here. You can take them out from the rooftop before you drop in to get your new power, Radiant Sweep.

As is normally the case, you'll now be presented a chance to practice. A large group of enemies and an APC will show up. Use Radiant Sweep to take them all out at once.

No wonder it took me so long. Fetch, you said Dolphin but clearly this is a porpoise. It's a common mistake.


This is the Good version of this mission. For the Evil mission, choose Fight Intolerants Instead.

You may have to liberate this area from the DUP Mobile Command post before starting this mission. Once you do, Fetch will contact you and tell you about the drug dealers that are down on the pier below.

The drug dealers aren't tough on their own but you'll be facing off against quite a few of them so keep on the move and always be on the lookout for cover. The bigger problem is actually the limited amount of Neon out here so shoot well and be sure to watch for Neon Signs on top of some of the smaller shacks.

You'll have to search the docks below to find the particular houses that the drugs are in. Move about and investigate the areas to see if they have drugs. When you've narrowed it down enough, stars will appear to indicate the locations of the drugs.

Head for each of the stars. When you get to each location, you'll want to clear out the area so it is safe for you to tag the boat (usually on the upper level). Some of these buildings will also have innocent people inside so you'll have to find a door to let them out.

After you tag each building, more people will show up to cause you trouble. This can start to cause a problem because the boats have very little cover on them. The best thing to do is to keep moving and only stop to shoot from behind a railing.

After you've tagged all three locations, enemies will appear on land and start working their way to you. Aside from the army that's on the piers, you'll also see a good number of enemies on top of the tackle shop on land. If you start running low on Neon, you can rush the tackle shop because there are several signs attached to it.

You don't have to defeat all of the enemies but keep working on them until you get a message to meet Fetch across the street. Once you get this message, you can abandon the combat and head for the rooftop that she's on. Once there, you'll start part two of the mission.

The Truck

The first leg of this has you following a truck. The trouble here is actually more one of being accurate than fast. The truck has nothing on you... except that if you fall anywhere near the truck, the mission ends. Take the time to double check your jumps. Be sure to use your hover ability as much as your Dash.

When the truck reaches its destination, you'll engage in a fight with quite a few drug dealers. Keep back and make use of your shooting skills to take them down safely. Feel free to high tail if you get too beat up. Finish them up and after that, you'll want to free the women from the back of the truck.

Oh God, you're not gonna turn into a girl on me now, are you?


This is the Evil version of this mission. For the Good mission, choose Trash the Stash Instead.

You'll meet up with Fetch at the top of a building and then head off for a Lifeline Rally. When you get there, kill the activists here. You may find yourself fighting off some DUP but the activists themselves own't really be a threat.

After you break up this particular rally, you'll have several more rallies marked on the map. Head for each out and do the same. The DUP forces will escalate a little at each one up to the point where you'll have a Rook and Bishop for the last one.

Once you stop all of the rallies, Fetch will let you know that she got a lead on their leader. Head off for the tunnel marked on your map. When you get there, you'll have to fight your way through the tunnel. You'll once again run into DUP soldiers with Rooks and Bishops again.

In the tunnels, you'll probably want Neon since it will let you use Radiant Sweep (Orbital Drop won't work because of the ceiling). Cut your way through to the other end of the tunnel and when you get to the other side, you'll want to walk out of the tunnel slowly.

You'll "surrender" to the DUP soldiers outside. After you start talking to them, you'll instantly gain a Karmic Streak and can use your Super Move. It's quite possible that you'll deal so much damage as a result that you'll instantly earn another Karmic Streak.

Several groups of enemies will come up the street nearby. If you can't just drop another bomb on them, head up for the nearest building. There are plenty of signs on this building to refill your energy/heal. It also gives you some height which allows you to take out the enemies from safety.

Take it slow as the enemies will keep pouring it. When it starts getting hot, beat it because you don't know how many more enemies are about to show up. When you are finished, you'll automatically meet up with Fetch.

Lady, you are hell on bridges, you know that?


This isn't a necessity but it'll make this mission go much more smoothly. Try to build up a Karmic Streak before you start this mission and just stow it for now.

Also very optional, I would advise picking up Laser Focus if possible. This will make some precision shooting later in the mission much easier.

Head for the bridge marked on your map to start his mission. You'll need Neon to start this mission off. If you don't have it, there will be a large gate with Neon lights near the base. You can absorb these. Once you have Neon, sprint up to the top of this stone gate.

At the top of the gate, you'll absorb smoke and jump down to the bridge beyond. On the bridge will be tons of shipping crates and automated turrets. You can destroy them in traditional ways but if you get behind it and swipe on the touchpad, you can take them out in one smooth motion.

Turret 1: To the left will be a gate with the turret behind it while ahead and above will have a gap in the shipping crates. Go through this gap to come up behind the turret. Destroy the turret.

Turret 2: Dash through the fence behind Turret 1 and then take the left path. Jump up and dash right through the DUP style fence. This will put you above Turret 2. Destroy the turret.

Turrets 3 and 4: Dash through the DUP fence/gate directly behind turret 2. This will put you behind Turrets 3 and 4. Jump on top of the second level of crates to find one. Take this one out before climbing up the next two crates to find turret 4.

Turret 5: From the position of Turret 4, turn jump and air dash to the next set of crates that are four high. Further on will be a third stack of four high shipping crates. Dash to those. This will put you behind turret 5. Destroy it.

Busted Bridge

Beyond the turrets, you'll find a huge section of torn up bridge. You'll have to cross this much the way you did towards the beginning of the game.

Before the first large gap will be a destroyed car that will allow you to Car Boost off of. When you get across the gap, there will be a DUP checkpoint with a Pawn in each tower. If you have Double Air Dash then you should be able to land just about on top of the check point. They should be a cake walk at this point.

After the Checkpoint, you'll find more DUP soldiers. There are going to be at least two Knights out of the four enemies here which can cause you some trouble since there really isn't any cover for you here. This is why you wanted to save that Karmic Streak before. Dash into the middle of the group and perform an Orbital Drop. If that isn't an option, the Knights will erect their own cover. Use this for cover while fighting. Just keep in mind they aren't permanent and can be broken or fall apart over time.


Move along the bridge and you'll see a platform hanging over what looks like an arena. That's because it is an arena. Drop into it.


The King is a tough guy. You can attempt to fight him with just your Smoke but you aren't really going to have enough to manage that. Before absorbing the Neon, use up all of your Cinder Missiles on him. If you manage to knock him down, you can try approaching him for a melee attack but he recovers quickly.

Absorb some Neon and it will give you Heavy Ammo. Use your Phosphor Beam on him for some massive damage. You can shoot at him with your regular attacks but there's really little need to. Each stone platform has at least three neon lights on it which means you have a total of about 18 heavy shot and the neon regenerates.

Keep in mind that draining Neon will also heal you so in a pinch, you can heal quickly by getting behind a stone platform and draining Neon.

Drain neon, hit him with a Phosphor Beam a couple of times, rinse and repeat. This is a pretty quick and sure fire way of taking him down. You're looking at about eight Phosphor Beam hits or so to take him down. With good aim, you could potentially take him down in under about a minute.

If you have trouble, don't worry. Just remember that if your injured, dash away and drain neon. Sometimes he'll stagger you and hit you a few times in a row in a way that you can't really recover from. Don't be discouraged if this happens to you.

Once you pummel the King, you'll finish the mission.

Oh, yeah, yeah, totally. Absolutely. Yes.


You'll have to destroy the DUP Mobile Command Center in the Lantern District to start his mission.

After meeting Eugene, head over to the overpass. You're about to destroy a section of it but if it makes you feel any better, it's been closed off to civilian traffic.

You'll talk to Eugene again when you get there. Then on the underside of the overpass, approach the four marked pillars. You'll see that near the top of the pillars are struts connecting the pillar to the underside of the road at a 45 degree angle. Shoot these off of all four pillars.

When you've taken care of that, hop up onto the overpass and wait.

The Convoy

There will be several APCs along the road. Drop into the ditch you created and use the road for cover. There are Neon signs on the left side along the buildings.

Start working your way along the bridge. You'll encounter several Pawns and a few Knights as well. The APCs will be inert so you don't have to worry about them. As you move along, try to build up a Karmic Streak. When you can see the busses, hop up on one and let loose a special attack to clear out a whole giant group of enemies at once.

When the area is clear, approach the marked bus and try to open the front door.

Signal Tracking

Once you get your feet back under you, Eugene will send you a new app for your phone that lets you track DUP radio signals. Hop up on top of a building and activate the app (D-Pad up). Turn in circles until you start to get a signal. When the whole bar turns white, you'll be pointing in the right direction. This should be SE.

Head from rooftop to rooftop, checking how close you are every now and then. Keep following this signal to the docks. Make sure you are stocked up on Heavy Ammo and possibly on a Karmic Streak too.

When you get there, you'll see several APCs and a variety of infantry. The ground is going to be covered in Knights so you might want to stay up on the roof to keep a safe distance. It can be a little slow going, however, so you could drop down to fight them. Use dead APCs and overturned cars for cover. Try to save your heavy ammo for right now.

When you've taken care of the knights, check the bus and be ready.

The Super Rook

You'll encounter a new enemy called a Super Rook here. These guys are very tough, surprisingly agile, and have some devastating attacks. It'll take several Phosphor Beams each to take down each one so I would move from Neon source to Neon source to gather more ammo for this.

In the meantime, you'll have to dodge their leaping melee attacks and their Concrete Barrage attacks. This particular attack is wide, fast moving and hard hitting. You'll want be dashing just as the attack is launched and preferably be in the air if possible to avoid damage.

Keep moving, jumping, and using Phosphor Beam to take them down. There are three of them in total. Make sure your priority is dodging first and then attacking and you should be fine.

Having trouble with them? Well, it seems that you can also simply just run away from them. If you get far enough away, sometimes they will lose you and the game will consider the fight complete.

Bus 2

From here, Bus two is roughly W near another dock but not quite as close. The Bus is in an alley next to a small public park area near the dock. Inspecting this bus will be much more peaceful. You'll simply investigate and then leave.

Bus 3

Bus three is going to be NE of your position. Start heading in that direction. Continue to check for the radio transmissions to tweak your course and hear about the crazy things happening to that group. As you get closer, you'll actually be able to hear the combat already underway.

There will already be fighting going on. The Angels fighting in the air are on your side so you don't have to worry about them. They can be quite a distraction with all of their beams flying around everywhere. Try to get to one end of the alley and start working from there rather than dropping into the middle of the fighting and trying to sort everything out.

You are looking at a decent sized group of Knights fighting against the angels. After you take care of a couple of them, keep your eyes peeled for a few more Super Rooks to show up. They will follow you out of the main combat a little ways so try to draw them away and then hammer them with some Heavy Ammo before returning to the fray.

When the area is clear, attempt to open the back door of the bus to end the mission.

Reggie Takes Flight

Near where the mission starts, will be an army of porta-potties that you'll have to check. Go up to each one (they are all marked on your map) and swipe on the touch pad to open it up. Eventually, one of them will have an occupant. When the occupant "takes off", try to follow after him. It probably won't work very well.

When you finally lose that guy, you'll have to head back to where you started and being your search again. You won't find anybody here but you'll hear a rumor about a Conduit on the NE side of the island. When you get there, climb the parking structure and then climb to the top of the crane. Approach the man on the end.

Another angel will appear and grab this guy. Chase after him as well. You'll quickly lose this angel as well.

It's alright, the third time is the charm. Head back to the market and meet up with your brother by the row of portapotties.

Chasing Reggie

Follow Reggie around and shoot in his general direction of a little bit. You'll have to do this for a minute or so before an angel will come by and pick him up.

Once he's picked up, you'll have a marker on your map to keep track of where he goes. You need to keep up because if you lose Reggie, you'll fail. Follow them long enough and you'll find their source.

From where you are, you'll be able to see a whole bunch of TV screens on the sides of buildings. These are the source of the angels. You'll need to destroy each of them to get rid of the angels. You'll need to also locate a source of energy because some of these screens will need to be shot and you're likely to run out of energy.

There are eight screens in total (that you can destroy). There are four on the front of "Roth Records" and four above the news ticker on the other building. There are also several billboards on each of these buildings so be sure you aren't wasting energy on those.

Keep moving because once you start shooting at the screens, the angels will come after you. They'll also try to protect the screens. If this happens, draw their attention so they attack you instead, and then attack the screens. Each screen you destroy will remove an angel from combat.

I am He Who Dwells

After you've parted ways with Reggie, you'll enter the lair of the Angel Master. When you go inside, walk forward and around the stack of vests on the left. You'll see a bunch of screens in the corner. Walk towards them to begin round 1 with He Who Dwells. This can be quite a long fight so don't feel bad if it drags out a little.

He Who Dwells - Round 1

You'll see light streams that shoot you up into the air. Hit these to gain altitude and to get to other platforms. There will also be platforms that have energy sources. Some will have small pits with Smoke coming out while others will have purple crystals that you can absorb Neon from.

Move from platform to platform and shoot at He Who Dwells. Make liberal use of your Heavy Ammo against him and shoot regular shots in between.

After you deal a small amount of damage, he will disappear and you'll be cast back out of his realm.

When you come out, you'll see an open gate ahead. Approach that and you'll see another large screen. Go towards it to get sucked in again.

Round 2

Absorb some energy and start hitting He Who Dwells again. While fighting, you can use the columns of the platforms for protection. Keep in mind that these can break so they won't protect you for long.

The best cover in this area will be the Neon crystals. They are indestructible so you can stand safely behind them and pelt your enemy. After dealing some damage, the platforms will fall. Touching the lava won't kill you instantly but it will deal some decent damage quickly.

Try to find the platforms that are rising up or not moving and aim for those. Try to get to them as quickly as possible. Find an energy source and recharge. He Who Dwells has moved so reorient yourself and begin firing again.

You'll repeat this sequence a couple more times when you get his health even lower. He'll move, platforms will rise and sink, and you'll need to move again. You'll get the hang of figuring out your destination and how to get there. Keep using your Heavy Ammo and laying into him until his health reaches about 1/3 remaining at which point this round will end.

Now that you're back, follow the right wall to where the red "Cole McG's" doors were. Go through to the next set of monitors to begin the final round.

Round 3

The combat doesn't really change much in this round. You'll still fight much as you did before but every time He Who Dwells moves, he'll accrue an additional angel to protect him. These angels will put up a barrier that you can't shoot through.

To destroy it, you'll have to shoot the angels protecting him first. These angels don't take but a shot or two to disappear. Once they are all gone, you can continue fighting with He Who Dwells.

The only other thing to really watch out for is that his attacks will become slightly stronger and more frequent. He will destroy your cover so you'll have to spend more time running and dodging while you fire to keep from dying. His attacks move slower than you do though so lure it to one side of a platform, jump over it and head back to the other side to avoid being hit.

When you reduce his health to zero, you'll have defeated him.

You'll once again have your Karma choice to Redeem Eugene or Corrupt Eugene.

So I don't actually need you... I need your gun.

After the previous mission, try and use your powers. You won't be able to drain any energy sources or activate any abilities. After you freak out, Delsin will freak out too and call Reggie. Meet up with Reggie in the alley designated on the map.

When you meet up with Reggie, you'll get your first power which is Shroud of Invisibility. Invisibility uses some of your Video energy so be careful how much you use it. It also won't activate properly if you are too close to enemies causing you to waste energy.

Follow Reggie to the next Core Relay. This next one will allow you to attack enemies. You have a standard melee attack and you can now execute/subdue enemies while invisible. When you do that, your invisibility will cease immediately so don't do it in the middle of a crowd.

Use this ability and your melee attacks to stop the DUP. If you are injured, get behind one of the shacks out here to protect yourself. Once Reggie is safe, ditch him. Just keep running until you lose him.

Eugene will direct you to the next Core Relay where you will earn your Video dash ability called Video Surge. It is a very short dash but is actually faster than Light Speed. Use this ability to scale the buildings and take out the DUP snipers on the rooftops. You can get to the level above, turn invisible, drop down, and then take them out quietly.

However you do so, take out each one and you'll be able to continue to the next Core Relay. This relay will give you Bloodthirsty Blades which is your Heavy Ammo ability. You need to hold the R1 button to lock on to a target. Once the blades form, they will home in on the target. A chopper will present itself. Hit it with two volleys to take it out. If you run out of energy, there's a satellite dish on this roof for you to refill.

The penultimate Core Relay will give you your normal ranged attack. This is more of a Gatling gun style weapon. It isn't precise but it can put out huge amounts of damage quickly. Use this to take out the DUP Pawns in the area. You'll have angels to help you manage these enemies so take your time.

The final Core Relay is at the base of a concrete tower. You'll have to clear it out first before you can destroy it. I would start at the top of the tower and defeat the enemies up here. There will be an army of Knights on the upper levels. Use the large pylons for cover while you are fighting. You can make use of your invisibility to make short work of them.

When you drop to the lower level, you'll have more enemies but fewer Knights. If you have trouble or need to recharge, head for one of the nearby rooftops. You should be safe and capable of refilling your reserves up here. Take your time and you'll be able to clear out.

The final relay will give you your Hellfire Swarm. Use this new ability to smash the APCs.

Right. Stealth


This is the Good version of this mission. For the Evil mission, choose Hunting the Hunters Instead.

Remember that construction site from a few missions ago? You'll have to return. There's a huge number of Akuran Gang Members. They will infest the entirety of the garage and you'll have to clear them out. I'd recommend going with either Video for Shroud of Invisibility or Neon since that will allow you to use Radiant Sweep. The other two powers can't use their super move because of the ceiling.

Since this fight can drag on for so long, don't be surprised if the DUP ends up showing up as well. It is probably easiest to start at the roof and work your way down. Even though the enemies are weak individually, take your time so you don't get overwhelmed by their numbers.

With the construction site safe, check the elevator lobby on each floor by shooting the boards blocking them. After searching all of them, you'll find that there aren't any suspected Conduits here.

Boarding Action

Head for the roof of the building so that you can board the choppers. You'll need to jump onto the shipping containers of each one before it will let you detach them. Once on board, shoot the yellow device in the top center to detach the shipping container.

Once released, the angels will grab on to it and take them to safety. You'll have five of these containers to free in total. Just climb to the highest nearby tower and jump from there.