How do I set up my screen so my consumables are accessible during combat?

  1. I need to know how to make my thunderbolt potion accessable while fighting the griffin.

    User Info: AngryPsychic11

    AngryPsychic11 - 2 months ago


  1. Go into inventory and select the thunderbolt potion. You can move it to one of your four "pockets" on this screen. If, when you go back to game play, it's not one of the two active that you see on the bottom left of your screen, hold the dpad position to bring it forth. There are 2 "upper" pockets and 2 "lower" pockets. If what you're seeing in the upper one isn't the potion you want, hold down on the up dpad to switch them.

    User Info: BaldPrincess77

    BaldPrincess77 - 2 months ago 1   0
  2. Go to your inventory screen, select the desired potion, & place it into 1 of your consumable quick slots. From there go to the gameplay screen. You consume the potion by hitting the appropriate direction button (either up or down on the D-pad), depending on which slot the potion is in. If the desired potion is not in the primary/forward quick slot, you can move the potion into the forward quick slot by pushing & holding down the appropriate D-pad button until the potion is moved forward.

    User Info: DABaracus

    DABaracus (Expert) - 2 months ago 1   0
  3. Go into your inventory and drag it from the "Potions" section on the left and place it where your other potions are.

    There should be 2 empty boxes. You can have up to 4 potions in those slots (one in each slot)

    On XB1, you simply hold the directional pad up or down to cycle to the second slot while roaming or in combat. Not sure about the controls on PS4, because I don't have one lol

    User Info: momo92

    momo92 - 2 months ago 0   1

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