is my build good enough for ng+ combat and alchemy (deathmarch)?

  1. Im running combat and alchemy build and here it is

    i have muscle memory. strength training, resolve
    precise blows, crushing blows, whirl
    rend, razor focus and sunder armour
    in general i have metabolic control, rage management and gourmet
    and the extra slots i have protective coating, synergy, heightened tolerance and acquired tolerance

    So what is your opinion is any of the above skill useless? which one should i replace?
    and what skill should i take instead of that?

    User Info: itzhidzz

    itzhidzz - 1 month ago


  1. As the person who answered your earlier question said, the Q&A section is really not the best place to get answers to questions like this. The Q&A section is more for general questions, tech support, things like that.

    Questions regarding specific builds are better asked on the message board where players can discuss the pros & cons of each ability, & how to effectively use them together. How you plan to build your character involves other variables, such as your personal play-style, & selecting the best armor set for that build. So again, it would necessarily require a back-&-forth discussion about these things, which is better done on the game's message board.

    Simply put, if the answer to your question is going to be a statement of fact, then you can ask it here. If the answer to your question is subject to different opinions, you're better off asking it in the message board, which is still pretty active considering this is a 5 year old game...

    User Info: DABaracus

    DABaracus - 1 month ago 0   0

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