I'm not able to load my save files on the witcher 3, after downloading the game from the PS-store. Solution anybody?

  1. Save game not found.

    So, this is a little complicated. My Playstation 4 has the famous 'eject-disc failure'. Therefore, I played the game - using the disc - on the playstation of my roommate. I recently moved out, so I wouldn't be able to play the witcher on my roommates PS4. As a solution, I downloaded the Witcher 3 from te PS-store and uploaded my save files from my roommates PS4 to my PS-plus cloud. I've downloaded the save files from my cloud onto my own PS4. Then, I started the game, but there was no option to load the downloaded save files... When looking into my save files, there are two folders of the witcher 3 save files. The first folder contains my downloaded save files from my roommates PS4 (the ones which I would like to open). The second folder contains only one save file, which is the save file of the settings (contrast, etc.). Anybody know a solution? Is it possible to move the save files to the 'new' witcher save file folder?

    User Info: brobinnn

    brobinnn - 3 weeks ago


  1. Is the game you played a GOTY edition or the base game? The data will only be recognized if you use the same Edition as before.

    You can't load Base game saves with the GOTY edition or vice versa

    User Info: momo92

    momo92 - 3 weeks ago 0   0
  2. No it is the base edition of the Witcher 3 (both the downloaded one, and the one I played using the disc on my roommates ps4)

    User Info: brobinnn

    brobinnn - 3 weeks ago 0   0

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