I got Witcher 3 for my Switch for Christmas, I am planning on getting the other 2 on steam, What do I need to know?

  1. Also Will there be a recap?

    User Info: PokemaniacLuke

    PokemaniacLuke - 4 weeks ago
  2. In witcher 3, don't do the cow glitch

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    WolfMafiaArise - 4 days ago

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  1. Not much, the games are loosely connected, as in you dont really need to play Witcher 1 and 2 to get 3 but it is recommended.

    Another thing to note, Witcher 1, while still excellent, is a very old game at this point, it still sort of holds up in terms of graphics, but the gameplay is completely different, the combat is about clicking at the right time instead of actual action rpg oriented combat, be aware of this so you arnt surprised, its easy to find a trainer if you dont want to bother with the combat too much.

    Witcher 2 has a major split in second act, the entire second act is different based on your choices at the end of act 1, it will lead to two different endings as well so make sure you have a good save before the split if you want to see both sides, which, again, I would recommend.

    There is a save import feature from game to game but its not really needed, from W1 to W2 it imports some weapons and possibly a few conversations receive minor changes and from W2 and W3 you again have some minor changes depending on your actions in W2, however you can simulate your save from W2 in W3, meaning you will be eventually asked a questions by a character and that will determine your "save" from the previous game.

    All of them are very good games, with 2 and 3 being particularly amazing, give it a go.

    Thats all the major things that jump out at me atm.

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    mademan2 - 3 weeks ago 16   4
  2. Alao take note that Witcher 1 absolutely hate AMD graphic card. It require tweaking to have it work with one.

    User Info: Rush-Lionheart

    Rush-Lionheart - 1 week ago


  1. I just finished both 1 & 2. I'd played 2 before, but never the first.

    I think that W1 does a better job of side quests and creating a sense of discovery. That latter point may actually be because it is so fundamentally different to either title. For starters, you can play the entire game with just a mouse. The entire feel of the game is different as well; Geralt has no memories and you need to relearn everything he knows about Witchering.

    Witcher 2 is far more linear. Side quests are not particularly important, or even that well written. There's not many instances of problem solving in the side quests, save for the actual puzzle rooms. Those are abundant in Witcher 1. The story, however, is what sets the game aside from W1. It does a better job of characterisation and world consistency. The voice acting is unsurprisingly better and, of course, it looks better. That's not to say W1 looks terrible. Because of its isometric view, I think it holds up well; especially with the White Wolf mod.

    As mentioned before, Witcher 1 sets up the story for 3 in a more direct way - teasing the Wild Hunt - whereas Witcher 2 sets up the political issues that come into 3. Witcher 2 does actually have some revelations concerning the Wild Hunt though.

    Also, in Witcher 1 & 2, potions and prep for encounters is definitely more important than in 3. Adequately preparing in 1 is generally the difference between success and failure. That is true in 2, but to a lesser degree.

    Just as an aside. Witcher 2 has a lot of quests where you're with other characters. I really enjoy that.

    Not sure if you've read the books, but Witcher 2 as well has some nice little nods to the source material.

    Anyway, they're both great games in their own rights.

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  2. Having played only the 3rd game, I can say for sure you miss a lot if you at least don't play the 2nd. Tons of characters show up now and then telling about their past and history with Geralt and it's sure funnier if you already know what the hell happened with them.

    User Info: RafaThe8th

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  3. The first game is incredibly bad, so skip it or watch it on YouTube. The second one might be worth trying, though.

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  4. I personally love playing the first Witcher, it is very different and I like that about it. The combat is easy. there is no need to even put the game on easy setting to get through it without too much difficult. I would get into these zen like states with the rhythmic clicking :)

    User Info: KevinKarnage

    KevinKarnage - 2 days ago 0   0
  5. The most important thing you need to know is that you are going to have a really hard time getting The Witcher 2 to work on Windows 10. If you do buy it, you can use your game key that Steam gives you and activate it on GOG. And that version absolutely works.

    User Info: frankspank

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  6. Make sure you purchase all Gwent decoy cards asap before you leave the first area. As you progress the main quest an event will occur which will make it impossible to purchase those cards again despite you returning to that area.

    Also once you leave the first area (you will know when you are about to leave) someone will present you with a series of questions you will undoubtedly have no idea what he is talking about.

    These questions are all based on your Witcher 2 decisions if you played the game. If you did not play Witcher 2 your best bet would be to google "witcher 2 questions in witcher 3" so you can decide your best course of action.

    Depending on your answers characters from Witcher 2 will eventually pop up and new side quests will be unlocked.

    Also Quen is your friend. Regardless of your build definitely invest in Quen. Alchemy is another great investment that has no early pay off but will definitely make a huge difference mid-game.

    User Info: HipHopBeats

    HipHopBeats - 2 weeks ago 1   2
  7. Honestly I wouldn't even play witcher 1. The game play is very dated and it isn't the prettiest game. I just watched every conversation and cut scene on youtube, it was about 7 hours but It was still enjoyable and, despite missing most of the game play elements in between the scenes, it was very easy to follow. Plenty of characters from witcher 1 show up in Witcher 3 and I found it much more enjoyable having watched all of the witcher 1 scenes. Hell, after playing through all of witcher 2 and most of 3, when characters from 1 do pop up late into 3 and in the dlc,I genuinely had nostalgia for them!

    Witcher 2 is amazing. Some people complain the game starts out too difficult, i don't find this to be the case at all. If you get stuck early watch a guide I guess, but once you get used to the combat and kitted out with gear you should be fine. Also if you only want to play it once and get right into Witcher 3 (which I would recommend) definitely side with Roche and not the elves. Trust me, it's the more entertaining play through, and there are several characters in it that appear in witcher 3, whereas almost none of the characters from the Elven scenario appear in 3.

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  8. Witcher 1 is awful. I was told to start there and now I won't touch a Witcher game. Save yourself and don't play it.

    User Info: Diogmetes

    Diogmetes - 1 week ago 2   3
  9. While the games are only lightly connected, I would still recommend playing them in order, as, obviously, you'll get the most out of it that way. If you've the time, this is definitely the best way to approach it, I think, and I say this as someone who play the 3rd one first.

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  10. I played Witcher 1 and while I enjoyed the story the gameplay is very bad. I put it on easy and just played to get a better grasp of the story with no shame. To those saying it's unconnected that's only kind of true, in retrospect it sowed the scenes for a lot of Witcher 3's main story. In the same way Witcher 2 feels the most disconnected but it still sets up the political situation for 3. I understand when people want to skip to 3 because it's that good and polished but 2 is very underrated. I can't really defend 1, but it's worth watching a playthrough or rushing through on easy at least.

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  11. Witcher 1, is pretty decent but it is dated, and the combat isn't really very good. In 2020 unless you are into older games and can tolerate some of the jank, I honestly can't recommend it, even to people that enjoyed 3.

    Witcher 2, play this game. I'm probably in the small minority that actually like this game better than 3. It is more focused, and the choices at the end of chapter 1 really change the 2nd portion of the game. It still looks pretty great, and a recent digital foundry video shows that a few settings can still produce sub 60 fps even with a 2080ti ($1000+ GPU) if you are trying to do 4K, but at 1080p pretty much any PC with a dedicated GPU released in the past 8 years will run it just fine and it will still look great.

    Witcher 3 is very easily the best of the trilogy technically, and probably my favorite game of the past few years and maybe this generation. It was most gamer's first experience with the series and many of them loved it. I would say that it is better enjoyed if you have read the books, played the previous games, or have watched the netflix show, but it isn't required to enjoy the story. Both W2 and 3 have pretty in depth codex's that tell you some backstory to characters you encounter and whatnot, but IMO even that isn't required to enjoy the game.

    Both Witcher 2 and 3 have save import functionality, and the 3rd game even lets you pick the choices that affect the story if you don't have a save file handy, which you won't on switch, but ultimately it is relatively unimportant to the overall story, certain characters may or may not show up etc.

    IMO one of the greatest aspects of this series is how choices are handled. There aren't many really obvious good and bad choices. Sometimes you will feel like you made a morally right decision only to find out hours later that you caused a bunch of innocent people to die.

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  12. The first one isn't fun. Can't speak for the second due to not playing.

    User Info: happynoodleboy7

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  13. In Witcher 2 you can screw whoever you want guilt free.

    In Witcher 3 you need to chose your screws wisely...
    (Unless you're screwing the "escorts" Novigrad, they're fair game)

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  14. What do you need to know? How about that this is the PS4 board.

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  15. Witcher 1 you can skip and thank me later. Witcher 2 is actually very good, but you should've played it before 3, cos now it'll feel not as good.

    User Info: judgexp

    judgexp - 1 week ago 1   7
  16. Yes there will be a recap of the previous games, because decisions you made in those games matters in this one. Essentially it will ask you how you would have made said decision. Overall though no you don't need to know the story ahead of time.

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    smitacus - 2 weeks ago 3   10
  17. Do not play the first game.

    User Info: Ices100

    Ices100 - 1 week ago 1   8

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