Double sign effect, how did I get that?

  1. So, in my first playthrough, at some point, I had the ability that any sign I did, I could do twice (in a row/consecutive).

    My build was partly a sign build (and griffin school), but I did some changes and suddenly never had this ability again. Also, I never managed to recreate this on my second playthrough.

    Just for future reference, if I play the game again, I would like to know, what exactly made me able to do "double-sign" abilities? So, every time I did a sign, I could do it again right after, and it would apply the ability of the sign correctly twice.

    Anyone know?

    User Info: zeebra

    zeebra - 1 year ago

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  1. Ok, so after digging down again only to check this, the double-sign effect is a Blood and Wine expansion thing. It is the effect of wearing 3 items or more of the Grandmaster Griffin set.

    The main confusion here must be my new game+ save, where I obviously had this early on in the regular game, using the Grandmaster Griffin set, and not being able to figure it out was due to this set not being available again in my new game+ again until Blood and Wine again..

    User Info: zeebra

    zeebra - 1 year ago 3   0


  1. I believe that some beginner signs can do it twice but after level 10 it won't work so if you remove it after level 10

    User Info: Balboa1

    Balboa1 - 1 year ago 1   0
  2. Actually, I had this about mid game on my first playthrough. I thought it was due to my sign build and increasing my sign intensity by a large number (100% or 150%), but I'm pretty sure it wasn't.

    Some signs I never improved, but those also did double.

    User Info: zeebra

    zeebra - 1 year ago

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