I've found a rock that is glowing yellow as if it has loot in it after defeating the Golem. Has anyone else seen this?

  1. I've defeated the Golem in the quest "WANDERING IN THE DARK" and climbed up the wooden platform and turning left walking through the first doorway then the "hallway." I used my Witcher senses to look for any loot that may be lying around and just before the second doorway I noticed what seemed to be a rock that was glowing yellow as if it had loot in it that was lying in a small group of stalagmites just to the left of the second doorway before you walk through it, and I cannot find any way to search it. Is there anyone else that has seen this? (Sorry for the lengthy sentence and thanks in advance)

    User Info: Num_Tex

    Num_Tex - 2 weeks ago

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  1. Use Aard. It'll break the rocks and give you access to the little box.

    User Info: Allied77

    Allied77 - 2 weeks ago 6   0

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