Where is the Rebis formula location?

  1. Rebis is required for 8 potions or oils or equipment upgrades.
    Most of the elementary "substances" have formulas in White Orchard, but apparently not Rebis.

    Others have stated that once you reach level 22 you can completed the quest that will allow you to see the Alchemist Gremist, who may (or may not depending on where you search) have the formula for sale.

    User Info: Gladry

    Gladry - 1 month ago


  1. Rebis formula can be found in Skellige, Kaer Trolde Castle, room of Crack an Craite, in a chest immediately to the right of the door upon entering his room. Just after you exit the main hall.

    Note: I am playing the GOTY version of game from GOG - this might make a difference.

    User Info: Gladry

    Gladry - 1 month ago 0   0

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