Novigrad lags, I've tries everything, what should I do?

  1. Novigrad lags to the point of being annoying. Ive rebuild my ps4,The game is updated fully, ive deleted games that took a lot of space, The PS4 has room for it to breath. I’ve even contacted CDPR, but they have yet to answer. I’ve searched and tried every method. Is it normal to lag to the point of irritation? I would be fine if weren’t for the fact on YouTube novigrad runs fine with little lag on PS4. Is it the disc, because it has some water smudges, though it’s barely noticeable.I would be grateful if someone could give me the answer to my problem.

    User Info: CoolHank

    CoolHank - 3 weeks ago

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  1. Maybe it's an issue with your harddrive. I know there are some drops here and there if the area is crowded, but not to the point of irritation.

    User Info: EvilLink-XIII

    EvilLink-XIII - 2 weeks ago 2   1


  1. There might be a bad sector on your hard drive or your PS4's laser reader isn't functioning right. The next thing I would look at is a defrag, but it sounds like you already rebuilt the database. One of the patches could be bad which you wouldn't notice until after you installed everything. Are you using a replacement hard drive? It could be bad or maybe you didn't seat it properly.

    Were those videos you watched played on PS4's or Pros? The game is a little too much for the base PS4.

    User Info: TrueGB

    TrueGB - 1 week ago 2   2
  2. I am using a PS4 slim out of the box, maybe I should check into what's wrong, thank you for your answer

    User Info: CoolHank

    CoolHank - 1 week ago
  3. I played on the base PS4 and found Novigrad to be pretty poor in terms of framerate overall. The game certainly taxes the hardware beyond what it is capable of at times. Do other areas of the game seem to run 'smooth' (30 fps or close to it)? Unless you're having trouble with other games, crashes, etc., I wouldn't worry about it. You could delete the game installation and reinstall if you're still concerned.

    User Info: Wire-frame11

    Wire-frame11 - 6 days ago
  4. If you're playing on a Slim PS4, and it is just that one area giving you trouble, then it's definitely a simple case of the game being too much for the PS4 and there is nothing you can do about it besides buying a Pro or getting a PS5 when it releases.

    It's actually not that unusual for PC ports to run poorly on consoles.

    User Info: TrueGB

    TrueGB - 4 days ago
  5. This is just how the game is, it struggles in novigrad

    User Info: aggron306

    aggron306 - 15 hours ago 0   0
  6. Play on PC

    User Info: WhnNinjasAtk

    WhnNinjasAtk - 11 hours ago 0   0
  7. Is this the only game you are having this issue with?

    User Info: BillyPones

    BillyPones - 4 days ago 0   1
  8. Try getting an external hard drive and installing the game there. Apparently, external drives load games slightly faster. If you have the cash for it you can also upgrade to an SSD.

    User Info: Snake99001

    Snake99001 - 1 week ago 0   2
  9. Do you have a suggested external hard drive that I could get? I don't want to get one that's not good. Thank you for your suggestion

    User Info: CoolHank

    CoolHank - 1 week ago
  10. An external hard drive will make no difference. An SSD might, but it's unlikely. The PS4 just isn't strong enough to handle The Witcher 3.

    User Info: TrueGB

    TrueGB - 4 days ago

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