Where is the key for the locked chest in the ruined building NE of Est Tayiar?

  1. There's a ruined building a short ways NE of Est Tayiar that has some ramps that allow you to make it up to the very top of the building. When you get to the top there is a chest that glows red in Witcher sense but it's locked, needs a key. At the entrance to the building there was a dead body of a guy who was also glowing red but he didn't have a key, he had some boots, a sword, and some other stuff I think. Does anyone know how to unlock this chest or where the key is? I have searched all over and cannot find it.

    User Info: bross420atl

    bross420atl - 3 weeks ago

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  1. Do you have the Hearts of Stone DLC? It's a HoS mini quest, when you loot the body at the entrance it has a Diary and a Key that unlocks the chest.

    User Info: Asmund

    Asmund - 3 weeks ago 2   0

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