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  1. Help please

    User Info: thedoctor2014

    thedoctor2014 - 1 month ago


  1. I found this on another site - One easy way is to find a pack of wolves, they're easily found all across the game world. Silver swords do minimal damage, so you can build stacks on even lower level wolves (set the manual sheathing option on or he will keep trying to switch to steel sword). They are susceptible to Aard, use that to knock them on the ground and use the Square button to get an instant kill and level up the sword.

    There are some specific videos for raising the level of aerodnight on youtube if you want other options, such as this one -

    You might use upscaling so lower level enemies can take more hits, if needed. Others prefer using humanoid enemies for leveling, but much the same strategy.

    Good luck!

    User Info: chaoyun2k

    chaoyun2k - 1 month ago 1   1

  2. In my opinion, the best way to level up Aerondight is by using it on drowners and harpies. Nekkers are also good too. Basically anything that has 3-7 easier enemies.

    Then make sure to keep Quen up as you will not loose charge if the shield is broken.

    I started using it on my Death March New Game +. Not sure what it started at but I'm level 76 and Aerondight does like 790-950 dmg now!

    User Info: The_Lifeguard90

    The_Lifeguard90 - 3 weeks ago 1   1

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