What difficulty should i play witcher 3 on?

  1. Just recently bought a ps4 and the witcher 3. About to start a new game but what difficulty is best to play on? I played and beat witcher 2 on xbox 360 so i am familiar with the combat. Ive read online u should play on blood and broken bones or death march because they make the game more enjoyable, and normal difficulty is too easy. But i dont want it to be too hard. Any advice from witcher 3 veterans?

    User Info: Tonyjaa

    Tonyjaa - 1 year ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I found death march to be a bit much at first so you should probably start on blood and broken bones. You can change the difficulty at any point though so you can always take a crack on it and adjust as necessary. The only caveat is that lowering the difficulty will void the trophies tied to completing it on the harder difficulties.

    User Info: sanecrazyperson

    sanecrazyperson (Expert) - 1 year ago 0   0

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