Infinite loading screen PLEASE help? (ps4)

  1. Same thing happened on me on the last race of the Vegelbud Derby. Infinite load time. On version 1.50 of the game. Seems like this company just doesn't care about their product to fix this issue and a ton of other issues like not being able to get into boats sometimes, not being able to dive sometimes, not being able to collect from crates and bags and chests because they are obstructed by other small obstacles, and a ton of other issues. Glad I didn't buy this game. It's fun, but not worth the money. At least Skyrim didn't have half as many issues as this buggy product. How did this win any awards for best RPG??? Guess the judges don't play games much, just look at the pictures and decide that way.

    User Info: dyrelogan

    dyrelogan - 2 years ago

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