Looting bug? Items stop glowing when you approach

  1. I've encountered a bug where an item will glow, then stop when you approach to loot it. At first I thought it was just some residual glow from another item, but when I've gone on quests looking for specific items/chests that contain rare items, chests that I've never looted before, I still have the same problem. This has happened too many times to count, and I have missed out on some great items. Anyone else experiencing this bug?

    User Info: MrFlibble

    MrFlibble - 3 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. I have experienced this bug on occasion and it had prevented me from looting the Dragon Dream alchemy recipe in the quest A Towerful of Mice although I did get the recipe from somewhere else. Unfortunately there is no known solution for this bug, you can try loading the game, try to loot from a distance etc, nothing will work. It shouldn't cripple you enough to not be able to finish the game though otherwise they would have patched it. So my advice is to just ignore it and enjoy the game.

    User Info: MediumRare

    MediumRare - 3 years ago 1   0

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