How do I get the Yrden Sign and Moon Dust Bomb to show?

  1. I am working on the Well quest and can not kill the wraith by just oiling my sword. So I am trying to get the Yrden sign and Moon Dust bomb to show up so I can use them to help but I can't? I have another sign (the one with fire) but I can't change to the Yrden. I have another bomb that shows in my Alchemy list but the moon dust bomb does not. Can I buy one and if so where? Do I need to get more points? I am a level 3 at 500 points and also need to get to level 5 before I can continue to another city to search for Ciri. Thanks for all help!!

    User Info: Thlorian

    Thlorian - 4 years ago

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  1. Moon Dust bomb requires a diagram from The herbalist's hut located a short distance northeast of Oxenfurt, due east of the Gustfield's Farm signpost for 248 Crowns. It requires 1 Saltpeter (which can be found randomly by looting or bought from certain Herbalist shops like the one in White Orchard) and 2 Quicksilver Solution (Which can be purchased from The Pellar just north of Blackbough in Velen if you are in positive favor with him)
    The thing is, if I remember right the Devil by the Well Quest is in White Orchard, BEFORE you get the option to go to Velen. So you may have to hold off on using the Moon Dust bomb. My suggestion is to spam Yrden, wait for her to enter the circle, hit her three or four times with Silver sword, then roll away from her counter attack... rinse and repeat.

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  1. L1 button brings up spell selection, then use the left stick to select the Yrden spell. Should be dead left on the stick, make sure you hold the stick to the left as you release the L1 button to switch the spell. When exiting the selection menu look under the health bar in the top left of the screen, there should be a purple hourglass shape under it if Yrden is selected. Moon Dust bombs must be first crafted from the Alchemy menu, then added to the item pocket by going to the Oils/Potions/Bombs tab of the Inventory screen, then they are selected the same as spells (L1, use Left stick to navigate the menu I believe bombs are in the 5 o'clock position -diagonal down right-) and the < or > buttons can be used to select which bomb (up to 4 can be equipped along with potions and certain items) then bombs can be thrown with the R1 button (same as crossbow)
    Hope this was helpful.

    User Info: xSeekerofTruthx

    xSeekerofTruthx - 3 years ago 2   0
  2. OK so I started over with the game which really helped my understanding and enjoyment of the game. I am back to the Well Wraith quest but now just can't figure out how to get the moon dust bomb and its needed ingredients to list under Alchemy...??? Anyone??

    User Info: Thlorian

    Thlorian - 4 years ago 1   0

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