Card set I used to win high stakes quest line tournament?

  1. Northern Realms faction deck: Decoy x1 Commander's Horn x1 Scorch x1 Yennefer of Vengerberg x1 Vesemir x1 Vernon Roche x1 Phillipa Eilhart x1 Catapalt x2 Dethmold x2 Trebuchet x2 Balista x1 Siege Tower x1 Siegfried of Denesle x1 Prince Stennis x1 Crinfrid Reavers Dragon Hunter x2 Dun Banner Medic x1 Sigismund Dijkstra x1 Blue Stripes Commando x5 (@ lvl 13 had not been to skellige isle for cards yet)

    User Info: Bskees

    Bskees - 5 years ago

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