I can't fight OR pay the Ushers...?

  1. So I've been playing through the main quest, "The Play's the thing, and I've already written the play, I chose Drama, and I've saved the Puffins (I did the optional bit first because that's usually how I like to work). So I go down to the docks and talk to the guy I'm supposed to hire and he tells me that I need to either pay him or fight him and his brother for it. But the ONLY option I'm given in dialogue is ,"I'll think about it," which, naturally, ends the conversation without me doing either. I tried talking to him again, over and over, and still nothing changed. So I figured I go and take care of almost all of my backlog of sidequests and contracts that were my character level (18, currently) and come back.

    I still can't fight OR pay him, and I'd consider just loading an old game save from before starting the main quest if I hadn't already done a lot of questing. PLEASE help me? I'm getting just a little pissed off about this, and I can't continue the main story until I fix this.

    User Info: Tuosev

    Tuosev - 3 years ago

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