Really hard to make money?

  1. Hey there,
    I've read that a patch fixed almost every glitch to make easy money selling and buying stuff. The thing is, I've sold most of the stuff at merchants that don't pay what they "should". Besides, repairing stuff is quite expensive.
    Most of the time I'm out of money and I don't know how to get more.

    So, is there a blacksmith that doesn't charge me a fortune to repair my gear?
    Is there any merchant that pays good?
    Other ways to make money?


    User Info: CheloARG

    CheloARG - 3 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The best way to repair your items is by building repair kits & using them often. If you make the least expensive repair kit but use it often, your equipment won't get bad & if u want to use a smith then it should be extremely affordable.

    Merchants won't pay full price, especially since the latest patch took away the magic merchant I found. That being said, the best price for swords & armor us the armorer in Novigrad Square. When selling jewelry, any whorehouse or inn in Novigrad pays the same. A few herbalists in Novigrad pay better than others for ingredients. The best way to compare is to pick one item from swords/armor & a piece of Jewelry & one ingredient. Then shop around and compare the one items prices. It will reflect the differences in each category. Also don't forget to sell your books(after reading) to the book salesman in Novigrad square.

    I found the easier thing to do, rather than keep waiting to find a new magic merchant, is to focus on quantity. I have sailed all over Skellige and am 2/3 of the way done there. It paid for my runewright. Suggestion: As u approach a ? In the water, be sure to save first, then check to see how many monsters u will be facing, then jump into the water and as quick as possible, shoot them with your crossbow. Staying in the beat will inevitably result in you having to swap boats sooner than later. Extending the amount of time it takes to collect all your goodies.

    User Info: Timeywimeygirl7

    Timeywimeygirl7 - 3 years ago 0   0

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