High Stakes Quest Bug?

  1. Ok so I started the High Stakes Quest Before I was even the recommended level So I mingled with the contestants as it told me to do so And I watched the scene before you know it my first challenger was Bernard Tulle(Farmer,Dwarf) And he ended up beating me in the first round of Gwent then I decided to reload my save because I did not want to be beaten by anyone So I decided to go outside the Passiflora while the option did not say "If you leave you are disqualified" it said "Mingle with the contestants" Because I had RELOADED to my PREVIOUS save were it asked me to "MINGLE WITH THE CONTESTANTS" It is the save before the scene happens were The Man with the brown glasses slicked back gray hair and brown coat walks down the stairs and explains the rules. Anyway so I ended up doing some other quests to slowly improve my Gwent deck and eventually I ended up back at the Passiflora because the Quest " A Deadly Plot " told me to do so But I cant access the room were you walk in from the entrance then look to your left and you see a door I cant get inside it says "The door is locked" So then I was like Ok maybe it is because when I started the Quest for High Stakes it must be affecting the Quest so I switch back into "High Stakes" instead of "A Deadly Plot" And decided to continue the quest because I had thought my cards had improved so then I mingle with All 3 Contestants but the SCENE does not appear with the old guys explaining the rules And I do not know how to get around it? Please Help any Advice or Tips would be great!

    User Info: ze_cosel

    ze_cosel - 5 years ago

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