Before I buy a PS4, are there some stuff that I have to consider: like the CUH-xxxx?

  1. I live in Asia, but I want want to buy the US version. So is this CUH-xxxx stuff a big deal? I can't find much info about this. The only thing I saw was a guy saying saying PS4 1206 is coming. Did he mean CUH-1206? I'm like a heartbeat away from buying a PS4, I just wish to be enlightened about this CUH-xxxx thingy. Thanks.
    6 hours ago

    User Info: azzaka

    azzaka - 4 years ago


  1. Easy peasy brother. Open an account on Amazon usa or canada. Buy a ps4 and have it sent over wherever you are. Then just download the game from the NA psn store and voila.

    User Info: judgexp

    judgexp - 1 week ago 0   0

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