How many days till merchant refill their money?

  1. I have not gotten any concrete answer about this anywhere. People say 5 days, but in my game 5 days only refills around 100-130 crowns for them (Yes I have tried this many times, with many merchants). So is there a way to fully refill their money?

    User Info: Shinagawakun

    Shinagawakun - 4 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Honestly, I've found it varies and us inconsistent BUT if I make sure to sell them out so they have no money at all. They tend to replenish faster. Also, if u actively walk away, rather than just fast forwarding time, they tend to replenish faster.
    On a side note, I know when it comes to refilling items, the master elf in novigrad and the herbalist around the corner refill their product almost immediately when shopping between the 2. This comes in handy when making exploding arrows(dwarf herbalist sells between 11-16 saltpeter at a time & elf makes the arrows)

    User Info: Timeywimeygirl7

    Timeywimeygirl7 - 3 years ago 2   0

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