Can anyone get this treasure chest?

  1. I just finished carnal sins quest at the docks. I'm still in warehouse directly west of Novigrad Docks signpost on the map. the warehouse where you fight the boss at the end. some people might not know that there is treasure on the second level of the scaffolding inside the warehouse. I was able to jump and grab the edge in the area to the southeast. there is a treasure chest above me on some scaffolding to the west side that I cannot get to or jump and grab the edge anywhere to pull myself up. does anyone have a trick or solution to get up there?

    User Info: savaj

    savaj - 4 years ago


  1. Some chests are just there for decoration and cannot be reached

    User Info: durdelking

    durdelking - 4 years ago 1   1
  2. Not sure how much your armor affects the height of jumps but i got everything in there, but had a hard time to get up there

    User Info: gta35341

    gta35341 - 4 years ago 1   2

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