Anyone actually won the Passiflora Gwent tournament?

  1. I'm trying to get the trophy for beating Tybalt in the Gwent comp but I can't even get past the damn first dwarf. After my first failure I completed the quest in what I guess is the alternate fashion, but I'm keeping a save just to get the trophy and after 5-6 tries I cannot fathom how to beat Tulle. The game is so skewed in his favour it's unreal. First round of every game he plays 3+ spy cards then passes, giving me the round but leaving me with 7-ish cards to his 12-13. I've tried every deck, and everytime he employs the same cheap tactics. How am I supposed to beat the guy? And if it's this hard in round one is it even worth trying to beat Tybalt? Anyone managed thus far? I'm level 21 and playing on blood and broken bones difficulty, so does increasing gameplay difficulty increase Gwent difficulty too? Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    splinter_777 - 6 years ago

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  1. Because I'm bored and feeling generous, I'll throw in my general strategy to gwent.

    1: Northern Realms is king. By far the strongest deck, and also the easiest to build up early. And in White Orchard there is a shopkeeper that sells a leader card with a built in clear weather effect. This is an extremely useful ability as you can rely on it to remove any weather debuffs opponents use against you, without wasting precious deck space.
    2: Keep your deck as small as possible. The minimum number of units is 22, and that means ONLY use your 22 most powerful cards. There's no point putting a weaker unit in, when all it means is you might end up drawing that one, instead of one of your better ones.
    3: Spies and decoys are your best friend. Put every single one you have of both in your deck. As you've already discovered, spies give you a HUGE advantage in numbers. Decoys let you use your opponents spies against them. Or, if they don't use spies against you, the decoys can be used to reuse your own units by swapping them back to your hand and playing them again. (extremely useful for characters like the medic.)
    4: Weather cards are a complete waste of space. I've never EVER played a game where I've gone "man I wish I had biting frost now." I have however played a LOT of early games where I've said "Why did I have to draw this weather card and not a medic!?" Just like low level units, weather cards just take up space in your deck, and at best are only moderately useful, at worst will give you an unplayable hand.
    5: A card with a special ability is almost always more useful than one without, even if the one without is stronger. 2 level 4 cards with tight bond BOTH become level 8 when played together. Stacked with a war horn, and you now have 2 cards giving you 32 points total. that's infinitely better anything that level 6 soldier can do.
    6: Be prepared to strategically lose rounds. If you can force an opponent to waste his cards, giving you a higher card count than them in the next round, you are at a huge advantage. Rely on that advantage.

    I'm not going to go into a turn by turn depth of strategy, like I said, guides will probably help better with that. But just bear in mind what I said, if you're having trouble beating someone, it's almost certainly because your deck isn't up to scratch. Rethink what cards you're using, and if you're using your best and still losing, find more cards and try again later.

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    Temnyj_Korol (Expert) - 6 years ago 53   14


  1. Yes, I have. He is the hardest of the three to beat. The second opponent is going to throw a lot of spies at you as well. You need to try to get them to play all of their spies early (in the first round). Try to pass without using many cards and use a healer card to bring back the ones you have played already. I used a Nilfgaarden Deck on the first guy, a Northern Realms Deck on the next two. The last opponent uses a Monsters Deck. Make sure you have the 7 point neutral card in your deck that destroys the opponents close combat units if they total over 10. VERY HANDY.

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  2. Gwent is 90% about having the strongest deck. If you're finding yourself being wiped all over the floor, it's probably a matter of not having powerful enough cards. Every card he uses against you, you are also able to find. Have you done all of the gwent side quests? You get pretty powerful cards from pretty much every person you challenge during those quests. Also check every tavern, the innkeeps usually sell pretty useful cards. otherwise, you probably need to play against regular shopkeepers and smiths/armourers to practice and build up your collection.
    If you're still having trouble, look up some guides online on how to win. I don't have any links at the ready, but I know they're out there because I stumbled across quite a few wnile looking up where to find every card for the card collector trophy. (which, side note, you also need to beat everyone at the tournament to be able get)

    I can assure you, with a good deck and a good strategy, the high stakes tournament is actually pretty easy. I beat every player without having to reload once.
    And no, level and difficulty don't impact on gwent at all. Playing through on SaS and DM difficulties, the same players had the exact same decks, and the exact same strategies.

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    Temnyj_Korol (Expert) - 6 years ago 9   12
  3. I've beaten him, and I'm only level 14, playing at Death March difficulty. Just go to different locations and win different cards. There are other quests that are Gwent related. I suggest to do that first so you get stronger cards.
    The dwarf (1st round) in my experience is the hardest, then Tybalt, then the woman, last the elf. After winning the elf (3rd round), he will try to fist fight with you. He's level 27.

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  4. I've won the gwent tournament at only level 7 on the blood and broken bones difficulty, winning all of my matches on the first try. I haven't even gone to Skellige yet, so winning the tournament is possible without any cards from there. Do get as many cards as you possibly can from buying from vendors, and playing everyone who you haven't beaten once(you only get one card from each beaten). I used a Northern Realms deck with the Seigemaster leader card to win. Countering spies is easy, and with my strategy you'll actually want them to play as many spies as possible, as it relies on running my opponent out of cards by the last turn. Get decoy cards, and use them to pick up the opponent's spies, then use them back. Have a Biting Frost or two in order to counter a lot of spies that you may play on the opponent's side. Biting Frost is optional, however, but I've had cases where I was able to play 3 spies in the same round so it helps. If the spies hit your discard pile because you didn't have decoys, use Medics to get those spies and play them; try to save your Medics for spies, in fact. A huge part of winning Gwent is to let the opponent win a round sometimes. Don't think you have to win two rounds in a row, or if you lose the first round that you're dust. I almost NEVER win two rounds in a row as part of my strategy is running the opponent out of cards. If an opponent is significantly ahead of you in points (say, 25-40+ points), it may be wise to let them have the round, because they may pass anyway when you play a card- one that you could've used the next round. Weather cards are NOT a waste of your time, except torrential rain in the case of my deck, which I don't put in it. However, do not put more than one each of the weather cards in your deck, because you don't want to draw two weather cards of the same type, ever.

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  5. Beat it on my first try. Just use North Kingdoms and profit. It's pretty simple.

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  6. It's impossible. How can you get that far. I have only cards that bought but even simple vendors ruin me (beat 1) so I cant win any cards. The game is piss easy too. But they just have more cards to win. Never going to beat the Baron let alone win the tourney. Again this game is a massive c**k block.

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  7. Imagine being raped by the Bloody Baron in gwent lol! Dam sun, git gud.

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    shadow4play - 3 months ago

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