Can I move onto Triss if I've had sex with yen only once?

  1. Hey in the witcher 3 I had sex with yen the first chance I got in skellige. I haven't moved onto the second time with yen yet but I want to move on to Triss. (I haven't had sex with Triss yet btw). Will I get dumped by both of them if I move onto Triss without continuing my relationship with yen? I also know that I can break up with yen at some point so do I have to break up with yen before moving onto triss? Or am I right to move onto Triss? Or am I screwed and have to stick to yen? If anyone could please help I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks so much for the help.

    User Info: Roomister

    Roomister - 4 years ago


  1. You wont get the bad ending as long as you turn yen during "the last wish" down. doesnt matter if you had sex with both of them before

    User Info: zero102030

    zero102030 - 4 years ago 1   0
  2. Just be careful there's a scenario where they trick you into a theesome and leave you tied up. You'll end the game alone if that happens. I turned down triss just to be safe since I was already with yennefer

    User Info: volcom137z

    volcom137z - 4 years ago 1   0
  3. Can't say for sure when it comes to the bigger "partnership" terms... but, if I get the Witcher games - you can more or less be as frivolous as you want, regarding the sex. So do any, 'n Do them all.

    User Info: Cherryleaf

    Cherryleaf - 4 years ago 1   1
  4. Lets say you said to triss that you love her...
    the bad ending only happens if you sleep with yen and dont turn her down during the last wish. so if you skip the last wish but sleept with yen the first possible time the bad ending happens

    User Info: zero102030

    zero102030 - 4 years ago 0   1
  5. yes i think so i think just matters what you did in the Now or Never(Triss) mission and The Last Wish(Yen) mission those are the lock you in or break off missions for or the 2 romances so long as you made triss stay in the now or never and broke things off with yen in the last wish then you show be good but if you romanced both then you are boned

    User Info: Inferno_Icon

    Inferno_Icon - 4 years ago 0   1

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